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Best of Enemies Ch. 03

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Sue lay tied unable to move. She wasn’t sure whether she should call Mark or not. The look on his face had said “not”, leaving her with severe doubts that she had done something wrong or had displeased him in some way. She lay and started to shiver in the cool air of the bedroom.

Mark walked back into the bedroom and looked at her.

“You did well,” he said. “I am pleased with your progress.”

Sue looked at him and smiled.

“Th-thank you,” she stammered and waited.

Somehow she knew that asking to be untied would do her no good; she would have to wait.

Mark walked around the bedroom, proud and tall. Sue watched him, every step he took, she drank in, the ripple of his thighs and buttocks as he walked, the curve of his back as he bent to pick up things. He stood and turned, looking at her, a small smile on his face as she lay, bound and helpless, red marks starting to show on her wrists and ankles where she had pulled against her restraints. Lying there as she watched him, he could feel his cock stir again. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind, plenty of time for that later, further down the line.

Walking around the bed, Mark undid the restraints and Sue pulled her arms and legs in with a moan, easing out the aches of being stretched for a long amount of time.

Mark held out both of his hands, and Sue pulled herself up into a sitting position. She sat with her head down and her hands in her lap. Mark smiled, she was a quick learner. He put his hand under her chin and lifted her face to look at him.

“Hey you.” He smiled, looking into her eyes.

Sue smiled. Mark bent and kissed her gently and Sue reciprocated, lifting her head, closing her eyes and melting into him. Mark wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to her feet, her breasts squashing against him as his hands started to move over her. Sue sighed as they kissed, his fingers making her shiver as they trailed over her skin and across the red marks still smarting on her buttocks. He broke away and looked down at her smiling, and whispered “bed.” Sue smiled and nodded.

Mark bent to pull back the quilt. Sue padded out of the bedroom and went into the bathroom. When she came back, she found Mark was already in bed and was looking through the Poulton book she had abandoned. He looked up and smiled at her.

“Better?” He grinned.

“Much,” she said, walking towards the bed and climbing in. She curled up against him and put her head on his chest.

“Sooo, did you enjoy that?” Mark asked. He was fairly surprised that he was genuinely interested in her answer and hoped that it was the answer he wanted. Sue lay next to him and took a deep breath.

“Well, I have certainly never done it before.” Another deep breath before she continued, “But yes, I enjoyed it, I enjoyed it very much.” She blew her breath out, not realizing she was actually holding it.

Mark gathered her in and Sue moved up until her head was on his shoulder. Mark turned his head and looked at Sue. He kissed the end of her nose.

“Good, I hoped it wouldn’t frighten you off,” he said.

Sue wrinkled her nose and giggled, “Takes a lot more than that.”

“Oh really?” Mark replied. “Well there is a lot more that I want to show and teach you, if you are willing, in time.”

“I think I might be,” Sue answered, “but I would like to take it a step at a time.”

“I think we can do that.” Mark replied, sighing and settling himself in the bed further. Sue moved in and wrapped herself around him, her hand on his chest. They soon fell asleep together, breathing synchronised.

Sue stirred three hours later and looked at the man sleeping next to her. Taking in his features, high brow, deep set eyes and long nose, those wonderful sultry, kissable lips, strong chin, his stubble flecked with different colours and his long neck.

Unable to resist any longer, Sue carefully moved and kissed him. Mark stirred and turned towards her, his nose level with hers, his breathing deep and slow as he curled up next to her, his forehead touching hers. Sue closed her eyes and drifted off into a light sleep again.

She was awakened with a pair of lips on hers, as Mark ran his tongue over them. Half asleep, she responded easily and sighed as his fingers moved over her skin gently. Waking her slowly, as Mark took his time exploring her body. Sue rolled onto her back and Mark’s fingers trailed over her stomach as she moved, making it quiver. He leaned over and kissed her again, long, wet, gentle kisses that made Sue squirm, her legs opening, offering herself to him as he made love to her gently and tenderly.

Mark’s hands moved to her breasts, fingers circling her nipples gently, rolling them, pulling, making Sue catch her breath, her back arching towards him as he played with her. He moved his hands very lightly over her body, the lust and need of earlier forgotten, for now. Now, Mark was going to take his time, explore Sue, the smell and feel of her, the passion esc şişli built over time.

Sue moaned as Mark left her lips and started to move down her body. He seemed to kiss every inch of her, nibbling on her ears, kissing her neck, her shoulders, her décolletage. She smiled and relaxed into his kisses, melting into her surroundings. Taking her nipples one by one, he pulled gently and ran his teeth across the bud of each one. She shivered and moaned while she moved her hand across the top of his head then to the back of it, gently pulling him in as she writhed under his attentions. Mark bit a little harder and flicked with the tip of his tongue, and Sue felt as though bolts of electricity were going through her. Moaning, she lifted her leg to throw it over his thigh, so she could feel his hardness against her hip and twisted her body so she could feel it against her backside too, her hips moving, rolling against him.

Mark put his arm around her waist and pulled her into him again. He straightened and captured her lips once more, making her moan again. His kisses had such an effect on her, they made her shiver, and she was instantly wet. He slowly fucked her tongue with his mouth, biting her bottom lip and pulling on it gently, his hands starting to move down her body, smoothly brushing her skin.

Sue lay with her eyes shut, lost in the touch of his fingers on her skin, his lips toying with hers, her backside gently grinding against his hard cock. Mark slid his fingers into her lips and she moaned gently, immediately raising her hips to him. His fingers slid into her wetness easily, his thumb gently rubbing her clit, making her sigh.

Sue slid a hand between her ass and Mark, wrapping her fingers around his hard shaft, her thumb playing with the now swollen, bulbous head, sliding through the precum which was now oozing from him. Mark sighed deeply, still no words coming from him, as they played with each other, Sue’s moans mingling with Mark’s sighs until finally she convulsed under his touch, a deep groan leaving her as her orgasm ran through her, no other noise, Sue for once as silent as Mark.

Mark kissed Sue tenderly as her breathing became less ragged. She opened her eyes and looked at him, he smiled and kissed her again as she curled up into him, her hand and fingers still playing gently with his cock. Mark’s hips moved gently, stroking his hardness through her fingers, his hand moving to her breasts, toying with her. Mark rolled onto his back while Sue continued to stroke him.

Sue moved down Marks body, kissing his neck, reaching his nipples and biting one, Mark drew in his breath sharply and as Sue bit harder, she elicited the first moan from him was heard. She moved across his chest and bit his other nipple hard, Mark moaned gently again as he watched her hair fall down around her face. With one hand behind his head, he moved the other one to Sue, sliding his fingers into her hair, he scooped it away from her face so that he could watch her.

As she settled to her work, Sue sighed, sliding down his shaft she smiled, she was always being told she had a big mouth, now she was proving it. Suddenly, caught by a fit of the giggles, she pulled away from him with an audible pop. Mark looked down.

“What?” he said smiling.

“Oh I just thought, I am always being accused of having a big mouth, if they could see me now.” She laughed as she bent back to Mark.

He watched as her tongue snaked out and flicked his head, running around the tip and then sliding down to run under the rim before licking her lips and kissing the tip one last time before slipping him into her mouth once more, sliding, taking him as deeply as she could, her fingers gently cupping and rolling his balls as she moved up and down his shaft, once, twice, a third time before leaving his length and moving downwards, running her tongue the length of him, down to his balls. Her lips took over from her fingers, kissing, licking, gently biting him before sucking his balls one by one into her mouth, rolling them with her tongue, a shudder going through Mark as she moved over him, her tongue continuing to move down, working its way towards his anus. Sue’s tongue glided and Mark let out his breath in a ragged sigh.

Sue looked up. “Turn over,” she whispered.

Mark looked at her, raised an eyebrow and smiled. Moving, he turned over and lay flat on his stomach, Sue bent and kissed his buttocks, kissing the point at the top of the crease of his backside, she licked the sensitive skin and slid her tongue into the crease, licking down, kissing, nipping the skin.

She pulled back once more, “on your knees,” she said.

Mark slid his knees up until his cock was swinging between his legs, his balls and ass exposed. Sue kissed his backside again; her tongue resumed its path down the crease of his ass. Mark sighed and shuddered again, jumping slightly as her tongue flicked across his ass, coming back again seconds later, this time more slowly, şişli esc savouring him.

Sue moved a hand and wrapped her fingers around his cock, feeling it react to her immediately, sliding gently through her fingers, while her tongue worked on him. Circling his ass, teasing it, feeling the skin tighten then relax alternately, as her tongue teased and she dipped the tip into him. He moved back onto her, enjoying the sensation as she moved deeper into him, slowly tongue fucking his ass, her fingers still working up and down his cock, thumb gently rubbing his wet head. She continued to dip and withdraw her tongue, his movement against her making her moan. Her free hand lay on his ass and she dug her nails in before running them deeply across each cheek, making him buck and squirm.

Pulling back, Sue moved down, sucking at Mark’s balls once more, feeling tempted to stay at his ass until he came but deciding she wanted him to wait. She moved once more and followed a vein the length of his shaft until she reached the head and ran her tongue over it. The precum oozed heavily, threatening to drip onto her tongue but she caught it and licked greedily, the taste making her moan and squirm as she pressed her thighs together, pressing her pubic bone against her clit as she clenched and unclenched them.

She flipped onto her back and lay underneath Mark, taking his cock into her mouth she sucked on him, hoping to bring him to orgasm, wanting to taste him down her throat, coating it, feeding her. Mark lowered himself into her warm and willing mouth, feeling her tongue wrap itself around him, his sigh lasting the length of his movement into Sue’s mouth, as he slowly started to pump into her. Sue was moving her hips as she took him, her hands moving down and her fingers sliding between her lips to play with her clit. She continued to suck him as his hips started to pump into her but was unable to take all of him. Frustrated, she took him out of her mouth and looked up to find Mark looking down the length of his body at her.

“Get off the bed,” she growled.

Mark moved and stood up, watching her as he played with his cock, whilst Sue moved across the bed and lay with her head over the edge, her neck fully extended. Holding her arms above her she beckoned for Mark to move back into her. He did so willingly, and she held his hips while he moved his cock back into her eager mouth. Sue pulled him in, gagging very slightly as he slid down her throat. Swallowing the reflex, pulling him in more, deeper and deeper. Above her Mark watched his cock disappear down her small throat, and observed that her cunt wasn’t the only accommodating part that she possessed.

Sue suddenly pushed Mark back as she gasped for air. Panting, she took a deep breath and took all of his length back in. Mark thrust his hips towards her and started to fuck her throat hard and fast, Sue took him deeply with each stroke, her hands resting on his hips until she needed him to pull back, then pushing him until he finally gauged when it was needed for him to pull back and give her a chance to breathe. Taking over from Sue, his lust getting the better of him again, as he rammed his cock down her throat repeatedly. Sue gasping for air, Mark’s lip caught between his teeth as he watched her take his length over and over. Her hands now busy elsewhere, one in her cunt and the other pulling at one nipple, as Mark continued his assault on her throat, each stroke bringing him closer to orgasm, closer to coating her throat with cum. He plunged into her twice more and then pulled back until only the head of his cock was in her mouth, she flicked her tongue and was rewarded with spurts of creamy cum. Swallowing greedily, she gently lapped at the sensitive head of his cock, not wanting to miss a drop.

Mark shivered as Sue gently cleaned him, his fists unclenching slowly as she did, his knees feeling weak as he got his breath back, standing still and letting Sue finish her work. She licked him slowly and tenderly until she decided that he was clean enough. Stopping, she looked up and smiled at him. Mark moved and sat next to her, she turned her head to the side and looked at him, with one eyebrow raised and smiled.

“You ok?” she said.

Mark grinned, “Now, what do you think?” he replied and bent to kiss her, his tongue licking her lips before he kissed her fully, slowly and gently.

Aware that Sue had not yet cum, Mark slid his hand down to take the place of her own fingers. Taking her hand, he sucked on her fingers one by one, cleaning her as carefully as she had cleaned him. Sue moaned as he sucked on them, feeling his fingers gently moving over and into her cunt, so lightly it almost tickled and Sue squirmed under him. His finger circled her clit, using his nail to make her moan louder. Sue arched her back and shoulders and started to slide head first off the bed. Mark pulled back with a chuckle. Sue smiled and he lifted her shoulders back onto the bed. She rolled sideways and lay full length şişli bayan escort on the bed, Mark joined her and lay close beside her.

He kissed her once again, his lips and tongue playing, his fingers moving back into her, she moaned and kissed Mark more deeply, his fingers circling, flicking, scraping her clit, his other fingers toying with her until he slid into her hole, one finger at first, feeling all the folds deep within her as her hips started to move against him. Mark gently slid another finger into her and she sighed as he stretched her tight cunt.

Slowly, Mark started to work his fingers in and out of her, Sue raised her hips toward him and his lips never left hers, long, wet kisses, each one making her wetter than the last, each one threatening to take her breath away. With every move of his mouth, her body pressing closer to his, her breasts against his chest, her nipples hard and erect, as she lost herself in the feeling of him, torn between feeling his fingers pumping her and feeling his lips on her.

Her choice was taken away and she almost whimpered as he broke their kiss and moved down her body, taking her nipples one by one, his fingers inside her constantly moving, his thumb rubbing on her clit as he worked to achieve his goal. Sue’s back arched as she raised her breasts to him, offering them to him, as he bit each one, flicking the nipple as he held it between his teeth, making Sue squirm even more. He broke away again and moved back up to her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck, determined not to let him go again. His kisses were hers and she was not about to let them go again.

Mark’s fingers continued their work and he felt her start to tighten around them, god she is so blissfully tight, he thought, his spent cock twitched involuntarily and he rolled his eyes at it incredulously. He pushed all thoughts of it to the back of his mind and concentrated on the woman next to him, her arms were wound around him as he kissed her soft, full lips.

His fingers still worked, as she got tighter and tighter. Her entire body seemed to explode at once, her hips lifted from the bed as she broke their kiss with a gasp and dug her nails into Mark’s back. Her cunt rippled as she came, and Mark felt all her muscles contract, her knees came up and her thighs clamped together, squashing Mark’s hand so that he was unable to move any of it, other than his thumb, which was continuing its assault on her clit. As he rubbed gently, one of Sue’s hands dropped down and her thighs opened long enough for her to pull Mark’s hand away forcefully.

“Oh god no, stop, fuck it stop.” She groaned as she held onto his hand, her body still shaking as Mark watched her stomach muscles quiver.

Her entire body continued to convulse as Mark gathered her in and she turned on her side, nestling her backside against his cock, shuddering whilst she made involuntary mewling noises with each exhaled breath. Mark hushed her and sat up long enough to retrieve the quilt and cover them both with it.

Laying back down he kissed the back of Sue’s neck and pulled her into him. Her breathing slowly returned to normal and he listened to her breathing until it was back to normal, deep and even. Mark closed his eyes and fell asleep once more, both he and Sue breathing in unison.

They both woke again some time later, Mark wrapping his arms around Sue a bit tighter, pulling her into him again, breathing her in as he felt her muscles tighten, straightening as she stretched. Mark dipped his head and kissed the back of her neck and her stretch collapsed as she felt his lips on her. She giggled.

“Stop, I need a wee.” She laughed, sliding across to the edge of the bed.

“Ha, so do I, you go first,” Mark replied, watching Sue as she disappeared out of the bedroom.

He leaned back and looked at the pictures on the wall, taking in the detail while he thought about the day so far, looking at the clock but not really registering the time, lost in thought. As Sue walked back into the room she opened her mouth to say something but stopped, watching Mark as he stared deep in thought, not watching anything, unaware that she was standing there. She watched as an obvious mixture of emotions ran across his face, a small smirk, a slight frown, a purse of the lips. She sighed, not wanting to break the moment but her stomach had other ideas and it growled very loudly.

Mark laughed, “Hungry?” he asked.

“Bloody starving,” Sue answered. “Have you seen the time?”

Mark rolled sideways and looked at the clock. “Ah, that would explain it, we missed lunch then.”

Sue laughed, “Well, I could always cook lunch for dinner.”

Mark answered as he got out of bed, “Can if you want or we can go out.”

Sue followed him out of the bedroom, “Be a shame to waste it if it’s in,” she said, “but it’s up to you.”

“I’m happy to stay in, I’ll give you a hand in a mo.” As he disappeared into the bathroom, kicking the door with the sole of his foot gently.

Sue wandered into the kitchen and put the kettle on, searching for mugs and coffee. She bent to look in a cupboard as Mark walked in the door, he stood and looked at her appreciatively, before opening his mouth to comment.

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