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Battles Bar and Grill

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It was tough getting up so early, but the bar had changed hands again and the new owner wanted to meet everyone this morning. Reets hadn’t seen a 9AM in a month of Sundays, but she dragged herself up anyway. Caryn, her lover, said, “Come on, break that law of physics!”

The not-nearly-awake Reets could only reply, “Huh?”

“You know, physics — “A body at rest tends to stay at rest!” — getting up breaks the Law of Inertia!”

Reets look at Caryn with a thoroughly disgusted look and decided not to answer.

“Hey, it’s the best I can do this early.” Caryn said and leaned away while crossing her fingers against the glare Reets threw at her. She smiled at her lover’s back as Reets slowly stalked, still half-asleep, to the bathroom. Caryn couldn’t help but think about how they met!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Caryn woke up and for a second forgot where she was. The hotel room was packed with bodies on every surface, but that’s what Spring Break was like. This was her second trip down and she was having a hell of a lot more fun this time around! Facing her was this cute girl who she sorta recognized from last night. She was . . .dammit, it was just on the end of her tongue when the girl’s hand moved and went to Caryn’s waist. Even asleep she was a knockout.

Caryn slid closer until they were face to face and breathed in the girl’s scent. She smelled of cigarettes, beer, and something else really sweet. That’s when it hit her. The girl’s name was Rita and was serving Caryn and her friends all night, she was so nice that the group invited her back to the hotel for a little after hours partying. It was almost dawn when Caryn and Rita crashed on the floor, but Caryn kept her hands off her because there was no telling how straight she might be and the guys were eyeing her ass all night. No one seemed to be able to complete a pass, so Caryn was more than a little hopeful, but the last thing she needed was to freak her out.

There was a guy on one side of her, but Caryn knew nothing had happened, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. The guy, Woody, made his play, but he waited until the doll was practically out on her feet. She slept hard, but Woody wasn’t the kind to try and take advantage of her, plus he saw Caryn was still awake watching.

“I guess if she put her arms around me, I can snuggle with her without raising any homophobe shit!” She thought as the girl let her slip her thigh between her legs.

Caryn pressed firmly against her and loved the feeling of their breasts touching. After a moment Caryn noticed that Rita’s hips were moving. Rita had pressed her pussy down on Caryn’s thigh and was slowly humping her.

Caryn widened her eyes in both in surprise and more than a little lust. She saw Woody watching and stuck her tongue out at him. He made a motion to spoon up against Rita, but she waved him off. He made his play, now it was her turn! He knew Caryn well enough not to interfere.

Caryn put one hand on her hip and started moving with her. Rita’s mouth opened in a nice sexy sigh and then her eyes opened. She looked as surprised as Caryn had felt when she first woke up, but then she looked at Caryn and smiled and delightfully sexy smile. Caryn took this as a definite yes and pulled her tight against her and started rubbing her ass inside her denim shorts. Woody was rubbing his cock when another girl slithered though the laying bodies and took his mind off Rita and Caryn.

Caryn saw her and knew Woody would have a good time; meanwhile her hands were full of a very sexy Rita. She pushed Caryn on her back and laid on top of her, her pussy never leaving Caryn’s thigh, but this let her push down on Caryn’s cunt, pushing her cut-off shorts into her warmly and with more tension and in a few she was near to an orgasm. Her low moans woke a few people up and soon there was several watching. Both guys and girls surrounded them. She saw two more couples start getting into it, two semi-regular pairings, but when she saw two girls starting to go at it she was happy. One guy next to them did spoon up and soon they were in a threesome that took some of the attention off or Caryn and Rita. That was her last coherent thought at Rita kissed her.

The kiss wasn’t forceful, it wasn’t light, and it wasn’t something you could describe to anyone. The kiss was very sensual and gentle while at the same time conveying how close she was getting to an orgasm. Caryn pushed deep into the backside of her shorts and rubbed a finger between her cheeks, finding her bumhole. That’s when Rita seemed to freeze and stiffen up, and then she cried out in the kiss through cumming.

“Girl, I think I would love to wake up with you every single day!”

Later she learned that Rita preferred being called ‘Reets’, wasn’t a local, but a friend of the bar owner who brought her down from to work Spring Break to earn a bunch of extra cash. She also Ataşehir Escort learned that Reets was two years older, a single mom, and was also practically a neighbor, living in a nearby town not too far from the city where she went to school.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the shower Reets nearly gave it up and went back to bed, especially a bed with Caryn in it. But while her job wasn’t the best, but it was a job! Caryn was doing well, but she only graduated college two years ago and still gaining experience. Her salary was going up regularly and soon would eclipse Reets’, but not right now, especially with the economy in the shape it was in.

In the bright daylight ‘Battles’ didn’t look so good. The sunlight showed where the front of the bar had worn and needed paint. At night with the neon on, you couldn’t tell, but it was looking pretty rundown.

Just before going through the door she straightened her spine and resolved to deal with this owner like she did the last 3! She took this job when she moved into town and never thought it would last this long. She’s been through 3 owners, two name changes, and — if she was honest with herself — a general decline since Mark, the present owner/manager, took it over. When it changed hands the first time, she was optimistic. Now on the 4th new owner in 5 years she considered it a positive that she wasn’t as pessimistic as the rest of the crew. She might not be pessimistic, but she was worried, Battles hadn’t been doing real well lately!

Inside it was less crowded than she expected. A number of faces were missing, which was strange because the message was “Be there or be gone!” in no uncertain terms. While she waited she did a quick rundown of the MIA’s.

Sharon and her fucked up sister were missing, to Reets’ relief! She knew sooner or later they would get busted selling that shit in the bathroom or for hooking. She was only afraid they would take some of the other girls down with them. She didn’t see Daryl either, another hopeful sign. He thought it was a compliment to be referred to as “Big D”, but no one was commenting on his equipment, just his attitude. He could be relied on to hassle the servers, not only sexually but trying to rip them off on tips as well!

Shirley was also missing, which caused Reets to raise an eyebrow in surprise. Shirl was one of the better servers and real popular with the patrons. She did have a problem with the last owner and his ‘hand-sie’ assistant manager, but then who the hell didn’t?

There were a few others missing, but before Reets could finish her mental role call the clock hit 10:00 on the dot and a tall guy in a suit stepped on the small stage. “A suit for god’s sake.” she thought and then she did a double take, “Shit, that’s . . .!”

“Hi everybody! Yes, it’s me, Chris, and I am, or rather was, a spy. I was bar-backing to get a look at the place and helping the new owner to decide whether or not to buy it. They did and yea, I think they probably paid too much money for it.” There was some nervous laughter at that. “Without further ado, let me introduce you to the new owner, Minuet Bordeaux.”

Reets was taken aback, “Minuet?” she thought, “A woman bought this dump?” She caught movement out of the corner of her eye, turned her head and her mouth went immediately dry! She averted her eyes to give her heart a chance to slow down.

Minuet Bordeaux walked in from the left side wearing what had to be a Chanel jacket and skirt. It was expensive and tailored to perfection. It was even more out-of-place than the suit.

Ms Bordeaux was in her mid-to-late 30’s but could easily pass for younger. Her face wasn’t classic, but had a firm yet friendly look. She shook Chris’ hand and faced the group. Reets nearly went weak in the knees! She was a striking woman and resembled Reets’ own Caryn so much! Reets closed her eyes for a second and thought “Caryn, Caryn!” But when she opened them the vision of Caryn in a few years was still standing there. Reets took a deep breath as the new owner started to talk. Thankfully her voice was different, a nice warm contralto, but very different from Caryn’s.

“Look around and you’ll see some faces missing. I have no use for anyone doing drugs, or worse selling them, in this establishment. I kicked out a few folks already. The people you see here are the ones I think actually make this place work. I have plans and you’re either gonna support what I want to do or find yourself a new job. I plan some changes and want to talk to each of you one-on-one, there’s a list posted over by the manager’s door. Before you head out today check it and come in at that time. Most are just before your next shift, but a few of you are right after this meeting. Please don’t screw that up; I really want to talk to each of you over the next two days! Chris is the day-to-day manager, but I Ataşehir Escort Bayan am a hands-on boss as well, so get used to seeing me around.”

Surprisingly there were no cat calls from some of the guys who worked here!

She continued. “Some of the changes — we’ll be hiring some new staff in 6 months because we are going to be opening at 11 AM. We’re adding a small kitchen and will be serving lunch. Yea, I know you all don’t know much about serving food, but no worries. We have 6 months to get everyone carded by the state. That’s the big change; the kitchen will be going in behind the bar.”

“What about Sweeney’s?” someone called out.

Sweeney’s was the restaurant that fronted the building Battles were in. ‘Battles’ was in the back with an opening on a side street. Sweeney’s was on the other side of the wall behind the bar and opened on Main Street.

“We own Sweeney’s as well. I’m going to add to their kitchen and open it up between us. Sweeney’s will continue like it is, we’re just adding food to our menu. Some light dinner stuff as well, but I figure most people looking for real food will head for Sweeney’s. We get to add food and Sweeney’s gets a full bar service.”

“Another change, as of right now you are all full time employees! This means medical, dental, retirement — the works and the taxes that go along with them. I saw in the books that most of you were being carried as part-timers and yet you were still working 40+ hours. That’s criminal and it stops now. If any of you want to go to part-time let me know when we have our one-on-one. We’ll be working new schedules starting Monday. Through this weekend work the hours you are scheduled.”

“Does that mean overtime?” another voice called out.

“Yea, of course it does — at time and a half during the week and double time on Friday and Saturday nights, but I get to decide on who gets to work overtime! Well I and my managers.”

“Managers?” a third voice called out.

“Yea, managers, like I said Chris is the overall manager. I hired Derrick away from Jacoby’s, he’s going to manage the bar side. I plan a new hire to manage the food in a few months, and I want Rita to manage the floor.”

Reets swallowed at that statement when she realized Ms. Bordeaux was looking right at her. It dawned on a few others who she was talking about and they cheered. Two of the other servers didn’t!

“That is, if she accepts. Rita, think about it and we’ll talk later.” She looked away and ignored the deer-in-the-headlights stare she was getting from Reets.

“That’s all for now unless you have any questions.”

“How about those benefits?”

“We’re doing the paperwork now. Chris will have it all on Monday. You’ll also meet my accountant and HR person, Pat, at that time.”

“Who the fuck are you anyway?”

Laughing, “I’m a girl who likes this town and wants to build some businesses here. I have other businesses but like to branch out. I’ve invested in a few other local businesses as well, like the ‘Park-n-Go’ over by the airport and the gym, I mean ‘fitness center’ “, she said with a smile, “on 9th for example. I have a partial interest in several others as well. I bought this bar and Sweeney’s as a start for downtown. We’ll see where it goes. Oh yea, I almost forgot to mention, as of right now you all own a piece of it. I own 60%, Chris and Pat split 15%, and the other 25% is yours based on seniority. So that means Rita, since you’ve been here the longest, you own 4% of this bar. Down to Shirley, as the newest, owns 0.5%. It may not sound like much but wait till you get your first dividend check. Like Chris said I probably paid too much, but now you own a piece of it. Pat is also my business manager and can explain in better detail what all that means. But from now on Battles is part yours and if Battles succeeds, you will succeed. I’m having a similar chat with the Sweeney’s employees in a little while.”

“New hires?

“New hires are employees. They can get an ownership share based on rules we have to lay out. No matter what, I will retain 51% so what that does is gives me 9% I can use to entice other people away from their current jobs. I’m serious people! You are now part owners. If you don’t want to be, let me know when we talk and I’ll re-allocate your shares to the members of the group who do want it.”

“More freaking taxes?”

“Yea, and Pat will help you deal with those as well.” She said with a booming laugh

“Anything else?” Minuet looked around the room smiling a little at the shock she still saw on most of the faces.

“OK, then check the meeting list before you head out and I’ll see some of you tonight when we open.”

She and Chris left the room leaving behind a group of shell shocked employee-owners.

The babble started quickly.


“We own this dump!” echoing Reets’ thought when she saw that a woman now owned Battles.

“Who the hell does she think she Escort Ataşehir is anyway?”

“Reets, what the fuck just happened?”

Rita stood there as some of the folks started gathering around her. “People, I don’t know, I’m as much in the dark as you are.”

“Hey Reets, you are the first in line for a meeting, in just a few. Find out what you can and let the rest of us know.”

“I will, you know that. But . . . Goddamn!!!!!”

They all laughed a good tension breaker.

. . .

At the appointed time Reets knocked at the office door.

“Come in.”

“Hi Rita. I guess I surprised you a bit out there.”

“I think you shocked a lot of people out there.”

“Good, I was hoping I did!”

Reets sat down when Minuet pointed to the other chair. “You know meeting with the old boss always started with . . .”

“I know and that changes too. I’m not running a whorehouse for mine or anyone else’s enjoyment. I sure as hell don’t peddle the ass of my employees or fuck them myself.”

Reets sat back and relaxed. “So that’s why the sisters are gone?”

“Yea, they were crummy servers and Mark only kept them around because he was hustling them to people.”

“And Shirley?”

“She wasn’t out there?”


“Damn! She’s still an employee as of today. Can you call her the fill her in. She wasn’t scheduled to work today so she might have missed the messages when they went out.”

“No, she got the message.” She indicated the desk phone and Myn nodded. She quickly dialed a number. “No answer, that’s not like her.” She thought for a moment and called another number. “It’s Reets, is Shirl around?”

“Fuck, when?”


“OK, thanks Des.”

Reets looked over at her new boss. “Shirl’s in the hospital; her neighbor said her boyfriend lost his temper last night.”

“Shit! Which hosp . . . oh never mind there is only the one. She grabbed up her phone. “Chris, one of our new employee-owners is over at the hospital. Call them, give them the insurance info.”

“OK, fine, give them your insurance info and we’ll straighten it out later. She’s one of ours. Shirley, you should have her file. OK, let me know if I need to do anything here. Bye.”

“OK, Ms. Bordeaux, you surprised me out there but you really freaked me out in here. You don’t do things by half!”

“It’s Myn and I never have and I never will. What I want for you is to manage the floor action. The servers, their schedules, work with Derrick on the bar stock and Chris for anything else. I also want you to get state certified to handle food right away so you can help get the rest of the group through it. Some of them might need a little tutoring.”

“You mean some of them can’t read too well.”



“Of course, you’re no longer working for tips.”

“I’ve been doing pretty well with tips.”

She jotted down a number and handed it to her. “That a month to start.” She looked at it and had trouble with the amount for a moment. It was well over the best month she ever had serving, way over!

“You are either insane or a fantasy! You can’t afford to pay me this much”

“Insane, certifiably insane, and you are wrong. I kidded about paying too much, but the reality is I got it just right. Mark was a dick and a crappy businessman. This place can do damn well with a little work, but it takes good folks and good folks cost real money which explains that salary.

“I’ve also found that people with skin in the game work harder and more creatively, which is why I basically just gave away 25% of the bar. I’m not altruistic, I could sell this bar today for enough so my percentage would still net me an overall profit, using that exess to motivate the team is a good investment to me. Did I mention that Mark was a crappy businessman?”

We both laughed at that.

So you’ll do it?”

“I’ve never managed anyone before.”

“Bullshit,” she said in a firm tone! “Chris told me who was really running the floor while Mark was in here drinking or trying to fuck the sisters. Just do what you have been doing and Chris and I will help you with everything else. You have hire and fire rights as well, but until you are comfortable with them I would like you to discuss any fires with Chris or me. Pat can help you with the manager’s part of the paperwork and in 6 months you’ll feel like you’ve been doing it your whole life.”


Myn unrolled a set of plans on her desk. “Here is what I have planned. I’m after more than just Sweeney’s. If we succeed, I want to own most of this side of the whole Main Street. The buildings are beautiful and most would qualify as historical places if the Town Council would get their heads out of their collective asses. I think I can turn a handsome profit by investing in businesses and keeping the home town style. This town is going to grow up and join the 21st century, at the same time try and keep the charm of a small town, and people are going to want to live here. Many of them might work in the city or at the military base, but they’ll be relaxing and having a good time closer to home!

Reets tried to study the paper in front of her, but Myn had moved around the desk and was standing next to her. Her presence caught Reets off-guard.

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