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Bill , Mousey Ch. 03

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The actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!

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Friday evening and they are getting ready for Dinner with Grama. Mousey wears an ankle length A line white, nearly sheer silk sleeveless dress with a small choke collar, no undies or stockings with thin flat sandals and a natural brown Fisher A line fur coat the same length as the dress as if they were made for each other. The Fur has a large, full draping cape hood and large full sleeves. The dress, coat, she is a total beauty experience.

Her hair is tied up with a matching Fisher sash/belt. My suggestion when I saw the sash by the coat. She never uses it as a sash. I had it hang down over the dress over her breasts. Her nipples showing slightly through the silk. Now that we shower together, I shampoo, dry and brush her hair. I do a modest job of styling as well. Since her hair has a gentle natural ’40’s style wave to it it’s hard to screw it up. She loves for me to do her hair and it is looking quite nice. A Greek Goddess. Cock stiffening gorgeous. I dressed like before but a brighter tie.

We arrive for Dinner as before but Mousey leaves her coat on. I think there is a message for Grama. When Grama enters she has a big smile on her face.

“Ah, I see you wore your happy coat.”

“I didn’t know they had names.”

“Welcome back William. I see there is very good news. Jane, pardon, Mousey wears this coat most often when she is exceedingly happy, hence happy coat.”

“And I thought she was merely incredibly beautiful.”

“The hair tie is new and your hair looks much nicer now”

“Yes Grama. Well no and thank you. It was Bill’s idea. He saw the coat sash hanging with the coat and came up with the idea to use it as a hair tie back. He has also been taking care of my hair as well.”

“Very tasteful and how sensual of you William. I am further convinced of Mousey’s fortunate choice. Come let us sit for Dinner.”

“Thank you for your hospitality Grama. May I call you so?”

“Indeed you must for I suspect you both come bearing good news? The happy coat is a good news flag.”

“That obvious, huh?”

“So the two of you have had sex as instructed. Am I not right?”

“Absolutely true Grama.”

“I’m equally happy to see William has quickly taken his proper place for himself!!”

“He has indeed Grama and I am happy beyond belief.”

“William. Have you moved in yet?”

“I didn’t leave when we got to Mousey’s house.”

“Mousey. Is William good to you? Does he treat you well?”

“He treats me like a Princess except when I want him to do otherwise.”

“Nasty little girl. I’m glad you know to ask for what you really want and it’s wonderful that William is such a complete partner.”

“This settles my mind and puts it at ease. Now I have good news and bad news that directly involves the three of us and much, much more. The bad news first. As Mousey knows I am turning 95 and I have had an incredible life. Yes, there has been pain and sorrow but mostly good and what I am most proud of are all the people I have been able to employ and aid in my long and fruitful life. Having my Grand Daughter with me is the high point of my life even to my own Daughter whom I love dearly with all her failings. Things inside are breaking down fast and I will not be with you much longer. Weeks, months maybe even a year. But there is a clear end in the near future. I want no tears and William, my only regret is that we will have such a sort time together but it will most likely be close and intense and your relationship with Mousey is all important to me and my sole concern. You two must get married immediately. I hate to push the issue but you will do it sooner or later and for me it must be now.”

“Grama why? What? Please what is this all about? Of course Bill and I will do whatever you wish.”

“Oh, you speak for William now?”

“Grama, this is true. Mousey and I are, how shall I say … joined at the hip now. We know each others thoughts now and it gets stronger by the day. If she speaks out of place I will certainly speak but my silence is tacit agreement.”

“Mousey, forgive me. I underestimated you and it deepens my commitment for what is to follow. You will some day in the distant future face this very same situation if you are the good stewards I think you to be. Mousey, you are my sole heir to everything I possess. You are also slated as acting Owner/Executor, full and complete stock holder of all my Businesses prior to my demise. William, as Husband of Mousey, you are Legal heir Anadolu Yakası Escort with her. All the legal disclaimers, safeguards and faldirah is covered in the Documents my staff of Lawyers have drawn up. Your Mom knows nothing of this but she never figured herself as a sole heir in any case. It will not be a surprise to her at all. I have arranged a separate Trust for her. Marriage tomorrow would not be too soon. You wore your Wedding Dress a day too soon.”

Mousey blushed at the obvious as she, indeed, looks like a bride.

“We could have everything signed sealed and delivered by the first of the week and then we can get down to serious business.”

“You mean it hasn’t been serious up to now?”

“I love your humor William. We will get along famously. Mousey, this means you are your Mother’s boss now. You will see to her care right off.”

“Oh shit Grama.”

“Watch your tongue young woman.”

“I’m sorry but this is overwhelming.”

“William. Are you OK?”

“Yes Grama, though it is a large load to take in one whack.”

“Well put and very business like. We will do well together.”

“What is the “Serious” business you are referring to?” “Running ALL the Businesses. Is that serious enough for you?”

“Quite. I want you to wear your happy coat often my dear Mousey. Remaining happy is a struggle under the easiest of circumstances and I was reluctant to place this burden on you and it might have taken a different course if it had not been for you choosing William. Neither of you are ready but you are both able and together I am confident that you will surpass the best that I was able to do.”

“Grama you have done an incredible job. There are very large Corporations out there with teams of managers who haven’t come close to you.”

“You two will be all the decision making necessary. The President of the United States is one man. Which “team” makes the final decision? Delegation of tasks. Just think of that and we can talk tomorrow. I both envy and bless the rest of your evening. I truly love you both.”

When we get home we make “serious” love for the first time. Both of us nearly cry. Actually Mousey does and I console her speaking softly to her stroking and fondling her softly. She stayed in her white silk dress and Fisher happy coat. I made love to her gently. We were very tidy. She could have gone to a wedding afterwards. It was heavenly with an angel in fur and silk riding my cock like a cloud with the fur swinging slowly and softly. She had a sad and happy smile on her face as she softly went from orgasm to orgasm. I think she enjoyed it as much as the previous days of athletic sex. We were both totally satisfied. We did undressed for bed.

“So tomorrow we marry?”

“I’m ready if you are. I’m so glad you’re here with me. I would be lost without you. No wonder Mom could never quite connect the dots. She did well until Dad left and then she lost her spirit. She went about aimlessly for a long time and never really got it all together. I hope Mom and I can work through this and I wish she could be at our wedding. We never were close. Grama and I have always been close.”

“The two of you are young and old versions of the same woman. From that perspective it makes it easy for me. Here we are, two college students making out in your mothers furs and talking in bed like an old married couple already.”

“We will never be and old married couple.” Mousey sexually assaulted Bill “fucking his brains out” before falling asleep wrapped in each others arms and wrapped in furs. I think I’ll wear what I wore tonight for our wedding.” As she drifted off to sleep.

“Yes my sweet.”

They awoke early the next morning to a constant knocking on Mousey’s Bed Room door.

Mousey sits up with a start. I groggily respond. “Who is it?”

“It’s your Mom.”

“Oh god what is going on?”

“Calm down. Grama is behind this I bet.”

“OK Mom I’ll meet you downstairs in the Kitchen! .. Mom at least respects my privacy. The time she barged in on me right after I started to masturbate with her furs and caught me at the peak of an orgasm taught her to knock first.”

“You didn’t freak out?”

“No, I was pissed.”

“We will meet her in the Kitchen.”

“Yes, of course WE will.”

The first thing that meets our eyes as we get up and move around is Mousey’s “Wedding” dress and Happy coat which I had hung neatly for today’s use. Mousey is minutes from being ready to be married. We look at each other smile and hug.

“There ain’t nothin’ we can’t do!!!”

“That a girl.”

I kissed her and we go downstairs. Mousey has on a light weight white cotton turtleneck and white silk slacks and I have khakis and my baseball Tee shirt. We are both barefoot. Her Mom didn’t hear us enter the Kitchen and we were practically on top of her when she turned and gasped with surprise at seeing us both. I had my hand lightly on Mousey’s shoulder and she had her arm around my waist.

“Hi Avrupa Yakası Escort mom this is Bill. Grama calls him William.”

Mom extends her hand and I take it. She does not grip as Grama does but a “womanly” offering-of-the-hand gesture. So far so different.

“I hear you two are getting married?” In the most matter-of-fact comment that could be expressed.

“Well actually we were Directed to marry.”

“That’s my Mom. Isn’t she a piece of work.” Oh curl your toes on the cynicism. “I get her command to attend and flight reservations and you two are OK with this.”

“We were going to do it anyway. Maybe not quite so soon but given the circumstances we are OK with it.”

“What happened to your voice Jane? Have you suddenly become the submissive little mouse?” We break out laughing and her Mom is staring in disbelief. We didn’t bother to fill her in on the joke. It’s on her of course. I was suddenly feeling very sorry for this woman. With all her money and she was obviously very unhappy. I appreciate Grama more with every passing hour.

“Mom I’m just fine. Bill and I are of one mind and he wants to meet and know you. I already do. So talk to him and don’t be so damn cynical. He is a wonderful man who I love, admire and cherish.”

“You sure have not changed.”

“You are lucky. There was no time to get my parents here. We will probably have a second small church wedding to accommodate those we would like to have had here.”

“At least he’s more thoughtful than your looser father.” Truly wicked tongue.

“I’ll call Grama and find out about the arrangements and you can fill in your Mom on things.”


“A real take charge kind of guy you have there.”

“When he needs to but he is very kind and gentle. He lets me push him around all the time.”

“Wait until he starts running around on you.”

“Mom!! Not all men are like that and Bill is not one of them.”

“Sex?” That’s one reason I know why. He shares my wildest fantasies with fur. How many men or women share that. Don’t be so negative, just trust me to have made the right and very good decision. He passes the Grama test with flying colors and you know she is no fool.”

“With all her faults she’s no fool. Well, OK and he does seem to be real. You two doing it in the furs. Wow. What a sight that must be to behold? Actually you have never been noted for foolish behavior either.”

“Is that an around-the-corner compliment from my very own mother? Wonders never cease.”

In about two hours we go to the Courthouse to sign our license. All the paper work is ready. After that we can get Married. A JP at the Courthouse. We should get dressed for it before we leave for the Courthouse.

“How about Breakfast.” Bill does the cooking and Mousey helps. She loves his cooking even though she is quite good herself.

“So sex must really be good”

“No complaints Mom.”

“Mousey is a fantastic lover. She read up on it and has taught me a lot.”


“And you let him get away with it. You really have slipped a gear.”

“Not at all Mom. I told him to. He let it slip when I forced him to describe what he honestly thought of me when he first encountered me. I thought it was so cute and it is .. was our secret and no one ever thought to call me in an affectionate way before.”


“Ups, I’m sorry I let it slip.”

“That’s why we were laughing so hard Mom. That is Bill’s affectionate nick name for me.”

“I’m so sorry for what I did not do for you. It was emotionally very difficult when your father walked out on us.”

“That’s OK mom you will still be around for a long time yet and Grama won’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“You had best have her tell you but that is the main reason we are getting married today.”

“I think I will go over now and speak with her.”

We finished eating and stuck the dishes in the dishwasher and upstairs to dress as her Mom left for Grama’s.

The white silk dress on her is truly magnificent. We could search the world over and not find a more beautiful or more appropriate wedding dress than this. The Fisher coat is the crowning touch. I wore a dark blue suite and red tie. Let’s get legal. It was perfunctory and meaningful. Mousey’s Mom was on the plane back to Europe little more than an hour after the ceremony. I feel very sad in general over Mousey’s Mom. I’ll consult my folks about a second ceremony. They will be upset but I know they will understand. They will be ecstatic over Mousey’s and my good fortune of course. I want to make sure they get to know Grama. My Grandmother died a few years ago and I still miss her. We were also quite close so, in a way, Grama is a substitute and continuation of a relationship I am very familiar with. They are very different persons however.

That afternoon we had an early Dinner with Grama. She was very happy for us and apologized for pushing us into this.

“Grama, you saved me much İstanbul Escort agonizing over our decision making it much easier. The results would have been the same anyway.”

“William would have agonized over being able to afford it and we both would have agonized over where to live and what careers or business to pursue. We would have continued to make love and cherish each other. Just so many problems disappear.”

“Yes, only to be replaced with one enormous problem. Running a Fortune 500 company.”

“Ah, William has outdone Mousey at getting to the point. Are the two of you able?”

“Grama, I won’t cover it, I’m terrified.”

“Thank you for your frank and to the point response. But are you able?”

“Yes. I know you would not have put us in this situation if you didn’t think I was and I don’t have a clue as to what we are in for, but we love each other and have now pledged “for better or for worse” and I have faith that our love for each other will see us through. “Dear child you have no idea as you say, but the truth is that you have so much more to start with than I or your mother did that I have not a shadow of a doubt the two of you will do just fine. Go home and enjoy the rest of your very short Honeymoon.”

We go home and Bill takes control for the next few days and I was so glad that he did. I think he read my mind and mood as usual. I was in no shape mentally to cope with anything except the most basic, you know, eating and sleeping. Even sex was more than I could think about. What a horrible way to start our Marriage.

Being made love to is certainly wonderful and kept us connected but I was distraught over thoughts of Grama and Mom. Bill knew this and consoled me constantly. I really don’t know what I would do without him. This thought and remarks about this by Grama kept running through my head as well.

Classes are a gray haze. By mid week I begin to come to my senses and after Thursday classes I repay Bill for his love and attention during my blue funk. I suck his cock fully a number of times. Fur fondle him in ways I have never thought of before. I even get out my Kamasutra diagrams much to Bill’s amazement and delight. Propped them up on the headboard of the bed and have my way with him. I pleasure Bill in ways he had never experienced in all of his previous affairs. I could see it in his eyes with each new experience. I am feeling very good about my skills as a lover, fully capable of complete satisfaction for Bill and myself.

During Mousey’s blue funk I tried to console her as best I could and make love to her in ways that wouldn’t upset her already blue mood. In my mind’s free time I spent evaluating my current situation. It’s like I got my coat lapel caught in the door of a Bus pulling away and being drug down the street my arms and legs flailing in the air accomplishing nothing on my own. Mousey and Grama have taken control of my life and it is not at all a bad thing. Certainly every moment with Mousey is a moment to cherish.

I had not really thought seriously about career up to this point. I certainly knew I didn’t want to be a ball player despite the fact I am pretty good at it. It’s mainly a way to afford College. There were no clear choices on the horizon not that I couldn’t do any number of things. I am certainly an excellent cook. A Restaurant would be a lot of hard work but would be fairly easily attainable and could make for a nice living. It had been a fantasy of mine off and on and I certainly would enjoy the work. Mousey and I could easily accomplish doing that so it is not that there are not totally viable options.

Doing what Grama is asking of us is a whole other thing with enormous responsibilities and certainly and enormous amount of work. It is going to require a huge amount of study and the learning of enormous amounts of information. Learning is learning. If I have learned only one thing from Mousey it is that very thing.

There are the two of us and twenty four hours in the day. One hour at lest per day of sex, non negotiable, eight hours of sleep and two more or less eating and other basics. That leaves thirteen hours for work, school and travel. We have one year each of College so maybe four hours per day each of “Work” that is eight person hours per day of “Work” for the first year if we take a light Senior year each. Both of us are heavy on credits so we just have to do the required stuff to make graduation. I’ll have to drop Baseball hence the remainder of my Scholarship. I suppose I can get the Company to make me a loan to finish? Good. It can be done. Mousey must have just recovered from her funk. My presence is requested in the bed.


Friday night Dinner with Grama. Mousey wore her happy coat and was actually happy by then and quite pleased, as was I, over her new and improved love making skills. I’m partly biting my lip in anticipation of how Mousey is going to portray this information. I can hear her thoughts as she is periodically distracted when in deep thought over something. It is just too priceless for her to keep it from Grama. Grama will sense something anyway. I’m just going to nod my head, watch and listen. Mousey wore nearly sheer beige silk big leg pants and top with nothing under. Is this “I’m so sexy clothes” or what? No one I have ever dated oozed this much pure sexuality.

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