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Behind You

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A stranger comes up behind you. You feel his breath on your neck. You smell his scent. He runs his hands through your hair and over your back. He bends you over your desk and slides his hands over your hips, then over your ass, loving every curve of your beautiful body. His hands are strong and you can’t help but think that whatever he does for a living, he definitely uses his hands to do it.

He flips your hair over your left shoulder and kisses the side of your face and down the gentle curve of your soft neck. His hands linger on your hips. His crotch grinds into your ass. You can feel him growing hard through the multiple layers of fabric between you two; turned on from having his hands on your body and by all the dirty things he wants to do to you and your body running through his head.

His hands run up your hips and under your shirt. His hands touch your bare flesh for the first time as he runs his hands up your sides and over the curve of your breasts over your bra. He can feel your nipples harden against the material inside, desperately trying to poke through.

He grabs the tail of your shirt and pulls it up your body. Your offer no resistance, raising your arms, sliding the cumbersome material up şişli escort off over your head. He runs his hands over your naked back and over your bra strap. He shudders at how soft your skin is.

His hands glide back up your back, resting on your shoulders and massage your tender skin. His hands run up your neck, into your hair, before sliding down your arms.

Starting at the base of your neck, he kisses down your back, past your bra strap… kisses down to your tailbone.

He unclasps your bra, slides it down your arms and lets it drop to the floor. He reaches around, runs his hands up your soft stomach and over your beautiful tits. Your hard nipples graze against the palms of his hands… You feel his cock twitch through his pants against your ass.

He reaches around and undoes your pants and slides both your pants and your panties down to around your knees. He runs one hand over the curve of your ass, while the other hand remains on your chest, massaging your tits.

He kisses down your back, over your tailbone… runs soft kisses over your ass. He grabs your hips with both his hands and kisses down your crack. He flicks his tongue; the tip just grazes your pussy.

He spreads your istanbul escort cheeks, getting better access. You feel his tongue run up along the length of your slit. Your juices slide down his tongue. He moans… You taste really good. He slides a finger up your slit, gathering your wetness and brings his fingers to his mouth. He loves your taste.

You hear him undo his belt and slide his pants and underwear down to his ankles. He runs his throbbing cock over your ass. His skin is so hot it almost burns. He teases your slit; runs the head of his cock up and down, wetting the tip with your juices.

He grabs your hips hard and slowly slides his cock inside you. Your lips spread around his rock hard cock. He whimpers as he slides all the way in. He pumps in and out, slowly at first…

Quickly gaining speed…

One hand leaves your hips and slides down your tummy to your clit. He groans as his throbbing cock pounds in and out of your dripping pussy. He can’t contain his moans and groans. His body is no longer under his control as he slams inside you. It’s a body possessed.

The room is filled with the sound of his body hammering into yours. He reaches around with one hand, grabs mecidiyeköy escort your swinging tits.

“Oh, fuck” he says, “your pussy feels so fucking good!!!”

Your juices slide down his balls and down the inside of his legs. He readjusts his grip on your hips and just when you thought you couldn’t be getting fucked anymore more vigorously, he starts pounding you even harder… His cock throbs and pulsates. He is so close to exploding and shooting his cum so deep inside your pussy… His moans become inhuman… animalistic. Both your bodies are on fire.

He fantasizes about shooting his cum deep inside your pussy… He thinks about pulling out and cumming all over those big beautiful tits… He thinks about pulling out and sliding his cock in your mouth, cumming in your mouth, shooting his big load down your throat.

You can feel his cock expand even farther, spreading your tight pussy even wider. His cock fills every inch of you… fucking you as hard as he can… Sweat slides down his muscular chest. His body turning beet red; ready to explode at any minute…

Until finally, he cries out, like a warrior cry and explodes inside you. His warm hot cum shoots deep inside you, washes over the walls of your pussy, filling you up completely… Your orgasm rips through your body and your pussy clamps down on his cock, milking out every last drop.

Both of you slide to the floor, in a sweaty, tangled mess. Neither of you able to catch your breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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