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Big Daddy

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This is based on a true story. A friend of mine, who is an addict, told me about these things he has done. Obviously the dialogue is fictionalized but the events are very close to reality.

As is the case with most hard drug users, you start off small and end up making your way up. Since I was 15 I had been smoking weed. One of my friends had introduced me to some other drugs like meth or coke a few years later. The weed was still a big influence but it all seemed so tempting. It was a different high and on a much higher level. I figured I could do it and just stop if I wanted to, which ofcourse did not work. I’d learn to accept that. As time went on I began not to care because it felt too good to stop. All my problems seemed to go away when I was away on another plain.

Stacy, my girlfriend of two years, only smoked weed but knew that I did harder drugs. She never really asked for details and we always enjoyed our sex while high. It wasn’t that we were performing better but the drugs gave that illusion. It became apparent that I also enjoyed crossdressing and it didn’t bother her at all. I’d never do it around her because it wasn’t her thing but it was something she didn’t mind me doing.

Last year I lost my job and it was hard for us to afford all of our bills, let alone my habit. I’d scrape up change, pick up cans off the streets, just to get enough money to get me away from my worries.

I’ve always been a very sexual being and when Stacy was gone, I found myself looking at shemale porn on the internet. The thought of me sucking a man while dressed as a female really turned me on, but I had never done it. As it became obvious that I wouldn’t be able to afford my drugs as much, I started thinking that maybe now was the time to explore that other side.

The withdrawals were hard to deal with and desperation sank in. I was willing to do anything for just a little cocaine.

I got online one day when my girlfriend was at work and went into a local chat room. I’d chat with different people but if they didn’t have what I wanted, I stopped immediately. Luckily, there was a guy who was just 20 minutes from me who could get me some coke. His name was George and he was a cab driver. Maybe not the brightest idea, I gave him my address and he’d be over in a few hours.

I put on one of my girlfriends tank tops and one of my tight leather skirts, then checked the clock. It was getting close and I was nervous but the craving outweighed that. The lipstick was a brighter shade of red than I wanted but it didn’t have to be perfect.

A car horn went off, so I looked out the window and saw a taxi. I zipped up my boots and ran outside, hopping into the front seat next to him. He was actually pretty attractive. I didn’t expect that at all. Maybe it was his blue eyes that made him more interesting.

“You are a very pretty girl. I’m surprised. So, where is the money?”

“See, that is the problem. I’m low on cash right now. This is all I have.”

He stared down into my palm where a few bills were wadded up and laughed.

“That is not enough. Don’t fuck with me little faggot. You waste my time.”

“No, no, no I’m not wasting your time. I’m sure I could do something else for you on top of the money. Come on, I need this.”

“Okay. Fair. Do a good job and it’s yours.”

George unzipped his pants to reveal a fat 6 inch cock. Even though this was the first time, I didn’t waste a second. fındıkzade escort The fat head just barely fit into my mouth. His fingers ran through my hair, gripping onto it as I licked and sucked the head. I kept my eyes on his, giving him a seductive look, which he enjoyed.

Apparently he wanted me to take it all as he shoved my head down, causing his shaft to move towards the back of my throat.

“Yes, suck me fag boy. Suck my dick.”

Going into this, I figured I’d be doing it real quick just to get what I wanted, then get the hell out of there. Though the tranny porn always got me excited, this had been business in my mind. That view had quickly changed. He no longer had to push my head down, I was taking every inch all by myself.

“Take it deep, I’m going to cum.”

My tongue swirled around his thick shaft. Then I made my way up to his bulbous head. As I took half of him into my mouth, I stroked from my lips down. His moans got louder and I sucked harder as I felt the warm salty taste on my tongue. I pulled my mouth away and watched the cum gush down his head before proceeding to lick it all up.

“Mm, that was pretty nice. I’m surprised you’re not snatching this shit from me if you are that desperate,” he laughed. “Here, take it. Enjoy. Get out. I got to get back to work.”

Part of me was disappointed that he came so fast but the other part just wanted to get back inside.

I thanked him and ran inside just as fast as I had run outside. In no time, I was in another place. The worlds problems seemed so far away and the pain went away as well.

Unfortunately as I was coming down, in the corner of my eye I caught a stain on Stacy’s shirt. Shit, I had gotten that cabbie’s cum on her tank top.

I didn’t get to enjoy the last bit of my high because I was so paranoid about her seeing this and finding out what I had done. For the next hour I was washing and drying the shirt so I could place it back where it belonged. She walked in the door probably about 15 minutes after I had finished. Too close of a call. If this was going to happen again, it couldn’t be here. All that was playing in my head is, “Somebody saw. One of the neighbors saw you sucking off this guy and they will tell her.”

Luckily, she never found out about that but within a few days, that craving came back. It was hitting me hard, so I hit the internet chat rooms again. This time there was nobody anywhere near me that had some drugs I could score.

One of my good friends, Mike, called me up and told me about a drug dealer that could possibly help me out. He was bisexual and very attracted to trannies and crossdressers. Mike knew I crossdressed and this guy was his dealer. They had been talking and brought me up in conversation. The guy said he could work something out if I really needed it. At this point, I desperately needed it and figured it’d give me a chance to have more interesting experiences.

As instructed, I showed up at this guy’s house at three. It was a fairly nice place considering the neighborhood, which consisted of mostly run down homes. I didn’t even get the chance to knock on the door before it opened. A busty latina opened the door and welcomed me in. A large black man sat on a black leather couch with a very attractive asian girl. They were passing a roach back and forth.

“Come over here and sit by me baby,” he said as he patted the couch.

güngören escort I looked around at all the nice stuff this guy had. Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising since he sells all sorts of drugs but I was in awe. Nervous but in need, I sat down next to him. He passed the roach my way and I deeply inhaled.

“You look real good girl. I see that you wore the fishnets like I asked. That’s a sexy skirt. Love leather.”

His hand made it’s way to the black leather skirt. He rubbed it, pressing it down against my dick. The friction started to make me hard.

“Since you so fine, I’m going to make you a deal. You there for me, I’m there for you. Need some shit, come this way. You will get whatever you want as long as you do what I say. Think I’d like to tap that pretty little white ass of yours.”

I was very nervous now. I’ve used my girlfriends vibrator in my ass but it was nothing like this guy’s cock.

“I really need some coke now, so if that is what you want, I’ll do it. I’m yours.”

“Call me Big Daddy.”

“Okay. I’m all yours Big Daddy.”

“Good. So get down on your knees and get my dick wet so I can slide that shit up in your ass.”

Immediately I dropped to my knees and pulled his pants down. His cock was very large and thick, which scared me a bit at first. It was even more frightening as it started to grow when I wrapped my pink lips around it. I’d never seen a dick this big other than on the internet. He had to be at least 10 inches. I’d gag every time I got half way down, as the saliva dripped from my mouth onto his balls. My hand moved up and down the lower part of his shaft with a tight grip. I found myself moaning in between popping his big head out of my mouth. Even though I knew it’d hurt I was starting to crave that big black cock inside of me. I stroked all 10 inches furiously as I licked my lips.

“Come on Big Daddy. I want your black dick inside of me. I want you to tear me up.”

Like when the drugs would take hold, I became another person when dressed as a female. Not only were the drugs important now, so was pleasing him. I leaned over the table with my ass in the air. My cock was semi hard as it hung down for him to see.

“Presentin that ass for me and look, baby got a nice little prick.”

His hand came down with a lot of force on my right ass cheek. He moved the leather skirt up a bit and did it again, this time on bare skin. It hurt a bit but the pleasure was on a much higher level.

“It’s all yours Daddy. This ass is yours.”

“I’m going to rip that shit up. Tear you apart little girl. Ready for this big dick?”

“I’m ready. Shove it in!”

At first, regret was the biggest thing running through my mind. Why the hell did I tell him to shove it in? Nothing this big had been inside of me, so it should have been eased in. He did exactly as I told him to do. The moment the head stretched my tight hole, I had to bite my lip to stop me from screaming.

“Damn. Somebody never had a cock in they ass? Bleeding.”

Through groans of anguish I managed to spit out, “No. You are my first.”

“Ha ha. Love that shit. Break you in little boy! Fuck you like a woman. Ya Slut.”

The pain was unlike anything I’ve ever dealt with before. There was so much of him and he didn’t want a single inch to be outside of me. I grabbed my cheeks and pulled them apart, trying to loosen up. It was hard not to clench, but I managed fatih escort after a few minutes. Once I was able to do that it was more enjoyable.

“Mm, that’s a tight ass. Play with your cock for me. Rub it.”

My cock was throbbing so I began to stroke it as he plowed me from behind. As he quickened his pace, I found myself pushing back with his motions, driving him deeper into my rectum.

Every time he called me slut or whore, I really felt like it and it drove me crazy. I’d thrust my ass back into his cock, begging for more. He’d fill me up then pull all the way out, slide it between my ass crack, occasionally smack it on my cheek before shoving it back into my anus.

“Fuck yes. Fuck my ass Big Daddy. Fuck me harder. I’m your whore. Love your big black dick.”

“Mm baby you never going back to anything else. You gonna crave this fucking black cock. You want my nigga cum in you bitch?”

“Yes. Yes. Fill me up.”

He squeezed onto my sides and fucked me harder than I ever could have imagined. I had to grab onto the table to keep from falling over the other end. We both were moaning as I felt him quickly thrust deep and spurt inside of me. I kept thinking, “You whore. You are being filled by a big black cock while your girlfriend is at work. He’s filling you with his seed. You fucking slut.” Those thoughts combined with the huge cock in me pushed me over the edge. I started shaking, my ass clinched tightly onto his thick meat as I shot my semen all over his table.

“ Man. You got a nice ass.”

“Thank you Daddy. My girl is going to be out of work soon, so I got to get my shit and go.”

“Uh, not quite yet. Just because my jizz is in your ass, don’t mean you don’t have to gobble it up. Push that shit out. Eat it for your daddy.”

Immediate thoughts were, “Fuck that shit”. Unfortunately, the craving was becoming too much so I sat back down on the couch and spread my legs. I pushed hard and nothing was coming out.

“Push harder. Put your hand under there. Get it all.”

I positioned my hand underneath and pushed again with better results. This guy came like two guys! I couldn’t believe how much semen was in me. It covered most of my palm, but I knew I had to do it, so I did. Every single drop.

“Very good baby. Here you go. Give Daddy a kiss before you go. Thanks baby. Call me up next time you need some shit or just a good dicking.”

“Yep. Thanks. I guess I’ll see you around.”

My watch said 4:38 . Shit. Stacy was going to be home any time now. I got high in Daddy’s driveway and drove well over the speed limit most of the way home. She pulled in right after me. I lied and told her that I was about to go to the store for milk. Of course we had milk and she told me that. I guess she figured I hadn’t looked hard enough, and never bothered to question me.

A few nights later I was out and going crazy from withdrawals. Stacy had the night off so I knew I couldn’t go get some more. It became too painful and it was impossible to sleep. I called Big Daddy at 4 am and told him my situation.

“I really need some shit now. I’m losing my fucking mind over here.”

“Shit, get your ass over here then. I’m going to be up awhile. Took too much shit.”

“Fuck. Problem is, my girl is sleeping so I have to sneak out. There is no way I can dress up for you without her knowing.”

“Baby, just get your ass over here. I got something nice for you to wear for me.”

I hung up the phone and made sure to be very quiet as I closed the door. My car was louder than I wanted it to be when it started, but every thing was because I was trying to be quiet. It was dark and every one was asleep as I drove off into the night.

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