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Ben , George

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Amai Liu

There is no tag for true story’s so I put it under Erotic Couplings.

My name is Sarah and back in 1998 I had the mother of all arguments with my parents, I guess I was rebellious like all 18 year olds, I had a job but money was my parents world, they even gave my then boyfriend a bloody hard time as they thought he was not good enough for me, it was always the same thing, follow our rules and pay your way or find somewhere else to live and i got sick of hearing it, everything seemed to be my fault! My works had just cut my hours to which was affecting my pay.

It had literally turned into a screaming match with me saying something like I’m doing the best I can all things considered and if it’s not good enough well fuck you both.

My Dad then piped up saying get out, there is no way your going to stand there and disrespect us like that, ok fine I said, ran upstairs grabbed a few things ran back downstairs out the front door slamming it and I was gone.

I had a few pounds on me and a little in the bank but that was it but I didn’t care, the weather was turning cold too, we lived in Carlisle and took it upon myself to get on a bus and ended up in a place called Hawkshead village, the place was beautiful but I had no real idea where I was so I started walking, eventually I sat down with my back against a wall, it was getting dark and I started crying, I wasn’t aware of the two men behind the wall who must have been listening to me but they came to see me and asked what was wrong, I gave a brief explanation and said I had no where to sleep that night and they said they I was welcome to come and share “their place”, after getting a good look at them I realised they were for want of a better word, tramps and they were not young either, I discovered they were both between 60 and 65.

Out of sheer desperation I went with them to the edge of a wood where they had a what looked like a makeshift homemade shelter, they said the farmer who owned it and the land lets them stay there and they repay him with work, I asked where there was and they said Howe Farm.

By the way my name is Ben and that’s George and who are you? Oh I’m Sarah I said, Bed said. “It’s going to be a cold one tonight but I have something that will help and produced a bottle of whiskey, I just got this today, do you drink Sarah? Get some of this inside you It’ll keep you warm, I accepted it and took a long gulp then handed it back, Have another drink so I did, I felt instantly warmer and more peaceful, it’s been a while since we shared a drink with a young lady isn’t it George.

They had made quite a little nest for themselves out of the weather, they had those paraffin lamps for light and they gave off quite a bit of heat, by now it was really getting dark and I needed to pee, Oh just off round there George said you’ll be ok, I was out about a minute in the dark and had just lowered my knickers and started when all of a sudden I was lit up with a torch, it was Ben and he got a birds eye view of my pussy peeing! Oh sorry Sarah he said and went behind a tree to do the same.

Going back in the cabin the whiskey was being passed around again so I took another drink, I wasn’t drunk but I was getting really tired and at least it was warm in their shack.

They offered me a couple of cheese sandwich’s and one of their beds to lay on and I found myself drifting off, I started dreaming of my now ex boyfriend my parents had scared off, he used to finger fuck me before sex getting me really wet, I don’t know how long I had been “out”, all of a sudden I opened my eyes to find bens hand down my knickers fingering me! No wonder it felt so real!

I should have jumped up and screamed my head off or something like that but I didn’t, fact of the matter is it felt good cause he wasn’t rough with me, I just looked at him for a second before putting a hand on top of his pushing his fingers deeper inside me, as he moved them I could hear myself making squelching noises I was so wet, Don’t you think it would be better if you took these of Ben said? I nodded yes, he removed his fingers and removed them, my naked hairless pussy was bare before both of them as Ben resumed finger fucking me, George was on the other side of the bed watching what Ben was doing, my pussy was flowing with juices when he stopped, he loosened his belt letting his trousers fall to the floor stepping out of them the took off his underwear, his cock was erect and his balls were huge! Without saying anything he climbed on the bed between my legs and felt his cock against my pussy.

He pushed on his cock and was fully inside me, my over lubricated pussy offering no resistance, in fact I never felt so full, George watched as Ben’s cock began to plough me, The thick girth of his cock was stretching me but it felt so good, George began to fondle my tit’s, first through my top then unbuttoning it, he eased my tit’s out of my bra and my nipples were so hard and erect, he started sucking on them, after a few minutes of playing George took out his cock which by İstanbul Escort now was erect, All inhibitions now gone I opened my mouth willingly and licked his cock, the smell of fish and a taste of urine is what it tasted of at first and boy he had huge balls too, I guess it had been a while since they had done this probably years if not decades!

The bulbous head of his cock slid into my mouth but not much else, almost immediately pre cum oozed from his slit, I fondled his balls while he took pleasure in my sucking him.

After several minutes of Bens cock ploughing me my pussy contracted around his cock and I shook in pleasure, almost biting into Georges cock! I had a huge orgasm and it started Ben’s off too, He sort of went rigid, with his cock balls deep I could feel his spunk shooting inside me. He grunted with each shot and then almost collapsed on top of me!

When he pulled his deflating cock out of my pussy I could feel his cum literally oozing out of me, I lay there with my legs open, within seconds George climbed between them, he didn’t seem to mind I was full of his friends spunk as he pushed forward, his whole length slid into my spunky hole, my pussy squeezed down around his cock, quivering from the incredible feeling, Ben presented his cock to my mouth and I sucked it in, he tasted of me and spunk, he got hard in seconds and shot a smaller load into my mouth which was still quite a lot, he tasted salty, George fucked hard and the bed rocked and squeaked, his cock slid in and out like silk and felt wonderful as I felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm brewing and I could tell it was a big one, I soaked George’s cock with my pussy juice and it was too much for him! he groaned like an animal as I felt his cock twitch deep inside and felt his cum shooting inside.

After he withdrew I just lay there with my knees up and legs open, God almighty I said what just happened? Ben immediately said Jesus Sahara I’m sorry, we both are for what just happened, I looked over to him and he looked genuinely worried that they had just both raped me, George handed me what looked like a bar towel to clean myself up with and he looked like he was about to shit himself, I sat on the edge of the bed legs wide open letting their spunk drain out as much as it could, Look you two don’t worry about what happened, I let you have sex with me and I enjoyed it, I can’t get pregnant either well not for another two years anyway, I’m not angry Ok, good job you took those of or I’d have nothing to wear, he smiled at me.

What are you going to do tomorrow he said, well I suppose I better go back home and see what’s going on but I noticed a couple of shops here wanting help so who knows, if I got a job here I could stay here with you two! Well tonight is fine but you really can’t live here like us, I mean we are off the radar we don’t claim anything but get a small wage from our farm work, and he lets us take a shower whenever we like and do laundry, we have everything we need but it’s no life for you Sarah trust me, but if you did get a job in the village there is nothing to say you couldn’t visit us if you wanted..

On the way back I did pop into a couple of the shops and got a job! Starting the following week! I said accommodation might be a problem but one of them said I could rent a room, the pay wasn’t bad either, I went home and straight away walked into another slanging match, I was getting so sick of it but thought I will be out of here in under a week so take it till them, Saturday morning came and I called the shop asking if I could move into that room that day as I was starting work for them Monday morning and they said yes, I gathered everything of importance to me leaving my parents a note that she was leaving and would call them soon, then walked out the door, I felt so free it felt incredible, I arrived back in Hawkshead 3 hours later.

I bet this will a surprise for those two I thought, It had been 5 days since I had seen Ben and George they probably thought I was home for good and that was that, on Sunday I went along to visit them, I thought I would wear a short skirt like I was wearing when I met them, but a little shorter.

I thought back to when they screwed me and their cocks being inside me, hard to believe but I really did miss it, getting there they were not there so I guessed they could be up at the farm and decided to wait for them, I didn’t have to wait long, around 45 mins I think and I could see them coming back but they couldn’t see me yet so I went into their cabin, they got the shock of their lives when they saw me! Hello Ben hello George I said, Sarah what are you doing here this is such a surprise, well I got a job in the village and some accommodation, I start tomorrow so I thought I would come and see you, we were worried about you going home after what you said and we thought we would never see you again, but we were worried about what happened, Oh you two I told you I really enjoyed it and not to worry, your parents sound like tyrants, Kadıköy Escort Things just came to a head and I had to get out of their so the job offer was just at the right time, have you two not missed me then? Yes we have and thank you Sarah, well I have all day here, both came over to me and gave me a peck on the lips, I may have been tipsy last week but I wasn’t drunk I said, I should be able to come and see you a lot now I work local, how long have you two been here, About 15 years I think Ben said, I was here first then I met George and we stayed together and built up this place, it’s clean and rent free, it may not be much but it’s our home and we get a lot done for free, well last week it was a life saver for me I said, god knows where I would have slept had I not met you, it was our pleasure princess George said, Some of the pleasure was mine too if I remember and we all laughed.

Do you mind if I ask you two something, if it’s too personal you can throw me out, Ok what is it Ben said, How at your ages can you still do what you did last week? They looked at each other but it was George who spoke, Well my dear just because your 60 something life doesn’t end you know, you still have feelings, and the work at the farm keeps us both reasonably fit, does it bother you Sarah Ben said, our age? If it did I wouldn’t be here, in fact I probably shouldn’t say this but I have missed the both of you and it’s all I’ve thought of, thanks for being honest with me. It was a nice day so they decided they would show me around, had a great couple of hours walking and chatting before returning, even bought them some lunch from the village, I sat on the bed with them either side of me as we talked, before too long though I had a hand on each on my legs but I knew it would happen wearing what this!

Almost at the same time both of them reached between my legs and ran a fingertip along my pussy, I opened my legs slightly and reached down on them and found they was almost fully erect, Hold on you two I don’t have a change of clothes with me, I stood up and removed my knickers, I have an idea I said, both of you take of your trousers and underwear for me, I was surprised when they did, I sat down on the bed with them in front of me, it was the first time I saw their cocks properly fully erect, both of them about 6 inches but they were big around, just holding their cocks was amazing, I gave each one a kiss and told one of them to lay on the bed with legs hanging over the edge, Ben did it first and I think they both knew what I wanted, I squatted over bens face, he wasted no time at all getting to work, his tongue parting my small labia lips and going inside, George stood in front of me, I took his cock in my mouth  letting it slide deep into my throat, Bens tongue seemed to reach inside me with ease, I felt him reach up and open me up, his tongue darted over my clit as well as probed me, this was even more intimate than standard penetrative sex, I backed of George as I didn’t want him to come yet, Bens tongue action was very good as I built up to an orgasm, with his tongue buried inside me I reached down and rubbed my soaking wet clit, my ex miss the mark completely and Ben was a sensation, all of a sudden my pussy muscles contracted and I came in Bens mouth, I heard him swallowing my cum or as much as he could, I felt light headed after that, I got off Ben and asked George to lie down, but he wanted it his way.

He lay me down on the edge of the bed lifting my legs up and apart, His hot tongue delved deep inside me, both of them elevated the experience by using their fingers inside my pussy while licking and sucking my clit, in no time at all I felt another orgasm starting, when it hit a roaring blast of hot blistering pleasure roared through my body, like an inferno it seemed to consume my very flesh as I convulsed in total pleasure, George got a mouthful of my juices and eagerly swallowed it, I lay as Ben once again got between my legs presenting his cock to my pussy, after such an excellent tongue fuck Bens cock slid inside me, his cock working its way back and forth with ease as my pussy sucked on his cock, using slow long even strokes and every inch of his cock back and forth, he kept this up longer than the first time but at least had the courtesy to wait until I came on him, all of a sudden my pussy cunt clenched and unclenched around Bens cock, I drew him in tight and his cum squirted into me, bubbling down my love tunnel to my cervix and on into my womb, I exploded over his cock.

Bens cock flopped out of me now it was Georges turn, Like before his cock slid inside me beautifully, his strokes were powerful and gentle pushing all of his cock inside me, again George lasted longer than his first, I purred with pleasure, after another say 10 minutes I had another orgasm building up, I asked George to keep it up nice and easy, my pussy got tight around him then washed his cock with my squirt, I felt his cock expanding inside me then the rush of his hot seed inside me.

After a few Ataşehir Escort moments I sat up, I called the two of them over in front of me, I stroked their cocks making them hard again, I did George first, sucking his cock into my mouth while holding his large balls, after 5 or so minutes I felt him pumping more cum this time into my mouth, I swallowed it all, turning my attention to Ben he did not disappoint either, shooting another nice load, they had certainly come back to life! They were lasting longer too.

You two are wearing my scent in your beards! Have you ever thought about shaving them off? They tickle me too! We never had a reason too really said Ben but I see your point and besides we don’t have a razor, So if I got you one you would? They both looked at each other and said maybe!

Ok I’ll bring you one next time I come over, do you need anything else before I go? They said no, I straightened myself out gave them a hug and said I would see them soon, I left feeling very satisfied but  I couldn’t wait for our next hot fuck fest!

Come Monday morning I started my new job and I loved it, most of the people in the village were curious about me and they were very nice people, I came to realise that Ben and George were not tramps, if fact far from it, they had a home and jobs, they just weren’t registered anywhere, as they said “off the radar” and they certainly did not smell, up to this point though I had not actually been in bed with them both naked but that was about to change.

I had been having sex with them casually for around 3 months, none of us had been totally naked and when I did spend that first night with them I slept in my clothes, by now their body’s were fully active sexually, they told me that the farmer and his wife were going on holiday and as usual they were to look after the house staying in guest bedrooms and doing what they would usually do around the place, so we arranged I would stay over one Saturday night, and when that night arrived the tension was unbelievable, I think it was 10 or 11 the three of us had a shower, I was very surprised when they emerged from the shower too, they had shaved of their beards! And boy did they look better for it, I gathered up some towels as the boys did to put on the bed cause I tended to gush, I had become multi orgasmic.

With the towels laid out I got in the middle with Ben and George either side, at last in bed naked with them, I put an arm round each of them and they fondled a breast each, my nipples getting very hard and erect, it felt amazing and I moaned in pleasure, their hands explored my body like never before working their way down their hands met at my crotch and they explored my very wet and open pussy with their fingers, Oh my god! Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Put your fingers in me please, I opened my legs for them, each of them fingered my pussy gently while I fondled their cocks and they sucked on my nipples, Oh my god I’ve never felt so good! I must be dreaming I said, George was the first to move over me, I spread my legs wide and guided his nice hard cock into my pussy, while George made love to me Ben got up and straddled me, Wow this is new I thought, his cock touching my lips I licked the end of it tasting his pre cum, he gently placed the pillows behind my head so I could get his cock into my mouth, supporting it with his hands, I sucked his cock into my mouth with ease, he moved it gently in and out like he was inside my pussy never pushing all the way in, I could feel Georges cock deep inside me, we remained like that for quite a while, George would stop then continue, I had little orgasms on him but a huge one was building up, by now who ever was inside me could tell when I was going to cum! When it hit it crashed down on her whole body, I temporally had to take Bens cock out of my mouth for fear I could bite into him, I felt myself go tight around George’s cock and he knew what to do, he pushed inside, Ohhhhhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh my god, it’s, my pussy erupted and squirted like never before, my eyes rolled back in my head as I had no control over it as I orgasmed, George too had shot his cum inside me, it was time too change over and trade places, Ben now fed his cock into me, George got over me and I licked and sucked his cock clean, it felt just as good this time, with no time limit Ben took his time letting his orgasm build up just like George, he must have been in me for a good 25 minutes, George rub my clit please, he did so causing my pussy to spasm, we timed it just perfect, Ben pushed hard into me, then suddenly he began to spurt, I felt his thick heavy jets of his cum fire onto my pussy as my orgasm hit, I once again squirted this time all over Bens cock.

All three of us wanted more, after a short interval I got on all fours, this time Ben took the lead getting behind me feeding my pussy with his cock again, George was in front on me so I could suck him, My pussy was almost in a constant state of orgasm, their cum dripping out of me running down my legs, The more I sucked on Georges lovely cock, the more I came, my juices dripping down my legs, my mouth held his cock so tight into my sucking mouth, I felt his cock swell, knowing he was ready to give me all his lovely cum, He groaned loudly and placed his hands against the back of my head stroking my hair.

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