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Big Dick

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Once upon a time there was a giant of a man who lived in the far country. One is tempted to call him Big John, because his name was John, but he was in fact called Big Dick, because his was huge.

Big Dick was descended from a line of miners, gold prospectors actually, who had struck it rich in the last generation. Big Dick had been the only child of a cantankerous old man who had written a most unusual will. The old man had, of course, seen Big Dick’s claim to fame and had proclaimed it nothing short of prodigious and worthy of the family genetic heritage. The old man had been extra proud of Big Dick, he had awarded the unusual sobriquet to his son John and he had boasted openly (given that they lived in an isolated area) of his son’s mammoth equipment.

All of this caused Big Dick to become painfully shy and embarrassed by his organ (as an example, his father used to say that if Big Dick were on a raft naked and his foreskin caught the breeze, he’d be able to sail the seven seas). Big Dick at an early age avoided trips to town with his old man and looked for more gold.

The old man, recognizing that his days were numbered, realized the shortcomings of his son (none of them of course being physical) and decided that in order to get Big Dick to interact with the world, he would be required to use drastic means. He accordingly drafted a will in which he specified that Big Dick needed to get married and have a son before the family fortune would be passed along.

Now Big Dick was no money grubbing young man, but he recognized that a life of leisure was preferable to working in the blazing sun looking for more gold, so he began, prior to his father’s death, developing tactics for acquiring a wife. His tactics were modest, as befitted his nature, but his father, once apprised of his son’s planned search, advertised the prospects more aggressively.

The father, ever hopeful of success, decided to advertise both the size of the fortune (immense) and the size of the organ (also immense).

Whereas most girls of the area were eager for the former (and their fathers even more so), very few of the girls were eager for the kartal genç escort latter.

One night, at a sleepover at Callie Sue McAllister’s, several of the girls got to talking and the subject of Big Dick was advanced. The girls, several of whom were experienced in such matters, discussed the physical problems of the alleged size of Big Dick and offered a few suggestions, to the accompaniment of giggles, on how to successfully deploy the said object. The discussion finally devolved into the realization that none of the girls had actually seen Big Dick’s organ and maybe there was some exaggeration involved and if there was, by Jove, they were all game to try for his fortu??er, his hand.

Callie Sue herself was chosen to lead the expedition for evidence and the very next day she rode to the far country and sought out Big Dick’s place and surveyed, inconspicuously, mind you, the surroundings. Callie Sue realized real early that this would be a cinch, since only Big Dick and his father lived there and she discovered as she watched that the two men relieved themselves in a special area behind the house. Callie Sue accordingly sneaked to a tree near the pissing point and waited.

Within a few hours, Callie Sue saw Big Dick leave the house and begin his stroll to the pissing point. She adjusted herself in the bushes and, admittedly excited, awaited the unveiling. Big Dick wandered up, pulled aside his britches and pulled out an absolute monster..thick as a coffee mug and incredibly long. He pulled back the foreskin, revealing a cock head the size of a large orange, and began to piss into the bushes. His yellow stream arced for at least 10 feet and Callie Sue’s knees began to weaken as she realized how much she wanted that cock.

Big Dick finished, shook it dry, and replaced it. Callie Sue, breathing shallowly, sank to her knees and tried to regain her composure. She knew what she had seen and couldn’t believe it. She now had 2 things to do, decide how she was going to win over Big Dick and decide what to tell the other girls. She rode home slowly and thoughtfully.

Callie Sue caused the bayan kartal escort other girls to lose interest by telling them about big, pus seeping sores, which she saw on Big Dick’s organ. She thus became, as a result of her lie, the only girl with an interest, but she still did not have the equipment to accommodate him.

Callie Sue made a trip to a distant town and visited a blacksmith of some ill repute who willingly constructed an apparatus for her. The apparatus consisted of an expanding cylinder of about 3 inches in length. The cylinder was expanded by a key. The cylinder was coated with a soft stretchable substance for comfort. Callie Sue took it home and that night before bed, stroked herself and inserted the cylinder. She turned the key until the cylinder just began to hurt her, then fell asleep. She continued to do this for six months or more, every night expanding the cylinder just a little bit more.

She tested herself constantly and after the six months, she could easily insert a large orange into her vagina with no discomfort. The orange felt so good, in fact, that she often went through the day with it in, enjoying the full feeling. She now knew that she was ready for Big Dick, and accordingly she accosted his father one day at the store and engaged him in conversation. “Your son doesn’t come to town much. He must be terribly shy.” She said with a sly look and a bat of the eyelashes.

The old man, being no fool, knew what she was up to, but recognized an opportunity when he saw one, and invited her to dinner that Sunday. She accepted the invitation.

She went to dinner often after that. She was lively, fun, intelligent and all that a young man would want, but Big Dick was so shy he never made a move and they became only friends. That is until one spring day.

One spring day, near the creek, Callie Sue decided to do her best. She had worn a very sheer dress with no petticoats and as they walked, she feigned tripping and fell into the water. The wet dress clung to her, her nipples poked out tantalizingly and the cloth hung to the crack of her ass and the swell of her escort kartal bayan mound. She saw the look on Big Dick’s face and went for it all, declaring she was shivering due to the water and pulling the dress over her head.

Standing naked and aroused in front of Big Dick, Callie Sue was too much of a temptation. He went to her and hugged her and she, after months of training and frustration, eagerly pulled down his pants.

Now Callie Sue, regardless of her stretching exercises, had never been with a man before. With a few exceptions, she had not discussed the details of sex with her girlfriends. She did not, therefore, anticipate what happened when she extracted his cock and took it into her two hands.

It grew. And grew.

It became longer, thicker and harder.

It became half again as large as it had been and she knew it was too large for her now. But boy did she love the feel and sight of it. She licked it, she did everything she could think of doing to it and finally she decided, what the hell, let’s try it.

She lay in the grass, guiding Big Dick to her and directed the throbbing monster in the direction of her pussy.

She had never been so wet, she could feel the huge head touch her lips and then, miraculously, slide in. Not all the way; it was much too long, but it slid in enough. Enough for Big Dick, who to his absolute amazement, succumbed to the excitement of youth, came almost immediately and began to shrink. Eventually he slid out of Callie Sue and lay, exhausted beside her.

Callie Sue knew, for women know these things, that she was pregnant, so she snuggled up to Big Dick and whispered, “We’ll have to get married now, I could have a baby from what you just done.”

Big Dick saw the sense in this and proposed, which made Callie Sue and Big Dick’s father and Big Dick all very happy. And even if she walked just a tad differently than she had, Callie Sue learned to love Big Dick and his equipment almost as much as she loved his fortune.

So the girls in town looked upon Callie Sue with envy, for they knew they had been snookered. And the men looked upon Big Dick with envy, for he was rich and Callie Sue was most attractive. But mostly the men whispered and looked in awe because they saw the child and they mostly had seen Big Dick’s appendage and they began to refer to Callie Sue as “The woman what could handle Big Dick” and they shook their heads.

And Callie Sue didn’t mind in the least.

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