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Best of Both Worlds Pt. 02

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Author’s Note: The following story contains scenes of incest between consenting adults of legal age. All persons in this story are over the age of 18.


John and Samantha are now married.

If you recall from the last story, John’s wife Samantha is a hermaphrodite. She has both a vagina and a penis.

John and Samantha have a very intense sexual relationship together. They have sex every 3 or 4 days and sometimes wait as long as 2 weeks in between their love making if John has to travel or because they just want to experience more powerful orgasms together.

So as it happened, John had to travel to Europe for a convention and would be gone for 3 weeks. This amount of time away from each other is always difficult especially since Samantha is quite the nymphomaniac and requires a lot of sex when they are together.

“I’m literally dripping for you John. My juices are streaming down my inner thighs as I imagine your huge cock fucking me. I need you honey. When are you coming home?” Samantha whined into the receiver.

“Soon baby, soon. The convention ends tomorrow and then I’ll be on the 10 hour flight home. I miss you so much. I gotta go, I love you.” I told her.

“I love you too.” She told me and closed the line.


Unbeknownst to me at the time, Samantha’s older sister Marie came over the day before I was set to return home. Apparently she caught her husband cheating with his secretary so they were now separated. She showed up at our house in tears and with a suitcase.

Marie is a stunner like her sister Sam. She is a petite thing and only 5’2″ tall and 105 lbs soaking wet. She has short blonde hair and light blue eyes, a real pretty face and full pouty lips like her sister. Her body is thin and she has smallish breasts and a killer ass with long lean legs. Why her husband would cheat on her is anybody’s guess, but it happened.

I was so charged up after my flight that I envisioned taking Sam upon entering the front door. I walked in and took her in my arms before she could say anything and kissed her hard on the mouth and lowering my zipper. My half hard dick flopped out.

“I need you so bad baby!” I groaned as I practically tore off her shirt and undid my pants at the same time.

And then Marie walked in the room from the kitchen.

“Oh fuck.” I gasped.

“I was going to tell you that my sister was here but you didn’t give me an opportunity sweetie.” Sam smiled at me.

Marie’s eyes got real big when she saw my semi-hard cock.


From Samantha’s perspective…

Seeing my sister on my doorstep with a bag on her shoulder and tears streaming down her face broke my heart. I hugged her and then let her in and got her settled in the guest bedroom.

We talked and cried and talked some more. We got out the wine and talked and opened a second bottle after that.

“I should have known this was going to happen Sam.” Marie told me.

“But how could you?” I asked her.

“The signs were all there. His staying up late at night locked away in his office; his muted conversations on the phone. I caught him looking at a porn site called cheaters more than 5 times and jerking off. I tried to give him oral sex after I caught him, but he lost his erection so fast. I should have known. I should have fucking known!” She put her face in her hands and sobbed.

“Oh Mare. Guys are such idiots at times. Try to remember the good times. You told me Alex was such a good lover.” I tried to get her to look at the brighter side.

“I lied! I fucking lied to you Sam!! Alex had a little dick and I tried to tell myself that I could work with his 4 inch prick. But I rarely felt him inside of my pussy and he was horrible at oral sex. And when I blew him and he had an orgasm it would just dribble out of his dick. It was pathetic.” She whined.

“Oh Mare. I didn’t know. Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked her.

“I don’t know. You hadn’t been with a guy in awhile and I just didn’t want to bother you with my problems. I’m so sorry. Can you forgive me?” She asked.

“Of course I forgive you. Don’t be silly.” I consoled her.

“Fuck. All this prime real estate is going to waste (as she thrust her chest out at me) and has been going to waste for the last decade. I just need to get laid by a guy with a big fucking dick! Is that too much to ask?” She yelled out.

I smiled. I couldn’t help it.

“What are you smiling about? Is my predicament fucking funny all of a sudden?” She raged at me.

I placed my hand on her arm. “No Mare. It’s nothing like that.” I said.

“Then tell me. Tell me. TELL ME!” She pleaded.

“I just had an idea enter my mind sis. John and I have been discussing bringing another woman into our bed and having a threesome.” I told her frankly.

“You can’t be serious!” She exclaimed.

“Well we are. It was John’s idea really, but I want it too.” I told her.

Yeah? And what does this have to do with…me. No sis, no way. We couldn’t. We’re sisters. It would be incest.” She shook her head no.

“It’s bursa escort okay Mare. We wouldn’t even be touching one another.” I told her and trying to ease her fears.

“We wouldn’t? But how could we do it then? And why would you even think of including John in all of this?” She asked.

“Let me ask you a question first. What do you think of John?” I replied.

“He’s handsome Sam. He has good manners and he loves you.” She told me.

“That’s right, he does love me. But he likes you too Mare. The first time he met you he told me that he thought you were too good for Alex.” I told her.

“He actually said that?” She asked.

“His actual words were, “She is way out of his league.” I’m serious.” I told her.

She smiled and licked her lips.

“He also told me that you had an incredible ass.” I said.

“Now you are just trying to cheer me up.” She responded and chuckled.

“It’s true though sis. You do. You have a killer ass!” I winked at her.

“Either it’s your comments or it’s the wine but I’m getting moist.” She offered.

“Hey TMI sis, but truth be told, I am way beyond moist. My panties are soaked.” I laughed and she laughed with me.

“So this is the deal. John comes home from Europe tomorrow. It has been 3 weeks since we fooled around and he is going to be ravenous for my pussy. So what I suggest is that together we seduce him into having sex with us.” I told her.

“Oh Sam, I don’t want to come between you and your guy when you both are starved for sex! He could have jerked off while away you know.” She told me.

“We don’t do that. We made a pact together that neither one of us will withhold sex from the other. So there is no need for us to take matters into our own hands and masturbate. We both easily could, but the time away from each other fuels our passion for one another like nothing I have ever experienced before.” I told her.

“Really? The orgasms are that intense?” She asked.

“Explosive sis. I’m talking like massive mutual orgasms that penetrate our very being. We often produce so much fluids that we make a mess of whatever we copulate on.” I smiled wickedly.

“Now I’m wet. Oh Sam! You are so lucky.” She clutched her hands to her chest.

I didn’t mean to look but I saw that my sister’s nipples were erect and pressing through her t-shirt.

She saw me staring and said, “What? Did I spill wine on myself?”

“No sis, I was just admiring these.” And reached a hand in and plucked one of her hard nipples.

“Hey! My buttons are off limits, unless you offer yours to me too.” She said playfully.

I whipped off my t-shirt and unhooked my bra, letting my breasts free.

“Help yourself sis.” I said and presented my breasts to her.

“Oh my god Sam. Your breasts are beautiful. I love how your nipples stand out.” She complimented me.

“Don’t just look at them sis. Touch them. Go on? What are you afraid of?” I asked her.

“Sam. I couldn’t. I mean I shouldn’t. It’s wrong for me to be looking at you like this.” She cast her eyes away.

“Give me a break Mare.” I sighed.

I reached in and grabbed both of her erect nipples in my fingers and tugged them hard.

“Hey! That…hurt!” She blurted and grabbed my nipples with her fingers and twisted them just as hard.

I loved it! So I grabbed her nipples again and she grabbed mine. Back and forth we pinched each other’s nipples and I blushed heavily.

“You actually enjoy this don’t you Sam?” She said out of breath.

“I do Mare. I love it. Go on, grab my nipples and pinch them. Yeah, like that. Now twist them with your fingers. Harder. Harder! Harder!! HARDER DAMN YOU!!!” I pulled away from her clutching fingers for fear that I was going to have an orgasm. My whole body shaking from her torturing my nipples.

“That is so hot sis.” Marie said.

“Oh Fuck Mare! I almost climaxed sis.” I told her.

I took her hand and placed it under my skirt. She cupped my sopping panties with her hand and pulled her hand up and her fingers were glistening with my juices.

“I’m just as wet Sam. Look.” She told me.

She stood up and removed her shorts and panties and t-shirt and laid back against the arm of the sofa. She pulled her knees back and spread open her legs. Marie had a sparse blonde bush above her prominent clit and thin wispy pussy lips which were open. Her pussy was wet and leaking fluids and I drove 2 fingers inside of her pussy and then brought them out and admired her milky juices clinging to them.

Marie sighed as I did that and told me to do it again. So I did.

“Oh Marie, your pussy is beautiful. I just love looking at your naked body.” I told her and moved forward and kissed her lips. I couldn’t help it.

Our tongues met and she reached her hand between my legs and cupped my pussy and then moved my panties to the side and started to finger my equally wet pussy.

“I want you Sam.” She told me breathlessly.

“I want you too Mare, but what about the incest thing?” I asked her.

“I bursa escort bayan don’t care about that right now. I need you to make me cum sis. Play with my clitty. Please!” She begged me.

I was so tempted to do it too. My first girl on girl experience and with my own sister no less. But I resisted. I removed my fingers from my sister’s pussy and licked them and savored her smell and taste.

“Tomorrow sis. Let’s continue this tomorrow.” I told her.

Marie sat back and pouted. “You sure that I can’t interest you in taking me Sam?”

She continued to play with herself in front of me. Her wet fingers going from her nookie to her clit and stroking it seductively. She reached a hand up and pinched and twisted her right nipple. “Come on sis. Make me gush!”

I thought, “What the hell” and removed my clothes and stood before her.

“I almost forgot about this little guy.” She said as she placed her hands on my dick.

She took my penis into her mouth and sucked it as she worked a finger into my ass.

I told Marie in college about my being a hermaphrodite and some of my exploits with guys. And she knew that driving a finger in my asshole would get me hard.

Marie pressed 2 fingers inside my anus and immediately my dick was fully erect. While not as thick or long as John’s meaty 8 inch cock, my 6 inch dick was bigger than her husband’s little prick.

It took some finagling but I managed to enter inside her pussy with my hard dick.

I began to thrust in and out in earnest while Marie pinched and pulled on my erect nipples. I was going to cum and Marie was going to cum with me.

“Fuck me sis. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Make me gush you fucking hermaphrodite!” She begged.

“I’m gonna cum in you Mare. I’m gonna cum in you.” I told her.

“Here I go Sam! YESSSSSSS I’M CUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!” She cried out.

“SO AM I MARE. YES, YES, YES, YES!” I cried out with every spurt from my dick.

8 huge ejaculations my dick spasmed inside of her pussy. I pulled out and my dick shot a stream of juice up between her tits and she brought my dick up to her lips and began to clean her juices off of it. She then sucked it into her mouth and I felt my fluids flowing out.

“Oh Mare! That was incredible!” I told my sister.

“Mmmm. Your cum doesn’t taste like sperm. It’s more like precum. Sticky and salty.” She replied.

I pulled free of her mouth and got down between her legs. I pushed her back and began to lick her pussy. I slurped out my fluids from her cunt and then I started in on her clit. It was so swollen that it only took a few minutes to get her to have a second orgasm.

“I’M CUUUMMMIIINNGGG!!!” She cried out.

Mare ached her back as she held my head against her pussy.

Copious amounts of her juices flowed into my mouth and I rubbed my clit furiously in and effort to have an orgasm too.

Marie saw my frustration and pushed me onto my back and got between my legs.

I held my penis against my stomach as she licked my small clit. She drove two fingers inside of my pussy and I began to hump her face up and down.


She spent a long time slurping up my juices.

When she finally raised her head her lips and chin were smeared in my pussy juices. We kissed and lazily fingered one another to a much softer and quieter orgasm. We then got into a 69 and continued to lick one another.

Marie shared my bed that night and we held each other close while we slept.


The following day, I told her how we were going to handle things with John.

“But Mare, why do we even need to involve him in what we shared? Your dick felt amazing inside of me last night. Can John’s dick be any better than that?” She asked.

“Oh Mare. I didn’t tell you did I. We got so carried away in our lust that I must have forgot.” I said.

“What did you forget to tell me?” She asked.

“Let me show you and then you can decide for yourself.” I told her.

We went into he bedroom and I pulled up a video of John and I together on my lap top computer. I then watched as her nipples grew erect. Her hand began to rub her clit and soon she was fingering herself with 3 fingers.

Mare looked at me and smiled. “His dick is fucking huge Mare! God I am so envious of you! Fuck!”


So when John got home and his semi-hard dick was hanging out of his pants, Marie walked over to us and got down on her knees and took his large dick into her mouth. Or tried to anyway. She barely was able to circle her mouth over his dickhead.

John looked at me and I smiled and brought his hand to my crotch and he drove his fingers into my pussy. Our lips met and he moaned.

Marie stood up and pulled off her shorts and turned around and John eased his dick into her pussy from behind.

“Take it slow honey. Her pussy has never had anything so large in it before.” I told him out loud.

“Fuck, she’s tight.” He groaned.

His meaty prick didn’t go in her pussy very easily and he escort bursa had to pull all the way out and then thrust in again and again and again until his entire 8 inch cock was deep inside my sister’s cunt.

I reached under Marie and began to rub her clit as John slowly fucked her.

It only took a few minutes for Marie to begin having an orgasm.

“I’M CUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!” She cried out suddenly.

John was just getting into a steady rhythm too. He held her up at the waist as he plowed his dick in and out of her pussy. I videoed it with my phone as he fucked my sister.

Marie took everything John gave her and she really got into it.

“Fuck my slippery cunt big boy! Yeah, that’s it. Harder and Deeeeeeppeeerrrrr, oh fuuuuuccckkkk cuuummmiiinnngggg!!!” She suddenly cried out as a second orgasm raced through her cunt.

I placed my phone in a cradle to continue the video and removed my clothes. I took a thick dildo and lubricated it with the juices from my pussy and then inserted it into my asshole. I then joined them and sat on the arm of the sofa and directed Marie’s mouth to my erect penis.

Marie sucked my uncut cock and swirled her mouth around my sensitive dick head. She was really good at sucking dick and took my prick into her throat like it was no big deal.

I looked at John and smiled and he said, “Thanks babe.”

“I want you to blow your load deep inside my sister’s cunt John so that I can lick your semen out of her.” I told him.

Ever since my husband brought up the idea of a threesome with me, I looked for ways to justify it. I initially told him, “No fucking way! Never gonna happen!”

But then one day after fucking my sloppy wet pussy, he brought his wet dick to my mouth and I licked my juices from his fat prick. I kissed him and he said, “I love tasting pussy on your lips babe.”

So every time we had sex I made a point to lick my juices from his dick. It was incredible!

I remember riding him while sitting on the couch and had an especially explosive orgasm. My juices were all over his crotch. And when I went down on him and began to lick up the mess I had made he said, “Now imagine that those slimy juices you are lapping up are from another woman’s cunt.”

I thought about it and I got into it even more. I licked my cum from his dick and began to fantasize about it while we had sex.

I would be in the grocery store and eying up every slender woman I saw and wondering what her pussy tasted like. I would come home and be so fucking horny. I would get online and watch porn and masturbate. I found this one site called family pies that John had saved into his browser. I watched a brother and sister have sex and after he blew his wad inside her and gave her a creampie, his other sister came over and licked it out of her.

I climaxed so hard when I saw that. I began to dream about it. I loved John’s cum. I begged him to finger his cum out of my cunt or asshole and feed it to me whenever he gave me a creampie. I craved it and needed it.

And the prospect of doing that with my sister had me so wet that my juices began leaking out of my pussy and dripping down the side of the couch.

“Cum in her baby. Fill her cunt with your creamy load. Give her a creampie that I can enjoy licking out of her!” I told my husband.

“That’s it! YESSSSS!!! Oh fuck, spurting huge ropes of sperm inside your sister’s tight fucking cunt!” My husband groaned out loud.

Marie felt John’s prick begin to unleash his load inside of her pussy and moaned around my dick as another orgasm washed over her body.

A fine sheen of sweat was on John forehead. I pulled Marie off of my dick and grabbed my phone and brought it in close as John slowly withdrew from my sister’s cunt. Her stretched hole gripping his wet shaft as he slowly pulled out of her pussy.

Her cunt gaped open as his dick pulled free and after handing John my phone, I swooped in and began to lick my sister’s juices from his cock.

“Mmmm.” I moaned as I tasted my sister’s juices on John’s cock.

I then turned my attentions to Marie’s thoroughly fuck pussy. Her clit was all distended and wet with her juices. Her sparse pubes were matted wet with her juices and a steady stream of pussy juices and semen began to slowly trickle out of her. I stuck my tongue inside and licked all around the reddened flesh of her cunt opening.

I turned around and opened my mouth just as John instructed my sister to contract her pussy. A small trickle of John’s semen began to flow out of her pussy and dripped into my open mouth. She continued to contract her cunt and more of John’s semen came out. Another contraction and more semen.

Marie then rose up slightly and thick globs of his sperm began to ooze out of her sloppy hole. I swallowed it and then she contracted her cunt one more time and a massive rush of his thick sperm came out and went into my mouth. There was so much of it that I had trouble swallowing it.

I then began to lightly pinch her clit with my fingers and Marie’s body seized up. She cried out suddenly, “FUCK!!!” And a huge gush of her juices mixed with John’s sperm sprayed out of her pussy into my open mouth. It was like a fire hose on full blast as her juices rushed into my mouth only a couple of inches from her gaping pussy entrance.

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