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Big Daddy’s Third Lesson

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(sorry I’ve been gone for a while – I wanted to continue the story for those who wrote to tell me how much they liked it – I’m truly flattered)

“Mmm,” I stretched against two warm bodies as fours arms pulled me tight. Daddy’s light snoring woke me up and I looked over his body to my pink, hello kitty alarm clock. It read 1pm. Uncle Mike moaned, his semi-hard cock rubbed up against the back of my leg, as he dreamed about what he had done to me, what Daddy had let him do to me. I smiled wickedly as I realized that I was probably the luckiest girl in the world.

We had been snuggled up sleeping together for about 45 minutes when I heard a faint knock on the front door downstairs. I slipped out from between Daddy and Uncle Mike before they woke. Grabbing my robe I headed for the stairs as the soft knock came again.

My body was sore, my jaw ached as I quickly descended the stairs pulling the robe tight around my waist. The sleeping giants upstairs had used me mercilessly all morning long and I didn’t want to disturb them, my body needed a break.

I peeked out the window to see Wren standing on the porch, flowers in hand. I hung my head as I reached form the doorknob. I hadn’t even thought about him since Daddy had his way with me last night. Then after he and Uncle Mike this morning, well, I just didn’t think I had room in my bed, let alone my life for an inexperienced and overly zealous boy.

“What do you want Wren?” I asked as soon as the door opened. His dark eyes twinkled in the bright sun. He was so cute it made my chest hurt and even though he had been too rough with me, he still made me weak in the knees.

He thrust the flowers at me, “I’m real sorry, really.” He smiled sheepishly then took in my appearance, he eyebrows furrowing. “You sick or something?”

“No, she’s not sick, kid,” Daddy’s booming voice called from the stairs as he descended and took the door from my hand. “Go get in the shower baby, I’ll take care of Wren.” I stood there looking at Daddy not sure I could trust him not to hurt Wren. He really was a kid compared to Daddy. “Do as you’re Daddy tells you baby.”

I took to the stairs listening hard for any sound of a fight and hesitated at the top as I listened to the soft murmer of their voices. I guessed everything would be all right and turned to go down the hall. I opened my bathroom door and was startled to find Uncle Mike naked and leaning into the shower turning on the water. “Sorry!” I started to pull the door closed to give him privacy.

“Get your sweet little ass in here girl” I turned to look up at his handsome face, long gold hair and clear blue eyes and felt like melting on the spot. “Come on, let’s get you all cleaned up. Your Dad and I can’t take you out shopping looking like that.” He smiled at me.

“Shopping?” Cool, we hadn’t all been shopping together in I don’t know when. I peeled off the robe and stepped into the hot shower stream. Uncle Mike followed grabbing my bottle of vanilla scented bodywash. He poured it over my body then rubbed the slick soap until it bubbled up all over me, sliding down my legs. His hands slid over my skin in small circles, washing me clean. I shook under his touch remembering how forceful and commanding he had been with me earlier this morning. I was surprised by his tenderness now. Uncle Mike’s big hand slid between my legs and gently stroked my sore folds working the vanilla soap over me as I sucked in a painful breath.

“Mmmm,” his throat rumbled above me and I looked up to see him smile. He stuck his finger up inside of me stroking that magic spot until I pressed my body against his trying to make him stop. We would never get out of the house at this rate.

He reached around behind me lathering up my bottom, slipping his fingers in my crack, cleaning his and Daddy’s come off my skin. I moaned against his chest putting my arms around his neck and grabbed one of his nipples in my teeth. He slid his hands down my legs and picked me up, my legs spread around him, my mouth finding his. I had always wanted this, always wanted to kiss him.

Uncle Mike pushed my back against the tiled shower wall and I felt him stroke his cock beneath me, using the soap to make it slick. He bit my neck and pressed bursa escort bayanlar his cock against my tender swelling lips.

“Oh, Uncle Mike, it hurts. I want to but it hurts.” I whispered right in his ear. He grumbled loudly but released me letting me slide to the floor. I bent over and took his large cock in my hand and brought it to my mouth.

“Oh you are a good girl,” He thrust his purple cock head into me grabbing a handful of my hair to hold me still. His shaft was huge and I opened my mouth as wide as I could letting him slip it down my throat as I breathed through my nose just like he taught me. He pumped in and out of me faster and faster, using me, and came quickly in my mouth but didn’t pull out. “Swallow it, show me how much you love your Uncle, sweetie.” I did I was told and choked down the salty mix. “There’s a good girl.” He moaned above me.

Daddy and Uncle Mike took me lingerie shopping. I had never had anything like that before and was a little embarrassed to be looking at that sort of thing with them. They took me in the back rooms and told me try on the outfits they picked out, do a modeling show for them.

“But Daddy, I don’t think that…” I protested.

“Do as I tell you baby and we’ll give you a special surprise when we get home.” I turned to the dressing room wondering what they had in mind.

The first outfit was a lacy corset and had a tiny string crotchless panty. I walked out to show them and Daddy motioned with his finger that I should come to him. He ran his large hands down my lace covered body feeling the hard boning built into the corset. His thick fingers slipped between my legs and found the opening.

“Your wet, very good.” I shivered wordlessly as he stroked me again. “Now try on the next one baby.”

I slipped into the pink demi-cup bra and adjusted my breasts to that they sat up then stepped into the tiny white ruffled skirt sliding it up over my legs. It flounced like a little ballet skirt so I twirled in the mirror liking the way it flew up exposing my bottom. I walked out to show Daddy who smiled as soon as he saw me.

“There’s my girl,” he grinned at me. “Go show your Uncle.”

I walked over to Uncle Mike and did a twirl for him. His large hands found my bottom cupping it and pulled me to him. “I like the bra but doubt it will last long.” I straddled him and felt his cock hard and pressing against his jeans. “Let’s see the last one sweetie.”

The last one was my favorite; it made me feel like a grown-up. I slid the dark chocolate colored satin over my head letting it slid along my body enjoying the cool feel of the fabric against my skin. The halter style top hung around my neck, the front plunging dangerously between my breasts. It hugged my body to just below my crotch and I slid on the barely there chocolate thong. Looking in the mirror, I smiled at my reflection. I hoped Daddy wouldn’t think it was too mature for me.

As I stepped out of the dressing room to show them, their mouths fell open and I giggled. “Do you like it?” I asked Daddy and glanced at Uncle Mike. “It’s not too much?” Daddy shook his head slowly and I got worried that he was upset. I went to him and curled up in his lap. “Daddy?”

“You’re so beautiful baby. I’m so proud that I’m your Daddy.” He looked at Uncle Mike who’s own eyes were wide then leaned down and kissed my forehead. “Now go get changed and we’ll treat you to something special baby.”

Daddy and Uncle Mike bought all three outfits. I was so happy that they liked the way I looked in them but I doubted that I would get much of a chance to wear them.

We got home and I started working on dinner. They watched me as I worked in the kitchen. Uncle Mike had insisted that I wear the pink bra and tutu and he smiled every time I had to bend over. They sipped their beers slowly as I worked up a sweat over the hot stove. Uncle Mike opened the kitchen window to let the cool evening air in. They had huge appetites so I made a large pot of spaghetti with meatballs and a tossed salad.

We sat down to eat at the table and Daddy came around the back of me and unhooked my bra. “I want to see you while I eat dinner baby.” I blushed bayan sarisin escort bursa feeling the cool air from the open window blow across my nipples. His large hand slid across my shoulder and down to pinch my nipple and I gasped. “You’re going to like our surprise, I promise,” he said sitting in the chair next to mine. I folded my arms over my chest feeling a little too exposed in the bright kitchen lights. Daddy pulled his t-shirt off and threw it toward the corner of the room and Uncle Mike did the same. They were so large and handsome and I wanted them right here on the kitched table.

“There sweetheart, now we’re even,” Uncle Mike leaned over and kissed my cheek. His shoulders were so large and tan and I looked over at Daddy and watched his chest muscles ripple beneath his skin. Had I been wearing panties they would have been soaked. As it was, I felt the dampness on the chair and slid across it trying to get comfortable in my own juices.

Daddy insisted on clearing the plates and washing up. He told me to help Uncle Mike with something in his bedroom upstairs. I giggled at him and Uncle Mike threw me up over his shoulder carrying me up the stairs like a sack of potatoes. He took me into Daddy’s bedroom and plopped me on the bed then he kicked off his shoes and quickly pulled off his jeans.

“God I love that little skirt on you but you need to take it off sweetie, I don’t want it to get ruined.” I nodded my head and quickly pulled it off shaking with anticipation. What else could they teach me? What else could they do to me? Uncle Mike got a towel out of the bathroom and laid it on the bed and told me to get on top of it. Next he emerged from the bathroom with a can of shaving cream and a razor.

I sat up on the bed and shook my head in concern. “I didn’t have time to do this for you this morning, but tonight, tonight we are doing things my way.” Uncle Mike’s deep voice rumbled as he pushed me back down on the bed.

“No Uncle Mike, I don’t want you to do that.”

“Don’t make me call your Dad sweetie. I know you like being spanked but I’m not ready for that just yet. Relax and let your Uncle Mike take care of you.” I felt a leak of moisture between my legs at the thought of Daddy turning me over his knee but right now I didn’t want another spanking like I had this morning so I relaxed back on the bed as Uncle Mike squirted the cool cream between my legs. He carefully slid the razor across my skin, shaving me bald. He spread my legs and razored off the few remaining hairs then wiped me clean with the towel. “See? Much better, just the way we like it.”

He pulled me to my feet and I looked at the smooth reflection of my body in the full-length mirror. My hand slid down my abdomen rubbing the little folds between my legs feeling the juice that was coming faster now.

I turned and gave Uncle Mike a kiss. “I want to go show Daddy!”

“He’ll be up in a minute sweetie,” His hand found its way to my smooth crotch and stroked over the little folds making me shake. “Why don’t we take up where we left off in the shower?” He took my hand and pulled me to Daddy’s king size bed.

“In here?” This was Daddy’s room, Daddy’s bed. I wasn’t really allowed in here.

“Trust me, we are going to need the room sweetie.” Uncle Mike pushed me down on the bed and buried his face in my crotch. His tounge thrust inside me, then out and over the tip of my magic button. I moaned as the dull pain turned to pleasure and grabbed handfuls of his long gold hair holding him pressed to me. I felt the pressure building inside me, my body wanted to come but I didn’t want to let go yet. I wanted my Daddy.

“Stop,” I panted, “I want Daddy too.”

“Of course you do,” his face slick with my juice came up to mine. He kissed me and I tasted myself, sweet and lightly musky, on his lips. His cock pressed against me and I spread my legs for him. He slid it in slowly while I latched on to a nipple, and bit down sucking it between my teeth. “Your Daddy will be here soon.” He pulled out slowly and then thrust it into me again as I cried out clawing along his back with my hands. Then again he pumped into me filling me up banging against my cervix bursa evi olan eskort demanding entrance. “I want you to be ready for him.” He pumped into me again.

“I want Daddy, please, I want my Daddy!” I cried against his chest as he pummeled into me slamming his crotch against mine over and over bruising my tender skin.

“Turn over,” Uncle Mike ordered breathless as he pulled out of me. I was shaking and weak and wanted Daddy more than ever now. “I said turn over.” He grabbed my legs and flipped me over to my stomach while I tried to climb across the bed and away from his cock.

“Girl, you better do as your Uncle Mike tells you,” Daddy’s voice sounded from the doorway. I looked up to find Daddy leaning against the doorway slowly stroking his huge cock. I reached for him as Uncle Mike pulled me back roughly and slapped his hard cock on my ass as Daddy dimmed the lights. “When your Uncle tells you to do something, I expect you to do it baby.”

“Daddy, please, I need you.” I begged desperate for his touch.

“In due time baby,” he smiled, “I wanted Uncle Mike to have the first crack at you tonight.”

“No Daddy, I need you!” I saw Uncle Mike pull his hand back and slam it down across my bare ass. The sting was intense and I cried out as I saw his hand rear back again.

“Did you just say ‘no’? I thought you were my good girl sweetie” Uncle Mike leaned down to growl in my ear. “We bought you those pretty clothes, we take good care of you don’t we? Don’t you want to make your Uncle Mike and Daddy happy?” He changed his angle and slapped my dripping wet parts. “Answer me sweetie.”

“Yes, yes, please.” I squeeked out, shaking from the mix of pleasure and pain. I was desperate for them to take me.

“Please what baby?” Daddy’s voice asked from the side of the bed.

“Please let me make you happy, please I…” Uncle Mike rammed his hot cock inside me taking my breath away. His long shaft filled me up then pulled out and slammed into me again as I fell forward on the bed. Uncle Mike grabbed my hips and pulled me up, pulled my body to meet his thrusts, using me ruthlessly.

I felt the bed shift and Daddy grabbed a handful of my hair pulling my mouth up to meet his cock, I smelled the cinnamon before I tasted it. He pushed it past my lips and slid it into my hungry mouth. “That’s right baby, suck Daddy like a good little girl. Suck Daddy the way he likes it.”

“Jesus she’s still so fucking tight” Uncle Mike rasped out behind me, his fingers finding my ass, massaging it until it opened. I felt hot liquid pour over me and his finger slid in easily with a pop. I moaned around Daddy’s thick cock and they found their rhythm working themselves into me. Opening me up like a flower.

“You will do anything for us won’t you baby?” Daddy asked above me. “You will do anything we tell you won’t you?” I moaned my consent. I wanted to give them anything they asked for; I would do anything for them. Daddy pulled out of my mouth, and pulled me up to kneel before him as Uncle Mike pulled out of my juicy pussy. I was shaking with need, aching for them to use me, take me, fuck me.

They lifted me up between them, Daddy’s cock hard in front of me and Uncle Mike behind. They pushed themselves against me slowly guiding my body over their slick shafts. I screamed out as they pushed their huge heads into my holes at the same time pinning my body between theirs. Uncle Mike cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples hard and twisted them as I panted against Daddy’s neck. Daddy’s big hands were on my waist pulling me up then pushing me down against them until I opened completely and they slid in filling me with throbbing, hot cock, front and back.

I was frantic, my hands clawing at Daddy’s back until I felt a hand grab my head and turn it to the side. I smelled cinnamon again and opened my eyes to see Wren standing on the bed, his hard cock in hand pressed to my lips. I opened my mouth desperately wanting him. He held my head and began to pump in and out of me as Daddy and Uncle Mike lifted me up and down. I was in ecstasy as they filled up every hole.

“Fuck her good Wren, my baby likes it rough.” Daddy commanded and Wren picked up the pace pulling my head forward to meet his thrusts ramming it down my throat.

“Oh god, I’m not ready yet,” Uncle Mike gasped behind me as he twisted my nipple pulling it out as far as it would go. “She’s too hot, too tight.” Daddy and Uncle Mike stopped and held me still as Wren continued to pump into my mouth.

Daddy laughed, “Easy boy, we’ve got all night and you’ve only just begun.”

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