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It was all planned. I had met her via the Internet. Her name was Bianca and we had never met in person until today, but I had seen her picture, and she was beautiful. A young woman of 18, she had a slim small figure, cute breasts, a tight ass, shoulder length straight light brown hair that turned up at the end, and a soft face with eyes that seduced you with her innocently lustful stare. She thought I was hot. I am a young man with a medium build, a youthful face, short shaggy brown hair, and eyes looking for fun. We were both horny young adults, and today we were going to meet and have some amazing sex.

It was a simple plan. We would meet at Luca’s Cafe on the corner of 13th Street and South Street in Philadelphia at 3PM. She would be wearing a short black skirt with no underwear and a tight shirt with no bra. I would wear black pants and a red buttoned shirt. I would walk up to her, say “Come with me.” She wouldn’t say a word, but take my hand and follow. I would be in charge.

I reached the Cafe and walked in. There she was. She wore a loose black skirt and a tight green teeshirt that clung to her curves. She obviously didn’t have a bra and her nipples poked through her shirt. Her hair had grown a bit longer and was now past her shoulders and she had died it with a tint of red. She hadn’t told me that, but that was okay, she was still stunning. I looked to her and smiled. She smiled back. I walked up to her and held out my hand. She seemed a little surprised, but shyly took my hand. I spoke. “Come with me.” She laughed a little, but then looked at me. Her deep eyes judging me. She nodded, let out a slight laugh, and stood. I pulled a few dollars out of my pocket and let it on the table for her bill. She smiled, and I led her on to the street.

We walked for a few blocks until we came to the hotel I had reserved for us. Her eyes seemed a bit surprised at the hotel. We hadn’t talked about where we would enjoy our day and I had managed to save us a spot at a moderately nice hotel. We would have a good sized room on the 16th floor with a balcony. I smiled her and pulled her toward the entrance. She held back for a moment, then looked at me and nodded her head, following me.

We checked in and entered the elevator. The door closed and we started our trip up. I turned to her and looked into her eyes. She was beautiful. I pulled her toward me and we kissed. Our lips met and gently began to explore each other. Our breath was heavy. Our tongues met. Our bodies began to move together. My hands slid down her back and grabbed her ass, pushing her crotch into mine. She moaned into my mouth, softly biting my lower lip.

I whispered to her. “Let me see your crotch”

She smiled. Her hands pressed against my chest as they slid down to her skirt. I stepped back, she lifted her skirt and underneath she wore a sheer black G-string. I could make out her shaved lips through the fabric and could smell her lust.

“You naughty slut. You’re not supposed to wear anything under your skirt. Do you need to get pushed. You want to get punished, don’t you.”

She grabbed my neck and pulled me to her, her lips grasping me, her covered cunt shoving itself against my rapidly hardening cock. The elevator dinged a stop. The door opened and two bikini clad young ladies walked into the elevator. They were headed to the pool on the roof. Bianca broke away from me. The two girls, probably college age, entered the elevator and laughed, knowing they had entered a sexual moment.

The elevator went up two more floors and dinged for my lady and I to exit. We took hands and began to leave, but just as we were leaving, one of the bikini girls reached under Bianca’s skirt and grabbed her ass. Bianca turned fındıkzade escort around, but the girl just stepped forward and kissed Bianca hard. The other girl laughed. I didn’t know what to say, but then the door began to close and bumped the kissing ladies, so they broke the kiss. Bianca stepped out, the door closed and the ladies disappeared.

I grabbed Bianca’s hand and we quickly walked to our room. We opened the door, entered, and the door slammed shut. We faced each other and kissed deeply, a kiss of cum lust. My tongue began to fuck her mouth as she ground her hips against mine, in the same rhythm as my tongue. My hand reached down and grabbed her ass underneath the skirt.

I spoke. “Those bikini girls made you hot, didn’t they.”

She moaned.

“You wanted to fuck them.”


“You wanted their tongues to be in your cunt.”

“ooooo yeeeessss”

“You wanted to taste their cum like a slut.” I pulled her G-sting aside and entered her with the tip of one finger.

“Oh God, Oh God, I’m such a slut.”

“And your a naughty slut. You’re not supposed to wear underwear.” I began to rub my finger along her soaking slit.

“Oh fuck yes, I’m a naughty slut.”

“Taste how slutty you are.” I pulled my finger from her pussy and brought it too her mouth. She began to blow it, sucking the whole thing down her throat. I spoke, “Time to be punished like a slut.” I pulled my finger from her mouth and laid her across the bed. “Pull your skirt up.” She did. She still had her G-string, but her ass cheeks could easily been seen. My hand slapped across her ass, once, twice, three times, hard, on each cheek. Her ass cheeks were red.

“Take off your underwear.”

She took them off.

“Smell them.”

She did.

“Do they smell like cum.”

“Oh God yes.”

“Why do they smell like cum.”

“Because I’m a slut. I’m your slut.” She sat facing me. Her skirt still raised slightly, displaying her tiny, shaved slit, dripping with her cum. Her hands ran along her shirt, over her breasts. She squeezed her nipples through her shirt.

“You horny slut. Make yourself cum.”

She smiled and one hand moved from her tit, down her side, to her cunt. She began to rub her cunt, touching her clit. She closed her eyes and began to run faster. Her other hand reached under her shirt and was rubbing her tit. One of her fingers entered herself. She moaned. She took her shirt off, her small tits firmly standing, holding two large, hard nipples at their tip.

She was fucking herself in earnest now. Her lips spread wide as she pushed her fingers into herself, two at a time now. Her thumb rubbing her clit. Her other hand running all over her body, squeezing her nipples and pinching herself as she masturbated. She closed her eyes. I was no longer in her world. All she cared about was cumming. Her hand moved faster, just a blur to my eyes now. Her cunt cream glittered in the light from the window. She switched hands, fucking herself with the new hand and rubbing her juices over her body with the other hand.

She was close, and began to rub herself faster. She was sitting up, leaning forward. I stood up. I silently walked to her. She didn’t notice me, she was two wrapped up in her sexual frenzy, breathing heavy and moaning softly. I got close enough. I grabbed her tit with one hand and lifted her face with the other. I kissed her, hard and hot, pinching her nipple. Pushing her back on the bed.

She came. Her body tensed. Her mouth cried into mine. She bit my lip. She fell all the way back and let out a long, sultry, moan. Her cunt contracted around her hand, pushing cum juice onto her leg. She seemed to stop eskort istanbul breathing.

Then came a long exhale, and a smile.

She opened her eyes, joy flooding them. She sat up and kissed me, softly at first, until her hand traveled to my crotch, grabbing my obvious hard member through my pants. The kiss grew hotter as she pulled me onto her and began to hump my cock through my pants with her wet, bald pussy. I kissed her back and began to push her skirt off of her. She lifted her hips and assisted. Then she began playing all my buttons, on my pants and shirt. I assisted.

Soon we were both naked. Our hot bodies pressed against each other, our mutual moans filling the room. We adjusted our bodies, her tits poking my chest, my cock pushing against her legs, until we were aligned. She reached down, grabbed my cock, and began to rub it along her wet slit. Up and down, gently, just starting to press against her hole. Then she reached her clit and began to move my head over her clit, pressing down against the skin. She began to buck against me. Her head back. Her eyes closed. Her breath heavy. Finally I could take it no more. I pushed forward and came to her entrance. She was tight, and I had to push hard to get into her hole, even as wet as she was. She let out a low moan as I slid in. My penis held by her hot vagina.

It took a long time, but I finally completely entered her. I held myself in her a few moments, letting her get used to me,but finally she just looked at me with pure lust.

“Fuck me.”

And I began to fuck her. Sliding into her harder and faster. My body pressing against her body. Her cunt clutching my cock. I kissed her hard as we fucked. Our tongues intertwining. Then I pushed deep inside her and held myself in her cunt. I kept pushing deeper. She pushed up against me. Her shaved slit coating my cock in her cum. I bit her neck and squeezed her tit. She let out a long moan. Her cunt began to squeeze my cock. My hips began shove against hers as her pussy grew tighter. Her cries grew louder. Cum covering my dick. She continued to cum for what seemed an eternity, her pussy contracting and just getting wetter and wetter.

Finally, her orgasm subsided and she lay back, closing her eyes and smiling. I pulled my long, still hard cock from her soaked pussy.

“Turn over”

Her eyes opened, she saw my penis and smiled, turning over and getting on her hands and knees. Her eyes were filled with cum lust as she spoke. “Your slut is ready.”

Cum was dripping from her bare pussy, falling onto the bed. I could smell her sex from where I was. I reached around. Grabbed one of her small tits. I placed my cock at her entrance. I shoved into her. A moan escaped her lips. I began to fuck her hard. Her ass pushing back against me. Her cunt swallowing my cock. One of her hands moved under her and began to play with her clit, rubbing her clit and stoking my balls and the slammed against her. I grabbed her other tit and both my hands pinched her hard nipples. She let out a small scream. I let out a moan and shoved deeper into her. Her cunt squeezed my cock as she came. Cum began to spurt out of my cock as I came. I filled her sex with my juices. She screamed, I moaned. Our cum mixed, filling her cunt. I pulled her back against me, and finally it was over.

She looked back at me. I smiled. She smiled. I let my cock slide out of her tight hole, but she wasn’t done. As soon as I was out of her, she spun around and took me in her mouth, moaning when she tasted our mixed cum. Any thought of softening quckly left my cocks mind.

Seamen dripped out of her naked pussy. Her hand began to collect the cum as it fell out of her. She then let her hand kağıthane escort slide back to her ass. Her finger, covered with cum, began to slide into her ass. A moan came from her mouth which surrounded my penis. Her hand moved back to her pussy., gathered more cum, slid back to her asshole. Another finger entered, and this time began to fuck her ass. She looked up at me, with her hungry eyes, and I nodded.

She removed her mouth from my cock, lay back, lifted her leg over her head, and opened her ass for me. I positioned my cock at her puckered hole, and began to enter. Her ass was tight and I couldn’t get much more then the head of my cock into her. When the head of my cock was in her, I stopped. She moaned.

“Please don’t stop. I want you to fuck my virgin ass. Fuck the virgin ass of your slut. Please. I’ve wanted a cock in my slut ass for so long. Fuck it, please.”

I just smiled and picked her up.

“What the are you doing?”

I carried her across the room. Cum was dripping from her cunt, landing on the floor. I kissed her neck as I carried her. I came to the balcony window. I pushed it open and placed her on the balcony, her hands grasped the rail. The world moved about far below us. Cars and people rushing around.

I whispered in her ear. “I’m going to fuck you ass, take your ass cherry, for all the world to see, like a good slut wants.”

She moaned, pressing her ass against my hard cock. The wind blowing against us, I positioned my penis, and began to push into her tight ass. I slowly entered her, letting her ass get used to me as I pushed in with the world running about beneath us. A loud moan came from her throat. I grabbed her tits and pulled her toward me, kissing the back of her neck. One hand moved down to play with her cum soaked clit. I was in her now as she leaned over the railing, exposing herself to the world. I began to fuck her. Slowly out. Slowly in. Gaining speed with each thrust. Her tight, virgin, ass squeezed me. I grabbed her chest and stood her up, thrusting our hips forward and pushing her bare cunt against the cold metal railing. Loud screams shot from her mouth and she came. Her tight ass clutched around my cock, her pussy contracted squeezing our cum out of it, over the edge, and onto the ground far below. She reached around behind her, grabbed my ass, and held me deep inside her as she came, milking my cock, and I came. My cock began to pulse, it’s fluid launching into her. We both held each other in that moment of bliss, our bodies pulsing, moaning, and cumming together.

When the world had settled, I slowly pulled my slightly softened cock from between her cheeks. She looked back and smiled. Cum dripping from her cunt and her ass. I leaned down and kissed her, our tongues toying with each other. We got dressed in silence, both basking in our post orgasmic calm. When I was dressed I looked at her. She smiled at me, wearing her cloths, but holding her underwear. She lifted her skirt and whipped her cunt with her G-string, covering it in our juices. She then walked in an incredibly sexy manner, right up to me. She put her cum covered G-string in my hand, gave me a soft kiss, and whispered in my ear. “I’ll be a good slut from now on.”

We then walked to the lobby, hand in hand. We exited the building, both smiling but silent. We shared one last kiss outside the hotel, turned our separate ways, and parted.

When I finally got home, I went back to my normal life, but still basking in that amazing sex I had just had. Eventually I check my e-mail and there was a note from Bianca, the girl I had just fucked. It read:

Lethan, I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to make it to the coffee shop today, some stuff suddenly came up. I hope you get this before you leave, and we must schedule some other time to fuck.


So that girl I had just fucked wasn’t Bianca? I just smiled with that thought. I would eventually fuck Bianca and her friends, but that’s another story for another time.

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