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Beware Mr. Green

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In a small little town in Washington, Mr. Green was always being talked about. Anywhere you went in the small area, you could hear Mr. Green’s name coming out of someone’s mouth. Mr. Green was a thirty-five year old man, even if his physical features begged to differ.

Getting hooked on alcohol and cigarettes from a young age, he sported a beer belly that looked like it could fit a small child. His once jet black hair was turning gray, and his teeth were a dull yellow. He had a goatee that he occassionally stroked. His skin was pale, but whenever people saw him, mostly in bars, he was a little pink. He stood at 6’2″.

Katherine Withers only knew of this because of her friend. She couldn’t help but notice the interest she has taken up with Mr. Green. Whenever she asked, she got answers about him. She wanted to meet him, but she knew that that wouldn’t go by unnoticed.

She had decided to stay with her father for the summer after her mother became caught up in a man Katherine didn’t like at all. Instead of a man that looked like Mr. Green, Richard was a muscular, and very handsome man, not to mention that he was a gentleman. . . at first glance.

Richard made a pass at Katherine after she got home from a party and her mother was sound asleep upstairs. If Katherine was a little more drunk, she had no doubt that she would of ended up fucking him.

Katherine shuddered. If her mother found out, she would of felt betrayed. Yet, when Richard approached her and put his hands on her 34C tits, she couldn’t help but feel a little moist. She leaned in for a while, but pushed Richard away and ran to her room and locked the door. She fingered herself to orgasm, but soon made the descison to leave.

“Why did you shudder, Kat?” Haley asked. Haley was in the middle of talking about Mr. Green, sharing some of the rumors her mother told her.

“Sorry,” Katherine looked into Haley’s light brown eyes. “I was thinking about how horrible Mr. Green sounds.”

“Yeah, I know!” Haley hit Kat on her shoulder, playfully. “I also heard that he tried bringing Linda home, but she refused. He got really mad and stalked out of the bar! Can you imagine what he would of done to her?!”

“It would be really naughty to think about, Hales.” Katherine looked at the mirror in front of her. They were in her bedroom. Katherine just moved in, and she remembered Haley from her childhood when she came here on the summers. Kat’s father was the sheriff of the small town, and in a small town, everyone knows everyone! Kat was welcomed with open arms when she arrived a week ago.

Her bedroom was slowly filling up. Her king sized bed was pushed against the wall in the middle, and her brown dresser was near the closet. Haley and Kat were on her bed.

As Katherine looked in the mirror, she saw a ripe eighteen year old teenager. Her black hair was long; as it went down to the beginning of her butt. Her eyes were a forest green and her lips were full and plump. She stood at 5’5″. Although she did have a pretty nice face, she believed her legs and her ass were the best feature; having spent some time in volleyball.

Katherine’s eyes slid over to Haley. Haley was a little flat chested, but her looks and her ass made up for it. Her light brown eyes complimented her blonde hair that was a little past shoulder length. Her lips were not as full as Kat’s, though, but she was still wanted by a lot of guys.

“Speaking of naughty,” Haley’s eyes brightened. “Are you coming to Brett’s party tonight? You have to! I heard Jake is going to be there.”

Jake was after Katherine, ever since she started filling out. Kat explained to him that she wasn’t interested in long distance relationships, and Jake soon backed off. With word going around that the sherriff’s daughter was going to stay, Jake and a few other boys were hoping to see her at Brett’s party.

If it weren’t for her father being the sheriff, she would of most likely stayed at home. Everyone was interested in meeting the sheriff’s daughter ever since she started coming after her parents divorced.

“I don’t know,” Katherine shook her head. “I kind of just want to stay and read my books.”

Katherine was a big reader, but she didn’t want to read tonight. She was feeling quite on the edge for some reason, and the way she was going to cure it was cumming all night. Kat wasn’t a virgin, but she enjoyed cumming by her hands. She hasn’t met a man that was experienced yet, but until then, she was going to use herself.

“Psh! You need to have some fun! It’s tonight at 10. You can sleep over my house.” Haley didn’t even ask; she just demanded.

Katherine didn’t feel like arguing. “Fine, I’ll go.” She sighed. For some reason, she knew this would end bad.


Kat put on a pale colored dress that was off the shoulder. It met mid-thigh. She put on red pumps. She liked the constrast of the red against her skin. She topped it off with smoky eye make up and red lipstick. She added beach waves to her hair and parted it down the middle. She looked sexy.

“I can’t believe I lied to him,” Katherine Kastamonu Escort muttered.

Haley popped her head in the bathroom. “Ready yet? You look sexy! No, you didn’t lie to him. You said you were going to a party and that you will be sleeping over. That is what’s going to happen, right?” Haley was sporting a little blue dress that made her ass look ten times more bigger. She left her hair as is, but she put on heavy eye makeup.

“Thanks, you too,” Katherine frowned. “It’s still lying. I didn’t tell him about the drinks that were going to be there.”

“He’s the sheriff, Kat! Besides, it’s totally awesome that you’re doing this, especially since you’re his daughter. You’ll look like a rebel. Just because of that, your hottness meter is peaking. You left out a small detail, so what? You’ll come back home to him safe and sound. Promise!”

“Whatever,” Katherine replied. She added lipgloss. Kat still felt a like she was betraying her father by doing this. Everything he believed in. Didn’t she leave her hometown because she didn’t want to betray her mother?


Katherine walked into the house. Music was booming, and she almost wanted to run up to the stereo and shut it off. She saw grinding, and lots of it. She noticed Brett waving at Haley, and turning his eyes to Kat and nodding approvingly. He waved them over where he was, near the drinks.

She couldn’t help but notice the looks she was being given. She saw Jake on the other side of the room, staring at her with his electric blue eyes. As soon as she saw him, she turned her head.

“Here, ladies,” Brett gave drinks to them. “Kat, you look mighty fine!” His eyes undressed Kat. Katherine shuddered again. She didn’t feel comfortable.

“Thanks,” Brett nodded and turned to Haley. She was sipping the red cup he gave her. Katherine wanted to punch her. Didn’t she learn not to take a drink from a stranger? She could almost hear Haley’s high pitched voice saying: “I trust him!”

Katherine wandered off and set the drink down. She went into the kitchen and got a can of beer. She had a very low tolerance, so she made a mental note to not get carried away.

Katherine sat on the couch, watching teenagers grind their asses off. She got sort of high watching them. Her eyes zeroed in on a couple. The man put her hand on her tit, and the girl reached around to grasp his growing erection. She felt a little moist in her panties. She looked away, embarrassed, and pushed her legs closer together.

She didn’t realize it, but she was chugging the can of beer the whole entire time! She barely felt the fogginess in her mind, but she shrugged it off.

“Just a couple more, that’s it,” She muttered to herself.

“Here,” A hairy hand thrust out another can of beer, and it wasn’t opened. Her eyes looked at the person giving it to her.


He stood at 6’1″, and his athletic form made Katherine want to melt. Despite what she said earlier to Hales, she took the can of beer with a smile.

“Thank you,” He nodded. He sat down next to her, a little bit too close. As soon as Katherine opened it, she took a long gulp. She felt Jake’s eyes on her.

There was an awkward silence. Katherine looked in front of her and saw that the couple turned toward each other and started making out. They headed upstairs. She imagined what they were going to do, making her feel more moist than before.

She chugged the can of beer. The smart Katherine was nagging her, and telling her to stop before she does something she will regret. The party-going Katherine told her to keep on going. She hasn’t felt this kind of high in one room in a long time. She absolutely relished how the sexual activity felt in this room.

Her brain was getting foggy, but she thought against it. Jake thrusted another can to her, and she took it.

After her first sip, Jake put her hand on her bare knee. She didn’t care, but when he met the hem of her dress she stood up and headed for the kitchen. To her dismay, it was empty.

She was still feeling a little edgy, even after the alcohol. She opened the fridge to see it’s contents and felt a hand on her backside.

“Jake,” She turned around. She stood up and turned her face around. “What are you doing?”

He didn’t answer. Instead, he pressed his crotch up against her firm ass. She felt his erection.

She supressed a moan. He felt big. Jake started grinding on her ass, and she started moving back and forth. She took another long gulp of the can and set it on the counter.

“I like you, Kat,” Jake’s voice deepened. “Let me show you what you’ve been missing,” He whispered in her ear.

Katherine jerked away. Jake let her go, frustrated. She took a couple of steps back, and he followed her. “Don’t touch me,” She slurred.

Shit! She let herself drink too much. How did she let it go this far?

Jake took another step. His face twisted up, and he looked furious. For the first time in her life, Katherine was terrified. She was usually in control of the situation, but this time, Kastamonu Escort Bayan she wasn’t. She didn’t like this feeling. The music was too loud for the people outside to hear her. What was she going to do?

Oh! She had the pepper spray in her purse. Kat reached to her side to grasp it, only to realize that she probably set it on the couch. Katherine looked to Jake’s shoulder and gasped. Jake turned around.

She ran to the couch and grasped her purse. Her eyes scanned the crowd. No sign of Hales. She asked the girl nearest to her, Shelly, if she saw Haley anywhere. She had the keys to the car.

“I saw her go upstairs with Brett. Sorry.” Shelly turned around to resume her conversation with another girl. Even with her predicament, Kat couldn’t bring herself to brust in through all the doors upstairs to find Haley. She knew she stood of stayed home.

Shit! She couldn’t call her father, she was sure her breath stunk of alcohol. All of the other contacts she had were in that house. She had to get out of there before Jake caught her.

She walked as quickly as she could through the crowd. She saw no sign of Jake.

She walked out of the house. She vaguely remembered Haley taking a left and then making a couple of rights. Kat looked behind her, and saw no one. She took a left out of the neighborhood, and kept on walking.

The fresh night air helped her get her thoughts straight. The fogginess was still there, but it was much more better. She cursed herself. She found herself getting high off of any sexual activity, and she had no one to blame but herself.

After ten minutes of walking, Katherine looked at her surroundings. She didn’t notice a thing. Having grown up in the city, she still wasn’t used to all the trees in Washington, even after all the summers spent here.

It occurred to her to use her GPS. She fished out her phone, but to her dismay, there wasn’t a signal.

“Fuck!” She was lost. She kept on walking, shivering. Not three minutes later passed until she saw a little house. It sounded barbaric, but it was so cold. She went up to the yellow stained house. There was a Chevy outside, and something clicked in her brain.

She remembered Hales telling her that Mr. Green lived in a yellow stained house. He owned a beat up Chevy.

She walked up to the door and knocked. She waited a minute. She knocked again.

She almost turned around. What would Haley say? What would her father say? They would have a heart attack if they knew she was meddling around with the town’s drunk.

She felt a pang when she thought of her father. If he ever found out that she was intoxicated, he would be truly disappointed. She couldn’t think of the punishments he would bestow upon he-.

The door creaked open. She saw a man that looked exactly how the rumors described him. She could smell the alcohol on his breath from where she stood.

He looked like he was going to say something out of line, but he took a longer look at Kat. His eyes brightened.

“Hello, I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of Military Road? I’m lost and I don’t know exactly where I am.” To add to her effect, she heard rustling near the trees next to her. The wind was already blowing hard, but the rustling didn’t sound like it was made by the wind.

She took a small step to the door. She was frightened.

“Well, it ain’t no use to keep on walking in this weather. Come inside.” Katherine grasped her pepper spray.

“Thank you, sir.” He moved aside and let her through. His eyes zeroed on her ass. It was so firm, so enticing. He wanted to grip them tight.

He wished he cleaned up a little, having a nice girl like her coming along. He hasn’t had sex in years, and he was presented with this wonderful present.

“Are you from the south? Your accent. . .” Katherine looked around the house. It was messy. There were dirty boxers on the floor, and there was leftover food everywhere. There was a slight stench in the room, most likely from the food.

“Yep. My momma brought me here after my papa died,” He rambled on. Katherine used this conversation as an excuse to look at him. He was in a dirty stained tank top and boxers. She noticed that he was stroking his goatee. He leaned on the door and in one of his hands was whiskey, right next to his beer belly.

His ugly features only made Katherine want to rub herself. She felt a strange attraction to this man. She felt herself getting more moist as she looked at him.

He stopped talking. He looked at the sexy girl in her little dress. He had an urge to put his cock through her plump lips. He wasn’t a boob man, but her boobs were mighty fine. Her legs were firm, and he felt himself licking his lips.

“Come sit down on the couch over there. Make yourself comfortable,” He gestured towards the couch, smiling. His yellow teeth were disgusting, but Kat felt herself dripping.

“Are you thirsty?” He almost forgot his manners. When he isn’t drunk out of his mind, he can be mannerly. Despite being drunk, his momma taught Escort Kastamonu him right.

“No, sir, thank you,” She crossed her legs.

“Call me John. What is your name?” He asked her, breathless. He felt himself getting hard. He saw the little triangle between her panties.

“Kat,” She smiled at him.

John sat next to her, as close as Jake did. He put his chubby arm over her shoulders. As soon as John made contact with her bare shoulder, he felt a jolt go through him. Her skin was soft.

Kat looked at the T.V. Baffled, she realized he was watching porn. There was an old man pounding a girl that looked about her age. She was moaning, telling him how good it felt inside of her.

They were doing it doggy style, one of Kat’s favorite positions. She felt herself becoming even more wet. She looked over at John to see that he put his whiskey down and started to stroke himself.

She couldn’t take her eyes off of his hand. John put his cock out of the hole in his boxers and started stroking it to full length. It looked about 9 inches. It was a little wide, also.

John looked down at her nipples. It was still rock hard from the weather outside. Again, he wasn’t a boob man, but he loved hers. Even if it was covered. He wanted to change that–and soon.

“Do you want to feel?” He asked her. Without hearing her answer, he grabbed her right hand, forcing her to face him. Her soft hand replaced his.

She never really gave a handjob, or a blowjob for that matter. She looked at the T.V. and saw the girl giving a handjob to the older man. She copied her actions. Pre-cum started to leak out of the large cock.

“Oh, yes,” John rolled his head back. He was sweating profusely.

She wanted to see what it tasted like. She reached over and licked the tip. Much to her chagrin, John yanked her head away. He was going to cum fast like that, and he wanted to cum inside of her.

He smacked his lips against her plump ones. She tasted the alcohol on his tongue, but she dismissed the taste. She focused on the slick muscle moving against hers. Over her panties, she started to rub herself.

“Let me take a look,” His voice breathless.

She spread her legs and took off the panties. She bunched her dress up to her hips and opened her legs wide. He kneeled and sniffed her pussy. It smelled amazing.

He licked her clit and started sucking on it. She started to gasp, no one has ever eaten her out. John inserted a chubby finger inside of her, and soon he put two in.

“Yes, oh yes!” She moaned. “Faster! Please!” She begged him. She needed her release. He inserted a third finger inside of her and she felt a warm rush go through her. Suddenly, she felt as if the world was crashing down on her. She grasped the dirty pillows and curled her toes.

“YES!” She screamed. She rode her orgasm out.

John was staring at her, his cock twitching. He had to be inside of her. He picked up Kat and threw her on his bed. She fell, belly first. Her ass was facing him.

“Take off your dress,” He growled.

She obeyed, throwing her dress on the floor.

He came up behind her and told her to get on all fours.

He grinded his cock against her backside, and found her hot honeypot.

They both groaned as he eased in.

She was so tight. Despite that, he was able to get all of it inside of her. His grapefruit balls rested against her clit. “Oh, gosh,” She moaned out.

He started to pound into her. Katherine started to grind her hips and meet his thrusts. John reached under and started to tweak her nipples.

He whispered in her ear. “You love that, don’t you? Yeah, you like when old men fuck their big cocks into you, huh? You like this pounding!” He slapped her tit and began fucking her with short strokes. He rubbed her ass and slapped it, leaving a pink hand print.

“Yes! Fuck me! I’ve been a bad girl!” She yelled out. She loved the feeling of getting spanked. What if her father spanked her when he found out? As soon as the thought came, it went away. Katherine became distracted by the hard slaps the old man was giving her.

John gave her ass one more slap and started giving it to her harder than before. He felt his cock pulsating, her cunt tightening around his.

“Oh, oh, oh! I’m going to cum!” She yelped. This old man was giving it to her like no one ever could. She started cumming on his cock. “Yes!”

He felt her starting to cum. He thrust inside of her, one, two, three times, and let out a roar. “I’m cumming inside of you! Gonna knock you up!”

The thought of him giving her a baby made her cum again.

John realized that he was still hard. Surely, he thought, he would be limp. He dismissed the thought and pulled out of her, much to Kat’s dismay.

“Clean me.” He demanded. She turned around, still on her knees. She saw that he was still hard. She has never given a blow job before, and she wished that the porn movie was still in front of them so she could get tips.

She licked the underside of his cock, and he moaned. She did it again, but the second time, she licked up to the purple tip. She opened her mouth and slowly engulfed him. She slightly remembered that she didn’t have a gag reflex, and used this to her advantage. She let her tongue swirl under and over him. She bared her teeth and looked up at him, making her eyes look as innocent as can be.

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