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Becoming Joy Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction, and no part of this original work may be used without express consent of the author. All characters are of legal age of consent.

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Joy’s back arched, her toes curling as she felt the rush of her orgasm coming. She grabbed Rich’s hair, clawing at him as she screamed through her clenched teeth. His face buried between her thighs, his tongue determined to make her ride the crest of her climax all the way to its end. She gasped as he suckled her sensitive little bud between his pursed lips, and finally she found her words.

“Baby, stop!” she panted. “God…oooooooh, stop already! It’s sensitive right — mmmmm- right after I cum…” She swatted him on the top of his head and tugged at his mop of wavy brown hair playfully to get his attention.

Rich snickered to himself as he finally released Joy’s stiff little nubbin, and she collapsed back onto the bed. He gave her stiff clit one last lick, making her yelp, and reluctantly withdrew from her, palming his chin and lips dry from her spend. He opened his eyes, admiring the manicured triangle covering her sex, the pink folds of her vulva still glistening. His gaze travelled up and over her mound, admiring the sexiness of her belly — she was in shape, her belly flat without being muscular. Up to her chest, her small but very perky breasts capped by dark pink nipples and wide areolae. Finally to her pretty freckled face, flushed with pleasure, framed by a corona of curly, tousled, and thoroughly just-fucked dark blonde hair.

Rich and Joy had been dating for about two months. They met through a mutual friend at a party one night, and the chemistry was instantaneous. She’d never fucked on the first date before, but Rich was gorgeous, charming, and smooth as silk. He turned out to be not only well endowed, but also incredibly creative in bed. Compared to her four previous lovers (well, six if she counted the couple of “just a blowjob” guys she’d been with), Rich was an Adonis. She wasn’t entirely sure it was love, but it was damn sure lust.

She reached down and stroked his hair, and she whispered to him, “How do you want me?” He responded without words, turning her escort bayan ataköy hips and pulling her backwards. She rolled over onto her belly, letting him pull her hips back, head down, her wet sex exposed to him between her spread thighs. She felt the sting of his palm as it landed smartly against her ass as he spanked her playfully, and she cooed, sighing with approval.

He smoothed his palms over the twin globes of her derriere, admiring the view. Joy had a lot of assets, but her best “ass”-et was perfection. He smacked her bottom again, the supple skin bearing a light pink hand-shaped print, and she moaned gently. She loved being spanked during sex, and she loved it rough. He reached into the nightstand drawer, fished out a foil packet, and quickly tore it open. He slipped two fingers between Joy’s soaked labia, teasing her as he pinched the tip of the condom with his free hand and rolled it down his shaft. Walking on his knees, he poised his narrow hips behind her, slipping his thick member over her entrance. He entered her slowly, and they groaned together as his cock sank inch by inch between her thighs.

“Ohhhhhh, Jesus, baby…so big…” she wailed as he began to saw in and out of her, hips thrusting, loving the sensation of his length. His hands gripped her hips, pulling her backwards as he drove into her, harder now. His swinging balls slapped against her exposed clit with every inward thrust. She matched him grind for grind, slamming her ass backwards against his hips as he pounded her, jarring her forward again as his cock bottomed out. She began to wail loudly, and recognizing her signals, he pumped faster, faster, anxious to explode in unison.

Lightning struck for Joy mere seconds before her lover’s grunts turned to howls, and she felt the peaks and valleys of the wave of her orgasm spread through her body like an earthquake, of which her womb was the epicenter. She was trembling, as was he, and her seismic waves only began to widen and lessen in intensity as his hips slowed and finally stilled. His deflating cock fell out of her, slapping against his thigh wetly as he huffed and puffed. The blonde rolled to one side of her queen sized bed, and her counterpart to the other, both escort bayan fatih of them slick with sweat and reeking of sex. After stripping off the condom and discarding it in the wastebasket beside her bed, he pulled her into his arms, kissing her deeply, and smoothed her hair back from her forehead. “Damn, Joy…you are SO amazing,” Rich whispered.

Rich was definitely into this girl. He’d been certain when they met that she would be little more than a one-night stand, one more notch on the old bedpost. He knew the routine — brush them off gently, tell them you don’t want to tie them down, blah blah blah. Especially when they were twenty, like this one was. He was twenty-eight, fit, tan, and hung. He also had money, enough to entertain a different twenty-year-old every night of the week. Joy was different, though. She wasn’t just a dumb blonde piece of ass from the University — this one had something dirty hidden down deep. There was something naughty buried below the surface, and Rich couldn’t wait to find out what that something was.

He stroked her face; their gaze locked, and kissed her again. He slipped his fingers down her face, trailed across her throat, and came to rest on her teacup breast. Joy sighed with pleasure as he stroked her nipple, teasing her, gently twisting and caressing it between his fingertips. She reached down between his legs, and felt his cock already regaining some length. “Again?” She laughed.

“You keep stroking me like that and yeah, ‘Again’!” he replied. Rich thought again about what her little taboo might be, and what it was about her that was so compelling to him sexually. He grinned as he thought of a creative way to find out — he’d done this before with girls to get them to try something new (usually anal sex), and it always yielded results.

“Joybaby,” he said, looking into her blue eyes. She shivered, loving his little pet name for her more every time he said it. “What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever fantasized about?”


Rich recognized the non-response as a stall tactic — which meant he was on to something. She DID have a little secret. “Tell me. What do you fantasize about that drives you crazy, but you’re afraid escort bayan şişli to try it for real?”

Joy paused, then giggled. “I’m not telling you that. It’s private.”

“Yeah, but I want to know what turns you on.”

“Your cock. Your ass. Your cum in my mouth.”

“That isn’t what you masturbate about. What’s the hottest fantasy you’ve ever had? Something that you couldn’t get out of your head…”

Joy was quiet for a moment. She could tell that he was really interested, and not just to get her ready for another round of sex. Finally, she responded.

“I dunno, it’s kind of hard to talk about.”

“Yeah, but maybe I can help make it real for you.”

“I doubt it, baby.”

“What do you mean, ‘doubt it’? You think I can’t do kinky?”

“Don’t get defensive, Rich. I KNOW you know kinky. And you’re AWESOME at kinky. But this is probably the ONE thing you can’t make real for me sexually.”

Rich thought about it for a second, and then grinned. “I love a challenge — try me.”

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and in a rush of words, spoke aloud for the first time to another person about her fantasy. She trusted Rich, and knew he wouldn’t judge her or think she was crazy. As he listened, Rich nodded in the right places, prompting her further with questions, wanting more information. Of all the girls he’d taken to bed, and all the crazy things he’d heard girls admit to masturbating to, this was a unique one. As she continued to talk more animatedly about her secret desire, he absorbed every word, trying to formulate a plan to make her fantasy a reality.

“Rich? Hello? Earth to Rich, asshole!” Joy punched him in the arm, lightly, finally getting his attention. Between her confession and the mental image of it playing out, he’d kind of zoned out. Rich could tell from the flush of her skin and the shine in her eyes that she was turned on again from having shared this rather unique fantasy. He laughed, rolling over on top of her, grabbing her hands and pinning them above her head against the pillow.

“Well, until you get that fantasy fulfilled, I guess you’ll just have to settle for me fucking your brains out to keep you satisfied!” His cock now fully engorged, he slid into her sodden sex again, and they began to burn together slowly, passionately, a fire fueled by fantasies revealed.


More on the way in Chapter 2. Stay tuned. And please vote and comment! Your feedback is valuable to this author, and your votes are important!

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