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Best Friends

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Me and Justin had been best friends for the past few years, starting at the end of high school. We were just friends, and anything sexual would just make things awkward between us, so I just ignored the sexual thoughts I had about him during the start of our friendship. After four years of being friends, I changed that. I was at his house and I complained about my neck hurting, and when he rubbed it for me it caused me to get horny and wet. After that I went home and thought about what it would be like for him to do things to me. Since then I couldn’t get the thought out of my head and it was starting to affect how I was acting around him.

***Later*** I sat on Justin’s bed, trying not to get horny while he poked my thigh. Normally I would tell him to stop when he did things like that to annoy me, but I liked it too much. “Emmaaaa, why aren’t you answering my question?” Now this is annoying. “I just don’t want to.” He poked my rib and caused me to laugh before he said, “I just wanna know if you did it with Mike while you were dating.”

I didn’t say anything. I always hated when he brought up things like that, but now even though I hate it it turns me on when he says things that embarrass me.

He poked my thigh again. “Emma,” I sighed from being frustrated and defensive. “What?” He got a little closer to me and started talking in a less playful voice. “Have you ever had sex?”

I got off his bed and told him he was being offensive and that I was going to go get water. But God he made me horny, by the time I got in the kitchen to get away from him I was soaked.

***Later that night*** Me and Justin both laid on his bed. Usually we would lay there and talk, but not that time. He was talking but I wasn’t. Between thinking about how I want to be with him but I know he wouldn’t and thinking about the things I wanted him to do to me I was silent.

He was right there. I wanted him closer. “Em?” I hate when he says my name, it just means he’s going to ask something I don’t want to hear. “Yeah?”

“Why haven’t you been talking to me the same? You keep istanbul escort acting different around me.” I didn’t answer him, I didn’t know what to say. He sat up, so I did the same. He was looking at me, making my cheeks get red, and making me wet and making me hot there.

“You’re being mean to me Emma.” He smiled at me to show it was a joke. I smiled back but it was more of a shy and nervous smile, then I had to look away. “Emma.” That time he said my name kind of serious, causing me to look at him.

“I have a question.” I smiled a little. He says that everytime he wants to ask me something personal. “Would you have sex with me?” He surprised me by saying it, making me get wet, hot, and even more nervous. I immediately told him no, which only gave it away more. But he played along.

“What if I tried to with you, and I was going things you liked? What if you were really horny?”

I tried to act normal. “I guess I might.”

He smiled, knowing what he was doing. “I know you would Emma. You would do it with anyone…which is weird because I know you never have.”

I pouted, “Justin…stop.” He smiled at me. “Okay, I’ll leave you alone. But another thing, have you ever thought about having sex with me?” I couldn’t believe he was saying all of this. “No.”

He got a little closer. “Come on Emma. I’m your best friend, we can talk about things like this.”

But he never acted like we could before, I was confused. Suddenly his voice actually got low and kind of sexual, “Emma, I know you want me.” That’s when he scouted next to me and put his hand on my back.

God, he was touching me. His hand lighting moved up and down. “I know why you don’t want to, but we both want to. Why don’t we just do it right now?” I started to move away from him. “Justin…I-” His arm went across and grabbed my side, “It’s okay.”

He pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms around me suddenly. One hand moved my hair from my right side so he could whisper in my ear. “Nothing will change. It can just be one time and we’ll still be friends. escort fındıkzade You don’t even have to do anything, just lay still and let me take care of you.”

His arms wrapped around me tighter and I felt his lips on my neck. I started to whisper, “We ca-” But he just wrapped his arms around me tighter and kissed closer to my ear, “Shh baby”

His lips touched my ear, then lightly he brought it in his mouth with his tongue, lightly sucking. One of his hands went under my shirt and started squeezing my boob. I let out a moan by accident.

Moaning was always something that embarrassed me, but when I did it he didn’t react and just kept going. When I felt his other hand sliding down my pajamas I started to panic. My hand went to his to keep it from going further. “Justin, stop. This is getting really sexual and we shouldn’t.”

He moved his hand away from my pajamas and started playing with my hair. “Please,” He kissed my neck. “Just let me, it’ll be okay.” His hand went to my shoulder, pulling down my sleeve and replacing it with his warm hand.

“Don’t you want to?” He gave me a second but I didn’t answer. “You’ll love it, I promise.” This time he placed his mouth on my neck again, taking my skin into his mouth, and he moved his hand back to my pajamas while he felt my boobs with his other.

I tried pushing his hand away but he didn’t stop. His fingers rubbed my clit through my wet panties, making me whimper and melt into him. My body started shaking slightly from what he was doing to me. After a minute of him doing it I started rubbing onto his hand, needing him to give me more.

He leaned to my ear and whispered, “Do you like how that feels?” I was too embarrassed to answered him so I just laid my head back on his shoulder and moaned. “Emma, if you don’t answer me I’m going to stop.”

His fingers started to move away. “Yes- yes, please don’t stop.” I felt his breath on my ear when he laughed at me. “Thought so.” When it started to feel really good I pushed myself higher, but then he did stop. It caused me to escort bayan rus pout and try to reach him.

He lifted me off his lap and got in front of me, grabbing me by the back of my neck and kissing me. My hands went to his arms while I tried to breathe. He started slowly lowering me down and getting on top of me. When I was laying on my back, he pulled off my pajamas so he could rub himself against me.

He kissed me roughly with his tongue, making me whimper and want him more. After a few minutes he took my shirt off and started kissing down my body. When he got to my panties he kissed over them, first above it then directly where I wanted him, making me moan.

He pulled them down and started teasing me by kissing my thighs. He made his way between my thighs and started licking around by clit, making me whimper and move to him. After what felt like a few minutes of him torturing me, I whimpered, “Please,”

I felt like I was going to cry if he didn’t do what I needed. Then I felt his tongue barely brush over it, giving me the sensation I needed at the same time of making me need more. I tried to get more by lifting my hips up, but I gasp in shock when I felt the sting of him slapping my thigh.

“Stay still. I mean it Emma, if you move again I’ll hold your hips down and tease you all night.” Right after he said it I felt his tongue lightly brush me again. After a few slow licks he finally opened me with his fingers and licked directly on it.

I laid my head back and closed my eyes, breathing slowly and curling my toes. God, it felt so good. He started moving his tongue in circles around it. After what felt like forever, I started trying to move away from him when I started to get a feeling in my stomach.

But he just held my hips down and did it faster and put more pressure on it. “Oh God, please stop.” He didn’t listen. I laid there out of breath after he gave me my first orgasm.

He leaned up and started kissing me again, this time getting on top of me and taking his clothes off. He started kissing my neck while he pushed himself into me. He went in easy because of how wet and horny I was. I bit my lip and laid my head back when he started moving.

He started thrusting into me hard, making me moan louder. “It feels so good.” I whimpered. He groaned and laid his head next to mine. “I know.”

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