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Belle Ch. 05

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The mirrored reflection revealed someone other than the demure 24-year old Air France flight attendant known to Monique’s friends and family. Indeed, the tall 175 cm redhead, dressed fashionably in a red satin camisole and black skinny jeans, was no innocent bystander tonight. Rather, Monique embodied an alluring vixen who had ingratiated herself willingly with the American couple on a weekend getaway.

Monique patted away the silky sheen of perspiration from her décolletage. The blush of excitement still evident after her naughty public display at the nightclub.

The lace top of her bra visually highlighted Monique’s perky 75C (34B) breasts. The long, svelte silhouette hinted of mannequin over bombshell. Letting down her long, pomegranate mane was the last symbol of deliberation.

She could count just six past lovers. Only three of them men. And then, maybe the men only boys. But even that number overstated her experience. Fumbling, awkward, and quick being the unfortunately appropriate adjectives for her bedroom activity with either sex.

How amazing then, that here she stood in the bathroom of the luxury hotel suite of a foreign couple she had met only the day before. Literally dripping with excitement and anticipation. Ready to be deflowered in a way she had unconsciously longed for.

Monique traced the contours of the marble sink, taking in the fragrance of the eponymous toiletries that bore the Hôtel Plaza Athénée mark. This was no hasty, one night stand to be sure.

Still shy of 40, Alexander carried himself with confidence and charisma befitting a man decades older. He smelled of power. A mix of business acumen and potent sexuality. Ladies never overlooked his presence, and Monique was no exception.

But Monique could not deny that her real chemistry laid with Belle. An irresistible attraction to the female who had captivated Monique with the display of wanton lust in the Air France First Class cabin. Monique’s first true voyeur experience could not have been more moving.

Seeing Belle in the dim cabin lighting, adorned in the finery of a courtesan, servicing her man. A vision Monique could not erase even if she tried. Monique recalled her own audible gasp as she viewed Belle’s mouth envelope Alexander’s proud cock. Bathing his penis with her saliva. So elegantly.

Then when Alexander thrust himself into his wife’s swollen pussy from behind, Monique swore she too felt the quake of their passion. When he withdrew, Monique was treated to the sight of his semen continuing to spill out of Belle’s well fucked pussy. What a virile man he must be, she thought.

The connection completed as Belle fixed her gaze to Monique. Silently approving of the young woman’s intrusion. Inviting further attention. Monique knew this would only be the start.

The knock on the bathroom door snapped Monique back from her reminiscence. “Everything OK?” the gentle sound of Belle’s voice arrived.

“Oui, one second” Monique replied, realizing she had still been cradling her hands to her face, taking in Belle’s womanly scent. A trophy of the climax Monique had elicited with her hand from Belle earlier.

Without pause, Belle stepped into the bathroom, her stiletto heels clicking forth. “Sorry, do you mind?” Belle asked with disinterest of any answer.

Monique responded with only her eyes. Belle continued to lock stares as she peeled down and stepped out of her body hugging dress, naked but for the thigh high stockings and heels.

Belle knew well what a sight she was. Her breasts now proudly displayed. She adored Monique’s validation in any event.

“Come here, my dear,” Belle beckoned as she turned towards the steam shower enclosure.

Monique seemed spell bound, revealing her own nakedness as she shed her club attire. The instant steam already curtained the women as they encroached under the mist.

“Allow me,” Belle commanded as she drew the lather across Monique’s taut nipples. “Ah, the beauty of youth,” whispered Belle as she soaked in the perfect frame of this ingénue.

Monique’s reciprocity was not far behind. She marveled at the fullness of Belle’s large breasts in her clasp. The view of Belle’s fleshy labia a curious contrast to her own dainty slit.

Monique lingered in the embrace. Belle’s physique was the essence of womanhood, toned yet soft, so soft. “Vous êtes une déesse. You are a goddess,” Monique sighed.

As Belle luxuriated in the feminine, she smiled widely as she felt a familiar presence. bahis şirketleri There was no mistaking the firmness of Alexander’s cock as he brushed up against Belle’s ass.

Alexander’s appearance was not lost on Monique either. The men of her past had not been so well endowed. Pressing her breasts against Belle’s, Monique peered over Belle’s shoulder to watch as Belle stroked Alexander to an even greater size. The length, the thickness would have been enough to behold. But more than that. His cock was just beautiful. A work of sculpture.

The refreshing steam lavage began to give way to the building passion. Belle turned away from Monique and sank down to her knees, signaling Alexander to move forward.

Monique watched once again as Belle’s full lips pursed and formed a perfect “O” as she engulfed Alexander’s penis. It took little sense of appreciation to recognize how much Belle enjoyed sucking Alexander’s cock. Hundreds of blowjobs later, Belle still performed fellatio masterfully with forceful enthusiasm.

The water streaming down Belle’s hair and face onto her tits as she repeatedly plunged her mouth deeper gave the act such a raw, erotic quality. Monique felt her whole body swell with captivation.

With an extended last slurp, Belle rose. “Shall we?” she motioned.

The luxury linens gave away their crispness as the threesome took their place on the bed. Monique shimmied up close to the headboard with Belle sinking between Monique’s long legs.

“I have wanted to put my tongue in you since I came off on your fingers,” Belle stated unabashedly.

Still sliding up onto the pillows, Monique could only moan her assent. She had never been vocal during sex and could not find words now to overcome the awkwardness.

The scent of luxury bath gel filled Belle’s nose. The taste of the flight attendant’s pussy still not defined. Nevertheless the smooth feel of Monique’s hairless folds on Belle’s tongue encouraged her to probe further.

Monique had known a woman’s touch before. But her interest in the coupling had never been as overwhelming as this. Monique needed Belle’s face exactly where it was. She knew she would not last long with the licking by this ultimate woman.

Monique began writhing unconsciously, pinching her nipples roughly, almost as if to quell the sensation that had stiffened them.

His engorged penis loosely in his hand, Alexander watch his sweet wife devour the young woman. Unlike Monique, he understood the instant significance.

While Belle continued to apply her oral skills on Monique, Alexander quietly applauded his wife’s first lesbian act. He never questioned that Belle was capable of Sapphic love, but nor had the subject ever risen to the fore in their pillow talk.

And Belle was too lost in the moment to otherwise honor the primacy. From the first time she sucked on Alexander’s cock, she had become very aware just how wet the act made her. No other stimulation was necessary. Her vaginal nectar flowed freely.

Going down on Monique was no different a journey in that regard. Belle could almost feel her juices welling, ready to explode.

“Baby, come fuck me with that hard cock of yours. Fuck me the way I like. I need to come with that beautiful cock in me,” Belle both pleaded and insisted.

Just the sound of her sultry voice commanded the pump of Alexander’s cock to its most rigid.

Doggie style was Belle’s favorite because Alexander was the only man to ever fuck her that way. None of her past lovers were equipped sufficiently to properly execute the position. But with Alexander’s handsome length and girth, Belle could feel him touch her at her core.

Feeling Alexander slide all the way in with no hesitation, Belle let out a deep moan muffled by Monique’s slippery cunt. Belle thought she knew what ecstasy was, but this was something even better.

Belle’s body always betrayed her. In her mind, the choreography of lovemaking was a function of time. But in reality, that luxury was not achievable. A dozen deep strokes by her powerful husband never failed to bring Belle off into a blinding orgasm.

Belle had tried to slow her climax several times in the past, but Alexander’s penis clearly pleasured parts of her inside that were autonomic. No clitoral stimulation, nothing. A pure, vaginal orgasm. “Damn him,” Belle would gasp, channeling the shame of a male premature ejaculator. At those moments, she conceded that Alexander’s cock owned her, completely. Lucky for bahis firmaları Belle, experience had taught the couple that her first orgasm was still only part of the foreplay.

The view of Alexander pounding into his wife from behind was all that Monique could muster. The fantastic feeling of Belle’s mouth slipped into overdrive as Belle’s climax brought Monique to hers. The pretty young thing was no stranger to an orgasm through masturbation or oral sex, but this was different. The erotic scene was like a brilliant stage performance. Monique squeezed her legs together, hugging Belle’s upper body with a force that confirmed her satisfaction.

With some of the sexual energy spent, the threesome lazed momentarily in the tussled sheets. Monique could not avert her attention from Alexander’s hard cock, coated obscenely with Belle’s vaginal fluids.

Belle smiled, “Do you want to feel it?”

“I think I have never seen such a man like Alexander,” Monique offered, unsure whether it was impolite to refer to Belle’s husband by name.

“He was a first for me too,” Belle admitted. “I had never felt a man inside me until the time Alexander began to make love to me.”

“I am certain I do not know,” Monique questioned. “He is very much bigger than anyone I have known.”

Without leave of the other two, Belle guided Monique’s hand to Alexander’s cock. Monique recoiled slightly even with the lightest of grips. But Belle’s natural lubricant coating his penis, and now her fingers, lit Monique on fire.

“He likes it best when you do this,” Belle smiled, exposing her sinful secret. With Monique now closing her hand tightly at the base, Belle brought her hand to the tip of Alexander’s penis, rubbing it roughly with her thumb. The immediate stiffening of his cock made Monique hesitate, exclaiming “Mon Dieu! He is so hard.”

“You see? Never fails,” Belle replied with pride.

Alexander grinned, “You are now only one of two to know the secret handshake.”

“It is my honor,” giggled Monique. “And perhaps with Belle’s authorization, my pleasure.”

“Yes, but you will have to wait your turn,” Belle joined, “Although it will be worth it.”

Belle moved up on her knees, swinging her leg over Alexander to straddle him. Giving his cock a last firm grip to coax its hardest, Belle sunk down on her loving man.

What was a mere flash, instead seemed a frozen moment for Monique. The sight of Belle’s swollen pussy lips enveloping the manhood that had just filled her hand created an unexpected tingle between Monique’s thighs. “The love of a man and a woman,” Monique voiced.

Belle’s tits, albeit remarkably firm for their size, bounced wildly as Belle vigorously rode her husband cowgirl. Monique cheered the erotic act on, “Sexy, so beautiful, oui, lovely.”

“Show me your tits babe,” Alexander goaded. Belle recognized his signal. She knew displaying her breasts excited him to no end. Belle complied by cupping her breasts, pushing them together, kneading them all over. The quintessential whorish image. She loved feeling Alexander get even harder watching her tits handled so.

But hanging on the edge of control can be tenuous. No sooner had Belle set the pace did Alexander take the lead. Moving her hands away and grabbing her breasts, Alexander kept his lustful wife obedient. And Belle willingly submitted.

“That’s right lover, pinch my nipples, harder, harder,” Belle cried. The thick pole between her legs stretched her exquisitely. The waves of her climax came crashing over her. Feeling her pussy quivering around its powerful occupant. “Shit, shit, fuck, yes. Oh god, that’s it. Fuck.”

Almost in time with Belle, Monique caught her breath, exhaling, “Wow.”

Belle pressed her big tits against Alexander’s chest as she collapsed forward. A loving acknowledgement, “Sorry babe, I couldn’t hold back any longer.”

Sensing the steel like firmness still within her, Belle knew Alexander remained loaded and ready to go.

Evidence of the intensity of Belle’s ride escaped with an embarrassing burp as she unsheathed herself from Alexander’s rigid member. “You always bring me off so well,” Belle admitted as she verified the copious amount of her vaginal juices on his cock with a quick stroke of her hand forward and back.

Coming down from the orgasmic high, Belle exhibited no prelude of jealousy. Guiding the young woman at her side to mount the love of her life, Belle mouthed, “Let me show you something amazing.”

Monique kaçak bahis siteleri had been unsure whether the evening would include any interaction with Alexander. She was not versed in the protocol of a threesome. And little could she know that this encounter was a first for the American couple as well.

But awkwardness and ambiguity were nowhere to be found as Belle helped steady Monique on top of Alexander. Having just sampled the goods, Belle figured that neither Monique nor Alexander needed any more foreplay to commence, so she scooted Monique forward to assume a reverse cowgirl position.

Monique paused. The feeling of the head of Alexander’s cock sliding down her belly drew excitement mixed with alarm. Still mixed with Belle’s love fluids, the silky, sticky rod seemed so much bigger against her skin than it had appeared from across the bed. His penis felt enormous.

Belle reached down to grip Alexander’s shaft and push the tip of his penis into Monique’s slit. Blindly, Alexander just relished the feeling, holding on to Monique’s hips and admiring her hot, young ass. As Monique lowered herself onto Alexander’s cock, he was reminded of the feel different women had. Unlike Belle’s smooth, accommodating pussy, Monique had the tight vagina of a little girl. Not simply youthful pelvic muscle tone, but the distinct orientation of her pubic bone, both necessitating Monique to reposition herself a couple of times to allow Alexander’s thick penis to align for complete entry.

As her pussy began to accommodate his size, Monique began uttering uncontrollably, “Incroyable, extraordinaire.” Nothing had prepared her for this new sensation. For the first time, she felt as if her insides were being occupied by someone else. His hardness seemed to run through her. Monique had suspected that her bisexuality leaned more toward the feminine. But what had been previously unknown was now fucking her so skillfully.

Belle stared. Now the voyeur, she watching intently as the same penis she regularly took deep in her mouth and pussy slid rhythmically in and out of a girl almost a decade her junior.

Belle surprised herself. Not a pang of betrayal or distrust. Something just reassured her that Alexander would not have engaged in the threesome but for Belle’s pleasure. He was doing this for her, she decided.

Indeed, Belle’s peace turned almost to the maternal. Gratified that this young woman would finally know the joy of sexual freedom. Desiring her man to be the instrument of that epiphany.

“Oh, oh, oui,” Monique mewed as she bottomed out onto Alexander’s cock again and again.

Alexander’s mind drifted between duty and concern. His beautiful wife mere inches beyond the woman impaling herself on his cock in an increasing frenzy. With every few bounces, Alexander gripped Monique’s buttocks more intently, trying to communicate his interest in her pleasure rather than feigning his.

Then suddenly, Alexander was put at ease. The familiar feel of Belle cupping his balls and squeezing firmly with reassurance.

With a last healthy down stroke, Monique shuddered breathlessly in orgasm. Quietly, reservedly, but with conviction just the same. “Merci, merci,” she struggled a bit to release her vaginal grip from this exceptional man. Dismounting as if having finished a stage of Le Tour de France.

“Now lover, let me taste what you have been holding back,” Belle declared as she quickly substituted her mouth for Monique’s cunt. “Mmm, the delicate flavor of French girl,” Belle remarked wickedly.

Experience never takes a back seat to novelty, Alexander concluded as his wife began to deep throat him. She knew every inch of his penis so well. Every womanly wile to optimize his arousal and release was part of Belle’s repertoire. The suction of her mouth, the tantalizing motion of her tongue, the vise like grip of her hand. “Oh babe, I’m going to shoot it all over you,” he gasped.

Belle welcomed the first spurts onto her cheek down her chin and onto her swaying tits. The remaining jets of his hot cum landing onto her outstretched tongue. As she retracted, Belle made sure he could see her swallow the creamy treat, extending her empty tongue again as proof of her love. Then she milked the last drops from the tip of his softening penis and swirled them into her sexy mouth as well.

Monique laid back awestruck. She had never seen such an erotic sight, topping even the couple’s previous performance on the plane. In her mind, there was so much to say. So much she wanted to express to her new found lovers.

But silence prevailed and the lights closed. The content threesome allowing the hour of three to announce itself without interruption. Remaining intertwined, deeply satisfied.

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