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Beauty and the Geek Ch. 06

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Ball Licking

PART 1 — Stress and Relief


“Stacy!” exclaimed Miley, bubbling with excitement as she approached the locker she shared with her best friend. “I just got off the phone with my dad; you’re never going to believe it!”

Stacy turned, “Your dad? Did he dump that model he was dating?”

Miley’s face scrunched up, “Yeah, like weeks ago…?”

“Awesome.” Stacy grinned, “Because I’d totally sleep with your dad.”

“Oh my god!” Miley swatted. “You are /so/ gross.”

“What!?” Stacy giggled, “Your dad is hot for an older guy. A total DILF.”

“I am going to forget you just told me that… given the fact that he’s moving here to Tallahassee just for me!”

“Seriously?” Stacy asked.

Miley beamed a nod, switching out her books. “Can you believe it? He said if I don’t want to go back to living with mom and Brad I shouldn’t have to, and that I can live with him. He’s going to rent a condo near downtown, that way I don’t have to move to Tampa or switch schools. How /awesome/ is that?”

“What about his job?” Stacy wondered.

“Oh, he just works from home anyways. Dad is like a stock analyst or something; he stares at a laptop and talks on the phone all day.” Miley closed the locker door. “Come on, let’s find Charlie before Bio, I can’t wait to tell him the news.”

“I guess Charlie will be happy you don’t have to move to Tampa.” Stacy said as they started walking through the hallway. “But it must have been nice living with him these past couple weeks?”

“It’s been great.” Miley replied, “And I love Charlie’s mom, she’s so supportive of he and I being together.”

“Plus, I bet you sneak into Charlie’s room every night.” teased Stacy.

“I have not!” Miley giggled, blushing a little. “Charlie’s mom busted me doing that my first night there.”

Stacy laughed, “You’re so predictable.”

“Whatever. You would do the same…”

Stacy suddenly grabbed Miley’s wrist and stopped short in the middle of the hallway. “Miley look…”

Following Stacy’s eyes, Miley saw Darla at Charlie’s locker. A rather well-endowed girl, Darla was wearing a clinging short-sleeved sweater that showed plenty of cleavage, and tight jeans. She kept putting her hand on Charlie’s arm and laughing at everything he said.

Miley’s eyes narrowed dangerously, “Is it just me or is that slut hitting on my man?”

Stacy stared in amazement, “A month ago Darla was calling you a ‘geek-lover’, and now she’s hitting on him? What a two-faced bitch!”

Miley decided she’d seen enough and threw her books to the hallway floor, stalking towards Charlie’s locker. “What the hell do you think you’re doing Darla?!”

Darla turned and squinted at Miley, “I was just talking to Charlie…”

“Whatever!” Miley spat, “I could see you flaunting those over-sized boobs of yours at him from halfway across the school!”

Charlie’s eyes widened. Like a deer caught in headlights who doesn’t know what to do next, he froze. It wasn’t like he had been caught doing anything wrong, but at the same time he didn’t want Miley to have the wrong idea.

“Relax Miley.” Darla glared. “I was just asking Charlie here about Brock’s broken nose…”

“Stay away from him you slut!” Miley warned, “Charlie is /my/ boyfriend…”

Darla let her mouth hang open in insult. “/What/ did you just call me?”

“You heard me… slut!” Miley repeated, stepping as though she wanted to fight.

Other students were beginning to take notice of the altercation and watched, including Stacy who stood right at Miley’s back. Charlie still looked clueless; two girls had never fought over him before and he had no idea how to respond.

“You better put a leash on your girlfriend here Charlie.” Darla said. “You have to collar rabid /bitches/.”

“I’ll show you rabid!” Miley said, baring her claws.

“Miley, don’t!” Stacy urged, grabbing Miley by the arms to keep her from tearing Darla apart. “Charlie!” she pleaded.

Charlie took Stacy’s hint and tried to get himself between Miley and Darla, “Darla you should probably go…”

“You’re lucky your friends are here you nasty little cunt…” Darla sneered, backing away.

Miley struggled against Stacy and Charlie “You’re the lucky one you whore!” she yelled, squirming against Stacy and Charlie. “Let me go! I’m going to kick your ass Darla, you stay away from my boyfriend!”

“Miley! Let it go… what’s wrong with you? She’s right, we were only talking…” Charlie pleaded.

Miley finally relented when Darla vanished behind the gathering crowd, though she was still seething-mad. “That girl never just ‘talks’ to guys Charlie…”

“Miley’s right.” Stacy added. “She’s like a black widow spider, baiting unsuspecting boys with her boobs.”

“Whatever.” Charlie said. “I’d never cheat on you, Miley.”

“I know baby.” Miley assured, “But that still doesn’t mean I’m going to let that bitch anywhere near you.”

“It’s a female territory thing.” Stacy said to a confused looking Charlie, adding a wink. “Now can we get to Bio? We’re going to be escort şişli late.”

“I’m sorry you guys…” Miley kissed Charlie’s cheek. “I trust you baby, just don’t let that whore Darla into fooling you that she wants to be friends, okay?”

“Did you guys know her sister is dating my older brother?” Charlie moved to help Miley pick up her books. “They both go to State…”

Stacy giggled at Charlie, “We knew hon. That’s practically how you and Miley hooked up.”

“Huh?” Charlie looked confused.

Miley latched on to Charlie’s arm “Forget it. Hey, guess what? My dad is moving up here…!”


“What’s wrong dude?” Brian asked Charlie as they worked on their biology lab project. “You look like someone just stepped on your favorite Boba Fett action figure.”

“Miley’s dad is moving up here from Tampa.” Charlie replied.

“Isn’t that good?” Brian pried.

“Yeah, I guess so. I mean, Miley won’t have to move to Tampa and all that, but I guess her dad is like some big-shot, what if he doesn’t like his girlfriend’s nerdy lower-middle class boyfriend?”

“You’re more of a geek than you are a nerd.” Brian joked, “And who cares? Fathers never like the guys dating their daughters.”

“I care.” Charlie said. “Miley really seems to worship him. If he hates me, it could come between us. Plus, he knows all about…well, you know…”

“Miley’s mom catching you with your dick in her daughter’s face?” Brian finished for him.

“Yeah.” Charlie let out a heavy sigh and glanced across the room towards Miley. “He’s totally going to hate me.”


“He is not going to hate you.” Miley said. She was laying on Charlie’s bed after school trying to make sense of her English homework while Charlie was seated at his computer desk, surfing his favorite websites. “I know that he’ll totally love you.”

“How do you know that?” Charlie asked, clicking his mouse. “After all, your mom hates me.”

“Yeah, well, my mom is a bitch.” Miley commented dryly. “Daddy will see how much I love you and how happy you make me.”

“I don’t know… when will he be here?”

“Tomorrow night.” Miley said, getting up from the bed. “He’s taking me to dinner as soon as he gets into town. You’ll come with, right?”

“He probably already hates me.” Charlie lamented. “Your mom told him about catching us… he’ll hate me.”

Miley stepped behind Charlie’s chair and put her hands on his shoulders. “Stop worrying sweetie, my dad is totally different than my mom. He’ll… oh my god. Baby, you’re so tense…”

“I guess I’m just stressing over meeting your dad.” Charlie tried to relax his shoulders as Miley massaged them.

“You want me to rub one out of you?” Miley suggested casually, “That always relaxes you…”

“Miley… we promised each other we’d try and behave around the house, if my parents…”

“Your parents won’t be home for another hour.” Miley said, interrupting. She leaned over and whispered into Charlie’s ear “I bet if I talk real dirty I can get you off in about five minutes.”

“Yeah?” Charlie asked, suddenly curious.

Miley nodded, “Where’s your hand lotion?”

“Um, in my drawer over there…”

“Well pull your shorts off.” Miley moved to fetch the bottle of lotion.

Charlie stood and pushed his shorts down. He was already semi-erect as he sat back down into the chair.

Miley giggled, squirting a copious amount of lotion into her palm. “Look at your thingy, it’s so happy to see me.”

Charlie breathed out a laugh, “Isn’t it always?”

Rubbing the lotion over both hands, Miley knelt in front of Charlie between his knees. “Oh shit… my hands are all gooey. Take my shirt off for me?”

As Miley lifted her arms, Charlie reached and pulled her tee shirt off.

“My bra too, I don’t want your stuff to stain my clothes.” Miley leaned forward and Charlie reached around to unclasp it. Her breasts were no more than a small palm full, but the sight of them made Charlie’s penis stand tall.

Miley giggled, “You like my titties?”

“Of course, they’re beautiful. I love every inch of you, Miley.”

Biting her lower lip, Miley took Charlie’s erection into both of her lotion-covered hands. “You don’t wish they were bigger, like Darla’s?”

Charlie shook his head, “Of course not. Yours are perfect, it doesn’t matter how big they are.”

Miley began coating Charlie’s penis with the lotion, running both hands up and down his length. “I wish they were bigger sometimes, that way I could titty-fuck you. I could wrap them around your beautiful cock and hump them on you until you came and gave me a nice pearl necklace…”

Charlie leaned back into his chair, “I-I’d rather have your hands.”

“I know baby, you like it when I jerk you off.” Miley wrapped both hands around Charlie’s penis, one hand over the other on his length, unable to close either fist around his significant girth. She began stroking him, each hand moving as one. “I’ll take good care of you. I’ll get all that cum out of your balls and help you relax.”

“You’re so incredible escort beşiktaş Miley…”

She beamed, pumping Charlie’s cock steadily. “I know you’re stressed, sweetie. You just need a good cum. I know you need it every day, you need the release… I’ll always take good care of you Charlie. I should probably service you every morning, jerk you off real good and drain your balls… that way you’re nice and relaxed all day.”

Charlie stared at Miley’s breasts as she continued to jack him off. “God Miley, you really know how to turn me on….”

Miley chuckled, “Slow down big guy, we still have three minutes left.”

Charlie laughed, but he was already rock-hard and leaking pre-cum.

“I’m going to aim your cum onto my tits.” Miley informed him. “Then I’m going to rub your stuff into my skin like moisturizer. I’m going to stink of your sex Charlie; I’ll be marked with your scent. That way other guys will know I am your territory… your property.”

“Oh my god…” Charlie moaned, Miley’s words arousing him.

She increased the pace of her slick jacking, arms pumping in unison. “Does that turn you on baby? Do you want to shoot your manhood on me? Or do you want me to swallow it, take your essence into my tummy and digest you… make you a part of me…”

“Miley… jeezus.” Charlie was trying to think of something else, like Iron Man comics or Star Trek. Anything to keep from cumming too fast.

Forming a circle with her thumb and middle finger, Miley rubbed just the head of Charlie’s steel-like erection, her fingers stimulating the hardened ridge of his crown. “Tell me what you want baby…”

“I want to cum on you…” Charlie gasped.

“Do you want to cum on my face? Hmm? Or maybe my sexy tummy…?”

“N-no..” Charlie stammered, trying to maintain control.

Miley went back to stroking Charlie’s full length, but slowly. She was edging him, glancing over at the clock with a smirk. She knew he was on the verge, and loved the control she had. Miley could make him cum at any time. “No? Then where?”

“On your tits… I want to cum on your tits…”

“Go ahead then baby.” Miley cooed, “Shoot your spunk all over them. My boobies belong to you Charlie.” She continued to stroke him slowly, trying to get him off with her dirty talk rather than her hand. “Go ahead and mark them as yours, so all the other naughty boys know that my titties are just for you. You can play with them whenever you want Charlie, suck on my pretty little nipples or decorate them with your seed…”

“Shit… oh shit Miley…”

Miley could feel Charlie’s cock pulse in her hand and knew he was close. “I need your stink on me, coat them baby; soak my tits with all your thick stuff. You always cum so much… god, I want my nipples to drip with your gooey love…”

“Oh fuck!” Charlie grunted as his erection literally jumped in Miley’s hand. She squealed with delight as the first blast jetted out and splattered across her chest. She aimed his cock right at her breasts and watched as several more ropes of it fired out, the milky fluid hot against her tan skin and pink nipples.

Miley pumped his cock rapidly, trying to coax as much of Charlie’s semen out of him as she could, until her chest was suitably slimed. “Mmm, look at it all…”

Charlie slumped in his chair, still staring at Miley’s breasts, watching as she let go of his shaft and started to rub his pleasure all over her skin. She smoothed her palms over her breasts, making sure every inch was covered in his jizm.

“Feel better baby?” Miley grinned.

Charlie nodded wordlessly, his erection bobbing in the air.

Miley glanced at the clock. “Six minutes… I must be losing my touch.”

PART 2 – Captain Darkness


“Daddy!” Miley jumped into her father’s arms, wrapping him in an excited hug. The grey dress she wore fluttered around her knees.

Charlie watched the scene, standing just outside the restaurant where he and Miley agreed to meet her father for dinner. He adjusted his tie nervously, happy that Miley made him wear it; her father was dressed in a suit and the restaurant looked rather formal.

Miley clasped her father’s hand tightly, “Dad, this is Charlie, my super-cute boyfriend.”

Charlie blushed a little at Miley’s description. “Hello sir.”

“…and this is my daddy.” Miley finished.

“Jack Andrews.” Miley’s father said, extending his free hand. “And please Charlie, just call me Jack.”

Shaking hands, Charlie noticed that Jack had a powerful and sure grip. He wasn’t what Charlie expected at all, as Jack wasn’t even forty years old yet (Charlie’s parents were near 50). He was tall, good-looking, and reeked of confidence. His shortly-styled hair was the same color as Miley’s near-black tendrils, and they had the same blue eyes.

“It’s so good to see you dad.” Miley clung to her father’s arm as they entered the restaurant.

“It seems your mom is being her usual easy-to-get-along-with self.” Jack commented sarcastically. “I figured I’d better get up here escort beyoğlu and rescue you. How’s that loser she married doing?”

“Brad?” Miley stuck her tongue out. “Who knows. I haven’t seen either of them for two weeks.”

“Reservation, for Andrews.” Jack told the hostess, who checked her log and promptly showed them to a table. “I need to thank you Charlie, for taking care of my little girl. Your parents too, that was awful nice of them to let Miley stay for a while.”

“It’s no problem.” Charlie smiled. “My mom really likes Miley. I think she always wanted a daughter.”

“Olivia, Charlie’s mom, is sooo awesome.” Miley commented.

“So Charlie…” Jack picked up a menu, peering. “Tell me about yourself. What are you interested in?”

“Oh… uh, you know. The usual stuff.”

Jack glanced to Charlie, lifting a brow.

“Charlie’s really into comic books.” Miley interjected.

“Comic books?” Jack asked.

“Miley…” Charlie sounded embarrassed.

Miley grinned, “What? You are.” She turned to her father, “Charlie and his best friend Brian are always talking about how they want to have their own comic book some day.”

“Is that right Charlie?” Jack asked.

Charlie was certain that Miley’s dad wasn’t interested in comic books. He looked more like the jocks that teased him every school day of his life. “Um, yeah. I’d like to be a comic book writer. I plan on majoring in English and Literature.”

Relieved when the waiter arrived, Charlie was glad when the conversation was put on hold as the three placed their orders. Charlie gave Miley a brief glare, trying to convince her not to embarrass him in front of her father.

But Miley knew what she was doing. After the waiter left, she said “Brian is a really good artist. He’s always showing me his doodles and stuff at lunch. He’s got notebooks full of them.”

Jack listened to his daughter closely.

“They know all about comics and super heroes and stuff….” Miley continued. “It’s amazing. Like, did you know there was more than one Green Lantern?”

“Of course I did.” Jack chuckled. “But everyone knows Hal Jordan is the best Green Lantern.”

Charlie’s brows rose about an inch in surprise.

“Charlie is super creative, dad.” Miley said. “He’s going to be such a great writer.”

Jack looked to Charlie, “So, you and your friend are serious? You’d like to do your own book?”

“Oh, uh… I guess so. We talk about ideas and stuff all the time. Brian has some sketches, and I have a lot of stories plotted.”

“You should put something together, Charlie. Something concrete that can be presented. I have people in the publishing industry that invest with me. If the quality is there, I’d be happy to show them your work.”

“Seriously?” Charlie asked.

“Absolutely.” Jack confirmed. “In business half of your success depends on who you know. The other half is simple hard work. If you and your buddy Brian work hard, come up with a professional presentation and an actual product, I’ll take care of the rest. But like I said, it needs to be quality stuff. Something sellable.”

Miley beamed.

“So.” Jack turned to his daughter, “Are we going to go look at condos tomorrow afternoon or what?”


“I’ll go get the car.” Charlie said outside the restaurant after dinner. “It was great to meet you Mr. An… I mean, Jack.”

“You too Charlie, I look forward to seeing a lot more of you.” Jack shook Charlie’s hand again.

Once Charlie was gone he turned to Miley.

“Isn’t he the best?” Miley said with a big grin, happy that her father and Charlie got along so well at dinner.

“He seems like a great young man.” Jack agreed, “But Miley… what your mother told me about catching you two, I have to admit….”

“I love him.” Miley blurted, interrupting.

Jack studied Miley’s expression.

“I really do, daddy.” Miley tucked a dark curly tendril behind her ear, “Every decision I make, whether it’s living with you or deciding on a college… I’m going to make it with Charlie in mind. He’s a big part of my life. The biggest. I need you to understand how important he is to me, and to my future.”

Jack lifted a hand to Miley’s chin, “You got it kiddo. If he’s the one who makes you happy, then I’m behind you one hundred percent. But I swear, if you make me a grandfather before I turn forty…”

Miley smiled warmly, hugging her father as Charlie pulled up with his mom’s car. “Don’t worry, I won’t. I love you daddy.”

“I love you too. See you tomorrow honey.”


“Dude. Don’t even fucking joke with me, all right?”

“I’m not joking.” Charlie told Brian. “If Miley’s dad likes our stuff, he said he’d show it to actual publishers.”

Brian looked to Miley. “Is he joking with me?” pointing at Charlie.

“Nope.” Miley replied, laying on her tummy across Brian’s bed. Her bare ankles and feet stuck up in the air, legs bent at the knee as she read one of Brian’s comic books. She and Charlie had driven right to Brian’s house immediately after dinner. “He’s serious.”

“I bet we could do a couple of issues…” Charlie started to explain, loosening his tie. “Have them put together at the printer, on that really high-quality gloss paper? Maybe get some concept stuff on pegboard for a presentation. We could do this.”

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