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Beth on A Level Results Night

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It had been a long year: A levels had taken it out of me, and the struggle to make money to get to university had meant that I’d worked in a pub, as a pizza delivery girl and- as some of my stories on this site have attested to already- as a paid whore for my history teacher. 18 had definitely been my most eventful year so far. I had fucked and sucked and studied and partied and I was exhausted.

But finally A level results day had rolled around, and all the hard work had paid off. I had the 3 As I needed and had secured my university place. I was jubilant, I was celebrating and by 9pm I was hammered. I had never felt so happy or so drunk, and with my sixth JD and coke firmly in my hand I perched on a stall at the back of the pub, surrounded by fellow students who were celebrating (and a few who were commiserating) ready to start the rest of their lives.

It was hot and humid August night and all of the girls in the gang of twenty or so of my fellow students were dressed in skimpy clothes. My huge double-F cup tits were sweaty in the flimsy white top I wore, and my nipples peeped through the damp fabric. The boys in the group could barely keep their eyes off of me and the drunker they got the more obvious they became. The other girls were looking equally sexy, and even though I was the girl in the group with the biggest boobs, there was a girl called Louise who was almost in my league, with a big pair of double-Es, that were spilling out of a halter-neck dress. We found ourselves sat, by this time, in a corner with a friend of ours called Dan, who was telling us what beauties we were and asking what he’d have to do to get us into the sack.

Dan was a really average guy- average looks and average intelligence- that I had known since year 9 Geography. He wasn’t geeky but neither was he cool and I had never given him a second glace, but suddenly tonight his interest in me and the high spirits, as well as the alcoholic ones, meant that I was considering for the first time that we might be able to have some fun. Louise was clearly not into it, but Dan was relying on the fact that I was flirting back and that she was my friend to keep her interested. The rest of the group were unaware of the potential threeway situation that was emerging, but I was intrigued. Since everything with Mr. Newark my sexuality had well and truly ignited and I was up for whatever happen that night.

I got up to go to the bar, my short purple skirt riding up to show a mile of tanned, smooth leg, and Dan’s eyes popped out of his head. Telling Louise not to go anywhere, he got up and followed me, saying that he’d give me a hand with the drinks. The bar was crowded and it was easy for Dan to use that as an excuse to rub himself against me. I felt his erection against my hip.

“See what you do to me, Beth?” he purred into my ear. I laughed.

“Dan,” I said, “I have never shown the slightest interest in you. Ever. What makes you think this is going to happen.” He leered down my top at my big, firm breasts.

“Because it’s results night, you’re hot and you want it.” I smiled. He had a point. “And because I’ve heard all about you.” I raised an eyebrow. “You and Mr. Newark.” I smirked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He smiled again.

“I don’t care, Beth.” He said hotly. “I’m not going to tell anyone. I just know you’re into fucking. And I think your body is gorgeous.” His hand crept between my thighs, in the scrum of bodies at the bar, and he pushed a finger into my thong, feeling the lips of my wet little pussy. “I want to fill you with cum and I want Louise to be there while we do it.” I breathed heavily as he pushed the finger in further, the booze and the heat conspiring to make me whoozy, “you’re the hottest girl in the sixth form and I want you.” He withdrew the finger. “Meet me in the back carpark of the town square at 10. Bring Louise.” And with that he was gone.

I ordered seven shots of Tequila and downing one, I carried the rest over to the table and checked my watch. I had half an hour. I set three shots in front of Louise and three in front of bahis siteleri me. She looked surprised but pleased and merrily downed them as I eyed her up. As I’d already mentioned she had lovely big, firm breasts and tumbling black hair. I didn’t consider myself to be bisexual but I was curious about a sexual experience with a woman and knew I wanted to try this. She wasn’t wearing a bra and the curve of her tits spilled from the fabric of the dress. We had been friends, not best friends, but friends, since we were thirteen and had sleepovers together. I’d seen her in her underwear and knew she had beautiful soft, tanned skin and lovely long legs. I imagined what her pussy would be like, tight and I imagined, covered in hair that was dark like that on her head. She’d had one long term boyfriend and knew she’d had sex. I knew how I would make my move and once she’d drunk the tequila I decided to take her outside into the pub garden.

The conversation had come round to sex and to sex with boyfriends. As she had mentioned this to me before, I knew how I would engineer this to my advantage. I knew that her ex had never made her cum, and so I was going to give her her first orgasm to tempt her into the threesome. We sat on the bench at the back of the garden, shrouded in darkness and a short walk through the back gate to the carpark where I was due to meet Dan in fifteen minutes time. She sat down next to me and withdrew a joint from her purse, which she lit and passed to me.

“Don’t you get frustrated and want to do it yourself?” I asked. She exhaled the smoke.

“I wouldn’t know how.” She said quietly.

“You’ve never made yourself cum?” I asked, mock-surprised. She shook her head. She looked deep into my eyes in the moonlight. I handed her back the joint and she took a long go on it. I moved my hand to her left breast and squeezed. She sighed. “Maybe I can help?” I asked, in a whisper. She didn’t say yes but she didn’t stop me as I pulled her breast from her dress and moved my mouth down to suck on her little brown nipple. I had never touched another womans breasts and was surprised to find that they turned me on immensely. Sucking the warm, puckered flesh she groaned out and I moved my hand down to between her legs, where I found her thighs parted. I moved my face back up to hers and kissed her deeply. She kissed me back and felt my breasts.

“You’re so fucking hot, Beth.” She groaned. I mauled and her tits and fucked her mouth with my tongue.

“I’m going to make you cum.” I whispered and pushed two of my fingers into her slippery, damp snatch. My own little cunt was leaking cream onto my thong and with the other hand I reached into my own knickers, stroking my clit. I took my mouth from hers and jumped up onto the table of the picnic bench in front of her. I opened my legs wide, and pulled my thong aside so that my exposed pussy was just inches from her face.

“I’m going to show you how.” I said. “You do what I do.” She shuffled her hand down to her pants and I reached down and fingered the hard bud at the top of my hot little box. “Start by rubbing your clit.” She grunted a little as she did this, and I rubbed my fingers in circles on the hard little bean. I knew I would cum quickly, the proximity of Louise and her new found sexuality turning me on like crazy.

“Oh, that feels so good.” She moaned. I rubbed my own clit harder. I realised as I got closer to orgasm that I wanted to lick Louise’s pussy and told her. “Come into the carpark,” I whispered, “No one will see us there.”

Within seconds of stumbling in the dark to the carpark Louise had her knickers off and my mouth glued to her cunt. I had never been with a woman but the action was instinctive, lapping and nipping and sucking the sweet-tasting flesh as her sighs and moans mingled with mine and I pumped my fingers into my pussy and rubbed at my clit to make myself cum. She came hotly and quickly in my mouth, her juice gushing into my mouth and her hands tangled in my hair. Her dress was ridden up and tits were out. I stood up and pushed her against the wall, our huge mammary glands pushed canlı bahis siteleri together. My blouse had unbuttoned and my skirt had ridden up. She pushed her fingers into me and I wished for the first time in my life that I had a cock so that I could bend this hot little whore over and spear her with my meaty rod. The image of her with her huge, bronzed tits bouncing as she got fucked by a big, fat dick flashed into my head and I kissed her hard. Her fingers groped inside me and she bit my bottom lip. Pushing her harder against the wall I bit her neck and slapped my hand across her mouth as she cried out. I stuck three of my fingers up into her hole and brutally fucked her, in stark contrast to the gentle cum I had given her a few minutes ago, I did her hard and fast. She rewarded me with a palmful of sticky girl cum, as I heard footsteps approaching.

Dan stood in the moonlight, a friend next to him that I recognised vaguely in the moonlight as a boy from the Rugby team.

“Are we interrupting ladies?” Dan asked. Louise was breathing heavily, slumped against the wall and I turned around.

“Not at all. We were just getting started.” I answered. If Louise was shocked she didn’t show it, but perhaps the booze and the weed and now the orgasms had merely rendered her speechless.

“This is Paul.” Dan said. “And Paul wants his cock sucked.” I smiled at the blatentness, but it turned me on. I dropped to my knees and fumbled with his fly. I could see the outline of his erection against the fabric of his jeans. I groped inside the fly and unleashed a seven-inch piece of meat that I wasted no time in getting my mouth around. He groaned, muscled arms keeping my head in place, and I heard as Dan walked across to Louise and made her moan somehow. And then I heard the familiar rhythmic sound of cock in cunt and heard Louise getting fucked. I withdrew from the penis in front of me and turned to see, exactly as I had fantasised, Louise bent over, her thick black hair pulled back by Dan, her beautiful tits bouncing in front of her and her pussy being brutally used. She frigged her clit with her own fingers and I smiled, she was a quick learner. Paul pushed me down onto the ground so that I was on all fours. He knelt behind me and pushed his big, thick prick into me. I cried out as he entered me and continued watching Louise in all her gorgeous glory as we both got our pussies pounded. I did as she did and rubbed frantically at my hard clit, imagining I was the one pounding her hot little hole.

Minutes passed and I had two huge orgasms, by the sound of it so had Louise. Out of the corner of my eye I saw two other eighteen year olds from our year, Julie and Harry, who were watching what was going on with a look of shock on their faces. I was temped to wave, but Paul reacted first, his words coming out in rhythm with his thrusts into me.

“Come and join in or fuck off.” With that he groaned out as my cunt pushed him over the edge and he pulled out, blasting my back and the back of my head with sticky cum. I collapsed on the floor and the new boy walked over and flopped his already hard cock out. Harry lowered his balls onto my chin and fed me his thick cock. I sucked it down.

“Oi.” Dan snapped, stopping what he was doing with Louise. “I’m having her next. Get off.” Harry had no interest in doing what Dan had asked, but Dan pushed him out of the way. “Stick your cock down her throat.” He gestured to Louise. Harry shrugged, a mouth was a mouth to him clearly, and he did. Louise fell to her knees and hungrily slurped on his member.

Julie was 19 and petite, with bright blonde hair and perky little B cups. She was shy and on the edge of the group but obviously curious as she hadn’t run away from the group. Dan gestured for her to come over and helped me up. He lifted me up by the waist and sat me on a wall at the edge of the carpark.

“Kiss her.” He said to Julie. She stepped forward shyly and did. “Grope her big tits.” Julie reached out. I kissed her deeply and felt at her breasts as well. Paul came over and started taking photos with his phone. He was canlı bahis hard again, I noticed. I opened my legs and placed Julies fingers on my mound. She rubbed it. Paul took more photos. I saw over Julie’s shoulder Harry fucking Louise’s gorgeous little face. “Now,” Dan said, “Julie, you suck on Paul while I do what I came here to do.”

Paul wasted no time in pulling open Julie’s top and groped her small breasts as she sucked the cunty taste of me off of him. He used his phone to film her and I watched dumbly as they began. My attention was soon switched by Dan though, who began kissing and groping me.

“You’re the hottest little whore in the school.” He breathed, pulling me off the wall and pressing me against it, just as I had done to Louise earlier. His hands groped my breasts roughly. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for years.” I kissed him deeply. “Your tits are amazing.” I moaned. “Do you remember Phillipa Davies 18th party?” He asked. I nodded. “I was in the room when you started fucking her brother.” I remembered that fuck, long and cum-soaked. “I watched from behind the door the whole time.” He pushed two fingers into me at the memory. I cried out. “I watched you screaming and moaning as he fucked your arsehole.” I grabbed at his cock through his jeans. “I watched him spunk all over your face.” I wanked his pole through his trousers. “I’m going to fuck you twice as good as he did. Louise was just the starter for both of us tonight.”

As the other two couples continued with their exertions, Dan took me by the hand and round the back of the church on the corner of the carpark. He pushed me into a corner, between the back of the church and the wall that backed onto the trainline, far from prying eyes. As soon as we were there he pushed me onto my back on the grass and releasing his prick plunged it into me. I screamed out, letting myself go as I knew no one could hear me. He was huge. The biggest I had ever known. No wonder he had such confidence. It must have been 9 or 10 inches and it hard as steel. I felt his balls hit skin and knew he had it all in. He ripped my top off and unhooked my bra and I was naked except for my skirt that was pushed around my waist, as I’d lost my knickers some time ago. He fucked me hard and fast and I came three or four times in as many minutes as he roughly grabbed my tits and told me over and over again that I was the hottest bitch he’d ever met. My cunt gripped his rod and he moaned again and again that I was as tight as a virgin. He pulled my ankles apart and I yelled out in surprise as another orgasm wracked my young body. And then he pulled out, flipped me over like I was made of paper and pushed my face into the grass, my arse high in the air. He pushed himself back in and I rubbed my clit, cumming the whole time as he relentlessly ploughed me. He spat on my arsehole and fucked it with two fingers still moaning his dirty assertions that I was the hottest bitch he knew and deserved to get my pussy and arse destroyed. I knew he would fuck my arse next and rubbed and rubbed at my hot, sticky bud, wanting him to do it. I knew it would hurt but needed that filthy act and chanted in a low voice into the dirt,

“Do it. Fuck my arsehole you dirty cunt.” I wanted him to fill my bowels with creamy cum, I wanted to feel him tearing my butthole apart, I wanted to feel the spasms of his member as he filled my tight little bum with love juice.

As he lined the head of his prick up with my puckered little rosebud, I continued wanking off my pussy. He pushed and I screamed in pain as inch after inch of thick cock meat pulled my arse apart. I saw lights before my eyes and then suddenly he was balls deep in my arse and banging his heavy, cum-filled balls against my bum and cunt, the vibrations slamming into my clit and making me cry in pleasure. He pulled my hair so that my head rose and said,

“You and every fucking girl in that sixth form deserve this. Teasing us for years with your pert little bodies, chosing to fuck older guys and teachers rather than the other boys of your age. I am doing this to teach you and every fucking slut in that school a fucking lesson.” And with that I had my final and biggest orgasm and came, screaming and writhing. He let go of my hair and blasted my arsehole full of jizz. We collapsed in a hot, sticky pile, sweat rolling off of us.

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