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Billy and His Aunt Ch. 01

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For some reason, Billy was nervous about visiting his aunt Debra alone. He was usually accompanied by his mother, but this time she insisted he go to his aunt’s house by himself. His mother had been acting strange the last few days, seeming preoccupied with something. Well, maybe Aunt Debra needed some chores done he thought to himself. After all, he had helped around the house before when he was younger.

Having just turned 18, Billy stood about 5′ 11″ with a thin but healthy build. He stayed active and liked to jog, but didn’t care much for lifting weights. He had always been a shy and somewhat socially awkward boy, still too nervous to ask girls out.

His aunt Debra was just a couple years older than his mother. At 42, she still had an amazing figure, about 5′ 7″, maybe 120lbs, shapely hips, long dark brown hair, and large D-cup breasts that Billy had definitely begun to notice.

His aunt’s house was on a large lot at the end of a quiet cul de sac with perfectly manicured flowerbeds leading towards the front entrance. Billy took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

“Well hello there Billy!” his aunt greeted in her usual sultry voice. “I’m so glad you came by. My my, you’re becoming quite the man now aren’t you?” as she eyed him up and down. “Come in and have a seat in the living room. Can I get you something to drink?”

“No thanks Auntie,” he replied as he sat down on the large leather sofa.

“Well, it’s been a while since I last saw you. Your mother said you just turned 18 last month. You sure grew up fast. And so handsome,” she grinned. “So, did your mother tell you why you’re here?” she asked.

Billy shook his head, “No, she really hasn’t said much to me lately. She’s been acting kinda weird this week.”

“Well, I figured as much. Ok, here goes. You see, your mother knows that you’ve grown up and have probably seen lots of changes to your body. You know, changes that happen with someone your age.”

Uh oh, he thought, not sure where this was going.

“And you probably haven’t had ‘the talk’. Well, your mother is just too shy to talk about this sort of stuff to you so she asked me to help? You see, a few nights ago, your mom accidentally saw you when you were… you know, touching yourself. And that’s when she called me.”

Oh my god! Billy gasped. What could be worse? Getting caught masturbating by your mother? Or that fact that she told his aunt about it? Billy turned 10 shades of red.

“It’s ok, it’s ok honey. Don’t be embarrassed,” she said in a consoling manner. “It’s perfectly natural for boys your age to masturbate. As your body matures and your testicles start to produce lots of sperm, it helps to find release. Don’t worry bursa bayan eskort Billy. I’m here to help you.” Aunt Debra then placed her hands on his lap, just a few inches from his crotch, sending what felt like an electric jolt through his body.

“You probably get erections quite frequently, don’t you? It’s ok, you can tell your auntie. Does your penis get hard a lot?”

Billy was squirming in his seat now, visibly uneasy about the line of questioning. Yet, there was also something strangely exciting about hearing his aunt using words like “penis” and “masturbation”. He was trying to control his reactions but losing the battle.

“Yes, at your age, I’m sure your penis must get hard all the time. In fact, it looks to me like you’re getting hard right now, aren’t you? Yes, I can see the bulge in your pants.”

Billy’s hands quickly went to his crotch to cover his growing erection from his aunt’s gaze.

“You can’t hide it Billy,” his aunt chuckled. “Remember, don’t be embarrassed. It’s perfectly natural and I’m here to help you, ok? Now, it’s important that you feel comfortable talking to me about these things and comfortable with your body. Do you trust me?”

Billy could only manage a small nod of his head, still too shocked to speak. His aunt spoke with a warm, reassuring tone, helping to calm him down.

“Ok Billy, I want you to do something for me. Can you stand up for me?”

“Yes auntie.” Billy stood up, still trying to conceal his erection.

“Now I’m going to help you, but you need to trust me, ok?”

Billy nodded.

“Take off your shirt,” she instructed. Billy paused at first, but then took off his t-shirt and placed it behind him on the sofa.

“Ok, now take off your shoes and socks. Can you do that for me sweetie?” Aunt Debra’s calm voice had an almost hypnotic effect. She could probably ask him to do anything.

“Now, let’s undo your belt and lower these jeans,” she said as she reached up and unfastened the buckle and tugged on his pants.

“There we go. Good job sweetie. You’re doing just fine,” she encouraged. “Now go ahead and take them off and put it in the pile.”

As he placed his pants on the growing pile of clothes behind him, he suddenly remembered the state if his penis. Bulging obscenely in the front of his underwear, the head of his penis was clearly outlined, as was the shaft, snaking its way up towards the waistband and to the side. Billy again moved his hands to cover it.

“No no Billy,” his aunt reminded. “Keep your hands at your sides. Remember, I want you to feel comfortable with your body. I know that you have an erection. I can see it. It’s bursa evi olan escort ok. I want you to feel comfortable having me see it.” Aunt Debra paused for a moment to admire this young man’s delightful hardness.

“My my, that’s quite a bulge you have there in your underwear. I can’t wait to see what’s in there,” she said with a mischievous smile.

Billy was now completely excited with the fact that he was standing in front of this beautiful, mature woman, nearly naked and proudly displaying his hard on. None of his fantasies could have prepared him for this.

“Now, go ahead and take off your underwear Billy.”

Billy pulled his underwear down and stepped out of it, turning again toward his aunt. Her eyes at first looking at his penis, she looked up, smiled at him, returning her eyes toward his erection.

“Mmm, you have a very nice penis Billy. Your mother was right,” she added.

“My mother?” he thought to himself. Not only did she tell Aunt Debra about him masturbating, but she also described his penis? Again, the thought of them discussing his genitals only heightened his excitement.

“Yes, nice thickness and good length. Have you ever measured it?” she asked.

Billy sheepishly looked down and nodded. He often measured it, wondering how he compared.

“Of course you have. All boys like to measure their penises. Maybe one day, you’ll let your auntie measure it, just for fun. Does that sound nice?”

“Oh dear, look at the tip. You have quite a bit of pre-cum dripping out,” she observed. “Stay here, I’ll be right back.

She quickly returned with something in her hand. “There we go. This towel should do the trick. Let me wipe some of that off your penis,” she said as she grasped his erection in one hand, and wiped the tip of his penis with the towel.

Feeling her hand wrapped around his shaft sent another shockwave of sensation through his body, causing his penis to twitch and throb. Billy had never been so hard.

Aunt Debra stopped and looked up. “I think it’s time I helped you with your erection. When was the last time you ejaculated?” she inquired.

“Um, last night, before bed,” Billy responded.

“And how often you masturbate?

“I guess once or twice a day,” he added, not sure what the best answer was. What was normal? Was it too much? Not enough? Was he a pervert for masturbating? But all that didn’t seem to matter anymore. He was experiencing a fantasy beyond his wildest dreams, standing naked, erect, in front of his aunt.

“Have any girls ever touched your penis before?”

“No auntie,” he confessed.

“Well, tonight, your auntie is going bursa rus escort to help you. Is that ok? Here, let me hold your penis.”

Again, the sensations were almost too much to take. Billy was nearing his limit and knew he would come soon.

“Does that feel good? Does it feel good to have a woman’s hand on your penis? Yes, I bet it does,” she said as she slowly started to stroke him.

As her pace grew, she also reached up with her other hand and cupped his testicles. “Mmm, such nice heavy balls. I bet they’re just full of sperm, waiting to come out. Won’t it feel nice to ejaculate and give your auntie a nice big load of cum?

Those words just further stimulated him. He couldn’t believe his aunt was jacking him off, enticing him to come.

“Mmm, such a nice penis. Look how hard you are!” she remarked as stroked him. Billy could feel her grip becoming a little tighter, her strokes quickening.

“Are you getting ready to spurt Billy? You must be getting close. I can feel it. I’m going to stroke you a little faster now. How’s that?

Billy’s mind was a blur, his penis throbbing, getting closer and closer, nearing the orgasm of his life.

“When you’re ready, I want to go ahead and come into the towel. Don’t worry, I’ll catch it. Just relax and let it happen. Come on baby, give it to me.”

Her words of encouragement sent him over the edge. “Uh, uh, oh god,” he mumbled as he reached climax. “Here it comes!” he yelled. “Ahhhhhh!”

And with that, he came, sending large jets of semen shooting into the towel.

“Yes! That’s it! Come for me baby,” his aunt encouraged. “Come for me. Nice big spurts. Shoot it! Oh yeah, that’s it. Keep coming for me baby,” she repeated as she continued to stroke him, feeling him throb in her hand, squeezing out as much cum as she could.

After several good sized spurts, Billy’s penis finally stopped shooting as his aunt slowly milked that last few drops of semen from his shaft.

“There we go,” his aunt finally added. “Good job Billy. That was a nice load of cum. Just look at the towel!” He could see large globs of sperm all over his aunt’s towel.

Aunt Debra slowly stopped stroking and let go his softening penis. “Here, let’s get you cleaned up,” she said as she grabbed several tissues and dapped the head of his penis, removing the last traces of semen.

Billy collapsed back down onto the sofa, exhausted from the experience. His aunt sat down next to him, reaching back down again to playfully massage his testicles and semi-flaccid penis.

“That was fun! You did a great job Billy. Remember, if you have any questions or want your auntie to help you with your masturbation, just give me a call. You’re welcome here anytime. I’m sure I can come up with some more fun things for you to try out. How does that sound sweetie?”

“Wow, thanks Aunt Debra. That was amazing,” Billy replied. “I can’t wait to visit you again. But,” he paused, “please don’t tell mom about this, ok?”

“Sure sweetie. It will be our naughty little secret.”

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