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Becca and Me Ch. 03

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The Final Chapter

When the girls were in the shower, I relaxed a while and decided to ring Becca’s mom and tell her all about our day, She was quite excited and asked me which hotel we were in as she wanted to join us. I gave her the address and told her to hurry.

I could here the girls in the shower they were obviously enjoying each other’s company, I could here Becca telling Cindy deeper, deeper, I slowly wanked my cock as I listened. I decided to pop a couple of blue pills to help me later on when Mary arrived. I walked into the bathroom to get a glass of water to help the pills go down. I was shocked to see Becca bent over the toilet bowl with Cindy behind her but what really shocked me was that Cindy had her whole hand and most of her slim wrist buried inside Becca’s ass and was furiously pumping it in and out. In return Becca was thrusting herself back as hard as she could. I looked into her eyes and could see nothing but pure lust, she was really into Cindy and so was I. She was unbelievably pretty with the most beautiful perfect body, not a single blemish. She was also quite subservient which meant she would probably do anything we asked.

I backed out of the bathroom and lay back on the bed half watching TV and half listening to the girls. After about 30 minutes my mobile rang, Mary was in the foyer and wanted to know what room we were in. I had hatched a plan and told Mary to come up in ten minutes but not to say a word when she came in.

I called the girls and told them to come to me. They both walked in, I could see that Cindy had shaved her pussy; she saw where I was looking and smiled.

” I hope daddy likes what I have done.” She said

“Very nice, but I want to play a game.” I replied

I told Cindy to lie on the bed and managed to tie her hands to the headboard, I then blindfolded her and told her the game was easy and that one of us would do something to her and that she had to guess whom it was.

If she got it right we would give her a special prize, but if she got it wrong she would be punished, every wrong answer would mean a forfeit. Becca looked at me puzzled I moved to her and whispered that I have a surprise; I then kissed her passionately our tongues entwining. My hands massaged her back. I manoeuvred us so that Becca had her back to the door, I saw her mother enter and silently walk behind her, she kissed her on the back of the neck, Becca turned to see her and moved her head forward to kiss her mom I watched as they embraced.

Mary stepped back and unbuttoned her coat she let it fall to the floor, she was now standing there in stockings and matching bra Giresun Escort & panties, these were sheer and were a deep purple colour. Becca moved her hand forward and stroked her mom’s tits, we all watched as her nipples hardened quickly.

“Err remember me.” We all heard Cindy say.

The three of us turned to look at her laying there her eyes still covered and her hands bound. Mary looked at us and nodded with approval, for you I mimed.

Mary grabbed Cindy’s ankles and pulled them apart revealing a very wet and used pussy, she stroked her finger up and down her slit stopping at her clit and giving it a little squeeze. Cindy moaned with pleasure and raised her hips moving her self to meet Mary fingers.

“Oh that’s easy it’s Becca.” Cindy said

Mary looked at me confused I winked and motioned for her to carry on. Mary then pushed a finger into Cindy’s cunt quickly followed by a second. Cindy groaned loud. Mary started to push her fingers in and out and at the same time leant forward and licked her pussy just above the clit. Cindy now thrust her self upwards to meet both the fingers and the tongue that was pleasuring her.

By now Becca had knelt in front of me and had started to lick my balls and was tracing her tongue up and down my cock, this was sending electric shocks through my body. I moved my own hand down and gripped my cock at the base I positioned my rock hard manhood at Becca’s lips and watched as her mouth opened and slowly slipped over me engulfing me into her mouth, Becca’s nose was soon resting against the bottom of my stomach. I held her there, she looked up as I grabbed her hair and forced my cock further, she started to gag so I released for a few seconds.

By now Mary was nose deep in Cindy’s pussy, her long finger was firmly embedded in her ass and Cindy was really moaning loud, Mary had her hand inside her own panties and was furiously fingering her own clit.

All thoughts of the game with Cindy were clearly forgotten. Cindy was begging Becca to make her cum; little did she know it wasn’t Becca but her mom that was pleasuring her.

Becca began to suck on my cock with quite some force, letting my bulbous knob hit the inside of her cheek before taking it into her throat. I managed to move myself round so I could reach Mary with my free hand. I stroked her ass snaking my fingers down her crack until I made contact with her little puckered hole. I began to push slightly, not enough to open her ring to me but just enough to make her push back against my fingers. Becca could see what I was doing and stopped sucking me for a few seconds whilst she spat on her Giresun Escort Bayan fingers, she then moved her hand to where my fingers were and lubricated her moms pulsing hole before she re-established herself on my cock.

I pushed my finger a bit harder; Mary’s tight hole opened allowing me to enter her up to my knuckle she let out a grunt, suddenly Cindy stopped bucking under her, obviously realizing from the movement and the grunts that there were more than just me and Becca with her.

” I don’t know who you are and quite frankly at this time I don’t care, just please make me cum you fucking bitch” Cindy whispered

Becca nearly choked on my cock when she heard this, I just started to laugh. Mary looked very serious and moved up Cindy’s body so she was lying half across her, Mary’s face was now next to Cindy’s ear.

“You wanna cum little girl.” Mary whispered.

“God yes.” Cindy replied

“Well ask mommy nicely then slut.” Mary responded

Cindy’s eyes were still covered but a huge smile spread across her face.

“This is awesome, please mommy make your little girl cum, make me cum in your mouth so you can taste your baby’s juice.” Cindy said.

Mary moved back down her body and grabbed her ankles pushing them forward so Cindy’s legs bent and her knees touched her chest. In this position both Cindy’s pussy and ass were clearly exposed for Mary’s onslaught.

First Mary licked hard from Cindy’s ass straight up to her clit, repeating this several times making the whole pussy area very wet with her spit, she then started to insert her fingers into her one at a time, thrusting in and out a couple of times before adding another digit. By the time four fingers were inside Cindy was bucking hard against the hand. Mary started to rub Cindy’s clit with her free hand,

“Oh god yes, yes yesssssss” Cindy hollered

Mary’s hands were now a blur her fingers were deep inside searching for Cindy’s G-spot, with her other hand she was actually slapping Cindy’s clit really fast.

“That’s it mommy, that’s it, I’m cummmmmiiiiiinnnnnggggg.” Cindy now screamed.

With that Cindy seemed to go into spasm, her head lifted of the bed she looked like she was gasping for air, her whole body shook, she then let out an almighty howl, I leaned forward to cover her mouth, after all we were in a hotel. After a few seconds she seemed to go limp her body relaxed and she fell quiet.

We all looked at her, we were quite amazed at how strong her orgasm had been. I removed the blindfold to see that her eyes were closed and that she had in fact feinted. Mary by now Escort Giresun had turned herself so she was lying on her back she had ordered Becca to lick her and make her cum.

I was shocked at the total disregard they showed towards Cindy, I looked at her lying there still passed out I released her hands and went to the bathroom to fetch a damp cloth to wipe her brow.

When I returned Mary and Becca were in a sixty-nine thrusting their tongues deep into one another, both trying to out do each other.

I wiped Cindy’s brow with the damp cloth, she opened her eyes and stared at me, we both looked in the direction of Mary and Becca who were entwined, Becca clearly had her tongue inside her moms ass, in return Mary was moaning and groaning and forcing her ass further back.

I lay next to Cindy she rested her head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around her. We just lay there watching Mary and Becca. Cindy was gently stroking my cock, very lovingly and very slowly, I was rock hard but didn’t want to move from this position, I was happy lying there with her, somehow and I don’t know how or why, in a matter of hours I had fallen for this girl, she was very different from anyone else I had ever known. She was petite, and lacked confidence we had all used her for our own sexual gratification and didn’t really care, how she felt.

For probably the first time in my life I was ashamed of what I was doing, I had become a sexual demon, not caring what I did or whom I did it with. I watched my wife and stepdaughter having rampant sex in front of me.

Cindy must have seen the look on my face; she leant up to me and whispered in my ear.

“I think I love you,” she said

My heart melted and I knew I had to get out of there and better still I had to get Cindy out of there.

I motioned for her to go into the bathroom

She got off the bed and went inside the room. I told Becca and Mary that she felt ill, they were to engrossed in what they were doing to notice or even acknowledge me.

I grabbed my clothes and Cindy’s and followed her into the bathroom, once inside I told her to dress quickly, we dressed and quietly left the hotel room, I glanced back to see Mary had taken a large dildo out of her bag and was in the middle of ramming it inside Becca’s wide open pussy. I pulled the door shut behind me and just stood there. Cindy held her hand out to me, I took hold of it and we walked out of the hotel and also out of Mary and Becca’s life.

That was two years ago, I have been with Cindy since then. We have a young son and he has just turned one. I have not been unfaithful to Cindy since we have been together and I don’t intend to.

As for Mary and Becca, I’m told Mary has a new man in her life. And that Becca has moved out and is living up North somewhere, I hope she is happy and has quietened down somewhat.

Well at least my story has a happy ending.

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