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Best Spring Ever Ch. 09

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Chapter 09

Julia had trouble staying interested in other people’s problems that afternoon. Her mind was pre-occupied. She had been in threesomes many times before, both with and without her twins. This was different. Hilda made her horny just thinking about her then adding her son’s big cock to the mix took it over the top. After her last client left, a little before five, she poured herself a glass of wine and got ready for the evening.

Dennis took a nap, as his mother had suggested, and about five got ready. Having sex with his beautiful and talented mother was always fantastic but tonight his fantasy woman was going to be there to share. He had made love to both and even watched them together but just the thought of having both kept him hard.

Hilda was as excited as Dennis and his Mother, Julia. No audiences or spectators tonight, just the three of them. The thought of a woman who had been so straight laced a month ago getting into a threesome with a mother and son made her laugh, and it was with her husbands full knowledge and approval. He had three beautiful young women, his daughters and Debi for lovers tonight. He had plenty on his plate. After her short nap she showered and dressed then made a quick trip to the grocery for dinner supplies. She was ready well before six.


When the girls and Richard got back from skiing everyone hit the showers. Richard stepped out of the bathroom wearing a towel and was met by his daughters and Debi. All three were nude. They walked him to his bed and laid him back.

“Dad, we talked it over and decided we need to bring you into the twenty first century,” Gretchen told him.

“And how do you plan to accomplish that?”

“Your daughters are going to shave off all your pubes and I’m going to video it,” Debi replied.

“Uh, I don’t know about that.”

“Trust us. It’ll make you look bigger. It’s new and fun. Mom’s gonna love it,” Lina told him.

“Come on, Dad. You’re the only one in the group that’s still hairy,” Gretchen added. “And we’ll all blow you afterward.”

He thought for a moment. “You’d do that anyway.”

“I’ll lick your ass while your daughters blow you,” Debi offered.

“Deal, where do I sign up?”

“You already did. We weren’t going to take no for an answer,” Lina chuckled.

The girls put towels on the bed to keep it dry then positioned him. Debi began recording as Lina used scissors to trim the excess. Gretchen had a pan of water, shave cream and the razor standing by and when Lina finished she took over. Lina lathered him up and Gretchen shaved him clean. His cock, although well used already that day, was rock hard. When they finished they sent him back to the shower to rinse off. Richard looked in the mirror. He did look about an inch longer than before.

“I do like this,” he said.

All three girls looked at him and nodded in agreement.

“Debi, you seem to be the expert around here how do we do this?” Lina asked.

“At out house Mom and I put Dennis on the stirrup table or in the sex swing. On his back with his legs up and out, I guess. That’ll let you both get to his cock at the same time.”

“You heard her, Dad. Legs up cock out,” Gretchen told him.

Richard pulled up his legs. Debi’s face went right to his ass as his daughters moved in for a closer look. Debi’s tongue was obviously experienced at this and by holding his cheeks apart she could get her tongue inside him. Lina was playing with his balls as they watched and Gretchen stroked him.

“Dad, did you enjoy it when Mom was pegging you?” Lina asked.

“You mean in the playroom?”


“Not at first but once I was able to relax it did feel kind of good. Don’t get me wrong. It was fine when she did it but I don’t want Dennis of any other man in there.”

“Aw Dad. Are you homophobic?” Gretchen asked.

“No, I’m heterosexual. I like women, not men.”

Debi raised her head. “So far I like men and women. I haven’t tried anything else.”

Lina laughed. “What else is there besides men and women?”

“No clue but I’m looking,” Debi replied.

“Debi, what haven’t you tried sexually?” Gretchen asked.

“Animals, and even I draw the line there. And I’ve never had more than two men at one time. That’s my next goal.”

Debi went back to her task. Lina began licking and sucking his balls. Gretchen started her mouth and tongue work on his cock. She could tell he was going to cum very soon. Her father was rocking his hips as they worked and did cum quickly into his daughter’s mouth. When he finished she opened her mouth over his sack and let it run onto him. Debi and Lina licked him clean. He lay there for a couple of minutes recovering.

“What do you want to do for dinner, Dad?” Gretchen asked. He didn’t answer. Gretchen turned to him. He was asleep. “Looks like we pick tonight. Thoughts?”

“Burgers from the place in town. Pete’s?” Lina replied.

“That’s fine with me,” Debi answered.

“Pete’s it is then. We can leave Dad a bayan esmer escort bursa note and bring him something back,” Gretchen agreed.


The doorbell rang just minutes before six. Hilda opened the door and Julia stepped in smiling. Dennis stepped inside and closed the door. Julia had Hilda in her arms immediately in the hottest, sexiest, most passionate kiss she had ever been in. It took her breath away. Dennis was grinning.

“Uh, come in,” Hilda said a bit flabbergasted. Dennis stepped up and gave her a close second. “You two need to warn me before you do that so I can grab onto something.”

“Hilda, you look beautiful tonight. I love your dress,” Julia said. “I can hardly wait to see what it looks like on the floor. Dennis, what do you think she has on under it?”

The dress was a tan and white horizontal striped, pullover. It was strapless, went just below mid thigh and highlighted her shape beautifully. She wore tan sandals.

Dennis walked around Hilda looking her over. “A tan thong.”

“Is he right?” Julia asked.


“Can I have it please?” Julia asked, holding out her hand. Hilda lifted the sides of her dress, pulled down the thong and stepped out of it. She put it in Julia’s hand. “Now we match,” she said smiling.

Julia was wearing a pink, strapless dress about the same length as Hilda’s. Dennis was smiling at his Mother’s boldness. She loved the element of surprise and he knew she would revert to her normal relaxed demeanor in a few minutes. Her ploy had worked. Hilda didn’t seem to know if she was coming or going.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” Hilda asked.

“I’d love one,” Julia answered.


“No thanks. I’m good,” he replied.

“Water, soda?”

“How about just water?”

“Come into the kitchen. I’ll get them,” Hilda said.

She turned and headed that way knowing two sets of eyes were watching her ass. She could feel her moisture starting. “Relax,” she told herself silently.

Hilda poured the wine and handed it to Julia then picked up Dennis’ water and gave it to him.

“Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes,” she said sipping from her wine glass.

Everyone sat at the table. Julia’s normal behavior returned and everyone chatted for a few minutes until a bell rang. Hilda served dinner and all was lighthearted during the meal. After everyone finished Hilda started clearing the table. Dennis stood and took her hand and then his Mother’s.

“I’ll help you with those later. Let’s go to the bedroom,” he said.

Hilda led the way. When she stepped inside she kicked off her sandals. Julia and Dennis slipped their shoes off. Dennis pulled both women to him. He kissed Hilda and then his Mother. Hilda turned and kissed Julia as Dennis slid his hands over their asses.

“I think that’s our cue to undress,” Hilda said.

Hilda turned to Dennis then taking hold of the hem of her dress she pulled it off over her head. Julia’s hand went between Hilda’s legs. Dennis unzipped his mother’s dress and let it fall to the floor. She kicked it over next to Hilda’s. While his mother fingered her wet pussy, Hilda helped Dennis with his shirt then unfastened his pants. Reaching inside she pulled out his cock. Julia knelt and took the head into her mouth. Dennis couldn’t remember his cock ever being that hard. He let his pants drop and stepped out of them. Julia stood.

“Let’s eat Hilda,” she told her son.

They helped Hilda onto the bed. Both got up beside her on either side. Hilda doubled up a pillow and laid back. Dennis pulled her legs apart and he and his mother began licking her labia and inner thighs. As Dennis moved down Julia moved up. She felt two tongues side by side licking her the length of her labia to both sides of her clit, then Julia and Dennis french kissed with their tongues across her swollen clit. Hilda moaned at the sight and sensation.

Hilda’s hands went to the top of their heads as they moved. No one touched her anywhere but her pussy and the two distinct tongues were intense. She knew she wasn’t going to last long.

“Not yet,” Dennis told her.

The tongues egged her on. Her hips rocked with a mind of their own. One hand from each went to her breasts and began a gentle massage. The tongues slowed and Hilda’s urgency faded slightly. Two fingers went inside her and began rubbing across her g-spot and the urgency returned only to wan again as the two fingers slowed. A finger tip slid across her anus and she squirmed in delight. Then she felt a small finger enter her there and began moving in and out.

Mother and son were well rehearsed in what they were doing having done it to Debi many times. They would increase speed and intensity in one area then ease off to increase it elsewhere and move again as she neared orgasm. They edged her for at least twenty minutes.

“Please,” she begged.

“Not yet, let it build,” Julia said.

“I can’t hold it back.”

“Yes bursa ucuz eskort you can. Relax. We’ve got you.”

A second finger entered her ass.

“Ohhhh, I’m going to….”

All movement stopped and she eased away from the orgasm again. The fingers in her pussy began first on her g-spot. Then the fingers in her ass began moving. When both tongues assaulted the sides of her clit and the hands squeezed her breasts she screamed loudly as if hit by a truck. Her hands pulled their heads into her pussy forcing her trembling legs apart. Her pelvis rocked as she came. She felt liquid shoot from her. There were two distinct releases. The orgasm continued for what seemed like minutes. The tongues stopped and then the finger in her ass stopped and shortly the fingers in her pussy let her rest. The hands on her breasts continued for a moment then everything stopped. Hilda laid there reeling. When she opened her eyes Julia and Dennis were kissing and sharing her juices between them.

“You’re both amazing but together you are out of this world. I’m sorry, I think I peed a little bit.”

“You squirted. It tastes different than pee. Have you done that before?” Julia asked.


“Now you have and Dennis now you’ve seen it happen.”

“It was sweet. Now that she’s done it once she’ll likely do it more often, won’t she?”

“With the big orgasms probably.”

Hilda started laughing. “You two. You give me the biggest orgasm of my life then analyze it.”

“Sorry, I just want to know what’s happening so I can repeat it and maybe get better at it,” Dennis told her.

“Dennis, how about you and I do that to your Mother?” Hilda asked.

“Mom, lay down,” he said. Julia and Hilda traded places then she and Dennis laid between his mother’s outstretched legs. “Follow my lead and do what I do on the other side.” he told Hilda.

Working together and with few glitches they did the same thing to Julia. She didn’t squirt but her orgasm was tremendous.

“We need to do that to the girls. They’ll love it,” Hilda said.

“Practice makes perfect,” he replied.

“Speaking of the girls, they’re with Richard at the cabin. I’d love it if you two would come up for the weekend,” Hilda told them.

“I work until four tomorrow but after that I’d love to join you,” Julia replied.

“Do you have enough room? That’s seven of us.”

“One king and two queens. That’s plenty of room. I’m sure Richard is going to want at least one night with Julia if she’s agreeable.”

“Oh, I’m agreeable and open to any and all combinations,” Julia replied.

“Can I ride out with you tomorrow?” Dennis asked Hilda.


“Dennis, I believe you’re up,” his mother said.

Dennis rearranged the pillows to a better position so he was sitting at a forty five degree angle then sat back and spread his legs. His erection was full.

“Isn’t that cock the greatest? I still drool from both ends when I see it,” his mother said.

“So do I but that isn’t where his real magic emanates. That’s his heart.”

Julia looked at her and smiled. “Yes, it is.”

Both women began sliding their hands over his thighs and lower abdomen in strokes and circles around his groin, teasing but not touching the structures in the midline. After several minutes they added their tongues. Dennis was very sensitive to their tongues across his inguinal creases. Tongues began teasing his anus and perineum eliciting occasional moans from him. When their mouths and tongues reached his sensitive scrotum his moans increased. Each woman, staying very close together sucked a ball into their mouth and played with it with their tongues. Hands continued to move over him and the beautiful women’s mouths and tongues often found each other.

Tongues met at the base of his cock and licked together up the swollen shaft to the tip then both tongues shared in the pre-cum then danced around the head of his cock. Hilda and his mother put their mouths together in a kiss that captured his sensitive leaking tip between them. Hilda dragged her tongue down the underside as his mother took him into her mouth. When Hilda licked upward his mother licked downward on the opposite and Hilda swallowed the head. Together they played his cock like a musical instrument. With each successive change of mouth they took him in even deeper and as they pulled off to change their mouths and tongues met.

Dennis was mesmerized as he watched them worshiping him and each other. His Mother’s dark hair and eyes in contrast to Hilda’s blonde hair and bright blue eyes created a beautiful contrast. Both women were enjoying what they were doing almost as much as Dennis was. When they had shared him the time before in Hilda’s living room their goal had been to make him cum. Now it was simply to pleasure him. Cumming would be a result rather than a goal.

When his Mother took him in her mouth the next time she angled him downward and swallowed nearly his entire length. She swallowed bursa anal yapan escort and he could feel the movement of her throat on the head of his cock. Julia pulled off and Hilda did the same thing. Just one penetration and swallow and they changed again. After a minute their swallows doubled before the exchange and Dennis could feel his excitement building. Then each swallowed three times and his moans increased. Dennis fought to keep his body still and let the women do all the moving.

As he reached his limit their mouths met at the head of his cock and he sprayed both mouths and tongues with stream after stream. Their tongues sharing his white offering as he came. They turned to him and smiled. Dennis, lying there spent, returned the smile.

“Rest now, we’ll be needing you again shortly,” his mother said.

His Mother laid on the bed next to him and Hilda straddled her face then buried her own face between Julia’s legs. Dennis sat up and ran a hand over Hilda’s perfect ass as he watched. Dennis had loved watching them together before but this was different. He was with them, not just watching from several feet away. His cock rose again at the sight and he moved behind Hilda and eased his cock into her wet pussy. She moaned as he did. Using small strokes he worked length inside her.

“Give me a taste,” his mother told him from beneath Hilda.

Dennis pulled out and put his cock in his Mother’s waiting mouth. She sucked the end clean before releasing it and went back to licking the pussy stretched open above her. Dennis slipped himself back in Hilda watching her stretch as he did. Hilda’s moans became continuous as he moved within her. As he felt her nearing orgasm he pulled out and went to the other end. He lifted his Mother’s legs and scooted up close. His length allowed him to enter his mother without interrupting Hilda’s ministrations. Hilda looked up at him after he entered and opened her mouth. He pulled from his Mother’s wet hole and offered her the tip. Hilda hungrily took it in her mouth and licked him. Sliding his cock back into his mother he began sliding in and out. Julia’s moans deepened as he did. Even without being able to see her face he knew she was on the edge. So was Hilda. Both women came almost at the same time with their faces burying deeper into each other and hips rocking. Hilda felt the fluid gush for a second time as she came. Dennis pulled out and scooted back as they recovered.

When Hilda rolled off Julia sat up and turned to her then kissed her open mouth. The liquid flowed onto her tongue.

“Was that from me?” she asked.

“Uh huh. Sweet isn’t it?”

“It really is. I thought squirting was a bunch of BS.”

“Your pussy doesn’t think so,” Julia replied smiling.

“Ride his cock. I’d love to see that,” Hilda told her.

Dennis laid back on the bed and his mother straddled him, sliding him all the way inside. She looked at Hilda grinning.

“Makes you wish you had a son, doesn’t it?”

“I’m good just sharing yours,” Hilda replied.

Julia began sliding front to back on him and Dennis grabbed her breasts hard and twisted her nipples. Julia flinched but smiled.

“Now, if a beautiful blonde would get something to spank my ass I’d be in heaven,” Julia said.

“Really?” Hilda asked, wide eyed.

“She means it,” Dennis told her. “How about a hair brush?” Hilda went to the bathroom and returned with a large ovoid brush. “Try not to hit my dick,” he said grinning.

Hilda swatted her. “Harder,” Julia said. “Much harder.”

Hilda alternated cheeks and spanked her. Julia’s ass was bright red. She came very quickly then stopped her motion. As she got off she looked at Hilda.

“Wanna try it?”

“The dick, yes. I want no part of the brush.”

“Wuss,” Julia called her.

Hilda just smiled and tossed the brush on the floor then sat on his slippery cock. As she began riding him Julia straddled his legs behind her and began playing with Hilda’s breasts with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. Hilda sensed that Dennis was nearing orgasm and picked up speed. As he came she looked down at her lower abdomen. She could see his pulsations as he came and came with him. She felt herself squirt as she did.

“If I’m going to do that every time I’ll need to start putting a towel under me,” Hilda said.

“What, squirt?” Dennis asked.


“It’s less than a teaspoonful. The same as when I cum.”

“It feels like a lot more,” she replied. “Are you sure?”

“Hilda, it’s less than a teaspoon. What you see in porn is BS. They’re peeing,” Julia told her. “How about we all shower, have a glass of wine then start over again?”

“I’ll pass on the wine but the rest sounds great,” Dennis replied.


The girls returned from Pete’s and were sitting in the living room talking when Richard’s phone chirped. It was laying on the table next to where Lina was sitting. She picked it up and looked at the text.

“Mom is bringing Dennis with her at about noon. Julia is coming in the evening,” she announced.

“Cool, Debi gets Dad and Lina and I get Dennis.”

“What about our Moms?” Debi asked.

“They can get their own,” Gretchen replied grinning.

“You don’t know my Mom. She’ll probably grab up your Dad then want both of you two when she wears him out,” Debi replied.

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