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Being Snippy

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Amanda and Karen lay there snickering in Amanda’s full sized bed, the same kind of giddy laughing that had been occurring this whole night. They had been friends all throughout school, but they had graduated high school last week and were now 18 year old adults in the real world. Next week Karen was moving across country to move into her college dorm, leaving Amanda behind in their hometown. Amanda’s parent’s were away this weekend, giving them one long last hurrah before they split. So there they were, crashing in Amanda’s bedroom, giggling, talking, and just having a blast for the past few hours, music blaring in the corner, already dressed in their pajamas.

Amanda herself was lounging in her bright pink Hello Kitty boy short pajama bottoms with a matching white tank top, the familiar Japanese cat adorning it. It wasn’t the best thing in the world to cover up her black bra, but seeing as it was just her and her best friend there, she didn’t care if it shown at all. Amanda filled out that tank top well. Despite her generally petite frame, she somehow managed to have 32 C breasts to accentuate her long, auburn hair. She was definatly drooled over by enough boys in her high school days, although never really fooled around much. The only people to see her more undressed than she was now were the girls in the locker room dressing for gym. A couple boyfriends tried to see, but she wouldn’t ever go too far. Despite her being somewhat prudish in action, she was very dirty in her mind and spent more than a few nights having her dirty online fun.

Karen laid next to her as they discussed their days of high school past, still fresh in their memories. Her pajamas consisted of nothing more than an old, faded t-shirt that she still found comfy and a pair of dark purple sweat pants who’s drawstring, though still functional, had seen better days and more than once in the past were easy victims of Amanda’s evil pantsings. She was somewhat tall at 5’9″ with light brown wavy hair that fell only an inch or two past her shoulders. She wasn’t quite as busty as her friend, but at her height, she had legs that more than made up for it. They were covered up now, but she wasn’t above being something of a tease with short skirts that bordered on being inappropriate. As she lay there, she noticed a pair of scissors on the nightstand and picked them up.

“What’s with the scissors,” asked Karen. Amanda took the scissors Karen handed to her.

“These are the ones I use for sewing, you’ve seen the fun things I wore to school that I made myself.”

“Oh, yeah, almost forgot about that. Sometimes you made some really goofy things, but they worked for you.”

“What was goofy?”

“Remember that one in October that was blue with like leopard sleeves you made?”

“I still have that! Hey, That wasn’t goofy! I liked that one!”

“Like I said,” Karen replied, “You made them work.” Karen then stuck her tongue out at Amanda, teasing. Amanda stuck her tongue out back at her, but Karen started laughing.

“Shush you!” exclaimed Amanda, and with one quick snip, cut an inch into the sleeve of Karen’s t-shirt.

“Hey! That’s my shirt!”

“I know, I’m working on it.”

“But I like this one, I know it’s old, but doesn’t mean you gotta slice it.”

“Oh hush,” said Amanda, “it was only one snip. Not like this!” With that, Amanda took another cut of Karen’s sleeve, this time the full length of the blade.

“You are so cruel. I’m not scissoring your shirt!”

“That’s because you’re unarmed,” Amanda snickered.

“Well then, give me scissors, I need to get you back,” said Karen. Amanda laughed again and said, “Oh sure, check that drawer in the nightstand next to you, there should be another pair in there.” Karen rolled over to rummage through the bedside table, but just then she felt another snip. This time Amanda had taken advantage of Karen being on her side and snipped a small slice into the butt of Karen’s sweat pants.

“My butt! You bitch!” said Karen jestfully. She withdrew anther pair of scissors from the drawer and turned back over quickly to protect herself. “It is so on!” Karen immediately snipped halfway through the strap on Amanda’s tank top.

“Hey, I need that.”

“Oh, do you?” Karen said while giggling. She snipped again and cut clean through the tank top strap, Amanda’s bra strap clearly showing now. “Woo hoo! I see bra!” She stuck her tongue out again. Amanda made a face pretending to be mad, but it quickly turned into a smile. Taking her scissors up, Amanda cut Karen’s whole short sleeve off.

“See, now your shirt is more stylish.”

“Well the least you can do is make both sides even,” suggested Karen, offering her other sleeve. Amanda smiled, took up the offer, and started to cut off the second sleeve. However, she only cut around most of it, leaving it dangling under Karen’s arm, still attached to the shirt on the bottom..

“Aren’t you going to finish,” Karen asked.

“Yes!” With that, Amanda yanked it hard and tore off anadolu yakası escort the sleeve, but before it released from the shirt, it ripped a small gash quarter the way down the side.

“Oh, thanks,” Karen said sarcastically, “my turn!” Karen bunched up Amanda’s tank top around the stomach and cut the top of the bunch off, leaving a big hole showing off Amanda’s tummy and bellybutton. Looking each other, they both started giggling, enjoying this game.

Amanda examined the circle of exposure that now adorned her tank top. “Such a fashionable choice cut.”

“Well,” replied Karen, “I can create fashion too, you know.”

“Is that so? Well then, let me show you how it’s done.” Amanda leaned over Karen as she watched with interest. She began to cut out Karen’s collar to the point that it turned into a deep, plunging neckline, not very wide, but showing much cleavage.

“Oh thank you,” laughed Karen, “I feel so fancy.”

“And that’s what you are.” Amanda laid back down, admiring her handiwork. Karen smiled and decided it was now her turn. She thought about attacking her friend’s tank top again, but then remembered the snip on her sweat pants. Amanda raised an eyebrow as she watched Karen begin snipping at her boy shorts. Karen carefully made long slits up both sides of the shorts, stopping only at the waistband. It was then Amanda remembered she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Don’t remove too much down there!”

“Why?” questioned Karen, “I’m just playing.”

“I don’t want to flash you.” Amanda laughed shyly.

“Oh?” Karen couldn’t help but think about her friend suddenly being exposed and it tickled her mind. She smirked evilly and made the slits obscenely wide.

“Oh come on, now who isn’t being fair?” Amanda asked. Amanda decided to take a turn now. Becoming bolder as this game went on, she crawled down to Karen’s feet, resulting in a very perplexed look on Karen’s face.

“What are you doing?” Karen asked. Amanda didn’t answer as she snipped into the bottom of Karen’s sweat pants. She snipped up the leg all the way to the waistband. Karen could only look on, and, to her own surprise, it was beginning to arouse her. Her pink panties could now be seen through the slit. Amanda continued on the sweat pants until both legs were sliced up all the way around, leaving them in a grass skirt type of state, save for the crotch region.

“There you go, feel better?” Amanda joked.

“Oh yeah,” Karen said as she swished her legs between the strands of her former pant legs, “Are you sure you wanna leave them on?” Amanda smirked wickedly after that comment, pulled the drawstring, and cut it. Karen’s pants were far too loose now. But now it was her turn, and she was feeling more turned on.

“Sit up, dirty girl,” Karen exclaimed, “you need to lose a lot more.” Karen’s voice carried a sultry tone to it now due to her arousal, the inflection not going unnoticed by Amanda. Sitting up, Amanda couldn’t keep a smirk off her face. Her inner dirty self was slowly coming out and it was up for exploring this game a lot further. Taking up her scissors, Karen began cutting from the hole on the tank top she had left earlier. She went all the way up to just under Amanda’s big breasts in her black bra, then began to clip all the way around. When she had finished that, Amanda was left with little more than a half tube top. To complete the transformation, Karen removed the remains of the strap cut before and completely removed the other strap. She looked over her handy worked and laughed.

“Good thing you have such large tits, otherwise I doubt that would hold up.”

“Yeah,” replied Amanda, “but mine won’t be the first to show!” With that, she suddenly reached over and gripped both sides of the plunging neckline she gave Karen and pulled outward, tearing the shirt the rest of the way open. To Amanda’s surprise, she was now staring right at her friend’s bare tits. She was expecting a bra, but none was to be found. Karen was caught so off guard by the action, that she could only sit there exposed for a few moments. As embarrassed as she was, she was just as aroused by the exposure. When she finally collected her thoughts, she decided to hold the new vest closed.

“I’m sorry,” Amanda said through snickers, “I assumed you’d have a bra!” Karen blushed and averted her eyes.

“I never wear them to bed,” said Karen.

“Well… they are nice.”

“If you think so, take a better look!” With that, the brunette pulled her shirt remainder open and flashed Amanda. Amanda stared without thinking. She had seen plenty of breasts on the internet, and of course her own, but never another woman’s live. She especially loved the dark, half dollar sided areola that Karen had, the nipples thicker than her own. Eventually, Karen interrupted Amanda’s thoughts.

“Ahem! If you’re finished, can I take my turn?”

“What? Oh, yes, by all means.” Amanda giggled.

“Before I go, though, I got to admit, this is turning me on quite a bit.” Karen didn’t avrupa yakası escort bother recovering her boobs, letting the shirt fall as it may.

“I know what you mean,” said Amanda shyly, “not to be weird, but seeing you topless is making me kind of horny.” Karen smiled at that, the same sort of smile she usually reserved for her short skirt teasing.

“Well then, let’s just see how much.” Karen pushed a smiling Amanda back down and crawled over her lower half. She stroked Amanda’s boy shorts softly and heard her moan softly. “What a dirty girl you are.” She slipped the scissors into one leg hole of the shorts, resulting in a slight gasp from her friend feeling the coolness of the metal scissors on her inner thigh. Snipping carefully across the crotch of the fabric, she opened up the shorts between the legs, essentially making a loincloth of them. Smiling wickedly and looking into Amanda’s eyes, she flipped up the front flap, fully exposing her pussy and nicely trimmed fiery bush. Amanda immediately blushed bright red, this being the first time anyone other than herself had ever seen her vagina. It was very wet and Karen blew lightly on it, receiving another small moan.

“I just love your red hair. It would seem you really like this,” Karen said smugly. Amanda quickly pushed the front of the new loincloth down.

“As if you aren’t!”

“You’ll just have find out, ” Karen said tauntingly, winking before laying back down.

“In due time, sexy,” replied Amanda, returning the wink, “but for now, I’m having fun stripping you more. Roll over!”

“So bossy,” Karen said as he laid down on her stomach. Amanda straddled her friend’s legs, trapping her in place. Slipping the scissors in the butt slit she made in the middle of Karen’s sweat pants earlier, she made it long enough to stick both hands into. Giving them a yank as she had done to Karen’s shirt, Amanda tore the sweat pant’s ass as wide as she could, the cute pink bikini panties now the only thing stopping her from checking out her friend’s cute, tight bum.

“Just had to look at my ass, didn’t you, slut?” Karen asked.

“I was hoping to get lucky like I did with your top.”

“Sorry, I do tend to wear panties.”

Amanda played with the scissors, making repeated snips in the air. “I can change that any time I want!” She snipped some of the torn sweat pants off.

“Hey, it’s my turn now!”

“Nuh uh, I need to clean up this mess I made” Amanda cut more away from the sweat pants.

“I’m not going to have anything left if you keep it up.” Karen could feel more and more being cut away as she remained under Amanda. Amanda was on top and had her under control, her wicked mind taking over. Amanda’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter as she kept up removing small pieces here and there. So was so turned on now that she could smell her own arousal. As she kept up the assault on what was basically a waste band with many frayed ends on it now, she noticed a nice wet spot forming on the pink panties in front of her.

“You know, you’re soaking through those panties, you might just be wetter than me,” Amanda stated.

“I don’t know about that, I know how wet you are, I saw your soaked pussy.”

“As wet as you are, I can practically see yours too.” Amanda was worked up now, and very excited, just thinking about being this close to her friend’s snatch. She just had to touch it now, and before she thought twice, she did just that. Karen gasped as she felt a hand between her thighs, not expecting her friend to touch her sexually. For a moment, she considered objecting, but it quickly felt too good to stop. Karen softly moaned as Amanda’s fingers stroked slowly up and down her pussy lips, the wet fabric of her panties acting as the only barrier. Amanda could sense Karen’s reactions to her touch and began becoming bolder. She ran her finger between Karen’s lips and Karen moaned outright. Out of curiosity, she brought her finger to her face and smelled her friend’s scent. It was familiar to her own, but different. Snapping herself out of the sexual trance she had gotten herself into, she smacked Karen on the ass and declared she was done.

“Aww, you’re going to stop?” asked Karen. “It was just getting interesting.”

“Don’t worry, I have a feeling you’ll get some more soon, but the game isn’t over.”

Karen giggled. “Do I have anything left back there?”

“Not much, you basically have a waistband belt with leg fringe hanging down.”

“Not to mention you clipped my drawstring, I doubt I could stand and have them stay up.”

Amanda got off Karen and sat back on the bed. “Well get up and let’s see, I really want to see your clothes off now anyway.”

“You’re so perverted,” Karen said, “and I’m loving it.” Karen smiled as she rolled back over. Slowly getting up off the bed, she stood before Amanda in the half missing pants, pink panties showing entirely in the back, and her torn t-shirt shirt that hung open. The pants slid down some, but managed to barely eryaman escort hang off her hips.

“Sorry, Amanda, looks like you haven’t got them off me yet.” Amanda took exception to that and, gripping the waistband hard, tore them down. Karen only laughed and kicked the sweat pant remains at her, left now in nothing but a torn up t-shirt and panties. It was her turn now, and she was determined to have some fun. Karen took the scissors into her hand again and pinned her friend onto the bed, wedged nicely between Amanda’s thighs. Amanda looked back up at her with a smile and bedroom eyes. Both girls were filled with desire now and both understood that this night would not end with a stitch of clothes remaining.

“You look very beautiful, Amanda, and I can’t wait to take you.”

“Not until you finish the job.”

“Don’t you worry about that,” Karen said, and leaned in to kiss Amanda, the passion taking over. It was the first time either of them had kissed another woman, but Amanda offered no resistance. After a few quick, light kisses, they parted their lips and kissed deeply, Karen’s bare breasts rubbing against Amanda’s still covered tits. As tongues met, their hips began undulating, their pussies grinding. After a few minutes of deeply kissing, Karen sat up and smiled down at her.

“Mmm, your lips taste so good,” Karen said in a sultry voice.

“As do yours.”

“Thank you, sugar, but I’m not here just to kiss you.” She showed the scissors to Amanda’s face, reminding her that more clothes were coming off. Amanda laid there watching, hands under her head as though she was just relaxing. Karen looked her over, enjoying how cute and sexy she was before going to work on the tube of shirt Amanda had left. In no time at all, she cut clean through it and whipped it out from under Amanda’s body. She took her index finger and teased the hard nipples that were obvious through the black bra. Amanda bit her lip, enjoying the treatment.

“Well now, you’ve seen my boobs, but I’m yet to see yours,” Karen mentioned, still toying with Amanda’s nipples.

“It really is so unfair for you, cutie,” snickered Amanda.

Karen said no more as she began cutting away at the bra cups. Finding Amanda’s nipples, Karen started out making holes in each cup to let them free. She smiled big looking down at her handiwork. Amanda had candy pink nipples that stuck out a quarter inch or more easy with small areola. She could not help herself, staring down at such lovely nipples, already turned on as she was. She leaned down and wrapped her lips around one, her hand reaching over to twist and play with the other gently. She sucked Amanda’s hard nipple, her teeth and tongue teasing and biting the sensitive bead as Amanda lay there moaning, arching her chest toward’s Karen’s face. Karen finished with one nipple and moved over to the other, giving it the very same tender treatment as Amanda writhed with pleasure under her.

“Oh god,” Amanda moaned, “that feels so good, give me more!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get some more soon enough,” Karen said, echoing Amanda’s sentiment of earlier. “But for now… “

“You wouldn’t dare,” Amanda declared sarcastically, “I would be improper.” Amanda giggled at her own comment.

“Well since it’s a dare, now I must!” Karen gathered her scissors again and went to work on the bra. Amanda watched as soon her bra was reduced to bits; the straps went away first, the cups were slowly trimmed away to reveal more and more of each breast until it was just under wire holding them up, then with one slice the bra was split down the center. Karen tugged the strap away, leaving Amanda with nothing left maintaining her modesty except the shambles of what were once boy shorts which were currently riding up from the earlier grinding and not covering much of anything at all.

“My turn!” Amanda declared, fixing her psuedo-loincloth back into place. Karen looked surprised and a bit frustrated.

“I’m so close to finishing and you want to stop me?” She sat up and faked a frown.

“It’s only fair that I get to finish off that shirt of yours.” With that, Amanda sat up and kissed Karen’s cheek. “I won’t take long.” She scooted behind Karen and chose a spot in the middle of the bottom of Karen’s shirt to begin. With a series of cuts, she sliced it clear up Karen’s back, splitting the shirt entirely in half now. Slowly she lowered it down Karen’s shoulders, stripping her of any sort of covering. As she slid the shirt down her arms, Amanda began kissing Karen tenderly on the side of her neck. As Karen softly moaned, Amanda began nibbling her earlobe before tossing the shirt halves off the bed. Karen’s body responded immediately to the gentle kisses that were teasing and tickling her neck, her head throwing back, her back arching the slightest. Karen felt her friend’s hand move slowly up her sides until they cupped her breasts, the lovely feeling on Amanda’s lips now switching sides of her neck. Amanda cupped Karen’s tits and began massaging them slowly. She pinched both her nipples and began twisting and teasing them gently, much to Karen’s audible pleasures. Karen turned her head to kiss Amanda once more as she let Amanda work her breasts so nicely. Amanda then stopped playing, causing Karen to be slightly frustrated.

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