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Bestiality for beginners

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Bestiality would seem an acquired taste. A woman either is into it as an experiment or she sets out to enjoy the sheer animal joy of it. She could be encouraged by a friend, watched it on porn or just for the fact that doing it would shook most people to bone. It can be a family pet or, in extreme cases, going to a place where dogs, for example, are particular trained to mate with humans. My wife’s introduction was completely unplanned and a complete surprise. I am Ted, my wife is Pat and this how it happened.

Pat, my wife of 5 years, and I were pretty conservative when it came to sex. We were both virgins when we married and it took a lot of trial and error (a lot of error) to work out how to please each other. Intercourse was simple, or so I thought, but while I had orgasms she didn’t. We had been married about a year when I caught her one day masturbating. I thought only men did that. But there she was, on our bed, naked and fingering herself. Of course she was mortified and I was totally stunned. We didn’t say speak of it for several days but finally I sat her down and asked why she was doing it.

Pat was very direct and said that girls at work were saying how their husbands got them off with oral sex. It showed how raw we were. Neither of us knew exactly what that meant. We decided to go onto the internet and Google it. A couple of false starts and we stumbled on this porn site. My God, it was unreal. Typing in oral sex, these images came up of women sucking men’s penises and men licking women’s pussies. Even men sucking men, which made my stomach turn. Anyway we decided to give it a try. Pat said there was no way she would suck me. I was disappointed as the guys on the videos seemed to like it. But she did think me licking her would be “interesting”.

In the bedroom she undressed and I set to work licking her pussy. She seemed to enjoy it but she wasn’t moaning like the videos. Then she told me to lick her clit. Boy, what a change. Not just moaning but she grabbed my head and forced me down on her harder and then, a minute or so later, she squealed and had an orgasm. She was shaking all over and begged me to mount her. It was incredible. An hour later she asked me to do it again. I was happy to do it but I thought I should get oral too. It was maybe two weeks later when I finally begged her to suck me. She was reluctant but finally she did it. It was amazing. I felt my orgasm building and told her. She said there was no way she would let me cum in her mouth. I guess I had to be satisfied with what I could get.

It escort bayan was about this time that we decided to get a dog. Several reasons really. Protection was the main reason but also fitness as we would take the dog for a walk each day. We shopped around and found a breeder who had German Sheppard dogs. He had a number of them and Pat picked out a male. He seemed friendly. The breeder said that the dog wasn’t “fixed”. Pat was horrified. She didn’t want a dog that had been mutilated. The guy just looked a bit stunned and assured her that the dog would not be mutilated but Pat was adamant. The guy and I just shrugged and let her have her way.

We bought all the stuff we needed for the dog and got home. The first item of business was a name. We agonised over it for a couple of days and we finally settled on Rusty. Actually it more just calling him something and Rusty was good enough. Rusty lived in our backyard. His bed was on the back porch and we feed him out there too. Pat wasn’t all that keen to have him in the house. To be honest I wasn’t all that keen either. We got into a routine. We both worked normal hours. Rusty was always glad to see us when we got home. We would take him for walk to the park, let him loose for a run around and then return home. I feed him will Pat organised our dinner. Things were working out fine. One big happy family.

It was about this time that Pat and I started to get a bit more adventurous, sex-wise. Having used porn to experiment with oral we also used to experiment with intercourse. Something called “cowgirl” was fun but when we tried “doggy style” Pat really got into it. She loved doing it that way and I certainly was only too happy to oblige. We would have a delicious “69” and then she would get on hands and knees. She didn’t say a thing. I knew what she wanted. She had even started to rub her clit while I “dogged” her so she would cum as well as me.

I remember the night it happened like it was yesterday. There had been a storm brewing all day. We got home and looked outside. There was no way we were going for a walk. Pat started dinner and I fed Rusty. We had just finished dinner and there was an almighty clap of thunder. It shook the house. It also shock Rusty and he started howling. He was petrified. Pat said we should let him in. Several minutes later the rain started and did it come down. Our house had a tin roof and it sounded like a thousand people dancing on it. Then the power went off. A mad scramble to find the touch and a few candles. “This is so romantic” mused Pat and I knew kocaeli escort bayan what she was thinking. Sex by candle light. Very romantic.

We decided to get sexy in the lounge room. Not for the first time. We got naked, enjoyed some oral stimulation and Pat got on hands and knees. I moved it and started to hump her. She was moaning extra loudly. The thunder and lighting, the rain of the roof and just candles for light obviously had an effect on her. On me to, if I was being honest. I did pace myself as she was enjoying it so much. I think she had cum at least twice before I did. I came with a groan and pulled away. Pat was still on hands and knees and blissfully enjoying what had just occurred.

Now I hadn’t worried about Rusty. Forgot about him actually. But he had obviously been observing what I was doing. I don’t know what triggered him. Watching me “dogging” Pat? The smell of sex in the air? Maybe Pat moaning? Whatever got him going it made him go wild. No sooner had I moved out of the way then he moved in and mounted Pat. Later I realised that many dogs needed a helping hand but that night Rusty must have just been lucky. He thrust forward and Pat screamed. “Get him off me” she yelled but when I tried to Rusty growled. He was pounding away and growling. Pat’s screams started to change to moans. Moaning like she did with me. I was totally shocked. She sounded like she was enjoying it.

After about a minute Rusty growled again and Pat squealed. “NO NO” she shouted and then groaned. Rusty stopped moving and just rested on Pat’s back. I would learn later that he was cumming inside her. He was quiet but Pat was still moaning softly. “Are you ok honey?” I asked, feeling somewhat helpless. She turned her face towards me and just smiled. I sat on the floor as I watched Rusty trying to separate from Pat and each time she would yelp. He was trying to extract his knot. Finally he did so and I was shocked. His cock was longer than mine. No wonder Pat was moaning. “God, I am leaking everywhere” Pat mumbled. She was too. She struggled to her feet and headed to the bathroom. There was a little puddle on the carpet. Doggy cum.

Pat had a shower while I cleaned up the best I could. Rusty was lying in the corner and I swear he was smiling. Pat came back to the lounge in a robe and sat on the couch. I sat beside her. “You must think I am a slut” she said. “Why would I think that?” I said, not knowing what else to say. “I am so mixed up” she said “so confused. I should be disgusted with myself because kocaeli escort I let a dog have sex with me”. “Well you didn’t let him” I replied “he sort of raped you didn’t he”. I thought that would make her feel at least not responsible. “Can I tell you something?” she went on “I think I enjoyed it”. I didn’t think it was wise, at that moment, to tell her I knew she did.

The storm passed and we talked some more. The power came back on and so we decided to find out about sex with dogs. It took a while as we didn’t know how to find it. Then we found a website which explained a few things. A dog sprays pre-cum to lubricate himself. A dog has what is called a knot which locks him into a bitch so when he cums it doesn’t just all leak out. Pat attested to that. She felt the pain when Rusty forced into her. A dog has to wait for that knot to shrink before he can separate. Then we found actual videos of women with dogs. Some dogs seemed to not know what to do but some were obviously trained. I could see the glint in Pat’s eyes as she watched. I have to admit had I got an erect watching these videos and Pat’s reaction.

I had to ask “would you like to do it again?” She hesitated. I think more that she was worried how I react if she said yes. I pressed her for an answer but she said she wasn’t sure. I assured her that I would not judge her but she had to do something for me. I didn’t have to tell her what. I have wanted a blowjob, just one, to see what it was like. She called me a bastard but she laughed as she said it. It was clear that her first experience with Rusty had instantly converted her. I sat on the couch naked and she kneeled on the floor sucking my cock. Rusty immediately became curious and padded up to her. She moaned as he licked her. Then, as if he remembered what had happened before, he mounted her. It took several attempts but a muffled squeal from Pat signalled that he had found his target and off he went, humping her furiously until he knotted. It was all too much for me and I orgasmed. It felt so good but Pat hardly noticed as she was in a world of her own.

Thinking back I guess the fact that Rusty didn’t have a bitch for so long mean he took advantage of Pat. Also he was pretty agitated because of the storm. However, having made Pat his bitch, he was all guns blazing. It took no time at all for him to realize that Pat was his and she enjoyed it often. She still does. He would be described as being fully trained. At least self-trained anyway. I get blowjobs, Rusty gets his bitch and Pat gets the pleasure to two randy males. I am still a little jealous of how big Rusty’s cock is but I but I can pleasure Pat for ages while Rusty lasts for a few minutes. So I win that one and Pat admits she loves us equally.

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