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Beyond Our Control Ch. 02

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Hi readers

Here’s chapter 2. Sorry it’s a bit late, I’ve been really busy recently. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.



“Do you fancy meeting up at lunch? I’ve got an idea,” said Janice, an excited tone in her voice.

“Okay,” replied Sophie, “where?”

“Erm…how about Dawson’s cafe, about half twelve?”

“Alright, I’ll have to go now Jan, Tina keeps looking over at me.”

“Okay love, see you in a bit.”

“Okay, bye.”

Ending the call and putting her mobile back in her pocket, Sophie smiled nervously at her boss and resumed her work, the buxom blonde smiling and shaking her head at her.

“You don’t half spend some time yacking on that bloody phone of yours,” she grumbled.


“Alright go on, I’ll finish off in here, you go into the back room and do that wreath order for me please.”

“Oh…okay,” the young girl muttered, picking up her gloves.

Stepping into the back room, she gave a long sigh. She hated doing wreaths, she found them morbid and depressing. Still, at least if she wasn’t working out front, she wouldn’t have to wear her straw boater. Taking the hat off, she placed it on the bench and picked up the order form, going through the motions as she wondered what Janice’s idea was. Since that first stolen afternoon a couple of weeks earlier, the pair had spent precious little time together, only managing to meet up a few times at lunch and going for a drive down the back lanes in Janice’s car. Sure, it was nice and in a strange way exciting having to keep it secret, but both of them knew it wasn’t enough, they wanted more. What made it worse was living across the road from each other, the two of them stepping out of their front doors every morning exchanging greetings and smiles before going their separate ways when all they wanted to do was sneak away together somewhere, tear off each other’s clothes and jump into bed; sadly, they had not had the opportunity since that first time. Smiling as the memories flashed through her mind, the young redhead swooned as she felt her insides wince.

“Sophie…Sophie!” Tina yelled, snapping her out of her daydream.


“Make us a coffee please love.”

“Yeah okay,” Sophie sighed, flicking the switch on the kettle…


Thankfully the morning didn’t drag too much and lunchtime came around pretty quickly. Grabbing her jacket, Sophie came out of the back room and made her way out.

“See you in a bit.”

“Okay luvvie, see you in a bit,” Tina mumbled, not even looking up from her magazine.

Stepping out into the bright July sunshine, she walked briskly along the busy high street. Dawson’s cafe was only a two minute walk from the shop; turning down Curzon Street, she stepped through the door and found Janice sitting at a table near the window, dressed in a smart black skirt suit.


“Hi,” the older woman smiled warmly.

“I’m just gonna get something to eat.”


Buying a sandwich and a can of coke, Sophie then sat down across the table from her lover.

“Okay, what’s this idea you’ve got then?”

“How do you fancy sneaking away for the weekend?” asked Janice, a playful smile on her lips.

“Yeah I’d love to, I’ve got Monday off next week,” replied Sophie eagerly as she felt the butterflies in her stomach yet again, “but what about Dylan?”

“He’s spending a few days with his Dad, so I’ve got this weekend free.”

“Where are we going then?” the young girl asked excitedly.


“Barmouth…where’s that?”

“It’s a small place on the Welsh coast. It’s nice, trust me you’ll love it.”

“Oh, okay,” Sophie shrugged.

“What are you going to tell your Mum?” asked Janice anxiously.

“It’s okay, I’ll just tell her I’m staying with one of my mates for a couple of days, it’ll be fine.”

“Alright, I’ll start making the arrangements,” the older woman beamed.

“Is there anything I need to bring?” Sophie whispered.

“Nope, just yourself…oh, you could bring your hat.” purred Janice, winking mischievously.

“You and that damn hat,” the young girl sighed, smiling and shaking her head, “I hate the bloody thing.”

“It’s cute, you look dead sweet in it.”

“Alright, I’ll think about it, you perv,” Sophie teased.

“I’m not a perv you cheeky little git,” Janice retorted, playfully tapping her young lover on the thigh.

“Alright, perhaps not a perv, but you’re still a bit kinky. I dread to think what else you’d like to see me in.”

“I haven’t decided…yet,” Janice whispered, smirking and raising her eyebrows.

Blushing a little, Sophie’s insides suddenly jolted as she felt Janice’s foot gently brushing against her leg.

“The car’s parked round the corner; fancy going for a quick drive?” the older woman purred, smiling suggestively.

“Yes,” Sophie nodded, swallowing hard. Picking up their things, they made their way out of the cafe and round to the car.

“We’ll go to the lay-by down Dalgleish Lane,” said Janice as she hurriedly slipped on her seatbelt.

“Okay, but we can’t be too long. Tina will give Pendik Escort me a bollocking if I’m late back,” Sophie groaned.

“It’s alright, I’ve got to be back at the office by two.”

A few minutes later, they pulled up in the lay-by. Dalgleish Lane was always pretty quiet, even in the middle of the day, save for the odd wagon from the rock quarry. Unclipping their seatbelts, the pair looked into each other’s eyes, edging closer until their lips met, their tongue’s entwining as their passion gripped them. Feeling the fingers unbuttoning her shirt and slip inside her bra, Sophie groaned lustfully as they gently massaged the stiffening nipple, sending shockwaves through her body.

“Oh God…Jan…yes…yes!” the young redhead gasped, pulling Janice closer.

Opening Sophie’s shirt, Janice lifted the lacy white bra and sucked the erect nipples, occasionally giving them a gentle bite.

“Aaaaahh…oh God!”

“Relax,” Janice whispered, reaching down and deftly undoing the button on Sophie’s trousers. Slipping her hand inside, she gently rubbed the outside of the young redhead’s underwear, making her moan wantonly.

“Ohhhh…oh God Jan…please!” Sophie begged, grabbing her lover’s hand trying to move it inside.

“Shhh, alright baby.”

Slipping her hand under the waistband, she ran her fingers over the tuft of hair and gently massaged the soft, moist flesh.

“Yes…rub it…rub it…ohhh fffuck!”

Grabbing the back of Sophie’s head, the brunette kissed her, pushing her tongue deep into her mouth as her fingers stroked the rapidly hardening clit, the young girl’s moans and gasps becoming more desperate and fevered as she neared the point of no return. Closing her eyes, Sophie threw her head back and cried out as the ecstasy burst within. Wave after wave washed over her writhing body as Janice softly kissed and nuzzled her neck. Eventually the amazing feeling subsided and she relaxed, slumping back in her seat.

“Was that nice baby?” Janice whispered, planting a kiss on her forehead.

“Mmmmm,” Sophie groaned smiling contentedly, her eyes still closed.

“I’ll take that as a yes then.”

“I can’t be arsed going back to work now,” Sophie moaned as she buttoned her shirt back up.

“Hmm, me neither,” Janice sighed, “still, never mind, the time will be our own this weekend, won’t it?”

“Yeah,” Sophie smiled, clipping her seatbelt…

After what seemed like a really long afternoon, Sophie was glad to finally arrive home. Putting her bike away in the shed, she stepped through the back door into the kitchen to find her Mum getting tea ready.

“Hello love, did you have a good day?” she asked as she hurriedly set the table.

“Hmm not bad, it had its moments,” replied Sophie, smiling to herself.

“Oh right, Rob, tea’s ready!”

“Alright love,” Sophie’s Dad mumbled, coming through from the sitting room and sitting down at the table.

Being a long distance lorry driver, Robert spent more time on the road than he did at home, so it made a nice change for them all to share a meal together. As they ate, Rob talked about his latest trip to Denmark whilst Claire dished all the latest gossip she’d heard about other residents in the street. During a lull in the conversation, Sophie stepped in.

“Mum…erm…Helen’s Mum and Dad are going away for the weekend and she’s asked me if I’d like to come and stay for a couple of nights, is that okay?”

“Yes of course it is love,” Claire smiled, “just don’t get too drunk.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

Finishing their meal, they went into the sitting room and watched the all usual rubbish that was on TV as Robert fell asleep in the armchair. At around ten o’ clock, Sophie decided to go up.

“Right, I’m off for a quick shower then bed,” the redhead groaned, yawning and stretching.

“Okay love, night.”

“Night Mum, night Dad.”

“Mmm?…oh, night love,” Rob muttered, half awake.

Smiling and rolling her eyes, Sophie made her way upstairs and into the bathroom. Slipping out of her work gear, she turned on the shower and stepped under, the jets of warm water making her skin tingle. Picking up the shower gel, she poured some on to the sponge and smoothed it all over her body as her thoughts drifted back to what had happened earlier that day. Closing her eyes, her hand drifted down between her legs and began to rub her throbbing clit, gently at first, but gradually getting harder as she neared release. Trying to stifle an ecstatic groan as the butterflies rose, she was suddenly jolted out of her bliss by a knock on the bathroom door.

“Yes?” she asked in startled tone.

“Are you going to be long love? I need the bog.”

“Alright Dad, just give me minute,” she sighed, switching off the shower and quickly drying herself off. Wrapping herself in a towel, she picked up the rest of her things and opened the door.

“Sorry love,” her Dad smiled apologetically.

“It’s alright, night Dad.”

“Night love.”

Quickly slipping into her room she closed the door and flopped down on the bed, thumping the bed in frustration. Picking up her mobile, she keyed Pendik Escort Bayan in a text.


A few seconds later, the phone beeped a reply.




Smiling mischievously, Sophie keyed in a reply.




Putting the phone down on the bedside table, she switched off the lamp and lay there naked in the dark, her mind drifting once more. Closing her eyes, she smoothed her hands down her body as she imagined Janice grabbing her and throwing her roughly on to the bed, her hand slipping between her legs once more as she dreamt of the older woman taking charge. As the visions flashed through her mind, she rubbed her throbbing clit harder, pushing herself over the edge.

“Oh God!” she gasped in the darkness, burying her face in the pillow as the waves coursed through her writhing body. When she finally relaxed, she let out a long sigh of resignation.

Even though it was Wednesday night, the weekend seemed a long way away…


As it turned out, Saturday came around a lot quicker than Sophie had expected. Friday night she had excitedly packed her bag (including the God awful straw boater which she had sneaked out of work) and some of her best lingerie. She hardly slept a wink all night, her imagination racing; and now there she was, anxiously checking her watch and looking out for Janice’s car as she waited by the bus station. A few moments later, the red Mazda pulled up alongside her.

“Hiya, sorry I’m a bit late, Mark was late picking Dylan up,” Janice explained as Sophie dropped her bag in the back and settled into the passenger seat.

“It’s okay.”

“Right, Barmouth here we come!” the brunette chirped as they pulled away.

“How long will it take to get there?” asked Sophie.

“Oh, about a couple of hours, depending on the traffic,” Janice replied, adjusting her sunglasses, “hope it’s sunny there too.”

As Janice concentrated on driving, Sophie occasionally cast her gaze over the older woman. Dressed in a white vest top and black denim shorts which showed off her long shapely legs she looked absolutely stunning. Her long dark hair was tied up in a bun which seemed to amplify her sharp facial features, giving her a rather domineering appearance; not that Sophie minded, quite the opposite in fact, her imagination dreaming up scenarios that made her stomach turn somersaults, not to mention stirring a strange sensation between her legs. Biting her lip, she tried to distract herself by looking out of the window.

“You’re very quiet, are you okay sweetie?” asked Janice, breaking the long silence.

“What?…erm, yeah I’m fine,” the young redhead smiled awkwardly, “I was just listening to the radio.”

“Oh right.”

As the miles passed, the pair talked about work, TV, the news or just life in general, both trying to take their minds off the nervous anticipation building within them. Glancing briefly at Sophie, Janice smiled to herself. Wearing a pink t-shirt and white three quarter length jeans, she looked the very picture of innocence with perhaps just a dash of impish charm. It was in that brief glance she noticed that she had dyed her fringe green, clashing somewhat jarringly with her spiky reddish-brown hair and those soft, warm, brown eyes that always had that mischievous glint about them. If Janice was honest, it was probably that quirkiness that attracted her to the twenty year old in the first place.

About an hour or so later, they were driving along the coast road, the July sun glistening on the placid blue-green sea.

“Nearly there,” said Janice, nodding over to a small town nestled in a bay surrounded by mountains.

“It looks lovely, where are we staying?” asked Sophie.

“I got us a double room at guest on the front called Bay View. Do you want to check in first or go for a drink first?”

“Let’s check in first,” Sophie smiled suggestively.


Parking the car, they grabbed the bags and made their way over the road to the Bay View guest house, a rather imposing looking white painted Victorian building. Stepping through the front door and dropping the bags, Janice rang the bell on the reception counter, a door behind it opened and a rather prim looking elderly woman with a blue rinse and a long grey skirt suit appeared.

“Good afternoon, can I help you?” she asked, with a smile that gave the impression she had trapped wind.

“Good afternoon, I booked a double room here in the name of Harmon.”

“Aah yes we spoke on the phone. I’m Dorothy Beswick. You’re in room 12. Second floor, third door on the right.”

“Oh right, thank you,” replied Janice, smiling politely as she took the keys. Suddenly the three of them became aware of a strange buzzing noise.

“What on earth’s that?” Dorothy asked, looking around her for the source.

“Erm…no idea,” Janice smiled, quickly picking up Escort Pendik the bags and making her way upstairs, “come on Sophie.”

“Okay…erm, bye,” said Sophie, waving and darting up the stairs after her lover.

“What the hell is it?” the young redhead whispered.

“Come on; let’s just get in the room!” Janice replied anxiously as they rushed up the stairs.

Putting the key in the door, Janice stepped into the room and threw her bag on to the bed. Unzipping it, she pulled out a rather large bright pink vibrator and switched it off, a look of relief on her face.

“Oh…my…God!” Sophie shrieked, bursting into laughter.

“I don’t bloody believe it!” Janice giggled, “Of all the times for it to switch itself on. I must have knocked it when I put the bags down.”

“Big, isn’t it?” smiled Sophie, picking it up and raising her eyebrows at the older woman.


“What else have you got in there?” asked the redhead, making a grab for the bag.

“Ah ah ah, get out!” said Janice, tapping Sophie’s hand away, “if you’re a good girl, I’ll let you look later.”

“If you want me to be a good girl, what was the point in bringing me here?” she teased, sticking her tongue out and winking.

“Right, come here you little sod!”

Grabbing her, Janice threw her back on to the bed and tickled her, the young girl wriggling in fits of laughter as she tried to get away.

“Jan don’t…please…stop aaahhh!”

“Stick your tongue out at me would you? you cheeky little bugger,” the brunette giggled as she slipped her hands under Sophie’s t-shirt and tickled her belly, making her eyes spring wide open as she shrieked with laughter.

“Aaaahh…Jan…stop…I’ll pee myself!” Sophie gasped, trying to fend off Janice’s assault. Their fun was abruptly interrupted by a sharp knock at the door. Sitting up and looking at each other, Janice got up off the bed and opened it to find Dorothy standing there with some towels.


“I forgot to put these in your bathroom,” said Dorothy, stepping inside just as Sophie grabbed the vibrator and shoved it under a pillow, smiling anxiously at the landlady.

“Oh…thank you,” chirped Janice, taking the towels off her and diverting her attention.

“Oh, and you’ll need this,” Dorothy continued, rooting around in her pocket, producing a key and handing it to the brunette, “this is for the main door which is locked at 11 p.m. sharp.”

“Oh right.”

“If you do come back late, try not to make too much noise please,” the old woman smiled with a slightly sterner tone in her voice.

“Of course,” replied Janice.

“Well, if there’s anything else you need just let me know.”

“Erm, yes we will thank you.”

Glancing at each of them in turn, the landlady then left, closing the door behind her. Turning to each other, the pair burst out laughing.

“Bloody hell, do you think she saw it?” asked Sophie.

“I dunno, but she must have heard us messing about. Come on, let’s go out, there’s a nice pub in the town.”


After a short walk they arrived at the Tal-Y-Don, a small pub just off the seafront. Sitting in the sun drenched beer garden chatting and joking as the white wine flowed, Sophie looked up at the mountains that loomed over them.

“It really is beautiful here,” she swooned, gently squeezing Janice’s hand.

“I told you, didn’t I?” the brunette replied, “shall we have one more then go for a walk on the beach?”

“Yeah okay.”

Half an hour or so later, the pair were strolling along the beach, linked arm in arm and carrying their shoes as the waves lapped at their feet.

“What’s the matter?” asked Janice, noticing Sophie had gone quiet again.

“Oh…nothing, I was just thinking that’s all,” the young girl sighed.

“What about, baby?”

“Well…us, what are we going to do? We can’t keep it a secret forever, people are bound to find out eventually.”

“Not if we’re careful they won’t,” said Janice softly, kissing her worried girlfriend on the cheek and hugging her close, “we’ll tell people when the time is right. Now, let’s just enjoy ourselves and stop worrying, okay?”

“Okay,” Sophie smiled. Breaking away, she began splashing the older woman.

“Aaagh! You little”…

The pair splashed each other until they were nearly drenched. Suddenly, Sophie made a run for the sand dunes.

“Oh yeah? Had enough have you?” Janice yelled, laughing as she gave chase, eventually catching her up and grabbing her.


Falling to the floor, Janice rolled Sophie on to her back and kissed her. As their tongues wrestled, Sophie wrapped her legs around Janice’s and pulled her close, the sound of the breaking waves roaring in her ears and making her head swim as she thrust her hips, her clit throbbing as she ground it against the older woman’s torso.

“Let’s go back to the room…please!” she begged, groaning wantonly and digging her fingers into Janice’s bum cheeks.

Getting up and slipping their shoes back on, the pair virtually ran back to the Guest House. Getting some strange looks from some of the other guests in reception, they raced up the stairs. As soon as they got into the room, they kicked off their shoes. Janice then grabbed Sophie and threw her on to the bed; diving on top of her they rolled back and forth, clawing at each other’s clothes as they kissed, their gasps and moans becoming ever more desperate.

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