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Beach Cruise

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I was becoming quite a regular visitor to Brighton. Well it was only a few hours travel by train and there were always cheap fares on offer, more so during the Winter, but also during the Summer. I had finished a tough month at work. The office politics were becoming tiresome and the workload excessive. I needed a break and booked a couple of days holiday mid-week. Someone else could deal with irate customers on the phone for a couple of days. When an internet advert offered train tickets to Brighton for £10 return, it was a no brainer. I called Brian at my usual bed and breakfast.

‘Room 5 will be ready for you Tuesday, you can arrive anytime’ he chirped.

He had pretty much stopped taking new guests, semi retiring, ah if only I could. He always welcomed returning guests. The half dozen rooms in his house were rarely occupied.

My first job was, as usual, to make the short ten minute walk to the shops in the centre. I could stock up on coffee, chocolate and other treats. I was excited to use this visit to complete my list of attractions on my Brighton list. Not the pier, the museums or the fun fair. I was more interested in the saunas, the Trading Hotel cruising and cruising the promenade. I had done, and enjoyed, the first two and was ready for the third. On my previous visit I had checked online the best cruising area. Middle Walk started next to the north pier and spread the length of the promenade for a couple of kilometres. Steps lead down from the main road. On my first visit I mistakenly walked down a second set of steps taking me to a lower promenade. I must have walked two or three kilometres without a sniff of action. It was only after I had returned home I realised I should have descended just one set of steps. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

I sat on my bed eating my take away pizza watching television. I was excited and a little nervous. I had never been cruising before. I had visited quite a few saunas and even gone to a guys house I had met on the internet. There was a greater element of danger when cruising. Danger of getting caught, danger of attack too. I wasn’t too excited about that but I did like getting my cock out in public and in the cool outside air. Many a time I have stopped outdoors for an innocent pee and found myself fondling my erect dick for a little while. It was just after 9pm when I walked out the guest house in the warm summer air towards the pier.

It was only a short walk to the Imperial Hotel, the starting point for ‘The walk’, apparently the most popular cruising place in Brighton. I was prepared dressed in sweat pants for easy access and a mini bottle of bahis siteleri lube in my pocket. While anal was not in my plans, it wasn’t completely off the agenda, and besides I struggled jerking off without some sort of lubricant. I had even used margarine once but that was another story. There was no doubt about it: I was gagging for cock. I had frequented cruising areas before but never had the guts to approach anyone. But this time I knew was going to be different.

I walked down the steps by the side of the hotel, just one set this time. It was dark. I could hear the trams and cars speed along the main road above me. The streetlights from above offered no light to the service road below as I walked. The moon lit up the sea crashing against the rocks below me. Along the right hand side of the service road was a concrete canopy. Every couple of hundred metres were a set of steps leading back up to the main road. Next to the steps was usually a park bench. These were probably used by families during the day. They would sit there eating their ice creams. After dark they were used my middle aged perverts and cock suckers. How very diverse this town was.

Immediately I saw I had a bite. He was slightly tubby, older, and nervous looking. I walked over to the bench and could see him stroking his cock through the dark. I realised as I sat down next to him and placed my hand on his dick just how much I had been craving this. I lowered my head to his crotch and began licking and kissing his shaft and balls as he moaned softly. It wasn’t very big, smaller than mine even, but I enjoyed the feel of it nonetheless as I took the stranger’s dick in my mouth. After a few slow movements he placed both hands on the back of my head and started guiding me faster and faster. It didn’t seem long before he was thrusting up hard into my face. I pulled my cock out of my pants and let it soak in the fresh air as it bounced to attention. I took the lube out of my pocket squeezing a few drops onto my hand before returning the bottle to my pocket. I stroked my cock while the man pushed his meat all the way into my mouth. I felt his tight balls on my chin as he tried to touch the back of my throat with his cock.

Every few minutes a passer by would appear. Because of the dark there was little or no warning. We would stop and try and act innocent when the dog walkers or hetero couples passed by. With other cruisers we just carried on. Some would stop for a few minutes and watch, even jerk off a little while watching us. Fuck that turned me on, someone wanking themselves off watching me suck a hot, meaty cock. We moved from the bench to the stone floor at the canlı bahis siteleri foot of one of the stairwells. It was darker and more secluded, unless someone decided to walk down the stairs, then we would be busted. The man never spoke except to call me a slut. It was true so I didn’t complain. He took the lead using the lube from my dick to lube his finger. I flinched as he pushed it slowly into my tight hole.

‘I don’t fuck’ I said as he twisted his finger inside my hungry arse.

He either didn’t hear or chose not to hear. He moved himself onto his all fours ready to take my meat. Without looking back, or speaking, he pulled my hard cock towards his large hairy arse. Suddenly he guided it between his arse cheeks and into his ready hole. It slid inside without any resistance. I wondered who really was the slut here. Although I didn’t resist, I didn’t push either. He did all the work pushing himself backwards and forwards working my wet rod.

We heard footsteps close by and he pulled away leaving my erect cock unemployed and sad. The walker passed and I lay on my back resting my head on the steps wall. The man moved back and lowered himself onto my prick guiding it back inside as he lowered his sexy arse. He remained silent as I moaned in pleasure. I hadn’t gone down there for a fuck but now it was happening I was fucking loving it. It would have been nicer had he faced me, I could have watched him jerk off and shoot over my belly but this was still pretty good. He could tell by my heavy moaning I was close. He stood up and for the first time I saw his face clearly. He looked aged late fifties with a heavy beard and heavily balding. I guessed a married man who longed for his wife to dildo his arse but had to settle for a quick fuck once a month and a daily wank watching gay porn while she was out at work. Been there I thought. The man stood up jerking his uncut cock as he stood over me. I watched his eyes roll as his foreskin appeared and disappeared before appearing again covered in his cream. I wanked my dick hard without taking my eyes off his manhood. Suddenly I let out a quiet groan as I shot my creamy load over my hairy chest. I mopped up the cum with my t-shirt as I stood up. The man smiled as I bent down to pull up my pants. As I looked up he was gone. I smiled back at the empty space opposite me.

I sat on one of the benches and lit a cigarette. It was getting quite busy down there. The dog walkers were becoming less frequent as it got later. I had been on the walkway barely an hour and already been fucked once. I was horny again. I walked a little further down the road. There was an area in the corner surrounded canlı bahis by columns. It looked like the remnants of a Roman temple or rather a 20th century copy of the remnants of a Roman temple. I spotted a small old man behind me. I carried on walking climbing the steps back up to the road. At the top I saw him following me. I decided to return down the steps and walked back to the Roman ruins. The man was about five minutes behind me. By the time he reached me I was leaning against one of the columns stroking my exposed, lubed cock. The man was considerably shorter than I was but somehow managed to kiss me as he took my hard cock in his hand. He pulled out his own knob and began stroking. Fuck it was small, even erect there was little to feast on. I was a little disappointed hoping for some mammoth bone to dine on.

The old man fell to his knees and I pulled his head sharply into my crotch. I heard him gag as my wet cock punched the back of his throat. I grabbed a crop of his hair at the back of his head and fucked his mouth fast. At times he struggled to keep my meat in his mouth. I could hear him panting. He probably needed some air but he wasn’t getting it. I wasn’t gonna let him stop now. He continued wanking his little dick but it wasn’t getting any bigger.

‘Suck that fucker you cunt,’ I said ‘Play with my balls fuck yeh’ I continued.

I was getting close and this old fucker was going to eat every little drop of my tasty cum.

I put both my hands on each side of his head and pulled him closer than I thought it possible. I moaned in sheer pleasure, he moaned, probably in pain, as I shot hard and fast into his warm mouth. To his credit he didn’t even try and pull away until certain I had no juice left inside me. I let go and he pulled his head back licking my cock tip as he did so. I left my cock dangling in the cool air as I bent down and kissed the old man. I could taste my own cum on his tongue. It tasted a lot better than my take away pizza earlier.

I walked back to the bed and breakfast, still horny but empty balls. I climbed the steep stairs to my room and fell onto the bed. I was hard again. Fuck was this never going to end. I pulled my pants down and pulled my hard cock out from inside my underwear. It dangled from the bottom of my tight underpants. I pulled the back sides of my underwear tight into my arsehole. I opened up my laptop and chose a short movie downloaded from a porn site. Mathew was probably the cutest cum eater I had ever seen. I watched him destroy load after load, including that of a big dicked tranny, as I worked baby oil into my throbbing cock. A few minutes later I shot my load for a third time in just a couple of hours, this time into my own mouth. I mopped up the bits that missed my open mouth licking my fingers with delight. What a busy night. I needed a rest but first I had a true story to write.

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