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Believe Me Nora Ch. 01

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Authors Notes: This is the chapter 1 of the first 2 chapters currently written. This has a lot of gay/bi male, will lead into gay/bi female. If these offend you please just move on. The two primary female characters are also pregnant and that plays a large role in the story as well. I originally started writing this story for a pregnant girl I was dating, but eventually it just involved into a story of my own desires, this is the most personal erotica I’ve ever written as it touches on 2 of my 3 primary fetishes. I hope you enjoy 🙂


Zane sighed at Nora for what felt like the hundredth time, “Nora, you are not fat, you’re lovely, amazing even.”

“I’m huge, I look like I swallowed a watermelon and it replicated itself or something,” she pointed at her bulging belly, large enough that she was likely in her third trimester and quite possibly weeks or even days from popping out their first child.

“You’re pregnant, you’re supposed to have a large belly, and it is gorgeous, I don’t know why you won’t believe me. Any man who thought otherwise would be a retard, I don’t know what I have to do to prove to you that you are,” he sighed. The conversation continued like that, until he finally threw his hands up in exasperation and left her to mull in her pregnant depression.

Zane knew he had to do something, it couldn’t be good for her or the baby to be in such a state all the time, he had tried all kinds of things. Just the day before he’d woken her up with breakfast in bed, a massage and a lovely session of rather intense fucking. A few hours later she’d complained that he’d brought her food and she was just going to get fatter and fatter, that nobody thought she was attractive and he just said it because even if she was fat she was still ‘a wet place to put his dick’.

He wasn’t just saying it though, he truly believed that his wife was as, if not more, beautiful with her swollen belly as she was without it. He knew she had some self-esteem issues anyway, she was not supermodel thin and had struggled with her weight all her life, but he liked every inch of her curvy flesh. Zane had been attracted to Nora ever since their freshman year, when they had first attended the same school. Neither had been very popular, but she’d been the straight A’s type, in Drama Club and Debate Club, and always went home right after her meetings, very little social life that anyone was aware of. Zane had been practically the opposite, he’d also been unpopular, but he’d been a skater. He spent most of his after-school time getting stoned down by the cold Washington beaches, had never done better than a C in any class other than Photo and Film, and the only club he’d ever been a part of had been disbanded by the school when they had a day trip to an abortion clinic to try and get the people to let them take pictures of the aborted fetus’.

Then Zane had moved away midway through their Junior year. His father had gotten a job in California, so they packed up and left. He didn’t see her again until a month before graduation, when his mother uprooted their lives, left his father and moved them all back to live with his grandmother in Port Orchard. He’d finished out his last month of school at her school again, and they had three classes together. He remembered her, after a few days of classes. He recalled jerking off thinking about her. It was actually at graduation, when they were seated next to each other that he had made his move.

“Hey,” Zane said, smiling at the woman next to him, barely a woman really. He knew her 18th had only been a week before, his own just over two months before that.

“Hey,” Nora said, looking over at him, having to tilt her head up a little to meet his eyes. She was barely over five feet tall, with dark brown hair cut long and worn straight.

“I’m Zane, we haven’t really met… I used to go here, when we were freshmen. We had Chemistry together.”

“I didn’t have Chemistry Freshman year, you must mean somebody else.”

Zane sighed inside, explaining it would just be a waste of time he figured. “Maybe it was some other science-y class then, anyway, you’re Nora right? You want to go out sometime? Maybe next week?”

Nora blinked at him, as if she was confused, was this guy asking her out? Her? She’d been on a few dates, but they had all ended with the young man fumbling around awkwardly with her breasts and her asking to be driven home. It wasn’t that Nora wasn’t interested in boys, just not the ones that asked her out. She did vaguely remember Zane from Freshman year, but knew they had not had any classes together. He was cute though, dark black hair cut long in the front and short in the back. Emo they called that style, she was pretty sure, she didn’t follow that sort of thing.

“Alright, after Grad I’ll give you my number and we can figure out when, okay?” She turned away from him and looked back to the stage, where the Principal was starting to call off names.

Zane did as well, but his face was peeled with a grin, “Alright,” Pendik Escort he whispered.

Nora had lain awake that night, her hand buried between the cleft of her legs, her fingers rubbing hard at her clit. She had discovered masturbation when she was 11 after looking at some pornographic magazines she had found in her parents room and had been an avid fan of orgasm since that day, though it had been probably three years before she’d experienced more than the build up to one. Normally she liked something erotic to read. Occasionally she’d watch a movie, but those tended to be too loud and they just didn’t entice as much if she muted them. Tonight she just needed to think of Zane walking up the isle to get his Diploma, only this time he was wearing just that smile he’d worn, not the robe, or the t-shirt and jeans he had had on underneath it.

Nora parted her lips, pressing two fingers between them and pressing her palm into her clit, fingering herself furiously. Her other hand held a pillow over her face, stifling the moans that came from her mouth. She bit down into the pillow as her orgasm hit her, hard, drowning the screams of pleasure into it.

Zane couldn’t sleep, he peeked over at his younger brother on the other side of the room. He didn’t want to jerk off with his brother in the room, but he knew he had to if he was ever going to sleep, so he slipped silently out of his bed and went into the bathroom. He had hidden a dirty mag behind the toilet and he got it out. He flipped through it while he jerked himself off, but he wasn’t really concentrating on it. He was thinking about Nora, her kneeling before him, her mouth and hand working furiously at his erection, her large milky white tits bouncing and jiggling with her lustful movements. He shifted a little, his legs coming more apart and his left hand slid between his legs, his finger rubbed at the spot between his anus and his balls, but then he was rubbing at his anus itself, and after a few moments of teasing himself his finger slid inside, pushing into him. It took only a few seconds of his finger in him, combined with his imagination, and his other hand stroking his cock, before he was thinking about the cum that was spraying into the toilet, instead spraying Nora in the face and dripping down onto her luscious breasts.

Zane swallowed hard, he hadn’t cum that much in … well, in ever, he was pretty sure. He wiped his face off with a towel, sweating, and washed his hands off really good, then flushed the toilet and slipped out of the room, crawling into his bed. He missed California, he’d had his own room then, and a little toy he could put up his ass when he wanted to jerk off. He’d discovered a few years earlier that he liked both men and women. That had led to acquiring the toy. He’d stolen his dad’s ID in order to get into the shop, then just bought it. The man behind the counter had barely even looked at him as he rang him out.

That had been ten years ago. Now they were married and expecting their first child. Zane had proposed after about a year of dating, they had both been attending college in Seattle at the time, though he was at a community college and she had been at the Art Institute. She finished first and had gone to work in a fancy restaurant downtown as a line chef. He’d gotten his pre-law degree at the Community College and then gone to the University of Washington for his degree in law. He had joined a firm and was currently a lesser associate, just a few years out of school. She had moved from line chef on up and was running the kitchen of the same place she’d worked since first getting out of school. And then, a few months ago, she’d found out she was pregnant. They lived in a small house north of Seattle, in Shoreline, it was big enough for them and had a small room for a nursery for the baby boy that would soon be joining them.

Zane was watching Nora sleep, they’d gone to bed and she was laying there, one hand on her engorged belly, the other tucked under her head, laying on her side. She was naked, she said it was much more comfortable to sleep that way in this state, usually going for a t-shirt of his when she wasn’t pregnant. What could he do to convince her, he wondered, rubbing his stubbly chin as he considered it. Then it dawned on him, she knew him too well, she knew that even if he didn’t actually believe she was gorgeous as she was, that he would say so. How could she believe him if she didn’t think she was? Well then he’d just have to find somebody else to prove to her that she wasn’t fat and ugly like this.

Zane laid down, he knew that just having somebody tell her she was beautiful would not be enough, there had to be proof. He chewed at his lip thinking about how to do it, but he fell asleep before anything came to him. The next morning he woke though, and the idea was still on his mind, he looked over at her sleeping, she had rolled to face him and the blankets had slid down, so her large breasts were shown, their nipples hard and brown and pointing Kurtköy Escort at him, he leaned closer and took one in his mouth. He suckled gently, a light squirt of milk took him by surprise, but he swallowed. It wasn’t very tasty, but kind of erotic, he thought. Zane switched his attentions to the other nipple and his wife shifted moaning softly.

“What are you doing?” Nora asked, a yawn interrupting her midway through, “We just had sex two days ago,” she said, not that she wasn’t horny, her pussy was veritably dripping already and he reached down, feeling that moisture between her legs.

“And we both want it again, so roll over and let me show you how beautiful I think you are,” Nora flushed, but did as she was told. Zane put one hand on the hip of hers that was pointed up, and slid close, rubbing his erection against her backside and then pushing at her leg to indicate she should lift it. He slid down a little and angled himself up, pressing into her pussy lips, and found his way inside of her.

“No, the other hole, I want you to cum in my ass baby,” Zane slid out and as his tip pressed into her tight sphincter it dawned on him… He could bring another man to bed with them, that would prove to her that she was beautiful. They had discussed it a few times, but nothing had ever come of it, he knew she wanted to watch him fuck another man though, he was surely not opposed to the idea, and it would be a big ego booster to have another man want to fuck her.

Zane eased himself into her rectum, pulling down on her hip until she was full of his erection. “Why don’t we have that three way we’ve been talking about for years?” He asked her, as he began to slowly slide himself back out of her, he wasn’t sure if she had heard him, as he started pumping his hard cock in and out of her tight little ass. Nora loved having him back there, almost as much as she loved having her pussy fucked, he could see that her hand had worked it’s way along the side of her pregnant belly and was fingering her clit while he fucked her tight ass.

“Nora?” He asked, when she still had not responded.

“No other man wants to fuck me Zane, don’t be cruel,” was all she said and started to pull away a little.

“Yes they do,” he whispered in her ear, tugging her back against him, his hand slid around her, restraining her somewhat. He knew that she wanted it, that she had only pulled away because she was upset that he had mentioned something that she thought would not happen in her current state. After a few minutes of his dick going in and out of her ass, she stopped struggling though and began to rock back into him, her hand once again returning to her clit. It was only a few minutes later that she was begging to be fucked harder and then crying out in the greatest of physical pleasures. Zane came moments later, the first few spurts filling her bottom, but he pulled out for the last one and pressed his erection to her pussy, his cum splattering over her lips and the inside of her left thigh.

“Mmm,” Nora wasn’t ready to talk yet, but she reached down and scooped up a bit of his semen, sucking it off her fingers then turning and kissing him hard, making him taste his own cum in her mouth. Zane didn’t fight it, his tongue sliding into her mouth and tasting it. She pulled back, looking at him, “You have work, go get ready, I’m gonna nap a little longer.”

“Alright,” Zane kissed her again, “Love you,” he got up, heading to the shower.

Tristan shifted in his seat a bit, trying his best to make sure his coworker wouldn’t see the erection that was obvious in the front of his pants, the way he’d been bending over to get something out of the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet had instantly tented them. “Hey Zane,” he murmured as the man walked by. They had never really spoken, other than the random greeting.

“Hey,” Zane responded, smiling at Tristan. Tristan looks kind of flushed, he thought, as he walked past, glancing back when he’d turned the corner. Tristan had shifted again and now Zane could see that bulge in his pants. He considered the other man for a few moments… He was a little thin and his beak nose didn’t quite fit the rest of his body, but he was handsome despite of it. Zane had heard rumors that Tristan was gay, or maybe bisexual. An image of Tristan on all fours, eating out Nora while Zane fucked him up the ass spun through his mind and he could feel an erection growing in his own pants. Zane thought a moment and then grabbed one of the files out of the folder he was carrying and spun around, heading over to Tristan’s desk.

Zane leaned against the desk as he stepped into the cubicle that Tristan worked in, Tristan spun his chair around and had to force his mouth not to drop open when he realized he was maybe a foot away from what was quite obviously Zane’s engorged cock trapped in those pants. “Hey, I know you’re probably busy, but Sue is out today and I was wondering if you could make some copies for me? I need a dozen of each of these, collated Maltepe Escort and sent to everyone on this list.” He offered the list and Tristan took it, clearing his throat and trying to think straight.

“I have a few minutes sir, I can probably go ahead and do that for you, yea.”

“Thanks, Tristan. I’ll have to think of a way to repay you,” Zane smiled and turned away heading back to his desk. Maybe he could repay Tristan with a three way, he thought.

Tristan closed his eyes, he wasn’t very tired but he had decided to crawl into bed anyway, he was distracted and the TV he’d been watching hadn’t helped keep his mind on something other than the bulge in Zane’s jeans that day. He sighed, thinking about it again was making his cock stir and he reached down running the palm of his hand over its head. Tristan had never considered himself gay, but he liked guys just as much as he liked girls and had been with just about as many of each. A lot of his gay friends said he was just a slut and in the depths of his mind he wasn’t sure they were wrong. But he preferred to think that he just liked people.

Tristan reached out, picked up his remote and flicked on the little TV he kept in his bedroom, the DVD in the player was already porn and so he just turned it on, beginning to slowly stroke his erection as he moved through the title screen with his other hand. The video was called ‘Bareback Bi-Teens’ and soon he was watching a girl suck the cock of a guy getting fucked up the ass by another guy. Tristan had seen the movie many times and fast forwarded to different scenes that he really enjoyed, the whole time stroking his erection. Maybe it was just because Zane was on his mind, but for one of the guys really reminded him of his co-worker and he couldn’t help but imagine himself being pounded in the ass by Zane while eating out some girl.

He was breathing a little heavy by the time he tossed his covers off and stroked his seed onto his belly, reaching out and playing with it for a moment, then licking his fingers clean and carefully getting out of bed, and heading for the shower.

A few days passed and Zane had spent a lot of the time thinking about Tristan and the potential of bringing the younger man home to his wife. He had considered telling her, but had decided that perhaps it would be better to just show up and let something happen. Or make something happen, but either way he thought that would be better, more of an ‘ego boost’ than setting something up ahead of time. He went to the effort of finding a project for Tristan to help him with, and after talking with Pat,Tristan’s boss, he went to tell him.

“Hey Tristan, you’ve done some of our Graphics Design stuff right? I know nothing major, but like fliers for events and things, right?”

“Yea,” he nodded to Zane, he’d been thinking about him a lot the last few days. How Zane had practically waved his erection in his face and here he was leaning on his desk in that same way. Tristan tried not to let his eyes dip to the other man’s crotch, but he was not successful, and he wet his lips seeing that Zane was indeed aroused again.

“I talked to Pat and he said I could borrow you for a few days then, to work on some stuff for the upcoming retreat, we want to build a web page, make up some fliers and things like that. I have a packet in email for it, so I’ll send you that over with instructions and what have you, sound good?”

“Yea that’s great, I’ll get to work on it right away.”

“Excellent, let me take you out for a drink after work, to repay you, I know it isn’t your job to deal with my crap, but it’s a real life saver,” He smiled at Tristan as he turned to go.

“S-sure, of course, I have nothing to do tonight anyway so a drink sounds great. I’ll get right on this,” Tristan stood up though, and slid past Zane, their crotches brushed in the tight space and Zane knew that Tristan was just as hard as he was. “Just send it over, I need to run and do something.” Zane just nodded, watching the other man head for the bathroom.

Zane and Tristan had discussed where to get the drink when Tristan had dropped the original off at Zane’s desk and they picked a place a few miles away, toward Zane’s house. Tristan said he lived on the other side of town, on Capital Hill, but didn’t mind going north instead, knowing Zane had his pregnant wife waiting at home and Tristan just had his cat. They met at a little bar in North Gate, kind of out of the way and it was early enough that it was just the two of them and maybe a half dozen other people throughout the bar. Zane bought them each a pint of beer and they settled into a booth, they chatted about work and the weather and various other unimportant topics before Zane decided to push on with his plan.

“Have you met my wife? Nora?” He had steered the conversation toward women and things.

“Uh, maybe at the Christmas party last year,” Tristan wasn’t sure though, he’d gotten pretty drunk at that party.

“She’s a real beauty, here I have a few pictures on my phone.” Zane dug it out of his pocket, and it took him a few moments to bring up the pictures, he slid the phone over to Tristan. “Just run your finger along the picture to the left to flip to the next, I’m gonna go get us a refill.”

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