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Baxter’s Plan

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This website has been the inspiration to write my first short story. Hope you guys like it!



My name is Baxter Marshall Jr. and I have something very special planned for my 18th Birthday.

I am going to fuck my identical twin sisters.

A little backstory…

Now if you saw me…and then saw my sisters, you would think that I had a better shot of getting crushed by a comet than fucking them. I am 5′ 5″ and about 139 pounds soaking wet. I am not ugly. It’s just that I’m sort of invisible. When I walk down the halls of my high school, I’m fortunate to be ignored by the bullies. But unfortunately, I’m also ignored by every cute girl as well. My sisters on the other hand are literally ogled by every straight man within eyeshot. Students, teachers, janitors…hell, I’ve seen Principle Barton sneaking a peek at their tight asses on more than one occasion, and she’s a woman!

Alexa and Talia are identical in almost every sense of the word. If Talia didn’t double-pierced her left earlobe, or Alexa have a penchant for red clothing, I would have no ways to tell them apart! I’ll paint you a picture of what they look like. Imagine Miranda Kerr’s face with those piercing blue eyes, effortless white smile & those deep dimples in her cheeks. Swap out Miranda’s luxurious brunette hair with wavy, blonde flowing locks that nearly reaches their perfect behinds.

For a mental image of their bodies, do a Google image search for a model named Helga LoveKaty (I will wait…and you’re welcome.) The thing that is totally mind-blowing is that their bodies are even better than Helga’s if you can even fathom that! Their breasts are larger by about a cup size & their privates are completely hairless. No stupid tattoos and no blemishes either (I can’t remember them ever having a fucking pimple!) And since we currently live in Florida, Alexa & Talia have beautiful tanned skin. They are exactly eleven months older than me. One other noticeable trait is that they both tower over me at exactly 5′ 10″.

Everything about them is perfect except for two things.

1) They have treated me like shit for years. If they could get away with pretending that I wasn’t their brother, they would not hesitate.

2) Both of them have never achieved an orgasm. I found out this surprising fact recently. (Details in a bit.)

It also sucks for them that we are all seniors together since they were held back a year. My parents had the shockingly bad idea to get them both iPhones for Christmas their freshmen year. For some insane reason, they thought it would be a good idea for the twins to have phones in case of an emergency. Instead, Alexa & Talia spent the rest of the school year texting their friends and each other at such a ridiculous rate that they managed to fail every single class they were in.

It ended up being even worse for them since we moved from Madison, Wisconsin to Sarasota right after school let out. We had inherited my Aunt June’s beachfront home when she passed away. Since it took a while to get settled in Florida, the twins were unable to attend summer school. I think that was one of the main reasons why they upped their hatred of me. I guess the idea of being a year older and stuck in the same grade as their little brother was somehow my fault. Their verbal abuse towards me was part of their daily routine… like their cheerleading practices.

Now the details:

Four weeks before my birthday – Six o’clock on Thursday night –

My parents had left moments ago to meet a client in Fort Myers. They have a burgeoning wedding photography/videography business. They were going to nail down the final details with the future bride & groom. My mom was pissed that my father had accepted the job since it fell on my Birthday (Friday, March 24th.) My pops said he’d make it up to me when they got back.

Alexa & Talia made a bowl of popcorn and were going to spend the night watching their must-see trifecta, “Once Upon a Time”, “Revenge”, and “Betrayal”. Damn, those shows suck so much! I had just left also and rode my bike down the street to tutor Jenny Swanson with her calculus homework. The only reason I did that was because Jenny’s mom & my mom are friend’s. My mom volunteered me since I’m acing Calculus along with every other class I was in.

The one plus for me was that Jenny was gorgeous. A Beautiful redhead with emerald eyes and a light dusting of freckles on her nose & cheeks. She was actually tiny compared to me at 5′ 1″. It was unfortunate that she was friends with my sisters, but at least she didn’t torment me like they did. She just didn’t really think of me at all, except as the kid down the street that tutors her. If you asked her, she probably wouldn’t know that we had four classes together this semester. It only took a couple minutes to get to her house and her mom answered the door when I rang the doorbell.

“Hi Ms. Swanson. I’m here for another tutoring session with Jenny.”

“Baxter, gorukle escort bayan you know I hate it when you call me Ms. Swanson! That’s my mother. It makes me feel old when people call me that. I told you to call me Jessica.”

“You definitely do not have to worry about that Ms. Swa…I mean Jessica!” (And that was definitely the truth since Jessica was a personal trainer. She reminded me of a hot, red-headed version of Kate Beckinsale. I could probably bounce a quarter off her tight ass!)

“As for Jenny, I’m sooo sorry but I forgot to call you earlier. We are going to have to reschedule your tutoring lesson.”

“Is everything ok?” I asked.

“Jenny is visiting her father down in Miami. (Jessica’s nose momentarily crinkled as she mentioned her ex-husband.) She won’t be back until Sunday night.”

I told Jessica to get her daughter to call me to reschedule when she got back. And with that, I headed back home. What I discovered when I got home was epic on an unprecedented scale!

I walked in and the first thing I noticed was the tub of uneaten popcorn on the couch. “Where the hell are the twins?” I thought to myself. I started walking down the hallway when I heard one of the twins say, “Jenny swears by the Bullseye! She said this vibrator has given her toe-curling orgasms every time!” (Don’t ask me which twin said it. I can’t tell them apart by voice either!) My brain went into overdrive when I heard, “Jenny”, “Vibrator” and, “Toe-Curling Orgasms.”

I gingerly crept to their bedroom door. Luckily, their door was slightly ajar. They were trying to open the plastic packaging and it seemed like that infuriating plastic cover was winning because they were getting nowhere fast. I couldn’t help but notice that they were only wearing bras and tiny thongs. I made the most of their setback by quietly treading away and quickly grabbing mom’s new Canon Eos 70d from her home studio. I slinked around to the back of the house and quietly positioned myself behind the large palm tree by the twins window. The twins didn’t notice me since it was nearly sunset.

I am so glad there was a heatwave that week! The twins liked to keep their window wide open in order for the gulf breezes to cool down at night. I had a perfect vantage point of them on their bed and since our house had a large fenced-in backyard, I didn’t have to worry about the neighbors calling the cops to report me as a peeping tom.

I turned on the video function on mom’s camera and zoomed in to frame the action. I could not believe what I was recording! I also couldn’t believe how fucking awesome the lens was on this Canon! I was completely zoomed in on Talia’s beautiful pussy. It completely filled the touchscreen and it was in perfect focus as she rubbed the vibrator against her clit. It looked so magnificent! Talia’s beautiful vagina had a perfect camel toe and absolutely no pubic hair whatsoever! There wasn’t even the hint of stubble or razor-burn. “I guess they wax” I assumed. Her clit was pierced with a small gold ring which was a surprise to me.

Alexa asked Talia if it was working, and she replied, “I think so but maybe I should play with my nipples to help put me over the top. Help me take off my bra” Talia responded breathlessly. She sat up so Alexa could remove Talia’s white Victoria’s Secret bra. I thought Talia’s pussy was perfect but her breasts won that competition! Full & firm and perfectly symmetrical. I literally forgot to breathe for a couple of seconds when they were unveiled!

“Wowww” I whispered. I think I had a similar moment when I saw the Grand Canyon when I was nine… awe-inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful!

Talia laid back again. She had switched hands so that the vibrator was in her left hand. Her right hand was furiously playing with her right breast. Alexa kneeled next to Talia’s left side. She was wearing a sexy bra with an impossibly tiny thong…both red. I could see a glistening sheen of sweat on both of them through the camera’s eyepiece. Talia’s breathing was more pronounced, her fantastic breasts heaving and falling in this hypnotic, rhythmic motion.

“I think I might cum. I think I’m close” Talia moaned. “Alexa, help me! Play with my other breast! Hurry!!! I think this might be the one!”

I nearly creamed in my pants when I heard that! I’m glad this camera lens had auto-stabilization built in. Otherwise this movie would have looked like earthquake footage. It was taking all my will to keep my hands steady.

I thought Alexa would help by caressing Talia’s left breast but she surprised both of us by kneeling down and suckling on her nipple! I could not FUCKING BELIEVE IT! Talia was grinding the Bullseye fiercely against her clit! Moaning and bucking against it and Alexa, like a bull at a rodeo.

“Ungh, mmmh, Oh shit! I…I think this is it Alexa! I THINK THIS IS IT!” Talia screamed. Alexa’s beautiful azure eyes glanced up at Talia, but her lips stayed firmly on her twin’s nipple, tongue swirling around nilüfer escort bayan it, flicking it, over and over again!

“SSHITTTT” Talia bellowed! She removed her hand off her breast, her chest still heaving as her ragged breath slowly calmed down. “Did you cum?” Alex asked.

“NO! NO! Fucking NO! Goddamn it!” Talia shouted. “I was soooo close. I know I was. I just couldn’t get over the top!”

Alexa grabbed the Bullseye and tried as well. She ended up in the doggystyle position facing the window, with her pert ass up high. Alexa was rocking back & forth, her equally amazing breasts swaying towards me and away from me with a beautiful, rhythmic sway. I noticed that their areolae were lighter than the rest of their tanned, sweat-slicked bodies!

I desperately wanted to reach through the window and palm those two perfect mounds in my hands! Alexa’s nipples were achingly at attention as they rubbed back & forth against her silk sheets. Talia plunged the vibrator deep into her sister’s matching pussy while her other hand gripped tightly on Alexa’s flowing blonde hair. Talia pulled her backwards into the incoming toy, over and over again. This hypnotic motion continued on and on for another 15-20 minutes until Alexa called it quits. She was so close to cumming but she couldn’t get to 100%.

They both laid together, wrapped in each other’s arms for a minute or two and then started to grab their clothes to get dressed. I made a quick exit to the front of the house. First, I took the memory card out of the camera and placed it in my front pocket next to my still, rock-solid cock. Second, I quietly returned the camera to my mom’s studio. Third, I grabbed my bike & rode it to the end of the block and waited five minutes. And finally, I went back home and as loudly as possible, entered the front foyer of the house. I found the twins sitting on the living room couch, Alexa furiously trying to turn on the TV.

“Why are you home so soon twerp?” Talia sneered.

“Jenny went to visit her father in Miami. Why are you two so sweaty? Did the air conditioner break again?”

Talia & Alexa glanced at each other for a moment. I could see that they were desperately trying to think of some kind of plausible response. They glanced back at me and responded with:

“Fuck off Baxter!” in unison. It was a tried & true classic.

I noticed Alexa’s red bra strap poking out from her v-neck t-shirt & was thankful that I was holding my backpack in front of my crotch because there would have been no way in hell to hide my throbbing erection.

I left them and rushed to my bedroom. I locked the door, turned on my iMac, and fished out the memory card from my pocket. While that was downloading to my hard drive, I did a Google search for, “Percentage of women that don’t orgasm”. Found out that up to 43% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm.

“Hmm, learn something new every day.”

I opened up Final Cut Pro to see what I had captured. It was the motherload of spank bank material! Thirty seven minutes of my fucking hot twins sisters going to town on each other with a vibrator! I also had to give some props to mom. The picture quality from her Canon Eos was amazing! High-definition 1080p video! Great color saturation & sharp focus throughout. The zoom alone on that camera was amazing! I was a good 20 feet away from the twins but as I watched the perfect fullscreen closeup of Talia’s cameltoe, it looked as if I was standing by the edge of the fucking bed! I could have made some serious money from this video, but then I abruptly stopped and had an epiphany. A plan was forming but I need to make some preparations. I need to get ready.

Four Weeks Later – Friday, March 24th. 7pm – My 18th Birthday!

My parents just left for their Naples wedding gig. They will be spending the night at a hotel in Naples tonight. Their day is going to begin at 8am at the bride’s house and will end at midnight. They will then crash at their hotel room again for the night and the following day will head off to the bride’s parent’s home on Marco Island for the gift opening at noon. They said that they would be back around 6pm, Sunday night.

Alexa & Talia waited anxiously for our parents to leave because they were planning to go to a house party later tonight. The second my parents left, the twins spent the next hour showering, finding the perfect outfits to wear, and doing their hair & makeup. I had taken a shower also in order to get ready for my special party.

When they were heading out, Alexa & Talia noticed me sitting on the living room couch wearing my thick, white terrycloth robe. My iPhone in my hand and a shit-eating grin on my face. I had to admire how hot they looked at this particular moment. They looked like extras from a Justin Timberlake video! They glanced at each other with a quizzical look on their faces and then Alexa said:

“We don’t even want to know what the hell kind of weirdness is going on with bursa otele gelen escort bayan you tonight. We’re going out. We will be back by 3 or 4am.”

With the goofy grin still plastered on my face, I replied:

“Actually, you two are going to help me celebrate my 18th birthday tonight. In fact, you are going to be giving me my birthday present tonight so I’m afraid you will be staying.”

“Oh really!” Talia replied. “Baxter, you have a better chance of fucking a Victoria’s Secret model than getting a birthday present from us! And secondly, how the fuck do you plan on stopping us?”

“First, nice choice of words. Second, I’m going to stop you with this.”

I hit play on my iPhone and the video started streaming to the 65″ hdtv that was mounted on the wall behind them. They turned and just watched, slack-jawed and in complete shock as they saw themselves pleasuring each other with the vibrator. After approximately 30 seconds they turned towards me with pure unadulterated vitriol in their eyes and sprang into action. They ran towards me and slammed into me like the bulls of Pamplona! Alexa held me down while Talia ripped the iPhone from my hand. She was in the process of deleting the video when I started laughing.

“WHAT IS SO FUCKING FUNNY? YOU PERV!!!” Talia screamed at me.

“I’m the perv?” I giggled. “You saw the same video I did, right? Oh, and by the way…”

I struggled to reach into the right pocket of my robe since Alexa was still holding me down but I managed to pull out a small, USB flash drive. “Here’s another copy. I placed the third copy inside mom’s Sex in the City blu-ray box set as well. In fact, I have seven other physical copies that I’ve hidden. And finally for my Pièce de Résistance, I have an encrypted copy in my cloud storage account. Now unless you can figure out which companies’ cloud storage I am using along with my username and my 24-digit password, I don’t think that you two are going to get that video back.”

“Why the hell are you doing this to us?” Talia asked in an exasperated tone.

“Why don’t you two take a seat on the coffee table & I’ll tell you.”

Alexa & Talia slowly trudged over and sat down directly across from me on the couch. Our knees nearly touching each other. I took a moment to admire how damn hot they looked in their little low-cut minidresses. They were so tight that they looked like they were painted on. They both had this thing for buying identical dresses but in different colors so they could draw even more attention to themselves. (I guess being smoking hot identical twins were not enough for them.)

Talia’s dress was black with thin horizontal white stripes and Alexa’s was red (of course) with narrow white stripes. The stripes highlighted their natural curves even more than the tightness of their dresses.

“The reason I’m doing this is because you have treated me like shit for years, which by the way, ends tonight. Also, it looked like you two were having so much fun in that video that I thought, “Why do you two get to have all that sexy fun?” So I decided that I am going to make your twosome into a threesome for my birthday present.”

Alexa & Talia looked at me like I was straight-up insane! “There is no way in hell that we are going to have a threesome with you!” Talia shouted.

“I don’t think you understand what I just said to you. I am not asking you to have a threesome with me…I am telling you. This will not be a one-time birthday present either. You two are going to do everything I say because if you don’t, you will be as famous as Kim Kardashian when her sex tape with Ray J hit the internet. By Monday morning, everyone at school will have seen the video a couple dozen times. And when the school day ends, that video will have crisscrossed around the globe a few million times.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Alexa seethed with a noticeable quaver in her voice.

“I want you both to take a good look at me. After all the years of shit that you two have put me through, do you really think I wouldn’t fucking dare?!?”

Both of their eyebrows went up in unison when they came to the realization that I was as serious as a heart attack. They began furiously whispering to each other. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but it was pretty animated. They turned back to look at me with matching dejected looks and said:

“Ok……. You win.”

I am really going to enjoy every moment of this night.

“Where to begin?” I proclaimed! Why don’t you two start making out first.”

Alexa & Talia turned to each other & with a nervous glimmer in their eyes began kissing tentatively. I stopped them after about 15 seconds to remind them that I wanted a sexy and titillating make-out session. I informed them that their first attempt looked like a pair of 12-year-olds that were kissing for the first time.

“I’m looking for more passion! I want to see tongues!”

Attempt number two. Now this is more like it! Their make-out session was getting pretty friggin’ hot, If I do say so myself! I don’t know if they were starting to get off on the deep french kissing or the perversity that they were making out with their identical twin. Their breathing began to accelerate and I noticed that their nipples were straining against their dresses as their breasts heaved in and out.

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