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Beauty and the Beast Pt. 02

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Alexis Fawx

He switched the mobile to speaker phone and I heard a grating northern voice.

“So you’re enjoying yourself, you dirty little girl. Can’t wait for your Daddy’s cock. Well, your Uncle Ted is on his way to see you and is bringing another hard cock to service that tight little cunt you keep between those sexy bum cheeks. You’re a hot little bitch. I may only rate you seven out of ten but you’re hot enough to drag me out of the station. You better make sure your pretty mouth and tight cunt make my trip worthwhile. Your Uncle Ted can make you very sorry if you don’t””

I heard this vile man with growing horror. There was something unspeakable about that voice. It had a chilly, sneering, gloating quality that acted on me like a cold douche. As I listened, the erotic daze in which I had succumbed to Daddy moments before washed out of me and left me shuddering with a fearful recognition of my utter helplessness.

I was completely vulnerable, sprawled naked, legs spread wide, a monstrous cock rearing up between my thighs, in the lap of this terrifying man who had so tormented and humiliated me. And now a second man, the owner of this cruel sneering voice was on his way to violate me.

As the voice grated and sneered on, describing what he would do to me, a panic fear seized me.

“No!” I cried out, “No! No!” I screamed at the top of my voice. “I don’t want this! Let me go home! Let me go! I want to go home!” I struggled wildly to get away. But Daddy’s brawny arm had closed around me and held me pinioned against his chest imprisoning both my arms in its tight orbit. I could only futilely flail my legs.

“Well, Ted,” he said his voice level and informative, “you’ve really got her going. I’ve not seen her so excited. I think she wants you to spank her. Is that right, girl?” he asked and stuck his tongue in my ear. “You want your Uncle Ted to put you over his knee and really punish that plump rump of yours?”

“I don’t! I don’t!” I shouted squirming in his tight grasp and kicking my legs as I struggled to get away.

“You should see her Ted. She’s putting on quite a show. All this wriggling and writhing in my lap is keeping my cock at full stretch. The little slut sure knows what she’s doing”

“Don’t let her wear herself out, Jack. I’d like a bit of that spitfire stuff left for me.”

Daddy’s mouth was against my ear again. “Tell your Uncle Ted you like it rough”

They were making cruel fun of me and I couldn’t bear it. I shouted and screamed to drown out their mocking voices, but could not prevent fragments penetrating my consciousness.

“… see who makes her squeal the loudest …

… in the little bitch’s cunt within the hour …

… make her beg for my cock …

… wants you to give her a good going over …

… a real wriggler, wait till you get her bum on your lap.”

I must have become so hysterical with terror that I passed out.

I came to myself still gasping and sobbing, but calmer. I was sitting cross-wise in Daddy’s lap, my legs over one of the arms of the chair and Daddy’s arms around me. He was petting me in the way one calms a nervous horse

“There now, girl, calm yourself, Daddy’s holding you. You got overexcited.”

His voice now was deep, calm, soothing nothing like it had been before. The touch of his big hands was gentle, comforting. I began to breathe normally again and stopped sobbing.

“Now tell Daddy what upset you.” He sounded kind and concerned.

“That man,” I said, “I don’t want him. Please, I really don’t.” I was getting overwrought again.

“Uncle Ted. Well he isn’t coming. When you were so upset and out of it I told him it was no go. He didn’t like it, but now he’s on his way home.” He stroked my hair Demetevler Escort reassuringly.

“Now, it’s just you and me, Daddy and his little girl.” He pressed me to him, cuddling me.

He was so transformed from what he had been earlier that I found myself able to say, “Please, I don’t want this any more. I don’t want to be your little girl. I want to go home.” It was an effort not to call him Daddy.

“And go home you shall, baby. Just rest quiet now like this a while.

And I did rest. Perhaps I was exhausted by my struggles and all that had preceded them. I was so soothed, held like a child on Daddy’s lap, that I fell asleep.

When I awoke it took me a moment to realise where I was and to remember all that had happened. I was naked held by his strong arms in the lap of this man who had so tormented and humiliated me. Yet I was feeling warm and safe and comforted.

“Better now, little one?” He asked.

“Yes, thank you. Was I asleep?”

“Not for long, about ten minutes.” He stroked my hair.

I couldn’t understand how he had become this reassuring fatherly figure. I asked “Why were you so cruel to me before?”

“Daddy wasn’t being cruel. He was giving you the kind of treatment you asked him for. But Daddy can be kind, can be gentle, like this. And to prove it, why don’t you let your Daddy give you a little pleasure before he drives you back to town?”

His hand slid caressingly down over my belly to my penis, which lay on my thighs and he began to stroke it.

“There, isn’t this nice?” he murmured in my ear. “Don’t you like Daddy’s strong big hand playing with you?”

Almost at once my penis began to stiffen under his caressing fingers. It was pleasant, exciting but soothing at the same time and I felt I was in control, that I was allowing him to do this.

“That’s nice isn’t it? He murmured. “You like a real man’s hands on you, don’t you, baby?” And he took hold of my hardening penis and pulled the foreskin back and ran his thumb over the head. His other hand reached a nipple, squeezing and pulling gently at it

I whimpered, shutting my eyes and giving way to the pleasure of his caresses.

“That’s it my pretty,” he crooned. “Daddy knows what you need. Oh, you’re such a girl, so feminine, spreading your thighs for me.”

And unconsciously I had spread them, and his hand slipped down between them and a finger stroked my perineum.

“Lie back, relax, and let Daddy play with you.” And I found myself stretched across his lap, my back against one arm, of the armchair. I could feel his cock hardening under my bottom. My thighs were spread and raised so that my legs hooked over the other arm. And his hand, that insidious caressing hand had slipped down between my parted thighs stroking me. I moaned as it moved lower and a finger began to caress my anus, running around it but not entering it. His other hand, freed now from holding me against him, took hold of my penis and began to pet it. I moaned again and writhed with pleasure.

“There now,” he said, “Daddy’s little girl is getting hot and bothered. Daddy knows what gets her going.”

Then while he gently caressed my penis with one hand, holding it and running his thumb over the head, now wet with precum, the forefinger of his other hand playing at my anus began to press gently against the opening, pushing, entering a little way, withdrawing, pushing in again.” I whimpered and moaned as I moved my hips trying to capture the tormenting finger, but as I moved it always withdrew.

“Please,” I begged, “please, Daddy, please.”

“What do you want, girl? Does Daddy’s girl want me to stop?” His fingers ceased their insidiously seductive Otele gelen escort movement and drew away.

Bereft, I opened my eyes and encountered his deep dark-eyed gaze staring down at me. “Please,” I begged, lifting my hips, writhing, trying to find those teasing delighting fingers again.”

“What do you want, girl? Tell me,” he said his eyes insistently holding mine, “Do you want to go home now or are you Daddy’s girl?” And for a moment his fingers returned to my anus and resumed their caressing arousing motion before withdrawing again.

“Tell me what you want. Home now or be Daddy’s girl? ” he ordered.

“Please,” I said, “Daddy’s girl. I want to be Daddy’s girl.” I didn’t want to say it, I heard myself saying it. My body said it, my desire said it.

His eyes, still looking down into mine took on a mocking glint and he laughed as his fingers went back to their seductive work. “You see,” his voice tinged with contempt, “once a man gets his hands on you, you’re lost. You’re like all sissy girls, brainless. You think with your cunt.”

He slid a finger inside me, and I gasped as he began to work it in and out. His other hand slid up to my tits. Mounding one in his hand he squeezed the nipple and I whimpered. He was still staring down at me and I could not free my eyes from his gaze.

“Yes girl, you’re learning what you really are. A minute under a real man’s hands and you’re this helpless, moaning, needy slut. You’re really just a piece of cock-hungry female flesh.”

I heard his demeaning, humiliating words, but I could not help myself. I was writhing and pushing back against his thrusting finger.

He reached out to the little table behind me and took something from it and brought it to my penis. I felt a flow of something cold that ran down between my legs.

“I want you really wet. Daddy needs to open his little bitch up, get her ready for his big hard cock. A second finger slid into me and I felt how they turned and twisted as they fucked in and out of me. A third finger joined them and I cried out as it pushed its way in. “Yes,” he said. “Your heart’s desire will hurt you.” “But this is nothing. Wait till you feel my cock.”

As he spoke, his other hand began to stroke my penis, which was stiff and slippery with lubricant. The pain now mixed with pleasure as I adjusted to his thrusting fingers. Now they were delighting me as they moved smoothly in and out of me. I moaned and thrust my hips to meet them.

“D’you want Daddy to make you come, make this big girly clit make cummies.” As he spoke he speeded up his fucking fingers to match the hand on my penis.

I felt a magical mounting pleasure and then with a scream and an ecstasy so sharp it hurt I came. Daddy milked me spurting my cum onto my belly as I writhed, crying out “Oh my God! Oh Daddy! Oh! Oh!”

He scooped the cum off my belly and wiped my face with it, sweeping over each cheek and then over my mouth and nose, the fingers of his other hand still sliding in and out of me.

“Yes, you liked that, you little slut. Let’s see what your Daddy can do for you next. You’re ripe and ready for Daddy’s cock.”

As he spoke he slid an arm under my back making me sit up, the fingers inside me withdrew and then with both hands under my bottom he lifted and turned me effortlessly and pressed me high up, my back against his chest, where he held me with one arm around my waist.

I was still recovering from my orgasm and could not take in what was happening to me.

“Now, little slut, you are going to learn you were made for a hard cock up your cunt”. His other hand caressed my bottom briefly and then took hold of his cock and brought Balgat Escort its monstrous head against my anus.

I cried out in alarm as I felt it pushing against my flesh, pressing into me.

“You feel it girl? I’m going to go very slow. But it’s going to hurt.”

He lowered me a little and I felt the head of his cock pushing my flesh aside.

I squealed at the sharp pain.

He held me like this, his cock barely inching further.

“You’re hurting me Daddy,” I gasped.

“Yes, you silly bitch, what did you expect? And I’m going to hurt you a whole lot more. You’d best spread your legs, it’ll be a mite easier for you.”

I parted my thighs and the pain eased a little. I spread them some more so that my feet rested on the arms of the chair.

“That’s it girl. He lowered me slowly onto his cock letting my own weight force the head inside me.

I screamed at the pain as it inexorably penetrated me.

“You liked that, slut, didn’t you? So, let’s do it again.”

Now he held me by the waist with both hands. He lifted me and let me fall again, but only letting the head penetrate me, and did it again and again, the enormous head of his cock hurting as much each time it withdrew, never quite exiting, as it did when it penetrated me. The pain was unbearable. I screamed and squealed and begged and sobbed, tears streaming down my cheeks.

Daddy was panting, his voice hoarse, “Yes, baby girl, that’s what you’re here for, to scream and cry while Daddy sticks his hard cock up your tight little cunt. Oh, you’re so tight.”

The torment continued. Daddy was gasping. I was screaming and crying. At last he roared, “Ye-e-e-es! You fucking gorgeous sissy bitch!” And I felt him come, his cock pulsing, spewing his cum inside me.

Then he let me fall and for the first time the whole length of his huge cock pushed into me. I screamed one last time.

Then he left me at rest in his lap, full up with his cock inside me, my thighs spread wide and my feet on the armrests of the chair. The agony was over.

“Your first fuck, baby girl,” he said. He was still breathing hard. “A very special one. It was going to be short. You’re such hot little bitch Daddy wasn’t going to last long. So Daddy made it memorable, and you sure will remember it, you little whore.”

“You hurt me so much,” I sniveled.

“What did you expect you silly bitch? A sissy girl like you is made for suffering. It’s your nature. Now enjoy, while my cock’s still hard and in your cunt.”

His hands, no longer holding my waist, were free and he began playing with my penis which was limp, and with my nipples.

“Come on, girl, let’s get that soft little clit waving and stiff.”

“I don’t want it, Daddy. Please, no.”

“Oh yes, you do. You don’t know it, but Daddy does.”

I said no again but I could feel my penis stiffening under his expert fingers. He squeezed a nipple, and I could not repress a groan as he shifted beneath me and I felt the long column of his cock still hard and full inside me. I closed my eyes still murmuring pleas for him to stop, but I did not mean them.

“There girl,” he crooned, “Daddy knows you need his hands as well as his cock. Remember Daddy always knows best.” He was masturbating me gently and I felt myself moving my hips, pushing up into his hand and as I did so I felt his cock press inside me. And the feeling was exciting.

“That’s the way, you hot sissy bitch. You’ll keep my cock hard and that’s what you want.”

Then, as my excitement mounted, abruptly he pinched a nipple hard and said, “Open your eyes, girl.”

I screamed.

A naked man was standing in front of me, a tall man with a long pot-bellied sallow body, specked everywhere with short curly black hairs, which continued over his long scrawny thighs and legs. His face, too, was long with a big projecting lower jaw. His head was balding with slick black hair plastered across the bald areas. He was holding his long white cock, erect in his masturbating hand. His very moist filmy blue eyes were fixed on me with a terrifying predatory look.

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