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Bare-Back Riding

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Moments after ringing the bell of an ordinary looking house in the suburbs, a well built man opened the door into another world. He stood 6″ taller than my 6′ & was finely muscled, with dark brown eyes that looked kindly at me while we made our introductions. The grip of his hand sent a thrill of anticipation coursing through my slim body as I thought of the massage to come.

He showed me to an adjoining room which was softly lit with low music filling the incense-laden air & a towel covered table in the centre. Erotic prints were tastefully placed on the plain walls & made my cock throb at scenes of obscenely huge erections being pumped, sucked or fucked in a variety of positions. He bade me undress while remaining clothed in a short robe of blue silk as he prepared the oils, working deftly as I placed everything on a chair in the corner. My cock stirred as I got a close look at the print there, which showed a large, dripping cock being sucked avidly by a wet mouth & as I turned round, I found him gazing appreciatively at the firm cheeks of my ass. We smiled into each other’s eyes & I willingly lay face down on the table as he spoke in gentle tones of how he loved to give such erotic treatment to men.

The combination of his mellifluous voice with the sultry aroma of musky-sweet oils made my head spin & I felt the blood surging through me as his strong hands wove a pattern of arousal over my burning flesh. Standing by my side he caressed the oils into my skin, sliding smoothly, stroking softly over my back & shoulders, down my spine & over my ass then along one leg until he slipped deftly back, brushing my swelling balls as his fingers massaged the soft, hairy cleft of my ass making me moan appreciatively in the back of my throat. He moved past my head to do the other side & I gasped as his cock swayed enormously in front of my eyes on the way, then groaned as he continued to massage my body with increasing vigour until I was tingling from head to toe.

He paused to take a deep breath & inhaled for a long time, then knelt before me with an open bottle, offering a hit of ‘poppers’. I grinned & breathed deeply to send my head spinning away into lust for his cock which throbbed out of his short robe. He moved closer until the swollen head parted my lips & his hands slid down my spine to part the cheeks of my ass until he leant to run his tongue in a sinuous trail to my puckered asshole while I licked over his hot meat. It was thick & at least 8″ long with a rugged shaft that pulsed with lust on the tip of my tongue while I sucked him passionately as the buzz lasted. His lithe tongue lewdly swiped along my ass & lapped onto the tight, rosy ring before curling into that tight hole. I moaned around a mouthful of his hard meat when his tongue fucked my asshole deeply until he was French kissing my ring lovingly as we feasted on each other’s flesh avidly. Wet sucking sounds mingled with our moans of pleasure until the rush ebbed & we parted with a smacking güvenilir bahis of wet lips.

He bade me roll over & my steel-hard shaft sprang erect as I lay on my back, while he poured warm oil in waves over me. I murmured assent as he asked that I move my head over the end of the table & opened my mouth to suck on his hairy balls, which were tightly clasped in a cock ring while he caressed my chest, slathering the sacs with my wet tongue & flicking over his asshole while he rubbed down my stomach. I clasped my cock, but he gently moved my hands back along my sides as his heavy balls swelled in my mouth which I sucked more avidly as he lightly ran his fingertips over my shaft in delicate tremors that coaxed a pearl of pre-cum onto my knob.

I groaned as he moved back a little then sighed as his cock slid into my mouth, going deep as he leaned in to slurp the drop off me, then deeper still as he fucked my mouth in steady strokes that had me gasping for air as he pumped gently back & forth, squeezing my balls while he licked along my meat. The heady aroma of his musky cock, oils & sweat filled my senses to bursting until I felt dizzy with desire for this bear of a man to fill my mouth with hot spunk while his lips coaxed more pre-cum until I was ready to burst, which he judged to the second by pulling back & moving to my feet. I lay with my head back breathing hard, yet completely relaxed as he continued to stroke my feet, then up my legs as the heat subsided slightly. I could taste his salty essence in the back of my throat as his hands stroked firmly over & over until he had moved back to my head to tenderly stroke my face. We shared a moment of complete trust in each other’s eyes as he finished the massage & he leant down to kiss my lips. Our tongues writhing in a sensual rhythm as he raised me back up to lie on the table gasping at the exquisite sensations flooding through me.

He went to a small table by a well cushioned couch at the wall opposite me as I sat up & he came back to wrap a length of leather under my balls, then tie it tight enough to make my engorged cock swell even more as the pressure under my balls prolonged my pleasure. He gave me another deep hit of ‘poppers’, then sat on the edge of the couch to do likewise before amazing me by leaning down to lick the head of his meaty cock! My head spun as I sat on the table in a yoga lotus & stroked my cock at the incredible show he gave as he sucked his cockhead, lapping & licking it in relish as his pre-cum seeped onto his tongue before he straightened & beckoned me towards him.

I knelt to kiss his cumm-slick lips I felt his nipples hard on my chest as his cock slithered between my ass & I dragged my nails along his spine down to pull him closer to me while our kiss deepened.

Breathing harder, I slid a slick finger into his asshole making him groan deep in his chest as his leg folded over my hip to allow my finger unhindered access as he fucked the crack of my ass with his throbbing güvenilir bahis siteleri cock. Pumping a little faster as our mouths opened to succumb together to the lust that flowed unfettered by conventions while we abandoned ourselves to a deeper power that demanded satisfaction. Moaning, sighing, urging each other on with the wordless demands of sexual desire, we worked each other up to a frenzy until we broke apart our kiss & I bowed down to trap his nipple between my teeth. He arched his back to push it into my mouth & cried out as I bit down, his cockhead throbbing hotly against my asshole as I thrust another finger into his tight hole. Nibbling around his sensitive flesh, I bit & bathed his nipple in my wet, warm mouth. Moaning as I felt the head of his shaft open my tight asshole as his hips rocked into mine while my fingers wriggled deeper into him.

He held his breath for a heartbeat as my asshole gripped his knob, then sighed languorously while he pushed it up into me with a smooth thrust, his thick shaft pulsing as he held the head of his cock there & I groaned longingly to feel it go deeper as I bit hard on his nipple, taking my fingers from his ass to pinch the other nipple out. Teasing it between my slick fingers, then moving to suck it lovingly, moaning at the earthy taste of his ass while he held that thick prick rock steady inside me. Gripping my thigh, he lifted my leg to smooth his passage into my moist asshole as I shifted slightly to kiss over his chest then up to his parted lips. Breathing harder against each other, my tongue fucked his mouth as his cock fucked my ass in an erotic rhythm which made us gasp harder at the erotic tension building up, I teased his nipples & sucked his tongue while he pushed harder, pumping deeper as his hands gripped my ass to pull me hard as his cock slid further until he rolled me onto my back.

Pulling back to rest with the throbbing tip just inside me, he reached behind my head & took the bottle from the table then pressed the top against my nose & held my head as I took a long, deep draught until I felt the top of my head begin to unscrew. Holding my breath as he took a deep hit, I pumped my steel-hard shaft while looking down to see his slick shaft throbbing under my swollen balls as they swelled obscenely from holding back the hot load building up, then as his hands held my head, I looked back up to see a glazed expression of lust that must’ve been reflected from my eyes as he started to thrust smoothly in ever increasing strokes into my asshole which stretched over his thick cock easily with the combination of sweat & oil.

Our moans of pleasure deepened & intensified as our fucking grew more abandoned, gasping, grunting with desperate need to unite our bodies totally. His hands gripped my head & as his cock filled my ass we cried out in ecstasy when his balls slapped soundly on my asscheeks. With a roar of animal lust, his cock started to slam into my asshole making me cry with frantic desire iddaa siteleri to be FUCKED. My body shook under his hammering cock & the juicy, wet sounds of our bodies slapping together mingled with the cries of us urging the other on to greater heights. Drops of clear cum spattered his stomach & flew over my chest as he relentlessly fucked my asshole, for each time he plunged deep I felt the veins of his cock rippling in my bowels while his balls beat my cheeks in a way that sent us wild for more. Nothing else existed for us now, but this moment of pure fucking sex.

I bucked my hips into him & he slowed a little to raise my legs onto his shoulders, then begin pumping into me again with longer strokes of ecstasy, grinding into my asshole as he pumped deeply, flexing his muscles to drive harder & faster until the sweat dripped onto my face. Incoherent with lust, I writhed on his hot cock which impaled my asshole again & again until I was bent double under his dripping body. A thick rope of spunk poured from my cock under the pressure & he groaned as it flowed onto the tip of my tongue, holding himself poised deep inside my asshole while it settled onto my tongue before reaching down to suck it off, his chest heaving while I clung to his neck, moaning as we spitballed the tasty juice between our lips while I felt his swollen balls throbbing on my ass which gripped his shaft tightly. He flexed his hot cock deep in my asshole while I clenched onto it as we savoured the salty taste of spunk.

Then, pulling back with sensual slowness until his cockhead rested again at my dripping asshole, he poured some ‘popper’ onto a velvet cloth & inhaled until his eyes bulged as I loosened the leather binding from my balls. He let the cloth fall onto my face & I pressed it over my mouth to muffle the scream as he reamed into my asshole with an unstoppable power. Spunk cascaded from my cock as I exploded hot juice onto my face & chest while he pounded back & forth. Grunting as each lunge of his cock pumped more spunk all over me while I went wild with passionate cries, pleading, begging, & exhorting him to fill my ass with cum until I felt him swell as a surge of hot spunk cascaded deep into my bowels. Bellowing triumphantly he slammed his cock deep to unload a torrent of cum into my asshole making me scream as he came uncontrollably. My body convulsing under him we held each other tightly through the storm of passion that rushed through us in waves again & again until I thought my heart would burst…

I must’ve blacked out under the intensity as he was licking the cum off my chest, tenderly kissing my face & I realised I had a death grip on the back of his neck. Kissing him back to greedily suck the cum off his tongue as we luxuriated in the sweaty heat of sex while I felt him throbbing in my ass. I relaxed my grip & let my legs fall around his waist & gasped at the sudden move as he fell back to raise me up onto his lap. He looked at me with a glint in his eye as I slipped off with a lewd squishing sound & a flood of spunk drenched his cock. I grinned back & began to suck some juice into my mouth, then shared it with this beautiful bear of a man until we were completely satiated…

Until next month!

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