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Beneath His Hands

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Dani Jensen

**Author’s note: This story was previously posted under the user name sweet_escape.**

Molly’s voice echoed in the candlelit bathroom, her off-key words bouncing from the tiled walls. The scent of gardenias filled the air, drifting from the emptying bath behind her. With her face scrubbed free of makeup and her body relaxed after a long soak, this was one of her favourite parts of the day. The boys were in bed. Housework done. Her time to finally wind down at the end of it all.

She pulled her robe closed and belted it at the waist, smiling at the thought of the fresh sheets and warm bed waiting for her. She’d probably read for a while then have an early night. It had been one of those days she was glad to see end. Working part-time and caring for twin four year old boys wasn’t easy. Molly had spent half the afternoon breaking up wrestling matches.

Swiping condensation from the mirror, she reached up and tugged at the clip fastening her hair. Chestnut waves tumbled free over her shoulders. Molly ruffled her fingers through the strands and stared at her reflection. Her hazel eyes didn’t hold their usual sparkle anymore; she’d noticed it missing of late.

Her voice quietened. She sighed and closed her eyes, her thoughts shifting to Jason. No matter how hard she tried to keep up the pretence of happiness, Molly just wanted him home. Three weeks he’d been gone now; an out-of-state business trip he wasn’t due to return from until the weekend. Molly didn’t know if she could hold out another four days.

She needed his strength and humour to help her through the day. Someone to talk to once the kids were in bed and it grew quiet at night. She needed him in other ways too. What she wouldn’t give right now to curl up next to her husband and have him make love to her – fast, fierce, slow, leisurely – she didn’t care. All she knew for sure was that no-one could ever touch her the way he did.

Twelve years they’d been together and her body still pined for him the way it had in the very beginning. Each night during his absence she’d lain in bed on her own, sometimes talking to him over the phone, stroking herself while his low voice coaxed her to orgasm. Other times she was left alone with nothing but her thoughts. The physical release was just never the same without him.

Moisture began to gather between her thighs now, the familiar need welling inside her once again. Her breath left her in a wistful laugh and she opened her eyes. God, just thinking about him made her wet. She gazed at her reflection and pushed her hand inside her robe. She needed the weight of his body on hers, his skin pressed close. He knew exactly where to touch her; exactly what brought her the greatest pleasure. She’d have to make do with imagining it for now.

Molly slid her palm over her breast, her nipple hardening beneath her touch. She could almost feel Jason’s lips wrapped around the sensitive nub, his tongue circling its sweet torture. A long sigh slipped free as she plucked the tender flesh, rolling the tip between her fingers.

Four more days.

She paused to un-belt her robe and swept it from her shoulders, the red silk gliding down her arms to catch at her elbows. She took a moment to drink in the view of her nude body; the way motherhood had made her breasts full and heavy, her nipples rosy pink, her belly with its feminine softness. Jason had always shown appreciation for her body, but his enthusiasm for her new curves surpassed anything she’d experienced in the past.

Molly massaged her breasts with firm strokes, pale skin a stark contrast to her red-painted nails. She closed her eyes and slid one hand across her stomach, trailing downward to the smooth skin nestled between her thighs. Her fingers dipped inside her warmth, teasing the bud hidden in her folds.

Molly’s eyes drifted closed as she worked her fingers over her clit. She thought about the last time Jason had made love to her, the night before he’d gone away. He’d propped her on the kitchen bench and parted her thighs, dropping to his knees before her. Her calves had been draped over his shoulders. He’d buried his face between her legs and suckled on her moist flesh until she was jerking above him. Before she’d even had the chance to catch her breath, he’d slid inside her, right there in the kitchen, and started on her all over again.

Molly’s body jolted just thinking about it. Her fingers moved more quickly, pressing and torturing. Her other hand caressed her breast, smoothing over the soft weight. She could feel her orgasm building so quickly only a couple more strokes would send her over the edge.

Then she smelled it; a waft of cologne, warm and masculine, completely out of place… yet so familiar.

Her eyes shot open just as a hand smoothed over her hair. A scream lodged in her throat and she whipped the robe back over her body. Shooting a terrified glance at the mirror, her eyes locked on the figure behind her. Dark hair, olive skin, and the smile she knew escort bayan şişli and loved.

Excitement rushed through her; immediate and intense. Her heart hammered, her stomach churned. She forgot to be annoyed at the way he’d crept up on her. “Jason! You scared me.” She turned and threw her arms around his neck, smiling up into his face. “You’re back early. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home? God, I’ve missed you so much.”

“Wanted to surprise you, Molls. I’ve missed you, too.” His arms slipped around her waist, cupping her rear in both hands. He lifted her from the floor, her robe bunching at her thighs as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

His denim jeans dragged across her inner thighs. Their gazes met and a smile lifted the corner of his mouth. Tenderness shined in his blue eyes as they roamed her features. Molly smiled as he drew her close and pressed his mouth to hers in a leisurely kiss. His tongue slid over hers, pushing its way inside her mouth.

Molly closed her eyes and sank a hand into the back of his hair, applying pressure to get the closest connection possible. His stubbled skin grazed her cheek. His scent surrounded her; reminding her how much she’d missed having him around. She couldn’t believe he was back. He’d given no hint of his return when they’d spoken on the phone only hours earlier.

His heart beat strong and steady against her chest. He grew hard beneath her and she shivered at the thought of what lay ahead. To think only a few minutes ago she’d resigned herself to spending another night alone.

He turned and shoved Molly against the wall, the move both surprising and thrilling her. “My timing couldn’t be better,” he said. His voice was a teasing drawl as he pulled back from her mouth. Their gazes connected and she held her breath in anticipation. He swept his palms over the soft swell of her rear, digging his fingertips into her skin. A smile curved his mouth. “Looks to me like you need a good fucking.”

Molly whimpered as his fingers dipped beneath her, massaging her inner thighs. His strokes were slow and insistent, building the fire inside her again. Her robe fell open, baring her breasts. She cupped her scented flesh, pinching nipples between forefingers and thumbs. “Hmm…know anyone who’s up for the job?” She gave him a challenging look, her mouth parting on a sigh as his thumbs pressed against her pussy.

Amusement glimmered in his eyes. “You keep that up, you’ll regret it.” He used his hips to hold her in place against the wall. The light switch dug into her back, but she barely registered the discomfort. He stripped the blue t-shirt from his body, revealing a tanned chest sprinkled with dark hairs. He dropped it to the floor and plucked her hands away from her breasts, sighing at the vision before him. “God, I’ve missed you two.”

Molly laughed and closed her eyes. He squeezed her breasts, lifting and pushing them together. He rubbed her nipples with the pads of his thumbs. She craved his touch. She needed to feel him moving inside her. Now. “Are you still up to the task? It’s been awhile.” Molly slid her hands into his hair. Her fingers gripped the thick strands so close to his scalp it raised a growl deep in his throat. She kissed him hard, kissed him until they were both breathless.

“Oh, yeah. I think I’ll manage just fine.” Jason spoke against her hot mouth, sliding a hand under her hair to hold onto the back of her neck. He trailed his other palm down her spine, clamping her to him. His breath tickled across her cheek, his mouth moving with hers, warm and eager. He turned and took a step, bumping into the bathroom door.

Molly pulled her mouth from his, her laugh low and throaty. “Wow. You’re really out of practice.” She loved knowing how to get to him, knowing exactly which buttons to push.

His arms tensed around her. He gripped her hair and tugged her head back, his eyes filled with humour as they met hers. “Oh, now you’re fucking going to get it.” He yanked the bathroom door open and strode into the bedroom, still with her wrapped around him like a second skin.

He tossed her on the bed where her robe pooled either side of her body. Suddenly vulnerable sprawled before him, she tried to tug the panels together. He chuckled at her plight and rested a knee on the edge of the bed. He gripped both her wrists in one hand and held them above her head on the mattress until she stilled. He flicked her robe aside. “Molls, I’ve seen and tasted every inch of you. There’s no point trying to hide.”

His eyes roamed her body; intent and full of purpose. He leaned in and circled her nipple with his tongue, drawing the bud into his mouth. He suckled, then released and lapped at the peak. She felt needed, completely desired. She guessed the weeks they’d both spent apart had a lot to do with it, but her back arched at the feeling nonetheless.

Jason kissed her nipple farewell and let go of her hands. He reached further up the bed for a pillow. eskort şişli Molly’s eyes widened. He tapped her thigh with his fingertips. “Lift.”

She raised her hips without hesitation, keeping her attention on his face. “What are you doing?” He’d never hurt her, she knew that, but the look on his face still caused panic to sprout in her belly.

“You’re about to understand what it feels like to be pushed too far.” He cocked a brow at her and shoved the pillow under her rear, elevating it from the bed. A smile flitted across his face and she couldn’t for the life of her figure out how he was going to achieve that goal. She’d always been in control of her body. If he thought he could waltz in and take over, he had another thing coming.

He took a second to kick off his shoes and socks, then his jeans. Molly watched his boxers follow soon after. He looked up, caught her peeking and gave her a knowing smile. She tried to glare at him, but just couldn’t summon the expression. Jason resumed his position at her feet, slipped his hands between her thighs and eased them gently apart. He slid his fingers through her slick folds and groaned. “You’re soaking wet.”

Her hips writhed. She sighed. “I told you. I missed you.”

“I didn’t realise how much.” He slipped two fingers inside her, reaching, stroking her. Her muscles contracted around him and she jerked at the familiar touch. His thumb massaged her clit, circling and teasing. Molly tried to push his hand away. It was too much too soon. She wanted to feel his body against hers, have him kiss her until she could no longer think. She wanted contact with him. Comfort. Not this. Not yet.

“Behave.” He was having none of that. Jason shoved her hand away and shook his head. “Lie there like a good girl and I’ll make you come.” A corner of his mouth curled upward. “Then I’ll slide my cock inside you and make you come again.”

He hit a particularly sensitive spot. Molly cried out and arched her back. His words affected her as much as his touch. Just the sound of his voice got her going. The look in his eyes. It all combined to overwhelm her. “Jason. Slow down. Please.” Molly tried to calm her breaths, but the feelings rushing over her made it impossible. Her stomach clenched in reaction to the assault on her clit, the sensations swirling through her belly as his fingers massaged that sought after spot inside her. Her hands fluttered over her body, restless with desire as they swept across her breasts.

She dug the soles of her feet into the bedspread and raised her hips from the pillow. Her legs clenched around his hand, her knees shaking with the effort. She moaned long and loud as he pushed her hard toward her peak.

“Shh.” Jason smiled and pressed his palm against her mouth to keep the sounds of pleasure inside. “You’ll wake the boys.”

Molly shook her head and tried to tear his hand away. It was immovable. She tried to wriggle her hips free from his relentless attack. He was unstoppable. He kept pushing her, massaging her with his firm, knowing strokes – watching her. She closed her eyes and sobbed against his hand, gripping his forearm with her fingers. He continued to caress that sensitive patch of skin inside her body. The pressure built in her belly, tears leaked between her closed lids. Her hips jerked with each purposeful touch.

His low voice broke through the sounds of her muffled sobs, its intimate tone embracing her, encouraging her. “You like that, Molls? My hand on your mouth, my fingers deep inside you, your bare tits pressing against my arm?”

She opened her eyes and attempted to nod, shake her head, she didn’t really know. His hand held her so firmly in place she couldn’t do either.

“I thought about you all the time,” Jason said as he stared down at her, his gaze intent. “While I was away. I missed you. Missed being inside you. Feeling you beneath me, above me, riding me.” He slid his fingers free of her and pinched one nipple, then the other, using her own moisture to rub and massage the sensitive nubs.

Molly’s back bowed, her breasts pressing into his hand while he continued to hold her immobile. She squealed against his palm, writhing under his touch. Helpless.

Jason gave her breast a firm squeeze. Her flesh poked between his wet fingers, and when he slipped his hand free to put those fingers back inside her, a red hand print remained on her pale skin.

Her silent sobs made her throat raw. Tears slid down her cheeks, a feeling of intense arousal building in her belly and spreading to her limbs. Their eyes connected; his were so focused, so sharp. They took in everything. Something about the way he watched her, the look of possession in his eyes, pushed her over the edge.

The bucking took her by surprise. She raised her hips and screamed against his restraining hand. Her belly tightened as spasms shook through her. Her body shuddered, her thighs grew suddenly slippery. Molly’s eyes widened. She looked down the length escort sisli of her body, saw moisture glistening on Jason’s taut belly, sliding in droplets down his thighs. Did she do that? The intensity of the release was deeper, more astounding than anything she’d ever experienced. Embarrassment and awe washed over her in waves as her body began to quieten.

Jason pulled his palm from her mouth. Molly sucked in air in great gulps, staring at him through her tears. Heat flooded her cheeks. She couldn’t catch her breath. “What did you do to me?” Emotion clogged her voice, thickening it until she barely recognised herself anymore.

“Christ, I’ve never seen you come like that.” Jason lowered his body, stretched himself out until he’d covered her. His stomach was slick as it slid against hers. He eased himself inside her, never taking his eyes from her face. “You came for me. On me. All over me.”

Molly fought to focus on what had just happened, but Jason had already begun clouding her mind and body with more. His heavy breaths combined with hers and confusion tangled with arousal. His hair coarsened chest rubbed against her breasts, the delicious friction distracting her. An errant sob escaped her open mouth.

He pressed his lips to her cheeks, kissed away her tears. She allowed her eyes to drift closed and released a breathy sigh as he began moving; slow deep thrusts while his chest lay pressed against hers. Her throat was thick with tears, even as a feeling of lightness travelled through her.

“Don’t cry, Molls.” He kissed the tip of her nose, her forehead, her lips, all the while stretching her, filling her with his cock before retreating and beginning again.

Molly tilted her head back, drew in deep breaths to calm the turmoil inside her. “It’s never been like that.” Her clit still pulsed from contact with his clever fingers. Still begged for his touch. She loved making love with him, whatever he wanted or needed she’d always given freely. He’d made her climax more times than she could ever hope to count. But never like this. Never this feeling of complete, total surrender. And it was building again. The need for release. Twelve years together and he still managed to surprise her. “I should hate you for that. Holding me down. Making me cry.”

Jason thrust hard inside her. Molly moaned and turned her head away from his penetrating stare. She focused on the soft glow of the bedside lamp. Fought to get her senses under control as her back arched and her heartbeat fluttered in her throat. He used his hands to urge her face back to meet his. His thumbs swept her remaining tears away. “But you don’t.”

Molly bit her lip. She used the back of her hand to swipe damp hair from her forehead as he ground against her. “But I don’t.”

“Because you love me.” His eyes turned tender and amused.

She slapped his rear and fought the smile that tried to break free. “Because I love you.”

“And you missed me.”


“And you want me to do it all over again.”

Molly couldn’t believe the humour that bubbled inside her when only moments ago she’d felt so out of control. He hadn’t hurt her, she’d known he wouldn’t. “Oh, God, I think I do.”

A deep groan rumbled in Jason’s chest. He rubbed his nose against hers. “Mmm…yeah, I love this new development.”

Jason’s pumping hips gradually increased frequency. Molly couldn’t tear her eyes from his. Her body began moving beneath him. Jason pulled back, lifting his chest from hers. His amusement disappeared. Muscles bunched in his arms as his gaze travelled over her, hot and hard. Warmth rushed over Molly. Her heartbeat sped at the raw need she saw in his features.

Her stomach dipped as it came over her again, the sweet slide into oblivion. “Oh…Jason.” Her breath expelled in jolts, still experiencing after-shocks from the first high when a fresh wave of desire thickened her blood. She slid her hands down Jason’s back and gripped his ass, pressing him close, closer. Never close enough. Her mouth opened and she let the pleasure consume her. A quivering sigh slipped free. Her limbs shook with the release, her hands clutched at him.

“Fuck.” Jason leaned his forehead on hers, their breaths mingling as he slammed against her. Over and over.

She locked her legs around his hips and hung on tight. His chest hardened, a vein throbbed in his neck. He watched her. His jaw clenched. He watched her a little longer. Then Molly braced herself as he kissed her hard, his tongue warring with hers. She gasped against his mouth.

His groan was guttural as he shuddered and emptied himself inside her.

* ~ *

She held Jason, relishing the feel of his weight resting on her. She stroked his back while his breath laboured against her neck. Staring up at the ceiling fan, Molly ran her fingers through his hair as a smile softened her mouth. “Welcome home.”

Jason’s chest shook with a husky laugh, his voice muffled between the curve of her shoulder and neck. “This probably isn’t the best time to mention I have to go away again soon.”

Her eyes narrowed. Molly had to strain to hear him. It sounded like he had another trip planned. He’d just got back, for God’s sake. “Did you…are you serious?”

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