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Before Sleep

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They were both naked at the edge of the bed, she was laying on her back at the foot of it. As he knelt before her, his face between her legs, his lips pressed on hers. She groaned as his tongue reached inside smoothly, the thick juices mingled and mixed as his tongue flattened inside her and his tongue curled upward inside. Not deep enough but just enough to tickle and spread her open enough so he could take a mouthed breath. Her legs began to tighten around him with each lap of his tongue. He traced left along her lips and brushed against her hood and in a slow counter clockwise direction. Began tracing the tip of his tongue around the tip her hardened clit, pushing aside her hood as he did so. Those movements caused her to shudder as he wrapped his arms around her legs and found purchase right her breasts. Dragging his fingers deep into each squeezed breast, she winced at the tightness and clenched his face tighter.

The only response was to lick faster, and now fiddling with her breasts until each nipple was pressed between fore finger and thumb. Small pressure of the pinch and soft tugging and twisting. Her hands found his head, her fingers, his hair, his tongue, her legs tightened more and she laughed and let it go. It was followed by her gasping, and shuddering harder, he had suctioned onto her clit, one hand letting go of her breast and dropping under. With his jaw, helping his tired tongue a bit, his fingers slid to her bottom, then trailed under and inside until his first two fingers could tease her opening a bit more. And with a slight push and ease out, he began to press his fingers inside her lips and further inside. So slick was çankaya escort she that his upward curled fingers brushed and pressed. His thumb breaking the suction around her clit as his thumb began to rub where his tongue had been. He sat up a bit and watched as she writhed under him. He moved his hand now to her mound, he pressed with his palm down over her pelvis bone.

He began to curl his fingers in her faster now, with the downward pressure of his other hand, he pressed her spot onto his curled fingers inside her. She was going through the storm of electrical pulses through her body. The flooding of chemicals into her brain as she couldn’t help but scream as she inhaled and then exhaled. Her hands found purchase on his wrist pressing down her, her nails found purchase as well as she growled behind her clenched teeth. He increased his tempo in her and a slight slapping sound began to grow louder as she convulsed under him. He released pressure and pulled his fingers out of her and let her ride that final wave as his soaked hand dripped a small stream onto the carpet. Followed by the wet gush of her release in gasped breaths as she saw the ceiling and spots of stars shooting inter vision.

“How was that?” He asked licking and sucking his fingers clean. She watched as he did so, the corners of her mouth wet but not as soaked as her nether regions. She was trying to calm her breathing, slow her heart rate, but she was looking at his erect member. The vein on the left side was clearly visible like a mountain ridge. He stepped over and laid down next to her on the bed, she slowly rolled keçiören escort over as he did and adjusted to face him.

“Are you going to lick me clean?” She asked as she sat up and bent forward in her movement. She then straddled his face as she began to adjust her upper body to better angle herself. He in turn moved and shifted under her as he felt her hand grip him and feel how stiff it had become. She lowered her head and let her teeth graze his head as she took it in, she let her tongue cup his helmet as she began to suckle on it. Her hands adjusting so that one grip wrapped around the base of his shaft and the other cupped his ball sack. She grinned inwardly as she felt him start to lick and kiss her inner thighs and further. She closed her eyes as he began matching her sucking with his own.

With her index, middle finger and thumb, she pressed those down to the base of his shalt. Then began to apply a small bit of pressure to better grip him, her other hand now began to rolled the cupped balls, her thumb pressing and rubbing just between the sack and the base of his shaft. With those two motions done, she loosened her sucking on his head and began to pump from the base, using enough friction on the skin to run it but not burn it. With quick movements to her mouth on his length. She began to let her tongue play around with his own opening. The stroking motions matched his speed before it surpassed him, he was in the throes of his own orgasm. She began to buckled under her, his erection pulsing on its own as he stiffened his legs and flexed in each explosive pump his body produced. etimesgut escort Each shot was warm in her mouth and she could only drink so much before it spilled. She didn’t mind, those would be licked up soon enough. Yet she wasn’t done with him, she continued to pump his shaft, each beat of her tempo would move along a beat before he groaned louder and began to wince now from her still not stopping.

She wiggled her behind in his face and pressed herself back on him, her eyes rolled in the back of her head as his had done the same. She didn’t need to pump him any longer as he was doing that himself. Her mouth filled with a throbbing, stiff member as he screamed in her. His hands now gripping and pulling her cheeks apart. One finger pressing to her rump and pushing further as it was still slick with her juices. He pressed his finger into her and felt her jaw tighten on him. He closed his eyes and pressed further in, pulling it out a bit before pressing once more inside. She growled as cum and saliva dripped down her chin, she pumped harder now, taking control of his thrusting and milking his member for all it had left, trying to squeeze every last drop out.

He let out a scream and a hard shudder as it became overwhelming for him, he would drift off soon and there was nothing he could do. But push his finger into her as well as finger her other ole as well. He decided on three fingers and pressed them into her in a dual action pumping motion. One group of finger in, one finger out, the rhythm was quick as she stopped sucked and let herself go to the blast of her own explosion.

And in a few minutes that lasted but a few moments, she kissed his head one last time as she cupped that which belonged to her in her hand. As he kissed and licked clean her juices that she has sprayed over him. He looked at her twitching lips, the smell of her on his face and her taste lingered on. He licked his lips and kissed her nether lips one last time, enjoying that which belonged to him.

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