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Bastille Day Ch. 08

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She rolled away from me towards the wall. I followed her, and we got comfortable with my hand cupped around her breast.

I dozed off with the pleasant thought that I was very lucky to enjoy with her anything and everything she did with her father. We were sleeping so soundly that we didn’t hear Marge open the door, only awakened by her cheerful:

“Wake up you sleepy heads. Hm-hmm! Lying like two toddlers taking a nap together.”

We all chuckled, and Anna and I rolled back and looked at her. I think my expression could have been described as slightly sheepish. Marge grinned. I smiled wryly and remarked:

“Just two innocent toddlers taking a nap.”

“Now!” she replied, smirking.

“It was your idea,” Anna replied: “and we didn’t know anything better to do.”

“I bet, and then you needed a good nap.”

“Something like that,” I agreed, chuckling and adding:

“And she wanted to tell me all about her father.”

Anna chuckled and tickled me under my ribs. As I squirmed and grasped her hand, she remarked:

“It was easier to show him than it would have been to tell.”

“Hmm! I suppose so, and …, well, I guess he could appreciate that better than I could have.”

“Oh, definitely! I suggested that she tell him that I think he is very lucky.”

“Anyway, get up – I was about to say: ‘and get dressed’. Just get up and wash. Sans-culotte is coming by with a bottle of wine in about half an hour.”

Anna’s eyes lit up, as she sat up and asked:


“Really, and if you ask like that, you don’t want him to find you in bed with another man.”

Anna looked like she had been caught. I took the opportunity to tickle her in return, accelerating her moving off the bed, as she giggled and exclaimed:

“Don’t; you’ll make me leak!”

We all snickered, and I followed her to the bathroom, suggesting a quick shower. We both “leaked,” exchanging smirks, and then mostly just rinsing ourselves, rather than each other. When she said that it was good that she had shaved before, Marge and I snorted, and she said:

“I’m sure he will think so.”

Anna looked a little chagrined, but then smiled, nodding. As we started to dry ourselves, Marge joined us, saying the she should also shower, and did. Anna asked her:

“How did that happen? Where did you see him?”

After you two left, I was lying on my back again. Yeah, I’ll admit that I wanted to see what might happen, lying there alone, thinking that I could point at the second towel to indicate that I wasn’t alone. Had to a couple of times, which was kind of flattering. Oh, thinking about what you were probably doing may have helped – nipples.”

I chuckled and said:

“Even I would dare to speak to a strange woman whose were popping out. And then he came along?”

“Um-hmm. When he did, of course, I suggested that he sit down. I felt them pop out again; don’t know if he noticed.”


“I hope he did,” Anna added.

“You two!”

“You wanted us to,” Anna replied.

“Aren’t I nice,” Marge remarked.

“Very,” I agreed: “And then?”

“Of course, he asked where you were. He just winked, when I said that you both didn’t want to get a sunburn on your fannies.”

“He must know that we all sleep together,” Anna remarked.

Marge’s shower was taking a little longer, soaping and rinsing. She replied:

“I am sure, too, but maybe not really thinking just how much ‘together’.”

“Oh, that you and I don’t, just sharing him – you?” She glanced at me.

“Maybe. Of course, he didn’t ask, and I didn’t tell him. Well, we chatted a little. I guess he thought it was nice too, asking me if I wanted something to drink and then suggesting we have a glass of wine.”

“At his place?” Anna asked.

“He didn’t say that, but I think that is what he meant.”

“Oooh! Did you?”

“She would have known, if she did,” I explained.

“If I had been here alone, I probably would have, but I didn’t want even to suggest something without your knowing.”

“We – I wouldn’t have minded,” Anna replied.

Marge opened the shower curtain, and one of us handed her her towel. She smiled and said:

“I didn’t think either of you would, but still …. Of course, I didn’t say that, but suggested that if he really wanted to have a glass of wine with me, he could come over here. He thought that was a very nice alternative, immediately saying that he would bring a bottle for us all to share.”

“We’re good at sharing,” I remarked, smirking at them both, as we all chuckled, nodding.

Anna brushed her hair, while Marge dried herself. I returned to the room, finding that Marge had remade the bed and picked up in the room. Anna joined me, glancing at the bed and then at me with a broad smile. Before Marge could join us, there was a knock at the door. She came to the bathroom door, still brushing her hair.

As she gestured for us to open it, I suddenly had the experience I had had with Anna: seeing Marge afresh, no doubt helped by seeing the way her anal escort breasts moved with her arms raised to brush her hair, but everything else was also attractive, reminding me of some 19th century paint of a nude in about the same pose. As I went to the door, I thought that Sans-culotte would probably know the painting and artist if he saw Marge standing like that.

I opened the door. He greeted me with a hand shake, rather formal, considering our lack of attire, and smiled past me at Anna and then at Marge, greeting them by name. I looked back and saw that Marge was still brushing her hair, a bit to my surprise, since it seemed a little lascivious of her still to be grooming herself when a guest arrived. Very lascivious, obviously straight from her shower, as though she were getting ready for him.

Sans (for short) smiled as though he shared my impression. Why not, I thought: he had invited her for a glass of wine – maybe to his room – and she had said that she might have accepted his invitation. Almost appropriate of her to suggest that she could be getting ready for him, if she wanted to.

He snorted and murmured:

“Ingres’ The source.”

I wouldn’t have pronounced “Ingres” properly, but I immediately knew the painting he meant, that of a nude woman holding an amphora on her shoulder, just the one I had tried to remember. I grinned at him and said:

“Exactly what I was thinking when you rang, that she reminded me of a well-known painting, just couldn’t remember which one, much less the artist and name. Thanks.”

“Really?” Marge asked, joining us with her hairbrush still in her hand.

“Very much,” he replied, adding:

“Oh, there are other nice nudes in a similar pose in the Musée d’Orsay, but that was the first one I thought of. … Anyway, I brought two bottles of wine,” and he held up a cloth bag, a wine glass also in his hand.

I closed the door, turning back to see him smile at Anna and say:

“And I can’t tell you how many artists would love to have you as model.”

She blushed with a smile and suddenly erect nipples, so aware of them that she instinctively put her hands on her breasts. He nodded and added:

“Just like that.”

“Two bottles?” she asked, apparently to cover her embarrassment at his unexpected compliment.

“One for you and one for me,” he replied with a wink and chuckle, which didn’t reduce her being flustered.

“Please come in and sit down,” Marge said, adding:

“Very nice that you wanted to join us.”

“Of course, and thank you for inviting me. I have to open a bottle first. Go ahead and sit down.”

We had a two-seater sofa and an armchair and a desk chair. I gestured for the women to sit on the sofa and sat on the desk chair, while he took a bottle out of the bag. “Glasses” he said, and Anna sprang up and put our three next to the one he had brought and put on the desk. In the French resort – even a nudist one – there were wine glasses in the rooms.

As accustomed as I was to being nude, it was still a little funny to see someone with nothing on doing something so familiar as holding a red wine bottle between his thighs to pull out the cork, also to watch him pour with the aplomb of waiter in a tuxedo. He handed us our glasses, and I gestured for him to sit on the armchair. He sniffed at his glass and nodded, then saying:

“I hope you like it. I brought a whole case, two. It’s from my uncle’s vineyard. My brother and I now have to help drink it. Cheers, zum Wohl,” the latter with at smile at Anna.

We all took a sip. Marge smiled and remarked:

“Maybe I should have accepted you invitation before, if I had known that the wine would be so good.”

“I’m now glad you didn’t. No, that sounded wrong. I am very glad that I’m here.”

He raised his glass to her, and they drank, smiling at each other. She asked:

“Your uncle?”

“It belonged to both of them after my grandfather died.”

She glanced at the bottle and said:

“I doubt that you and your brother can just help drink such a nice wine.”

“No. Just an attempt at British understatement. … Oh, you’re going to see the name. My neighbors here know, but everyone else doesn’t have to.”

We all nodded and had another sip. After a moment of silence, he said:

“Last year, the champagne was from Étienne’s – Stephan’s – family’s estate near Riems.”

“Why didn’t he come this year,” I asked.

“I talked him into last year. His wife didn’t want to come. Well, you know what happened. Oh, he had a good time, an unintended good time, but he didn’t want to do that again.”

“Of course,” Marge responded, asking:

“And you?”

“I’m a widower, since three years.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“I didn’t mind that we had a good time last year.”

We all nodded again and had another sip, understanding that he had gotten over his loss.

“And you?” he asked glancing around at us.

“All single now. I’m divorced.” I replied.

“And, if I may ask, whose idea was it to bayan escort istanbul include Anna?”

We three exchanged glances and smiles. Marge replied:

“It was mine, but I knew he would be delighted.”

“And I was, am.”

“Me too,” Anna rejoined with a broad smile, also again with erect nipples.

“And me too,” Marge agreed.

He snorted with a slight smile and had a sip, and we also had one. He looked up with wry smile and said: “I won’t ask.”

We three looked at each other again, chuckling. Marge smirked at him and anticipated his question, remarking: “Who sleeps on the single bed?”

“Hmm! Something like that.”

Anna snickered and said:

“We were taking a nap on it, when Marge came and said that you were coming.”

All four of us chuckled at her revelation. Anna’s nipples popped out again. Marge remarked evenly. glancing at me:

“We two didn’t want it to be just one-on-one, as good as it was last year – and is – but Anna and Petra then helped keeping it from being too much of that.”

I nodded, smiling at Anna, who smirked with a nod. Sans also nodded, then looking questioningly at Marge. She nodded with a snort, smirking slightly, and said:

“I didn’t suggest that Anna join us just for him.”

Anna nodded, and the two of them exchanged smiles.

“Nice,” Sans remarked softly,

“I think so,” I agreed and held up my glass to Marge and Anna, also to Sans.

We all had more than a sip. Then he said:

“May I refill your glasses?”

We nodded with smiles. He stood up and took the bottle, turning to each of us and refilling our glass. Again, it was a little funny to see a naked person moving formally, as though he were in his own home – a more formal home than mine had been. He sat back down and raised his glass, and we all nodded and drank. He smiled slightly and remarked:

“It sounds like you are very compatible.”

I had forgotten our previous discussion, but then immediately remembered. A glance at Marge and Anna showed that they suddenly also had, their nipples erect again. Marge nodded with slight, wry smile. Anna replied more directly:

“I am very lucky that they invited me,” then looking at us and adding: “Thank you, again.”

She raised her glass, smiling at us and including Sans, and we all drank again. He murmured: “Lucky, nice for you, … for you all.”

I wondered if his more serious expression suggested disappointment with his own situation here. He smiled wryly and remarked:

“Well, we all certainly had a good time last year. You obviously are again, here.”

We nodded with smiles. Did Anna’s and Marge’s glances at me suggest that they wanted me to reply, to refer to what we had talked about him before? What to say? How to start?

“Maybe better than you are. They …” I glanced at Marge and Anna: ” … were hoping you would also be enjoying yourself here.”

“More or less.”

“I think that is what they meant, … hoping ‘more’.”

He glanced at them with a slight smile, allowing me to also glance at them. I thought their expressions indicated that I had said the right thing. He took a sip of his wine and then smiled a little better and replied, looking at them:

“Kind of you to worry about me. A German – maybe you know whom, Anna – wrote a book in the 18th century about how to get along with people, and wrote that one should only mention one’s problems to someone who could help.”

Anna smiled brightly and said:

“I think that was Knigge. I haven’t read his book, but that sounds like the title. His name has become a – what’s the word? Anyway, when people hear “Knigge,” they think of a book on manners.”

We all had a sip of wine, I had a better one; this was going to be ticklish. Did they want me to suggest that he could tell them? Was his remark a tactful invitation for me to? Now or never!

“Maybe that is what they meant.”

I hid my nose in my glass with another drink to avoid looking at any of them and see their expressions. When I lowered my glass, he had a bemused expression. Anna was blushing with aroused nipples, but not looking displeased. Marge’s nipples were also aroused, but she was smiling slightly at him.

He took a drink of his wine, probably to stall having to reply, like I had before. He looked up again, still with a bemused expression, looking at me, and murmured:

“You think so? I didn’t expect this.”

I glanced at the others, receiving the slightest of nods, and replied:

“I think so, … but maybe I’ve talked too much.”

I drank the last of my wine. The others had a smaller sip. He looked at Anna and Marge and said softly: “It’s not really a problem.”

Then Anna really surprised me – and them. Blushing again, she replied: “But it could seem like one, now that you know about us.”

Needless to say, her nipples were aroused again. She blushed even more, which was most becoming. He smiled, almost grinning, and hummed, replying: “If you want it to be, … I was trying think it wasn’t.”

Anna şişli escort was still blushing as she emptied her glass. Marge smiled more confidently, coming to Anna’s defense, saying: “We didn’t want to let it become a problem.”

Her nipples also tightened. I had to think that it was little funny that sometimes they only did after a woman heard what she was saying. She also finished her wine, and he then did, looking at his empty glass – stalling again – and then glanced back and forth at them and murmured: “Both of you?”

“I think so,” I replied, hoping to save them from having to respond. He looked at me, smirking, and replied: “Now I know why I brought two bottles.”

“In vino veritas. Good idea.”

He nodded with a grin and got up, emptying the first bottle in his glass and then opening the second one. While he did, Marge and Anna smirked at me with nods. He filled our glasses again, not looking up from them as he did so. He sat back down, and we all looked at each other with bemused expressions, chuckling softly. He raised his glass and said: “In vino veritas.”

We all nodded and drank, chuckling again when we smiled at each other. He snorted and said:

“I said it before: I didn’t expect this. You want me to have a problem?”

“We don’t want you to,” Anna replied quickly.

Marge nodded strongly once with a smile, then smirking and saying:

“And we won’t ask you tell us that you do.”

We all chuckled, he most of all, replying:

“I don’t have a problem; at least, I wasn’t admitting to it myself, and you don’t want me to have one. But, well, it sounds like you want help solve it anyway. I’m not sure what’s supposed to happen.”

Anna blushed again with tight nipples. I was tempted to tell him that she liked older men, but that would have left out Marge, besides being much too direct. Then it occurred to me to say:

“Just assume that you had a problem, since you suggested that you were only not admitting that you had one, and then consider how they could help.”

He took a drink of wine, and the rest of us did. He looked up with a slightly puzzled expression, looking at each of us, and replied: “You mean it? Have you been planning this?”

Anna nodded involuntarily. Marge murmured:

“Didn’t plan it – not this – just talked about it, … about you’re not having a companion here.”

“Hmm! I had the impression – at least since I’ve been here – that you three …, well, wouldn’t worry about other people.”

“Just a little, about people we like,” Marge replied with a smile, adding: “someone who would invite me for a glass of wine.”

“You thought …?!”

“Maybe, … if I had been here alone, as I told them.”

“We both said that we wouldn’t have minded,” I rejoined, Anna nodding.

“You thought I meant it like that?”

“Wouldn’t have minded if you had,” Marge replied.

“Hmm! Hmmm? Did I? Not consciously.”

He smiled, then holding up his glass to her and adding:

“Anyway, we have had a glass of wine together,” and they had a sip. He glanced at Anna and me, adding: “All of us,” and we all drank.

He stood up and refilled our glasses without asking. After he sat down, he looked around at us, again with a bemused expression, looking again at Marge, and they both smiled and drank together. It looked like they were agreeing that they might do something about his problem, which was fine with me – already thinking about spending the night alone with Anna. Her slight smile and nod to Marge seemed to confirm that she agreed. Marge noticed and then smiled more broadly at him and said:

“Anna likes older men.”

He looked at her. Her nipples had popped out as she blushed again, but she smiled shyly with a little nod. He snorted strongly and muttered:

“I do have a problem!” and drank, more than he had before. I grinned at Marge and Anna and replied:

“I think that is what they wanted to hear.”

They nodded, returning my grin. He looked up with a very wry smile and said:

“If I didn’t know I had one before, I have since I’ve been here. But now I have another problem.”

“Maybe Marge shouldn’t have said that,” Anna replied.

“Something like that. I’ll admit to the first problem and accept help, but the second problem …?”

We all nodded, returning his wry smile and drank. I looked up and said:

“You’ll have to decide.”

“No, I won’t! That is sort of decision that started the Trojan Wars. I live in Paris, but I’m not Paris.”

Since he pronounced the two words differently – “Paree” for the city, and “Paris” for the man in Greek mythology – his reference was obvious to me, and also to Anna and Marge, who both nodded with smiles. Marge then grinned and said:

“It’s not that bad, neither of us is Aphrodite.”

“Hmm! I could argue about that, but I still won’t decide.”

We all laughed and emptied our glasses. When Anna said suddenly that she had to go to the bathroom, we all had to, letting her go first. Since she didn’t close the door, we heard her going, but avoided looking in that direction. When she flushed, Marge immediately followed her, and Sans and I heard both her and Anna’s running water in the washbasin. He looked at me with a wry expression, nodding towards the bathroom, and asked softly:

“Do they really mean it?”

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