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Beauty Night

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“Oh, come on, Barry. Come with me. You’ll have a ball!”

I just glared at my friend, Ronald. True, it had been awhile since the accident but my arm was still in a cast and my face was still riddled with the livid bruises, visual reminders of the horror I’d suffered through. The horror that still haunted my dreams. The piercing screech of tires, the bright smash of breaking glass, the brutal crunch of metal against metal. The face of the passenger in the other car, her eyes wide with fear, facing death. The driver already dead of a heart attack. I closed my eyes and swallowed past the lump in my throat.

“I don’t know, Ron. I think I’ll sit this one out.”

“The fuck you will!” I’ve known Ronald Handley for three years now. He was a neighbor and became my roommate and has been the best friend I’ve ever had. He helped the nurses care for me during my prolonged convalescence and never let me drown in the depths of depression when I had to suffer through multiple knee surgeries and the requisite therapy. But I was surprised to see this side of him, especially towards me. He had always been my little ‘junkyard dog’ but he was a bull mastiff, in full anger mode.

“Ron… “

“No! I’m tired of seeing you sitting around here all day!” He came to the side of my chair, his green eyes imploring. “You’ve lived through a terrible thing but you can’t sit around the rest of your life!”

I sighed, knowing he was right. “But I just don’t feel like it.”

“I know you don’t, love.” He patted my left hand, the unharmed, unscarred one. “But you have to try.”

I didn’t want to try. I wanted to do anything but try. Trying meant that I’d have to start all over. I had no girlfriend and the long scar that nearly sliced my face into halves would make sure that that never happened. Why the hell should I even bother? But then I looked at Ron, my friend, my true friend, who had promised that he would take care of me to the end of time. He wouldn’t let me down.

“Okay, you bitch.” I laughed at his puppy dog eyes. “I’ll go.”

* * * * *

The event was called Beauty Night, a festivity usually held in reserve for make-up-starved women but since the advent of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, someone had come up with the brilliant idea to adapt it for us gents. Tonight, Ron’s lover, Danny, was hosting the soirée and had secured a representative from Gillette to bring by a host of masculine products. Plus, there was a make-up artist and two hair stylists coming to tart everyone up. I got the feeling that a lot of drag queens would be in attendance.

Danny welcomed me with a huge, gentle hug and a heartfelt smile. “Oh, Barry, I’m so glad that you came out.”

The care in his eyes made tears prick my eyes and I stammered past the lump in my throat. “You should thank Ron. He was the one who persuaded me.”

Danny gave Ron a hug and a kiss, a promise of things to come. “I’ll properly thank him later. In the meantime, why don’t we get you lubed up?” He chose the words with a wink, knowing that I was escort şişli straight and walked me over to the bar. Several other men were in attendance, gay and straight and the Gillette rep was busy setting up his display so he could make the presentation. Everyone was mingling, grouped together, laughing and talking. Except me. I ordered a double Canadian Club whiskey with just a breath of Coke.

“So, how have you been?”

I avoided Danny’s eyes and sucked at the drink. “Okay.”

“I see you got the knee brace off. Is it still stiff?”


“Are you going to answer me in words that contain more than one syllable?”

I looked at him then. “Sorry.”

He clapped me on the shoulder once, realized his mistake from the grimace on my face and just let his hand rest on me. “Ron tells me that you haven’t been out since… since the accident.”

“No reason to. He does the shopping and I pay our bills online so… “

“You know what I’m saying. He told me that you haven’t driven since then, either.”

I shook my head, taking another long pull of alcohol. “Don’t think I ever will.”


The brutal crunch of metal against metal rang in my ears. “Never.”

“Must have been some accident.”

I thought of Marlene Orfinger’s terror-filled face, knowing that she was going to die but having no ability to stop it. I thought of how panicked she must have been, trying to wrest the steering wheel from the death-grip of her expired spouse, of how she tried to shove his foot off of the accelerator. I emptied the contents of my glass with a shudder.

“I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, Danny.”

He gave me a pat, took my glass and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. “I’m glad you made it through, Barry.” With that, he trotted off to the bar for my refill. Ron found me a seat down front and the rep went through his spiel. Some of the products were good; some were absolutely stupid. He answered questions and everyone got a bag of samples before he left. Then, the real party began.

The make-up artist, Jeanine and the stylists, Freddie and Renée had arrived and set up their stations in the living room and kitchen so that there was plenty of room to watch someone get done while continuing the party.

Jeanine was a little on the short side, busty which is something I don’t particularly care for and blonde and Freddie was a tall hunk of bronzed flesh, flashing whitened teeth and spiky black hair. It was Renée that had caught my eye. She was tall also, about 5’9″ and had the most exquisite shade of ruby red hair. Her eyes were hazel and her skin was also burnished by the kiss of the sun. Her chair was set up in the kitchen, away from the revelry.

“Okay!” Freddie shouted, a mischievous grin on his face. “Who wants to be first?”

Of course, there was a rush for his services. I couldn’t help but laugh at the stampede and neither could Ron, who had come to sit by me. “Natives are restless.”

“No one can resist Freddie. He’s got great hands.”

I besiktas escort chuckled. “And you’re speaking from experience?”

“I take the Fifth on that.” Ron patted my shoulder. “Now enough about me. Let’s see if we can get you hooked up with one of these hotties.” He helped me up and we pushed through the crowd, heading for Freddie. Of course, he was too busy so we went into the kitchen, where Renée’s chair was filled as well. “Hey, Renée.”

Her smile was bright and she gave Ron a peck on the cheek. Then her eyes fell on me and my heart stopped. Up close, she was even more beautiful than I’d imagined. Her hair fell in soft waves around her features and she pushed it back with one ruby-nailed hand.

“Hi, Ronnie.”

“I’ve got a newcomer. Name’s Barry. Think you can fit him in?”

Hazel eyes appraised me thoroughly and I felt a blush heat my cheeks. “I think I could do him next.”

“Great.” Ron left me propped against the counter and went to refill my drink. I guess I was getting pretty tipsy because all I could do was watch her move around the chair, clipping some guy’s hair. As she moved, I could see the delicious curves of her body under the gauzy dress. Full breasts, a large B cup at least and a small waist that flared into nice hips. She looked up at me a couple of times and I thought I read interest in her eyes. Ron shoved a glass in my hand and made small talk with me until she’d finished.

“Okay, stud.” She dusted the seat off, giving me a warm smile. My cock answered unseen and I prayed that it would remain that way.

“Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.”

She laughed, a melodic sound that made my heart flutter. You’d think I was a teenager again, the way my cock was reacting. “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you.” She put the bib around my neck and leaned close as she connected the ends. “Not unless you want me to.”

Now I knew it wasn’t the alcohol. My cock enlarged painfully in the tight confines of my shorts and I shifted, trying to get comfortable. She misted my hair down and started the cut, keeping her beautiful breasts within my line of sight. My mouth was watering, imagining the nipples and soft flesh that lay just inches from my tongue. I think she noticed because she leaned closer, brushing the globes against face while snipping a bit from the top. She could have done it from the back and both she and I knew it.

I shifted again.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, my ass is just falling asleep.”

“I see.” She gave me a knowing smirk and that made my cock grow even harder, not what I was looking for. If I couldn’t do something about its position soon, I was going to have to excuse myself and find the nearest bathroom. “Oh, damn! I just got some hair in your eye!”

“Huh?” She elbowed me and I raised a hand to my eye, feigning injury. “Jeez, it hurts.”

“Let’s hit the bathroom and see if we can take care of the problem.” She grabbed the casted arm and steered me towards the stairs, ignoring the first floor bathroom. escort taksim It was probably full anyway but I didn’t really care. I’d go anywhere she wanted me to go. She practically shoved me into the upstairs bathroom and attacked me. I did nothing to fight back. I dutifully accepted her tongue in my mouth and her body pressed against mine. “Ooo, I thought it was big.” She murmured, giving my cock a squeeze.

When I whimpered, she pushed me back until I was near the toilet seat, quickly unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. My blood-filled prick sprang free and she gave it a cursory exam before lowering her hot, wet mouth on it. I gasped at the sensation of her teeth lightly grazing it while her tongue lovingly painted it. She hefted my heavy balls in her hand and ran her nails along the inside of my thighs, making me shiver.

“Sit down.” I obeyed, pulling one leg out of my shorts in anticipation. Renée did not disappoint. She untied the wrap dress and her large-nippled breasts leapt into view. I opened my mouth and she dropped an eraser-sized nippled onto the tip of my tongue. I used my good arm to encircle her waist, pulling her hard against me and shoving her breast harder into my mouth. She moaned, increasing the volume when I sucked and pulled on it with my teeth. I moved across to the other, working until I had a perfect matched set.

She maneuvered her crotch just so that my casted fingers could slip inside her panties and stroke her wet pussy lips and she responded by pressing against them. I slid two fingers into her slit and instantly fell in love with the sight of this gorgeous woman pumping herself on them, working towards an orgasm. I shuddered as I felt her muscles grip me and her pussy cream trickled down into my palm.

Caressing my tongue with hers, she lifted from my hand and sat directly down on my hard pole. I groaned into her mouth, shuddering again, this time as she ground our pubes together, pushing every inch of me into her creamy hole. “Mm, yeah.” Her hum of pleasure reverberated through my body, making my skin tingle as she began to move. The friction was sweet and her breasts rubbing against my chest made me wish we were in a bed. I wanted to be on top, pounding her and making those luscious globes bounce. Still they bounced gloriously against me and for the first time in a long time, I gave myself over to the sensation of pleasure.

“Jesus.” She whispered, biting my ear and pumping heavily on my prick. “Jesus, Barry! Fuck, you’re going to make me cum already! God, I fucking love your big prick! Oh, Jesus!” Her plump pussy became a vise grip and she threw her head back, screaming as she came. Her enthusiasm and tight cunt sent me tumbling over the edge with her, my prick spurting weeks of stored cum into her spasming hole.

When we were able to speak again, she giggled in my ear, “No one’s going to believe that you had a hair in your eye.”

Of course, no one did believe us. She finished the cut, giggling the entire time and giving me vicious little pokes and winks. At the end of the night, she gave me her card and a huge smile as she left with Jeanine and Freddie. Her home phone number was written on the back with a notation: Good for one free beauty night.

I’ll have to figure out some way to thank Ron.

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