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Battery Operated Orgasm Device

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BOOD. That is what Sue told Zoe she called her perfect vibrator. They were in Sue’s bedroom doing some minor re-decorating. The vibrator had been in the drawer of Sue’s nightstand and when Zoe removed the drawer so the nightstand could be moved it caught her eye.

Sue and Zoe were teachers on summer vacation and good friends. They were both married although “happily so” was not an applicable phrase to the state of their respective matrimony. Zoe had her own assortment of BOOD’s but had never seen anything like the one Sue had.

It fit over the hand like a glove and had soft rubber nibs on the surface that were spaced over the palm and fingers. The nibs towards the fingertips were longer, thicker, and widely spaced. The middle finger was wider, extra long and the extension was bendable. That section of the device had nibs surrounding the middle finger. The finger could be set to move in a circle by a separate switch.

The nibs at the base of the fingers and on the palm, (the ones that would be in contact with the clit), were short and so closely spaced it looked like velvet. The power pack and controls were over the back of the hand. It had three speeds but Sue never used the highest because her body reacted violently to it and she could not keep it in place, which in turn resulted in incomplete orgasms.

“Sue, where did you get this?”

“Mom got it in Amsterdam. She bought five, one for me, one for my sister Rhonda, one for my sister Carly, one for her sister and one for herself. She told me her sister, Aunt Wendy, is so addicted to hers that she carries it in her purse and has actually used it in dressing rooms and public restrooms. She claims she has made close friends because of it. Aunt Wendy is the boldest woman I know.”

“Can I borrow it?”

“No way. My baby never leaves my bedroom. You can try it here if you want. I can give you two some privacy for a few minutes while I go and fix us lunch.”

“I don’t know. It would feel weird to do that on your bed.”

“That is silly, my bed would enjoy being used for sex and would love to taste some different, umm, fluids.”

They both giggled at the mental image. Sue then showed Zoe the controls on the back of the device and left the room saying, “Have fun.”

Whether consciously or bursa escort not Sue did not close the bedroom door when she went out. As she was finishing preparing lunch she heard the device come to life and an immediate groan from Zoe. Sue’s nipples jumped and her pussy became very wet.

Her experiences with sex with another woman had been few and far between. It had been years since the last one. Zoe was a very pretty lady but having sex with her had never crossed her mind, until now. They were almost the same size although was Zoe maybe five pounds heavier. Neither was particularly tall.

Sue was a redhead with a nice smattering of freckles, small tits with big nipples and a world-class ass. Zoe was a brunette with nice tits, a nice ass and a very pretty face.

She could not help herself as her feet took her to the bedroom door. She saw Zoe was completely naked and in the midst of an orgasm.

The only thing either had worn that morning was loose shorts and tube tops. Sue felt overdressed. Still at the doorway she shed her clothes and one hand immediately sought a tit as the other hand sped to her pussy.

Zoe had recovered somewhat from her orgasm and watched Sue. The device was still alive and pressed to her pussy.

Sue saw the look of hunger in Zoe’s eyes and soon closed the gap between them. She joined Zoe in bed and promptly covered her lips with her own as her hand covered Zoe’s hand over the device. Sue turned the switch to the next higher speed.

Zoe’s hips flew off the bed and she growled. Sue draped half her body over Zoe and began to devour her tits. Zoe plunged into a long series of orgasms until she was crying and begging for a stop. Sue switched the device to low then to off. She lifted her hand off device but Zoe kept the device over her pussy for a while. Sue released the nipple from her mouth and kissed her newfound lover on the lips as she recovered.

“Now that was intense!” Zoe said. “I can see why you guard this thing. By the way, thanks for helping. I confess that I have wanted your mouth on my tits for a long time. You can have them anytime you want you know.”

“Like now?” Sue said as she slid each nipple between her lips. She did not stop there and continued kissing as she traveled to Zoe’s still trembling pussy. She bursa escort bayan knew to treat it gently, her battery operated lover tenderized pussies. Nevertheless Zoe was soon on her way to another orgasm.

Sue was reminded that she really did love eating pussy. She told herself she would never allow so much time slip by as she had before doing it again. She hoped the pussy on her mouth would be available often. Zoe’s orgasm also reminded her of the sense of pride and accomplishment that came when giving pussy licking induced cums.

Sue had not finished kissing her way back up when Zoe started kissing her way down. She bypassed Sue’s tits completely and made a beeline to her pussy. Zoe was an expert cunt-licker. As opposed to Sue she ate pussy on a regular basis and quickly had Sue in a long series of orgasms.

After Sue had a particularly spectacular cum Zoe turned her body and planted her pussy on Sue’s face. She placed the BOOD over Sue’s pussy and turned it on.

The intensity of the situation kept Sue from properly paying attention to the pussy on her mouth and it became impossible when Zoe turned the device to medium. Her arms hugged Zoe’s ass to her and mashed her pussy into her mouth as cum after cum threatened to overwhelm her.

Then Zoe turned it to high.

The only reason Zoe could keep the device in place was because her body fully covered Sue’s and yet she still felt herself bucked almost to the ceiling. The spasms and the primeval howl coming from Sue gave Zoe her own orgasm.

Sue suddenly became silent and stopped moving.

Zoe turned the device off and reversed her position to check on Sue. She was out like a light.

Zoe placed a thigh over Sue’s pussy; a tit over her tit, then softly kissed and caressed her old friend and new lover. Sue was returning Zoe’s kisses before she was fully aware of her surroundings.

“Did you have a nice trip?” Zoe asked Sue.

“Yes, very nice. Just like falling down Niagara Falls. We can’t do that again, at least not soon. I really worried whether I would survive it.”

“On your list of top five cums where would you rank that?”

“Number one by a wide margin. Number two was the one you gave me with your tongue just before that. That’s the one I want repeated often, please.”

“No escort bursa problem. Did you fix us lunch? I know we just ate but I am starving.”

Sue giggled at Zoe’s joke and said, “Help me to the kitchen. My legs feel like linguini. Lunch is already on the table.”

They padded into the kitchen naked and after their soup and sandwich they brewed a pot of coffee.

Between sips Sue said, “Zoe, I want to apologize for not attacking your naked body sooner. It will never take that long again.”

“Well I should hope not. My tits cried every time we were together and you did not love them. I am surprised that they have already forgiven you.”

“I am glad to hear that. What about your pussy?”

“It is unconvinced. You are lucky it is still mostly numb but you can expect it will demand satisfaction real soon.”

“I have it cumming I guess.”

That last line broke the barrier holding back their giggles. They shared a lover’s kiss and returned to their original plan, which was a bit of redecoration. While they worked Zoe invited Sue to a lingerie home demonstration party. Sue commented that she really did not have a good reason to get any nice lingerie.

“It would be nice if you bought one item just to keep the parties going,” Zoe said. “But the important thing is the party. I guarantee you will be very satisfied with the companionship. It would a nice place to bring your baby here,” Zoe said as she put BOOD back in the nightstand drawer.

“Just what kind of party is it?” Sue asked with wide eyes.

“That kind of party,” Zoe answered with a mischievous grin.

After a short period of stunned silence Sue said, “OK.”

They did not dress until it was time to part. Zoe kissed Sue twice as they walked to the front door. Just before opening the door Zoe pulled Sue’s top down and clamped her mouth over each of her small tits. “I’m sorry, I knew I was forgetting something,” Zoe said in apology. “Forgive me?”

“I am glad you did that, our feelings may have gotten hurt. Do it again to prove your sincerity,” answered Sue.

Zoe loved Sue’s tits long enough and with enough dedication to bring her to a nice orgasm. “Hmmm, that is good to know,” commented Zoe as she kissed Sue’s lips.

She kissed Sue again and said, “We redecorate the Jacuzzi room tomorrow, right?”

“Right. A little earlier, maybe? Nine?


Another kiss and she was gone.

The fact that Sue did not have a Jacuzzi room seemed inconsequential.

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