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Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 35

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I had been expertly seduced into cumming into and around his waiting hot hole, seduced by how good it felt to fuck a man without a condom. He had perfectly exploited two advantages – my sluttiness and his. It has been over a month since my last sauna visit, a much longer interval than usual over the last years of having sex with other men here. And it had only been after several hours before being able to sink into an ocean of wet cock sucking. Leading to placing my cock against the offered and willing soft hole of my third darkroom cock sucker, finally giving in to one of my most forbidden temptations.

Realizing why the baths have such a hold on those who have indulged themselves in fulfilling their kinky lusts. Such as fucking a horny stranger – or being fucked by one.

The first two hours of this visit had been among some of the poorest spent here, with barely any mutual contact as the bathhouse filled. Yet now, in the darkroom, my cock rigid and ready, I was experiencing the intense perfection of bare anal sex with another man, since first hearing about the baths as a place to have sex with other men decades ago.

It has been exceedingly lucky being so conveniently close to a wonderful male only sauna. I have certainly had extremely rewarding experiences in other bathhouses, but this place remains enthralling in a way that nowhere can match. Yet it is not only here that I have learned over the years to plan at least three hours, but not to go beyond that as that is a waste.

Today though, up to the end of the third hour had not been promising either. Some mild fun had been had, of course – including a threesome involving some very enjoyable ass touching and cock stroking, plus a bit of cock sucking in the dark room. Nonetheless, none of these encounters had really entered a heavenly state for me, though in one case, a man did cum after enjoying my talents, especially involving his soft ass. This happened maybe an hour after the bathhouse opened, cumming hard while being jacked off. Then, when leaving, he said “you got what you wanted, didn’t you?”

I have never understood this perspective, though it is certainly shared among a number of bathhouse visitors. Cumming is generally an end, and that is someone else’s decision to make for themselves, not a trophy to be collected. However, playing such games is fine when I am the one in charge, surrendering my cock willingly. The tension between giving in and still restraining myself adds to the fun, to be honest.

Sluts understand this, though a number of men at the bathhouse are too direct or clumsy, simply grabbing or forcing without any concern whether the other person is interested. The other problem is with those visitors who simply don’t move or participate. This is not always bad, obviously, but it tends to get boring if one is in a truly slutty mood. A mood that is always best shared among those getting off.

As the afternoon continued, the crowding was not encouraging in the least, at times requiring me to simply leave a packed area, where nothing seemed to be going on. In general, that is – most of the men standing around seemed uninvolved, something that becomes normal the more visitors there are. This is not the same as saying no one was having sex – most of the cabins were in use. However, part of the difference just might be that such crowding involves a higher percentage of gay men.

It has certainly been my experience in a couple of other bathhouses in larger cities that the crowd was more gay, as compared to men wanting to have sex with other men. For example, men looking for an already hard cock, and instantly leaving when not finding a stiff length. I like getting hard, it is part of the fun of having sex with different partners. Something understood by enough men to guarantee my ongoing visits to male only saunas for mutual games. At least as a potential explanation for such behavior, that gets tedious after encountering it over and over again in a visit like now, it has a certain appeal.

Making a final circuit, a blowjob was available in a video booth, but only briefly. The porn had caught my attention along with the open door blowjob. The screen showed a man going down on a cock of a partner with breasts, the sort of kinky porn that appeals to me when turned on. Like now, stroking my cock while watching the scene in front of me, other men wandering around. The first man soon left without cumming, prompting me to enter a bit, waiting for a signal.

Stepping closer, his hand reached out, guiding me into his used mouth. That short interval of paradise was a concrete reminder of exactly why so many men go to such saunas. The darkroom, the last planned stop, seemed at least empty enough compared to the last two times trying to deal with the visitor filled conditions. My luck continued to turn, with some tempting byplay only occasionally interrupted by clumsy movement, leading to me turning to the gloryhole, this time hopefully not blocked off by a horny couple.

At bahis şirketleri the gloryhole, paying some attention to it as my cock went to the other side, realizing it had been enlarged. Sad in a way, as the original version was perfect to slide my cock ridge against, providing an exquisite sensation along with fairly obvious sounds. However, the advantages of this expansion were soon clear, including how easily my cock and balls could be played with by a man on each side of the wall. It had taken little time for my cock to be engulfed in a stranger’s mouth, feeling a hand on my ass pulling me closer as another hand played with my balls.

Soon, the magic of a glory hole completely ensnared us, his mouth surrounding my horny rod as he played with himself. At first, he was in control, parted lips impossible to resist, but the game evolved over time, self-control balanced by entrancing oral delight. Trying to ensure that we were playing equally, giving in to various desires at times, losing myself in face fucking, pressed against the wall. The poppers were definitely not desirable, as it would cause orgasm far too quickly.

Gaining control is essential for longer term games. Reaching different levels of excitement, riding the waves of pure delight is a skill. Stroking my wet cock right in front of his lips teasing him until sliding back in his mouth and up against the wall. Letting him go deeper and deeper, right to the edge of releasing hot cum in his soft mouth, starting to moan helplessly against the wall about how good it felt to be sucked.

I caressed his face, and reached down to play with his nipple, using my slippery spit covered right hand. His jacking off was non-stop, just like mine is when going down on a man at a glory hole. This newly extended hole did allow me to touch his hard thick cock, but his sucking soon led me to standing up again, feeding him my length.

Finally, repeated waves of almost cumming led me to wanting to suck him off, using the leather shop purchased poppers. He stood up, with us soon touching cock to cock over an intense period, him clearly resisting his own desire to let himself give in to the sensations of sliding his horny rod against a stranger’s spit covered cock, each of us using hands to get maximum contact as we moved.

He pulled back a bit, giving me an opportunity to kneel, only to discover just how crowded the space was. It took several moments before I could finally go on my knees, followed by getting the poppers ready. As I began to take a deep hit, he simply left, partially making me think that this was just another example of today’s lack of contact, hot though his talented cock sucking had been.

The room was far from empty, but as the poppers started to take effect, no cock was immediately available to go down on. I started to move away from the glory hole, soon being intercepted by a man who started to stroke my cock. The poppers were still having their effect, enhancing the sensation when he almost immediately bent over to go down on me. Leading to another glorious interval of being orally pleasured by a man, feeling his head move as I held his head.

After letting his mouth have its delicious way over my turned on length, he stood straight, allowing me the chance to kiss and bite his neck as he jacked off our joined shafts. He played with my nipples, leading me to take one of his into my mouth in turn. He was quite turned on, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do another hit of poppers before sucking a stranger’s sexy hardness into my wanting mouth.

Yet when I knelt while getting the bottle ready, he just turned and left. This is part of what happens at the baths, as no obligations are involved. My disappointment at another abrupt and unexpected departure was certainly tempered by the satisfaction provided by two men going down on me in a row. Better, it took little time for another hand to reach out and caress my shaft. Guided by its gentle guidance, returning to the previous spot near the glory hole, this time turned to the platform.

Fully aware that he was positioning me in front of himself, feeling his eager mouth cover my cock head was an expected sensation, of indescribable perfection. His cock sucking was at least as skilled as that of the other two men, with my belief that he had been the third man previously involved at the glory hole adding to the feeling of pure sexual freedom. An utterly addictive state, to be honest.

By this point, utterly beyond keeping track of details, having fully submerged in the opportunities that bathhouse sex offers, finding another man to take my cock, getting lost in uninhibited male sex. His mouth surrounded my rigid wanting cock as my hands to went to the sides of his head, feeling how it continued to sink deeper, loving the sensations.

The baths offer an opportunity to indulge in continuous sex with other men, many interested in multiple partners after having experienced such freedom themselves. Actually, it turns out to be thoroughly bahis firmaları delightful to spend hours having sex in a male only sauna. Especially when the men are so talented, fully aware of just how turned on their partners get. Added to the fact that the poppers I had used had a much longer effect, adding their own level of arousal to his blow job.

His cock sucking was exquisite, and when I bent down, he smelled really good as I kissed his neck. Generally, men do not have a particularly sexual scent to me, though it can happen. A cross dresser I have had sex with twice smells really sexy, especially the panties, and after long cock sucking sessions a man’s scent remains exquisite to breathe in after leaving the baths, a lovely lingering reminder. Now, nose along his neck, breathing in deeply, another element added itself to the pleasures I was willingly surrendering to.

Tongue sliding over his ear, I reached down to play with his sexy stiff rod, clearly appreciating being jacked off while he kept going down on me. With a glorious dedication, to the extent that he had gradually led me to move to the edge of the platform before laying down, hard wet shaft soon touching his, jacking off together. Both moaning wordlessly as we mutually stroked cocks, both near the edge of cumming, both able to not give in too quickly.

He sat up to go down on me again, thoroughly coating me with his saliva before laying back, legs spread. The thrill of knowing what was really being offered at this point was incredibly intoxicating. Causing my mind to enter a sort of split mode, observing what was happening but doing nothing to prevent it. Pressing my slippery horny cock head underneath his balls, sliding down, the smooth softness surrounding his hole indescribably tempting after beginning to jack off near it. Then, inevitably, on it.

Looking at how my cock head was between his legs, the bottom half of my cock ridge pressed along his welcoming anal ring. This was quickly becoming one of the best jacking off sessions I had ever experienced. Definitely going beyond the first time watching another cock cum, an experience that led to an irresistible desire to do more than just watch. This sort of touching, fantasized about for decades, was even more irresistible while stroking my cock over a stranger’s soft willing ass, seeing myself do it.

Able to remain in enough control to not cum, but otherwise, letting my cock’s desires guide me onwards. Lost in temptation, touching and exploring the sexy hole being offered by a stranger in the bathhouse. Soon going from indulging myself essentially alone, using his body to provide a lovely additional opportunity to play, to starting to involve him in my pleasures. Something he undoubtedly had expected, considering how well he had prepared me to start exploring this situation, getting ever closer to having my entire cock head pressing against his anal opening.

An opening that felt like paradise – “God.. so fucking good .. naked cock .. no fucking .. condom .. oh god .. so good.” I began playing with his rigid cock in the same rhythm as mine. Over the years, the baths have provided unbelievable delights, but this was truly fantastic. His moans and words matched mine, both of us completely turned on, beyond any ability to think.

His ass was so utterly tempting, allowing him to take advantage of me. Or, to be more honest, to let my slutty desires be indulged. Yes, this was playing with irresistible fire, doing something I had always considered too risky. However, this felt perfect enough to remove any concerns about having my cock get so turned on playing with a man who had naked anal sex with strangers at the baths. A man that could just be fucked right now, cock head leaking pre-cum, more tempting than ever imagined.

Words continued to distract my mind, occupying it fully as the enticing sensations led me on – “fuck yes .. naked ass .. condom .. so hot .. naked cock .. so fucking dirty .. god so good.” Words that accompanied my cock head as it went in, so amazing to feel my cock ridge just go inside him while playing with my rigid shaft, seeing how his ass had taken my cock head, lost in paradise and loving it as I kept jacking him off.

“Oh fuck .. inside .. cockhead .. bare .. god .. so fucking good.” He too was vocal, adding to my horniness – “yes .. go inside .. cock .. naked .. keep going .. hot cock .. fuck yes.” We were surrounded by other men having sex with each, but their presence simply added to our mutual intimacy. For the first time, fully letting myself go, as seen so many times before, fully understanding why bareback sex is so common at the baths.

Barely, I continued to keep enough control to pull out, aware that giving in at any time would be so easy. Just after starting to stroke my cock on the outside of his smooth ring, there was the snap of a lube top. When he began to spread it, I started moaning helplessly about how good it felt to have my cock now pressing against his hole, getting ever more slippery. kaçak bahis siteleri Sliding it in, again just the head, jacking off, unable to resist even as words jumbled – “no condom .. fuck yes .. god .. cock head .. no fucking .. god .. so fucking hot .. cock in ass .. naked .. slut ass .. cock head .. inside.”

His cock remained rigid as I stroked its now lubed length, showing just how much he was loving what was going on. I have been fucked only twice, but both times were extraordinary, especially the sensation of being stroked while another man’s cock is inside your ass. Now though, it was my bare cock inside, turning both of us into pure bathhouse sluts.

Nonetheless, making a decision to go deeper actually led to pulling out, using up the last of my remaining rational resources. Fumbling to get the condom package open, because my lubed fingers made it difficult to tear. Putting it on did not go much better. He helped guide my now covered cock back inside paradise, but the time and effort spent had definitely caused my dick to be less erect. Continuing to indulge in safer anal sex, he clicked open the lube tube again.

As he spread more lube over his ass, I pulled off the condom, making myself hard again stroking my cock against his ass, wanting to experience something always previously avoided. Like rimming, anal sex has always been associated with the baths, and after a decade following my very first male rimming experience here, I was now taking another step into the sort of sex that men in the 70s enjoyed, no longer caring about how many of my previously fixed internal rules were being broken.

It had felt so good starting to jack off against his hole again, the now swelling length making the strokes longer. And increasing the leverage, making his ass ever more inviting as my naked cock head entered him again, moaning about how good it felt being in his soft smooth tunnel. This was not precisely the first time my cock had done this, but it was definitely the first time repeating such contact due to my own helpless will. Unable to resist how wonderful it felt, no longer able to care at all where my cock was, except for wanting to continue having sex with another turned on man.

His hole was absolutely captivating, just the right size to create heavenly sensations for both of us. There have been a couple of men who found my cock too big, but this was a perfect match. Though able to withdraw several times to keep from orgasming, I could not stop from going back deeper a couple of times, both of us lost in total male satisfaction.

Obviously, this was not even close to safer sex by any reasonable stretch of the imagination, though some restraint was practiced in a sense. Including not using the poppers, though mainly because of wanting to avoid unstoppably cumming deep inside his willing soft heavenly hole right afterwards. However, as time continued to flow in endless delight, it became impossible to keep from simply giving in to approaching orgasm as his ass squeezed my cock head so good as I stroked.

My cum started pumping, both in and over his soft ass, moaning “fuck yes .. hot cum .. fuck yes .. ass fucking .. naked cock .. fucking hot .. fantastic .. fucking.” After my balls were drained, we kept playing, my cockhead sliding over his cum covered hole, my held cock only gradually growing soft. A decision on my part to not trying to fuck again, which just might have been possible. Except I did not have a condom, and after that experience, it seemed better to not break all the rules – the second time would inevitably have been deep and hard and long.

However, that decision certainly did not stop me from enjoying another new experience. The mixture of cum and the lube made an enticing combination, leading to me playing cum games with him, pretty much for the first time in my life. I was discovering just how enticing anal sex could be, even after cumming. He was certainly still getting off, now on my index finger knuckle sliding around his hole, my delightfully sensitive cock head being touched the entire time, coated in a mixture of lube and cum.

We kept playing like this for quite a while, even after the point of getting hard and fucking was long past. The other reason that temptation had been avoided was our session had been mainly about him letting me tease myself into doing what we both wanted, and without his continued involvement, our roles had changed. Now, it was me allowing him to simply indulge himself, a stranger’s hot cum in and outside of his slippery hole, a stranger who also kept playing with a hard cock that had not cum yet.

Finally, my legs grew too stiff after my cock had returned to its normal size, making me get up slowly, allowing the third man that had been a background presence for a while to start to play with my still horny partner. The hand stroking his erect length felt a soft mouth start to slide down the stiff shaft it held, the first sign that my slut was going to remain in heaven with a new angel. This is the sort of thing that can happen at the baths, a simple transition from one partner to the other, the pleasure just going on and on. Along with removing any further obligation on my part, wonderful as our time had been.

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