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Bike Riding Girl

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I met her on 150km long a bike marathon. We drove in the same group and I really did enjoy watching her cute excellent shaped legs and ass, in fact, her whole body was like the best example of art. Her dark, curly hairs made her unbelievably attractive. After hours of riding, we got to the finish and ate together.

She told me that she have problems with math and physics at faculty of Medicine.As her exams were close I offered her my help. We agreed that I came to her next day and so we start to work. Her knowledge of both was poor so we met almost every day. She was something special like she would tease me little by little all the time.

Sometimes she would dress really short skirt and talk about how she do not like to wear an underwear or dress very light shirt and no bra so I could saw her nipples and nice breasts through, not to mention her bending over books just in front of my head. What I saw was gorgeous and sometimes It was hard for my dick in pants.

Once I came and she was swimming in a family pool. Bikini she had on was just enough to cover critical parts. I noticed there are no white parts on her body regardless the fact she used short bike dress most of the time. I knew that means she exposing her body to the sun a lot. I believe naked.

One day about a week before first exam date I got to her place like past days. Her parents were just at the fence going on 14 days vacation. I talked to them and like usually they asked me if I have a feeling she will pass. I said she will as her knowledge is now much, much better.

“She is waiting in her room ready for you, go in no need to ring,” her father said while leaving the yard.

I looked after them and slowly went into the house. Doors were open as he expected. I headed directly to her room. When I got close I heard strange voices, voices that told me someone has a good joy in the room. I was sure she make jokes so I enter, but it was not a joke.

She was there faced to her bed and moved up and down over small self-fixing dildo that was fixed on a mirror wall. I liked that view, I mean we both like it, me and my dick that was ready in moments.

I step silently to her, slide my hand from her neck to her butt and said, “Seems you need some help here.”

She just turned around with a smile on her face and gave me a kiss. We kissed and she starts to undress me. Good that fatih escort I always shower before going somewhere. She took off my shirt, kissed me and pressed her body to mine. Her breasts felt like two strong melons and were just I imagine they are. Beautiful, excellent shape and just right size.

Then she went down, opened my pants and there it was. My dick standing in front her face ready to fuck her, to fuck that beautiful body. Compared to the toy she had my dick was really huge. She looked a little scared when she put her hands on it.

“I can be gentle,” I said and in next moment she pushed me on her bed.

She set herself on 69 positions. I licked her pussy while she gave me a nice blowjob. Finger fucking her really tight pussy was a nice bonus. Suddenly she just stopped and moved down, aimed dick on her flower and waited.

I felt how her pussy juice flow on my dick when she lowers her body. Even fully wet it was hard for me to enter as she was so tight. A little more pressing and dick head slides in. I felt how huge dick stretched her, I felt the pressure of joy like never before.

“OMG so tight pussy I never fucked,” crossed my mind while she moved over my dicks head up and down.

She speeds up and tries to add some deepness. As she was my leg faced I was able to see and touch her perfect ass. I asked her if I can play with it.

“Drawer, drawer,” she said while kept moving.

I reach it while she still fucked my dick and open it. Inside were toys, condoms, lubricants, you name it. I took a nice ponytail ass plug and lubricant oil.

I apply a little of the oil on my finger and plug and first fucked her with a finger than with a plug. She repositions her body on all 4 and moved with her ponytailed ass. I moved closer, hold her excellent butt and center my dick on pussy.

She moved against me taking it deeper but not till its base. We fucked like that and I saw she is in pain fighting with my dick. It was big for her but she continues to push and a few moments later I was surprised when she finished. Just like that without me needs to do something extra.

“Sorry I finished so fast. I’m used guys finish fast also, ” she said with my hard dick still in her pussy.

She played with it while still having that plug in her ass when she turned to me.

“Torture me, please. Fuck and stretch escort istanbul my pussy, my ass. Can you please fist me? Can I feel your dick in my ass please!” She whispered in my ear.

“Girl you can’t take it in your pussy how you imagine doing that to your tight ass????”

Deep inside me, I wanted to see my dick in her ass, I want to fuck her like that, I just wanted to do those things to her. She looked at me with her dark eyes.

“You like the pain don’t you?” I asked.

“So will you?” She said while kissed me.

I pushed on her back and travel over her breasts, bite her nipples firmly and every bite gives her and me a pleasure. For me, it was something new not to be gentle but I like it. I got to her pussy and enter with two fingers while lick and bite her clit.

Every bite every push I made make her produce sounds of pleasure. I add another finger and another one. I was surprised how her pussy adopted to size. A few minutes later I was ready to fist that tight pussy regardless the fact it was almost impossible for me to move my hand.

“Can I really fist her?” Crossed my mind.

I took lubricant and apply it a lot on my hand. I put my fingertips close and start to fuck her like that and pushing stronger and deeper every time.

She holds my hand and starts to push it by herself even stronger. With my other hand, I squeezed her nipples and fucked her ass with a plug. Then I pushed one more time. I formed a fist and with her help, I pushed it in her pussy.

It was amazing fucking her like that. I have never experienced that before. I saw on her face that pain fisting produced gave her, even more, joy. She actually fucked herself (with a little my help) with my fist.

So extreme joy caused by not so little pain. From her voices, I knew she must be close to her finish but then she took my hand away, took the lubricant and apply it on my extremely hard dick.

She pushed me to lay on my back, took the plug from her ass and set herself on my dick. She pressed its head on her ass and start to push. I finger fuck her pussy meanwhile and played with her clit when she got its head in. I felt an enormous pressure that at some point turn to pain. I had a feeling dick skin will peel off.

Scream of joy mixed with the scream of pain gets from her mouth. I closed them with my other arm. She wanted to move maslak escort up and down but every move made her so much joy that she just could not move.

“How far would you like to go?” I asked her

“Give it all to me!” She returned.

I turned her on all 4 again and push her head and breasts on the bed so she would be good supported and I got her ass in a better position. Then I just aimed it and push.

“Yes, yes be my master, fuck my body, fuck my ass!” She screamed in a pillow.

And I did. I never fucked like that before. I fucked her ass feeling a pain on my dick but it was good, damn good. I took a lubricant bottle and add it more on my dick. I fucked her ass like that for some time with half of dicks length.

I took it out and reenter few times. Every time she shook like a leaf on the water. I watched how my dick disappears in her ass and I used a finger to fuck her pussy. I don’t know how long we fucked like that. The pain was replaced with pure joy.

I took it out and lay back on a bed. She knew what I want. I want her to ride my dick and she sits on it. Slowly and watch me directly in eyes. Lower and lower until my whole dick disappeared in her super tight ass. She moved her body back, reached for my ankles and raised her ass with hips. Amazing how good that felt.

I took a smaller vibrator and fuck her pussy while she was riding my dick more and more intensive. I felt the pressure vibrator from her pussy on my dick in her ass. We fucked like crazy. She set herself up straight and moved up and down. I took larger dildo for her pussy and just hold it so she fucked herself both holes every time she lowered her body.

We fucked all the way until we fished. She totally lost control when a huge orgasm was flowing through her body. That was the first time I saw girl finish so strong that she pee. I filled up her ass and had a feeling that it will explode.

She fell beside me and my sperm dripped out of her ass.

” That was amazing, never ever finished like that before,” she said.

And me? I just said, “Your father said you are ready for me in your room…I bet he did not have that way ready in his head.”

We both laugh. Later we took shower and learn. For next days we fucked every single time. In the pool, in a living room, on a table, even in her parent’s bed. She passes both exams really good and at that time fucking my dick or get fisted was not enough for her anymore. She was different and what she wanted later I was not able to provide so a few weeks later we split apart, but we had more great sex at that time and all the memories stay forever.

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