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Big Red

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Female Ejaculation

I hope you enjoy this story for my Winter Holiday Contest entry. If you do, please vote on it and send me your feedback. All notes to me will be responded too promptly. I love feedback, and appreciate your time in reading my work. Happy Holidays!!


* * * * *

My name is Trixie. I know it sounds like a stupid name except for one small fact; I’m an elf. No, not a long limbed, silk wearing with light shining out of my nipples elf like in those Lord of the Rings movies, but a real elf. I am the kind of elf that works at the North Pole, like slave labor for the biggest monopoly on the face of the planet. I tell you, Big Red has it made.

I should tell you a little more about us elves, for I’m sure all you see now in your head is a little cute girl with curly toed shoes. First off, we do wear those shoes, but let’s get something straight. We hate them. They are a required uniform to work in the factory. We only dress like that on duty. Big Red knows all about the wheels of propaganda, and he likes to maintain the icon of the typical elf.

Second, we don’t look like children but more like perfectly proportioned little adults. If you were to make me human sized I would have a D cup chest, a narrow waist, and full hips with a nice round ass. I have short shoulder length black hair, and green eyes, and I have plenty of attention from the other elves, male and female.

We have a town away from the Pole and the factory where we live. It is small. There are about five thousand of us, but since I am young at 236 years old, we don’t multiply or die very fast. We dress like you do. Our kids even try to imitate the latest fashions. I wonder sometimes if Direct TV and MTV was such a good thing for elf society. Still we live, we love, we fuck, we get kinky and talk dirty to each other. In fact I would say we are far kinkier then most humans. So you see, don’t believe all the Hollywood pictures you see. Although art often imitates life, it rarely imitates it accurately.

My story and my troubles start some while back. You see I wanted someone a bit above my station. Oh, that is one other thing about Elf society. We live in a bit of a class system. We have our royalty, our aristocrats, our merchant class, and finally the working class. I am in the merchant class but only thanks to my parents. I work in the factory like most elves in town.

So back to my story. This person I wanted was rather above my station. In fact, you could call him royalty. The idea of classes mixing is quite unheard of, and the few who have tried it have always ended in disaster. Still, there are things that lust will drive you to do, even if you know it is crazy.

A few months ago I was working delivering messages for the boss elf in plastics and artificial intelligence toys when my obsession started. I had to deliver a message to Big Red himself and had dodged the endless stream of other elves pushing carts, carrying packages, or other curriers like me trying to get to his offices. His offices were even crazier then the halls, filled with elves hustling about and his secretary screaming at the top of her lungs into her phone, “I don’t care what you have in inventory. Big Red said no more Barbie’s in bondage this year!”

She turned to look at me and my breath caught in my throat. She was by far the most beautiful elf I had ever seen. She had red hair, and large firm breasts, and eyes so dark that they were almost black. She turned to look at me. “What do you want?” she said.

‘Well, so she is also a bitch,’ I thought to myself, ‘Can’t have everything.’

“Message from plastics for Big Red.” I said showing her the official currier envelope. She just nodded and pointed to a chair next to the big double doors leading to Big Red’s office.

One thing you do a lot of when going to see Big Red is wait. The confusion in the office got worse before it got better. It was always like this near C-day. I heard raised voices in Big Red’s office and one of the Double doors flew open and Malcolm, the VP elf in charge of production stormed out.

Big Red’s voice followed him out, “So get those production numbers up Malcolm, or you’ll be back to painting nipples on Ken Dolls! Next!”

The secretary looked at me and motioned me to go in with her head as she screamed at someone else on the phone.

“Great,”‘ I thought, “Just great. Sounds like he is in a great mood.”

The office was big. Really big. Like you could have landed a friggen jumbo jet in it big. It had an enormous table near the doors for meetings of the production board. Then there were two large red couches on both walls and finally a big Kastamonu Escort desk with two large chairs in front. Behind was a coffee service and a door that looked to lead to a restroom. It was slightly ajar.

Big Red was nowhere to be seen, but I heard his voice from the bathroom. “Be right with you. One minute.”

So in awe was I to be in his office that I just nodded. I walked toward the desk and climbed the steps to sit in one of the large red chairs. I looked through the cracked door, and could see something reflected in the large mirror over the sinks. At first I couldn’t make it out, but then as I stared, it resolved into quite a site. Big Red was sitting on the pot, one hand wrapped around his hard cock and jerking it furiously. I felt my nipples harden, and a tingling in the base of my spine. Just then though he looked up and he saw me in the reflection. First his eyes narrowed, and then he smiled his famous red cheeked smile. “Elf! You come in here right now.”

I almost fell out of my chair.

“Oh shit!’ I thought, “I am so in for it now!” I walked into the bathroom. He was still sitting there, but now he was stroking himself slowly and smoothly as he looked at me.

“My secretary is busy, but you can give me a hand with this.” And he motioned to his erect cock. It was probably only 6 or 7 inches, but to me it was enormous. I nodded, and walked up to him, my legs shaking a little. He took my hands in his, squirted some KY in them, and nodded.

Almost as if I was in a dream, I wrapped my hands around that enormous cock, and began to slowly stroke it up and down. He sat back and moaned, his large belly jiggling as I stroked faster. My panties began to grow damp then wet, as my arousal grew from jacking this enormous thing in my hands. I stroked furiously, and I could see his huge red balls start to constrict up against his body. His cock began to swell, and I aimed it right at my face. I wanted his load all over my face and in my mouth.

He moaned one time loud, and I felt the first twitch of his cock. Before I could think better of it, I lowered my mouth onto the head and forced the red throbbing mushroom into my mouth just as his seed erupted from him. I sucked and swallowed for all I was worth, but there was too much, and his cum spilled out my small mouth. It ran down my chin before falling on the floor with soft wet sounds.

I sucked until the spurts of warm cum stopped and I felt the tension drain from him. Big Red was leaning back against the wall, his eyes closed, and his big belly rising and falling quickly from the exertion. Without opening his eyes he spoke softly.

“Thank you, my dear. That will be all now. Leave your message in the office.”

I stood stunned for a moment before I nodded, and walked out into his office. I had already dropped the envelope on his desk, so I grabbed a few tissues from the table by one couch, and wiped my face before heading back to work.

Well needless to say I spent the rest of the day in a haze, and feeling a bit shocked. I mean, who would have thought Big Red was a pervert, or that he got his secretary to jerk him off. Even more, that I had jerked him off and tasted his rich sweet cum! I think I walked around all day with my nipples hard and in the end I had to fuck one of the good looking elves off the line just to calm myself down. Of course that only served to bring what I wanted into sharp focus.

I wanted him. I wanted that big fat red cock of his inside me. I know he looked old, and that he was human, well looked human that is. We elves have long suspected that he is actually some kind of spirit creature anyway, with as long as he has lived. Not that it made my lust okay, maybe it made it worse. Truth be told it wasn’t him I wanted; it was that enormous cock. I had to know if I could take it and what it would feel like to have that much cum inside me.

Thus began the hatching of my plan. Elves have magic, but we are forbidden to use it outside the factory. It is generally just good for making toys, but occasionally it has been used for other purposes. There is a black market and underground for magical potions and spells. I knew I would need magic if my plan was to work. The problem is finding it.

On the bad side of elf town there is an elf that can help with such things. He is dangerous though, and hard to approach. He is even harder to convince to help you. His name is Ditto. I know; damn stupid elven names. It took me two weeks to contact him through his agents and I was getting worried with C-day only a few days away. I was led blindfolded from a bar by a couple of elves Kastamonu Escort Bayan who looked like they had seen better days and with none too few pinches and gropes.

I got what I wanted form the elf they took me to, but he wanted more then money for his magical potion. I gave it too him too. I fucked him six ways from Sunday and his friends too. That was okay though, because my plan was coming together.

I waited until the day after Christmas. It was a day when almost everyone slept in and a day that the factory would be deserted. I hoped I could catch him alone. As I went up through the empty halls with my fabricated message in my stolen currier envelope I began to wonder if this was such a good idea, but the thought of that enormous cock kept me going forward.

The door to his office was open, and as I entered I saw the bitch secretary stacking cups onto a silver tray with a large pitcher of hot cocoa. My sudden appearance surprised her and she jumped making a cute little squeak before her eyes narrowed.

“What are you doing here?” She sighed as she saw me hold up the envelope. “Fine. Give it to me. I will take it too him.”

I shook my head, “I’m sorry,” I said “This is a message for you.”

She looked puzzled as she took it from me. I had planned on her as well you see. She covered her mouth, and all the color drained from her face as she read it.

“Oh no!” she sobbed. “I have to go. I have to go. My mother is in the hospital!”

I nodded sympathetically.

“Go dear. I will tell him what has happened.”

She nodded and snatched up her bag before fleeing from the room. It would take her an hour and a half to get to elf town, and find out her parents were just fine. But that would give me three hours with him. It should be enough, I hoped.

I went to the cocoa, and poured the potion into one of the mugs and covered it with the warm chocolate. I hoped this worked or I was going to be one seriously pissed off elf! I didn’t fuck myself sore for a potion that didn’t work!

I squared my shoulders, and pushed open the door. He was sitting on one of the red couches in his red boxers with reindeer pictures on them and a white under shirt. He looked up as I entered and a look of confusion passed over his face.

“Where is Mindy?” he said in his rich voice.

“Mindy had an emergency, sir. I told her I would tell you, and bring this in to you.” I set the tray down on the table beside him, and lifted the heavy mug off to hand to him.

“Thank you.” He was looking at me curiously, and then I saw the light bulb go on. “You my little helper from a few weeks ago, aren’t you?” A wide smile had spread across his face.

I nodded and watched him. He raised the mug to his lips and drank slowly and long from it. I swear I thought he was going to drain the whole thing in one go! I felt a fire of anticipation ignite in my loins and my nipples started to get hard under the long coat I was wearing.

“Ahhhh”, he gasped as he sat the mug down. I watched him and his eyes began to loose focus. He swayed a bit on the couch for a moment and then I could see his cock getting hard through his loose boxers. I began to unbutton my coat. His eyes seemed to swim back into focus and then locked on mine. I peeled my coat off slowly and let it fall to the floor as I stood there. Under it I wore a black garter, stockings, and a teddy that pushed up my large tits, but did not cover my nipples. I was trembling, waiting.

He reached forward and grabbed my shoulder pulling me to him. His hands were surprisingly soft on my skin and they covered my entire shoulders. I stood between his legs and I could feel his cock against my belly through his now budging boxers. His fingers slid down my arms and he dragged them across my nipples. I moaned in pleasure and he began to pinch them, my whole nipples captured in-between his big finger and thumb. I reached down and pulled his cock free from his boxers and began to stroke it, holding it in both hands. He growled in deep pleasure as he continued to pinch and pull on my nipples.

“Oh you’re a hot little one aren’t you.” he said a hunger now in his eyes. I looked at him shyly as I lowered my head and licked the big swollen head of his cock. He moaned again, this time louder. Encouraged, I began to lick and suck the head of his cock, stuffing as much of that huge meat into my mouth as I could. I could taste his sweet cream as it dribbled out the top of his cock as I sucked him. I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth though; I wanted it all in my wet cunt.

I continued to suck and stroke him, one hand Escort Kastamonu fondling his massive balls. I felt him let go of one of my breasts and moaned in displeasure until I felt his hand between my legs. I spread them wider as I sucked him and gently he rubbed my clit making me jump and squirm with pleasure. His finger pushed down slowly between the folds of my swollen sex. I moaned, pushing my sex into his hand. Then gently, his finger pushed up inside me. It was so big it felt like a full sized elf cock.

I have never had a finger fucking like he gave me, with that enormous finger filling me and pushing all the way into me. Still, I wanted it all. I wanted his cock in me. I felt my first orgasm building as he continued to push his finger into and out of my twitching cunt. My juices flowed down onto his hand, and down my legs. I sucked hard on him as I felt the wave of pleasure build, and then break over me. I pulled my mouth off him to cry out in pleasure, his finger fucking me with each twitch of my cunt. I rode it until it passed and receded like a wave rolling off the beach.

I reached down and pulled his finger from me and pulled the lever on the side of the couch. The footstool extended, laying him down almost prone on his back, with his hard red cock twitching and throbbing in the air. I climbed on the couch and straddled him, rubbing the juices flowing from my pussy up and down his twitching cock.

He smiled again, “You think you can take all that you little vixen?”

I just nodded and I felt his hands circle my entire waste and then slide up to caress and pinch my nipples again. It drove me mad, and I lifted myself off him, and stood in a squatting position over his enormous cock, my juices hanging in strings of warm lubrication down to his cock.

I raised it up and nestled it in the entrance to my sex, and slowly began to push down on it. Never have I felt so much pleasure and pain as my pussy slowly stretched and parted from the entrance of his enormous head. I began to nudge down on it in little pushes until I felt his entire head inside me. I stopped and looked at his face, thrown back in ecstasy from my tight cunt. I could feel him twitching, and I had to have more.

Then, slowly, inch-by-inch, I lowered my twitching pussy onto that shaft. The pain was only eclipsed by the pleasure as I opened to him. I closed my eyes and lost myself in that slow descent onto the meat. Then, after what seemed hours, or an eternity of pleasure, I realized I had stopped moving, and that I had buried all 6 inches of him inside myself. I opened my eyes and found myself gazing into his. They were dark with lust and want.

His enormous hands tightened on my waist and he slowly pulled me up his shaft, and then pushed me back down. With every slow and deep thrust my pussy yielded more and the pain gave way to pure pleasure. I began to moan and cry out as every inch of me was filled and he pumped his cock into me.

He was just holding me now, raising me up and pulling me down harder and faster onto his pumping cock. I felt an orgasm building in me, like my whole body had suddenly been eclipsed by the pleasure in my pussy. All of my awareness left me except for the sensation of those strong hands holding me entirely around my waste and the enormous cock filling me up.

My pussy began to swell on him and tighten. He grunted as he pushed harder and continued his long thrusts into me. I could feel the swelling of his cock in conjunction with my cunt and I knew he would cum with me. My world narrowed to a tiny tunnel of sensory input as my orgasm overtook me. My cunt flexed and wave after wave of pleasure poured through my body and then I felt him erupt inside me. His hot cum filled me pouring up into my womb and down out around his still pumping shaft. Over and over I twitched as his spurted load after load into my cunt.

As the power of the pleasure slowly left me and I collapsed across his big warm stomach and lay my head on him. I could feel a slight twitch of his cock as he slowly calmed as well. His hand came up to slowly stroke my hair and back.

“Thank you, Ms…”

“Trixie.” I said softly looking up at him.

He smiled at me and I felt his cock twitch one last time inside me. “Well Trixie, I think I need a new assistant. I want you here tomorrow, at 8 am sharp.” He said it with mock sternness, but his eyes and mouth were still smiling.

“Yes sir. My pleasure, sir.” I said as demurely as I could, batting my eyelashes at him as I still sat on his slowly shrinking cock.

He nodded happily before pulling me gently off him. I felt completely empty and I could feel his cum running down my legs even as he helped me on with my coat. He pulled his boxers back on and motioned to the door.

“Oh and Trixie, we don’t need to mention this to Mrs. Claus, do we?” he said sternly.

I shook my head no, as I turned and walked out of his office.

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