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Beyond Summer of ’79 Pt. 01

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To see how this series started, see Summer of ’79 Parts 1-4. Due to some requests, I’m adding some stories from mine and my cousin (later wife) Cheryl’s love and life together.


The first two years at Princeton were tougher than anything I had imagined. I was used to school coming easy to me. Between the tough classes of a physics major and living a new life with my older cousin, I didn’t start off well. I wasn’t devoting enough time to studying, because Cheryl and I were greedily pursuing our love life every chance we got. I just wasn’t used to having to study so hard.

After doing poorly on a few of my mid-terms, my academic advisor sat me down for a harsh talk, letting me know however I managed to get along in high school, this was one of the premiere universities in the world, and either I had to buckle down to get the work done, or I should think about moving on to a less demanding school. So I had a talk with Cheryl that night and we both agreed I had to get my shit together. “No more sex all day and night, baby. We both have to put our schoolwork first.” She was in her own classes to be a radiology technician and had just one semester to finish, and her own grades had been slipping. As much as we loved each other, we would have no future together if we screwed up school.

So we put ourselves on a strict limit, 3 times a week. Considering we had been going 3 times a day most days, it was hellish at first cutting down that way. But it was necessary. We both hit the books hard every night, except for me the time I had to spend in various labs. I loved the work, but I missed my love.

By the end of the semester, I had caught up to almost my usual straight-A average, and Cheryl had passed her classes with top grades. When she got her diploma, I was sitting in the third row, proud as a peacock of her achievement. When she marched across the stage, I clapped and cheered louder than anyone, at least that’s what I thought. She beamed at me, that beautiful smile glowing on her lovely face. My heart pounded with love.

Afterwards we went to a nice dinner to celebrate. Sunday we were throwing a small party, about 25 people, to celebrate, but this night was just the two of us at our favorite Italian restaurant, and I picked up the check over her protests. “You can’t afford to pay for this, baby.”

“What makes you say that? I have money. Not a lot, but I can treat my girlfriend on a special occasion.”

“Girlfriend. I like that word coming from you. Ok, this time. Only because it is a special occasion.”

I should explain for those who haven’t read the earlier chapters that Cheryl was rich. She married very well, and her ex gave her a huge settlement when they divorced. I had no idea how much, and it wasn’t my business to ask. But she was willing to pay for my schooling besides my scholarship if my parents had refused to do so. Thankfully, it wasn’t necessary.

It was mid January, school break for me, so we were back to our old ways, making love or having hot sex when the mood struck us. But that night I wanted to make it all about Cheryl. I wanted her to feel beyond special. I also wanted us to have a lot of fun.

When we got home Cheryl was kissing me all over my face and rubbing her body against me. She was driving me crazy, but I managed to gently push her off from me. “Honey, patience. I have a little surprise for you tonight.”

“Mmmm I love surprises” she purred in my ear. Cheryl was really making this difficult for me. Willpower, I told myself. Willpower.

“Go sit on the couch, honey. Give me 10 minutes and I’ll be right with you.” I kissed her lovingly. “I love you so much.”

She smiled seductively and said “This better be worth it!” she teased. “If not I’m going to just take what I want.”

I hurried to our bedroom and went into one of my drawers, where I hid something I bought a few days ago. Under normal circumstances I would have felt ridiculous wearing such an outfit. But I wanted to be playful and give Cheryl a kick, something to both make her laugh and to be erotically fun.

I came back down to the living room barefoot and wearing a black satin robe that came down just a few inched below my ass. “Wow look at you! I can’t wait to unwrap this!”

“Nope, you get to sit there and watch, at least for now.” I turned on the stereo, where during the afternoon, I had readied the turntable to play the great Foghat song Slow Ride.

I got the music started and, as the hard rocking slow grind of a song started, I began my best (I hoped) imitation of a male stripper. I shook my ass slowly, opened the robe, revealing a satin royal blue, what’s now called a “wife-beater” (an ugly term that I’m thankful was not in use back then) shirt and a red satin snug loin cloth.

Cheryl hooted both in laughter and encouragement, screaming at me to “take it off! Take it all off!” as the music built in crescendo. I tossed the robed over her head, and she was laughing hard, not at me but in a good natured bursa eve gelen eskort bayan manner. “My own hot stripper! Too bad my girls aren’t here!” I turned around, looking over my shoulder, as I peeled off the top, and Cheryl leaned forward and grabbed my ass, digging her nails into my flesh, making me jump a little.

“Hey lady, lookie, no touchie!”, which made her howl with delight. I turned around and I got a small bottle of baby oil which I had hid under the couch earlier in the day. As the song continued I poured a little oil onto my hands and slowly, teasingly, rubbed it into my chest, which made the muscles stand out better. I wished I had shaved my chest, but it was too late now. She reached out for me again, towards my balls but I playfully slapped her hand away. “Do I have to call the bouncer, miss?” I asked

“If you do, one of you is going to end up fucking me tonight. Him or you, your choice!”

“I’m cheap, but I’m not easy!” I declared.

“Yeah, right! Come on, get that loin cloth off already! I want to see my prize!”

The song was almost over, so it was time to finish this. I took the elastic at the hips, and pulled it from my body, pulling the part cradling my balls and cock up tighter. Cheryl was now just watching quietly, but I could see the obvious hunger and lust in her eyes. I then turned away from her, and brought the cloth down slowly, very slowly, gradually exposing my butt, then down my legs until it was just around my feet. I stayed like that as the song was about to end, and as it did, I spun around so Cheryl could see me completely naked.

She’d certainly seen me like that often enough, but still she stood up and gave me a standing ovation, “Oh, baby, that was awesome! So sexy and so much fun! Thank you for making my graduation so special!” She leaned in to kiss me but I stopped her from getting too close.

“Wait, honey. I’ve got oil all over my chest. I don’t want to ruin your silk blouse.”

“I don’t care about that, baby. I just want you, more than ever, more than anything. The blouse is replaceable. You’re not.” With that she pressed her body to mine as we kissed deeply and passionately. Our lips parted and our tongues danced back and forth.

“You know, honey, I’m feeling a little…underdressed here.”

“Or maybe I’m overdressed. Yeah, I think that’s the problem. Wanna help me out of all these clothes?”

“You don’t have to ask me twice, honey. It’ll be my pleasure.”

“It’ll be both our pleasure” Cheryl moaned.

I knelt before her and eased her feet from her heels. Then I ran my hands lightly up her cream colored stockings, not sheer, but a thicker, opaque nylon. I looked up at her as my hands slid beneath her expensive ecru skirt, feeling for where or if her stockings ended at her thighs or were part of pantyhose. I kept reaching, listening to Cheryl breathe harder and deeper, until I felt the smooth material go over the soft curve of her ass. Pantyhose. My dick was stiff between my spread thighs, flopping up and down as I caressed her gentle curves.

Cheryl hiked up her skirt so I could see her lower body, then sat back on the couch with her legs wide apart. Now I was caressing her inner thighs, an extremely sensitive erogenous zone for her, like many women and even men. I kissed her up and down the inside of her legs and she was whimpering lustfully. She gazed at me over her hooded eyes, glassy with desire.

“You are so sweet, baby, giving me that sexy show. Making me so hot, even hotter than you usually make me.” Cheryl was rubbing her tits as she unbuttoned her blouse, shaking it off her shoulders and arms, then unsnapping her bra. Seeing her from that angle, between her thighs looking upwards, with her glorious tits out free like that, was really making my dick jump.

“It was fun for me too. I love doing things for you, something I never would have done for anyone else.” I kept my hands going up and down her smooth nylon clad legs. “I’d do anything for you, honey.”

A couple of tears leaked from her big brown eyes. “You really mean that, don’t you. Anything.”

“Well, I wouldn’t kill someone for you, except to protect you. But otherwise, yeah, anything.”

“You’re such a good man. Now why don’t you fulfill that promise and taste my pussy.”

“Gladly. I assume you don’t want me to tear your pantyhose again?”

“Fuck it. Do what you want. I just need to feel your sweet lips on me.”

That was what I hoped to hear. I kissed her thighs up almost to the top, right near her pussy. I used my fingers and tore at the crotch and a violent ripping sound filled the air. She moaned and tossed her head from side to side as she rolled her nipples which were dark and swollen. I tore the hole wider so I could see the silk ecru panties covering her sweet pussy and her milky white thighs. I think I was actually salivating as my head went between those warm thighs and I rubbed my face all over her panties. Her scent bursa eskort bayanlar filled the air and Cheryl grabbed my head at the back while her thighs clamped tightly around my cheeks. I was able to get my fingers in there and tugged her panties aside, and my nostrils were assaulted with a much more powerful blast of Cheryl’s essence. I couldn’t go slow; I had to dig in for my dessert. I was lapping at her creamy lips and so much of her sweet honey was pouring from her pussy. I was able to push her legs wider and back so her pussy opened naturally for me. I used my tongue like a cock, poking the tip in and out rapidly.

Cheryls’ legs were opening and closing rapidly and her ass was squirming all over the couch. I was enjoying a very tasty treat, my cousin-lovers sweet pussy, and she was cumming every few minutes. But my cock was beginning to ache. I’d been hard for a long time now and I needed some help.

When she settled down from one of her peaks, I kissed her pussy and lifted my head. “What’s wrong, baby?” She had been enjoying herself so much she lost track of the time passing.

“Nothing’s wrong, so to speak, but I…uh…”

Cheryl looked down and saw my turgid dick, getting purple at the head. “Oh, baby, I’m sorry. I’ve been kind of selfish, haven’t I.”

“It’s ok, honey. Today was supposed to be all about you.”

“That’s silly, Robbie. When you love each other, you look after each others’ needs, no matter the circumstances. You come up here, and let me take care of you.”

Honestly, I was glad to be able to get off my knees. They actually ached from being down there so long. I sat on the couch and Cheryl stretched out so her head was in my lap and her body extended on her stomach to my right. “Now, what should I do with this?” she said in a mocking, loving way. “Oh, I know” and she kissed my cock from tip to balls, all over, again and again. I sighed both from being in a much more comfortable position and from Cheryl’s tender loving care. Her soft lips were so gentle on my swollen penis.

At first. She soon was using her tongue to slather her saliva all over me. When I was good and wet, it was time to take me into her mouth, and bob up and down in that expert manner of hers. I shifted so I moved my ass further towards the edge of the cushion, sinking deeper into the couch. I reached over to play with her ass, which was still mostly encased in the expensive nylon. As I caressed her cheeks, Cheryl reached with her right hand and used her middle finger to tease my anus.

Now I was panting and breathing more raggedly. All the saliva that had collected beneath my balls made for a nice amount of lubrication as Cheryl slid her finger into my ass. I gasped as she massaged my prostate and my cock jerked violently as it pulsed at least 5 blasts of my hot cum into her hungry mouth. Cheryl held still and swallowed in time with my pulses, gobbling down my creamy treat.

My cock stayed hard until she withdrew her finger, being careful not to scratch me anywhere sensitive with her elegant nail. Cheryl got up on her knees and kissed me on my cheek as I caught my breath. “Thank you, baby, for making this so much fun! Not that our lives together aren’t fun already. But I really appreciate how you made tonight so special for me. I still can’t believe you’re 18…well, soon to be 19. You’re easily the most open minded and easy-going boyfriend I’ve ever had. And I love you very much, Robbie.” She kissed me again and touched my cheek. “You know, next week we’re going to be together six months. I don’t start work for 2 weeks after that, and you still have another nine days before your classes start up again. How would you like to go away for three or four days? Maybe we can go up to Vermont?”

“Honey, I love the idea of getting away with you, but I don’t ski.”

“Neither do I. We can take lessons. Or, we could just stay locked in a private chalet the whole time, just going out for meals. We’d have to keep up our strength.”

“Hmmm me, you, and a private lodge for three or four days. Kind of hard to say no to that. Actually, it’s impossible. I say hell, yeah!”

We giggled and kissed gently, then made our way upstairs to get a little more comfortable (meaning getting Cheryl out of her torn hose and her skirt), and to finish the evening with a nice, slow intense screw. Perfect way to end a perfect day.


Sunday was the day of the party for friends and some family to celebrate Cheryl’s graduation. I was nervous, since this was going to be the first time we’d be a couple openly in front of most of these people. Most of our family knew, and some weren’t talking to us, while others were much more supportive, and they were coming, including my parents, but not Cheryls’ father Max and his wife Gertie. From what my parents had told us, Max wanted to be a supportive father, but his shrew of a wife was adamantly against us, and Max was too weak to stand up to her. Cheryl had görükle escort bayanlar shed more than her share of tears over this. Though he hadn’t been there for her growing up, he was still her father, and she loved him.

Our cousins Natalie and Karen were fine, and were coming with their husbands and children. Two of our three aunts were coming, but the other, aunt Myra wasn’t talking to us. Most important to us, our uncle Irving and his wife Ruth were coming. Uncle Irving was the sweetest, most gentle man you could imagine. He and Ruth had no children of their own and he loved us both unconditionally.

I was worried some of Cheryls’ friends were going to give her a hard time. Her best friend Pauline, who lived in Chicago, was coming, the first time they were seeing each other since Cheryl and I got together. I knew Pauline had been very skeptical of our relationship. I also had a few of my buddies coming, two guys I made friends with at college and a couple from Brooklyn. It was a nerve wracking situation.

I took care of getting things set up. We hired a catering company to supply hors d’oeuvres and some hot trays, and two waiters and a bartender. So I just had to oversee them as they did most of the work. Cheryl was sequestered in the bedroom getting ready and trying not to throw up her light breakfast. About 20 minutes before people were scheduled to arrive, I knocked on the door. You’d think I wouldn’t have to do that to enter my own bedroom, but I wanted to give her privacy. “Honey, may I come in?”

“Sure. Come on in.”

I went in and Cheryl was pale. Not the normal pale complexion she carried so beautifully, but like she was sick. I knelt next to her at her vanity where she was still trying to apply her makeup with slightly shaking hands. “Honey, are you going to be ok? Need some help with your makeup?”

“I’ll be fine, baby. Just a touch of nerves. Would you be a dear and get me a little bourbon on ice?”

“Of course, honey.” I got up to go downstairs and stopped for a moment. “Cheryl, do you mind if I ask you something?”

“You can ask me anything, baby.”

“Are you having second thoughts about us?”

“No chance!” she said emphatically. “I know I’m nervous. I expect some…I don’t think grief is the right word…but pushback from my some of my friends. They just don’t understand how we are together. I hope when they see us, they’ll figure it out. If they can’t, then it’s their problem. I love you and I feel so right with you. More so than I have with anyone ever before. But I do hope they’ll figure it out. Now, could you still get me that bourbon?”

“Be right back, my love. The love of my life.” I smiled my warmest grin.

By the time guests were arriving, Cheryl was a little better, not shaking any more, and being the perfect hostess. I kept up with the food and service. And of course I attended to Cheryl like the loyal, loving boyfriend I was. I met friends of hers as well as talked to our relatives and my friends. I was busy as the proverbial one-armed paper hanger, but I enjoyed it. I primarily enjoyed being by her side, like I always did.

A couple of hours into the party, Pauline came up to me while I was helping clear off an empty serving tray. “Hey Robbie. Can we talk a minute?”

“Sure Pauline. How do you like living in Chicago?”

“It’s great.” She paused “You and Cheryl should come out and visit, anytime you like.”

I looked at her closely, to make sure I understood what she was saying. “Both of us together? You sure?”

“Yes. Very sure. I admit, I didn’t like this when Cheryl told me about it. I said you’re too young for her and of course you guys are cousins. It’s wrong, he’s a kid, he’ll hurt you because he’s immature, and your family will give you a hard time. She didn’t listen to me. And you know what? I’m so glad she didn’t. Even when she was engaged to Mark, I never saw her so happy. And I look at you, and at the two of you together, and I can see this isn’t some sort of infatuation. It’s real, real as can be. I can see you adore her, and she adores you back. And you’re not a kid. You’re very mature, not for your age. You’re just mature. Just one thing, Robbie. If you hurt her, if you cheat on her, I will take the first flight here and clip your balls. Count on it.”

“I guess it’s a good thing for my balls that I’m way too much in love with Cheryl to ever cheat on her. Ever. As in Never.”

She smiled warmly at me. “May I ask you something? Was she really your first?”

“Do I have to answer that, Pauline? It’s kind of personal. I’m surprised she told you that.”

“I promise, I’ll never tell anyone else.”

“Yes, my first. And my only. I hope so anyway. I can’t imagine wanting to be with anyone else.”

“Even though it would mean being with only one woman for your life, potentially?”

“Why does everyone make such a big deal about that? When you find the right partner, why keep looking, whether it’s your first or your hundredth? Cheryl makes me happy and fulfilled. I’ve been in love with her for years. She’s everything I want.”

“Shit” Pauline said. “Why can’t I find a man like you?” We smiled and laughed together. “Come out and visit any time, Robbie, With Cheryl, obviously. And if anyone gives you a hard time, they’ll have to deal with me.” She kissed me on the cheek, and I could tell Pauline was on our side. She still is.

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