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Bargaining with Chastity

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Miselle is a kind but careful friend who always lets me have what I want…

…if I bargain with chastity days.


I’m married. So I really shouldn’t be here. And certainly not in this condition. But at least it’s pretty certain that intercourse will never happen. We’re “just friends” — and my locked up penis will never touch the warm embrace of Miselle’s pussy. She made sure of that.

Yes, “just friends”. And years apart in age. Yet here we are in the situation.

Miselle moved into a new apartment yesterday. Separated from her husband, and on her way to an amicable divorce. Miselle is so affable she’s easy to bargain with. Her husband pretty much gave her whatever she wanted, in return for staying friends, “with privileges”, she says.

And no wonder. She’s a Physical Trainer at the local club and works out incessantly. A body to kill for. Long blond hair, and a smile to melt your heart.

But as I said, “just friends”.

And as a friend, she wanted me to see her new apartment and new furniture. It’s in a rapidly growing center, overlooking the park, and young people all around. She’ll fit right in, looking the part despite closing in quickly on 40.

So who wouldn’t accept her offer to stop in and see it… and help her with a few tool-man tasks? I’d brought my black tool bag and knocked on her door Saturday noon.

“Oh thank you so much for coming over, Harold! I’m so glad to see you, Mr. Tool-man., You’re just the kind of male friend I need right now, what, with Ted no longer at my beck and call. Come in. Sit down. Have a fresh cup of coffee. Here, let me take your tool-bag. Maybe you can show me what you have in there a little later.”

She was all over me, at least verbally. I felt my penis move as she complimented me so. I was quick to sit down and hide what might soon be coming.

Then Miselle began talking nonstop, as if no one had listened to her in a week. She obviously loves her new apartment and new furnishings. Of course she’ll need help assembling the new bed, she mentioned casually. But first, the window coverings.

“I can’t have all these horny young neighbors watching us, right, Mr. Tool-man?”

“Uh, no, I suppose not.”

So she rose from the dining table, and hurriedly pulled her chair to first one window, then another, pointing where to drill and what to hang. Coffee could wait, she said. Til we had a little more privacy.

You can only imagine my thoughts as I stood on the chair with my arms over my head holding my drill, a hammer, or frilly curtains…. and Miselle, standing right there, facing my zipper or looking up at me with those blue blue eyes and her long blonde pony-tail. My mind reached for her pony tail with a vision of how that would proceed. I stiffened. She couldn’t have helped noticing it.

“Hey there, Mister. We can’t have any of that! Well, at least not til you finish that last window. LOL.”. And she laughed in her affable way, not at all truly suggesting such a thing. It was “just friends” teasing-humor.

I drove the last screws in at high speed and high torque. You can imagine my haste to get down off that chair.

“Ok NOW we can finish our coffee and talk a bit. Please, can I offer you anything to go with it? Anything at all?”. She was almost posing, while posing the offer. Dang!

I shook my head. I couldn’t speak for fear of my voice cracking and letting my thoughts betray me.

“Harold, now that we have a little privacy, I need to set some boundaries here. I saw what you did a few minutes ago. And I was afraid that sort of thing might happen, what with you being an older man here alone in a younger woman’s apartment and all. But we’re just good friends, right? So I need us to be as careful as we can, to prevent ruining our friendship — not to mention, harming your marriage irreparably. Right? And I’m not divorced just yet, so I can’t chance Ted building a case for alienation of affections, right? I mean, what if he had walked in while you had a hardon right there in my Ataşehir Escort face? Right? How would that have looked? Do you see what I mean? Seriously, talk to me: How would that have looked?”

“I’m sorry Miselle. I didn’t mean to.”

“I know you didn’t, Harold. And you know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, right? I would not do anything to you that you didn’t want or ask for. Probably nothing unless you absolutely begged for it. And that’s why I have a little protection in my kit as well. It’ll be something that’s agreeable to both of us — something to keep us both safe… and just friends… ok?” And she disappeared to the bedroom full of boxes, reappearing momentarily. “Here. Get up on the chair again, and let’s get this protective cage on you. Just for today while you’re here alone with me, the vulnerable young thing with a pony-tail you’d like to get your hands on. Am I right? You know I am. But you also know you need protection from those baser instincts, and probably wouldn’t initiate this on your own, would you? So let me help us both: Unzip, put your hands on top of your head, and look up. Don’t look at my pony-tail as I’m putting this on you. You might not be able to control yourself. That’s it. Don’t look down. We are just friends, and we need these boundaries to maintain our relationship.” And she proceeded to unfasten my belt. And pull down my jeans.

I was hard as a rock, but she pulled first one ball then the other through the metal ring.

“Ted always howled as I handled his sack like this. I’m so glad it’s less painful for you. Maybe your smaller balls are a plus.” And she gave a friendly little yank on em, and laughed.”


Then she took advantage of the pain and its effect on my hardon, to stuff it under the ring as well.

“There. That wasn’t so bad, was it? Keep looking up Mr. Tool-man.” And she lubed my dick before smooshing it into the curved metal cage. And clicking the little lock shut.

Dang! Speechless. I’m glad she spoke first.

“Ok, now that that’s out of the way, do you feel protected enough to come in my bedroom and start putting my bed together, Mr. Tool-man?” And gave me a sexy wink.”

“Yes Ma’am.” And I dutifully followed her.

An hour later, she jumped onto the bed and bounced a few times to test my handiwork, then asked: “Oh Mr. Tool-man, would you help a poor innocent girl make her bed? I would gladly show you my appreciation. Pretty please?” And fluttered her eyes.

She clearly toyed with me as we made up her new pink bed with the fresh satin sheets and frilly pillow covers.

“Thank you so much, Harold. And now it’s time for me to keep my word, and let you out of my chastity cage so you can go home to your wife. Well, unless… we worked on your reward”, as she added 4 pink garters to the bed posts.

“Harold, you’ve been so good to help me today, and to be so considerate of my anxieties about being alone with a man old enough to be my father. Allow me to show you my appreciation before you go home. I know from your earlier reaction, you fancy my body, don’t you, Harold? Admit it. It’s no crime. In fact, I’m flattered. And you’re in my chastity cage, so I know — excuse me, we know — no exchange of sexual fluids will ever happen, right? So it’s technically not an affair, ok? But I can show you my love in other ways, if you agree. Ways that will make your heart and, ahem, your penis, go pitter-patter. So do you, Harold? Do you agree to let me make you happy before I send you home? And she unbuttoned the top button on her pure white blouse.

“Yes!” I responded enthusiastically. My pecker tried its best to harden, without real success.

She smiled and toyed with the 2nd button. “Would you like to see more of me? Perhaps on my new frilly bed? But of course, our boundaries must still apply. You’d have to remain in the cage a little beyond your release time we planned earlier. Will that be a problem, Harold? Would you like to stay a bit longer for your reward?

“Sure, Miselle. Anadolu Yakası Escort I won’t tell if you won’t.”

“Ok, my fine Tool-man friend, but I want to make absolutely sure I’m not holding you against your will. So I want to hear you ask me to keep you here and locked down a bit longer.”

“Please keep me locked up a bit longer, so I can receive your idea of a proper reward.”

“Perfect, Harold. So how long do you offer to stay locked, in exchange for a little peep show, my friend,”…as she opened the 2nd button, and watched the effect on my fly. “You know you’ve been ogling my designer jeans for months, wondering how perfect my ass is, haven’t you Harold? And admit it, you’ve probably jacked off to the thought of what my titties would do to your dick if I let you titty-fuck me. Yes Harold? Admit it and I’ll let you touch my top button and my 2nd button. Maybe more, if you tell me the whole truth.”

My hardon-wannabe was painfully pressing the bars. She was so so right. “Ok, I admit it. Miselle, your body is to die for. I have masturbated to it so many times I’ve lost count.”

“So, Harold, would it be worth a week in chastity, to see one of my nipples? If you agree, then take off your shirt, and start unbuttoning mine.”

How could I turn down such an opportunity? For just a few days in her cock cage? No problem! So I removed my shirt and went for hers.

“Wait, not so fast, Cowboy. You I tend to be way too easy a negotiator, so at least offer me more than before. Try to be a little generous, ok friend?”

“Of course, Miselle. Yes, please lock me up for 2 extra weeks to see them both. I have dreamed many times about seeing them. May I remove your blouse now?”

“I don’t know, Harold. Your admissions have cracked the image I’ve always had of you as a good boy. Now I discover you’ve actually been a bad boy and gotten by with it til now. I think you need to receive some back-pay for those sins, don’t you?”

“I suppose.”

“And as your good friend, I am likely the best one to do that, am I right? I mean, you wouldn’t want me to take you home by your ear, young man, and present the situation to your wife as judge, would you? Can you imagine the harsh beating she would give you, and right there in front of me? Or who knows what she might do to your caged balls? Ok, so if you agree that a spanking over my knee seems like the best choice, I want you to ask me for it, Harold. And ask me very nicely, in your most ‘I’m so so sorry Miss Miselle’ sort of way.”

I had never had a girl spank me, but dreamed of it a thousand times. “Yes, Miss Miselle. I admit it. Please help me by correcting my bottom right now.”

“Harold, you know the rules. You must at least offer me some chastity time to get me to do what your sexy little penis-head wants in the first place; it’s only fair. And don’t insult me with any offer less than before.”

Dang. I’ve never been in chastity that long. But neither had I ever had a girl spank me, and I’m not about to pass it up now.

“Yes Miss Miselle. Please place me in chastity for 3 more weeks. But please administer my spanking today. I have been a bad boy, thinking about your perfect body, even getting a hardon today when I saw your face at my zipper. And your pony-tail was right there, so close that I wanted to just grab it and pull you tightly to me again and again, over and over, til I would… well, you know.”

“No, Harold, I don’t know. And I cannot believe that you would do that to me, your best friend. So be clear. What would result from you pulling me to your zipper over and over again by my pony-tail? Show me, as you confess, and you’d better be precisely clear, my friend. What would result?”

I pulled her gently to my zipper a couple of times and started to confess exactly what she wanted to hear before punishing me…

She stopped me. “No, now Harold you know that isn’t at all how you would have pulled me into you. You must be exactly truthful with me, Do it right.”

So Kadıköy Escort I did. I pulled harshly on her ponytail, roughly bouncing her face into my (steeled) hardon over and over, again and again. And confessing, “I would have ejaculated in my jeans, soaking right through them and onto your lips and face. I’m so sorry. I deserve to be punished… immediately.”

She recovered from the head-banging, with anger in her eyes now.

“Indeed you do, my friend. And you shall be. Come here. Right now. Take your jeans down. Tighty-whiteys too. Hands on your head. And spread your feet. Wider. I’m going to kick you as roughly as you just now did to me. And as many times.”

And she lit into me, over and over. I buckled and fell to the floor at her feet, begging for her mercy.

“Ok, now lay over my lap. No, wait. I’ll bet your nasty little perverted mind has dreamed of removing my designer jeans so you could place your caged little dick between my warm thighs. Am I right?”

“Yes Miss Miselle. Would you, please?”

“Yes please what?”

She can’t be serious. Not an offer of 4 more weeks of chastity! That would be 10 weeks total! But it’ll make for a lifetime of jack-off memories. So… “Yes please may I have 4 more weeks of chastity for the honor of removing your beautifully fitting designer jeans?”

“Yes you may. Proceed, you naughty little boy. Good. Pull them down properly and kiss them before you place your steeled little penis between them. And ask me to blister your bottom.”

I can’t believe the feeling as I place my poor little caged beast between Miselle’s soft thighs, and ask her to give me her worst. A spanking worth 4 extra weeks of lockdown.

“Please Miss Miselle. Spank me hard. I deserve it for thinking of you so disrespectfully.”

And that she did. She blistered my ass with her hand, and then made me go into her bathroom and bring her the long-handled bath-brush. She lit my ass on FIRE!

My impossibly hard penis pushed through every available opening in the steel bars just to get the chance to touch Miselle’s white thighs. Oh the bliss. Oh the pain.

When I was crying like a school girl, she stood me in the corner for an hour.

“And what am I to get out of all this? You get your little dick rubbing my thighs, a thousand nights of great memories to jack off to. Meanwhile my pussy gets overheated and what relief do I get? I think you owe me some relief. How would you like to lick my pussy right now? You know you’ve dreamed of it, with me pulling your little face down into my unshowered pussy after a hard workout at the gym, haven’t you Harold?”

“Yes, Miselle. May I clean your smelly pussy?”


Oh no. The chastity time is piling up like crazy. First, one week. Then two. Three more. Four more on that. Ten weeks in all. And now…

“And may I have 5 more weeks of chastity?”

“We’ll see.” She ordered me onto her bed, on all fours. She retrieved the 4 pink garters, placing them symbolically on my wrists and ankles.

“Yes you may have 5 more weeks in your little steel cage… but you certainly can’t be seeing my pussy just yet. You’ve not even paid off your first 3 weeks to get to peek at my nipples — your longtime “just friends'” breasts. Can you? That wouldn’t be right, now would it? So here, I’ll have to blindfold you, my friend, before I slip my panties off. And no touching! Just your mouth.”

She pulled a black scarf from under her pillow and wrapped it tightly around my head. “There.” And pulled my face roughly into her smelly nether region, and held me tightly in place.

“Ok, clean me! And don’t stop til I’ve had enough. Or your balls will pay another price.”

I ate like there was no tomorrow. Her fragrant unshowered pussy was like a luscious creme pie. I devoured it. And kept it up. Still she kept pulling me into her, rocking her pussy to the rhythm of my tongue… which was quickly tiring.

“Don’t slow down Cowboy. Or you’ll wish you hadn’t.”

I couldn’t help it. I fell onto her body, my mouth near her fully clothed breasts.

She made good on her threat.


“And so it will be for these next 15 weeks,” as she climbed out from under me and shoved me out the door, naked. With pink garters to remember her by. Still caged.

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