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Barbara: She Said

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He followed me into the kitchen when I offered him something to drink. He leaned against the sink as I went across to the refrigerator. He had been my computer teacher in an adult education class. He is tall, six foot two inches tall with red hair and beard. He is about 10 years older than me, but at my age that doesn’t really matter much. He is a good conversationalist and I just love to tease him by brushing my breast against his arm or shoulder or by rubbing my ass against him “accidentally.” Today, he is here at my place to fix a computer problem that I have had for quite awhile. I know that I could have cracked the book and fixed it myself, but it is so much fun to torment him. With him, I am in complete control.

I wore a powder blue knit top and matching shorts to show off my tan and because he would be able to feel my nipples when I brushed by breast against his arm. I opened the Refrigerator and bent over to give him a really good look at my ass while I pretended to ponder the drink choices. He said, “You have a wonderful ass.” I gave my saucy ass a little jiggle then looked over my shoulder and noted that his eyes were stripping my shorts and panties off completely. I teased him by saying, “Keep your eyes in the right place. You are married and should not be looking at my rump.”

I looked back into the refrigerator to see what we could drink on such a hot summer day, when he startled me by grabbing my hips. Then I felt him grind his groin against my outstretched ass, and it felt wonderful, but I said, “Don’t! You are married. You are not supposed to do that” as I ground my ass back against his groin. I could feel his dick getting hard through his shorts and mine. He started to pull away, but realized that I was just teasing him and that I loved what he was doing. I knew that I was in complete control I could stop him any time that I want, but for right now I reveled in the feel of his hard meat pressing into my yielding rump.

I rotated my hips like I had seen on one of the mindless daytime TV shows that was teaching women how to hula. He was thrusting his dick up and down while I was grinding in a circular motion. His dick plowed up one cheek and down the crack then up the other cheek and it was driving me just wild. It started to feel like he was using a baseball bat and not his dick. His hands slid up my sides and pushed my top and bra up over my breasts while I said, “Don’t! You are married. You are not supposed to do that.” When he pinched my nipples I put my head back against his shoulder and arched my back till it hurt, trying to maintain as much contact as possible with his powerful dick and my yielding ass. I said, “Don’t, don’t, don’t.” I felt his hand between us, but could not focus on what he was doing till I felt his bare dick against my shorts. He captured my left hand that was dangling at my side and brought it to my breast. He pinched my nipple between my forefinger and thumb.

It felt so wicked to pinch my own nipple while he kissed my neck and shoulder. He ran both hands back down to my hips and pushed my shorts down to mid thigh. It felt wonderful to have his cock so close to my bare flesh. Only my powder blue bikini panties separated his rod and the soft skin of my ass. It was wonderful and sent goose bumps down my arms and across my nipples. I said, “No! No! Don’t! You are married. You are not supposed to do that!” as I stepped out of my shorts and kicked them to the side. His cock was deep in the crack of my ass before I realized that the bloated head was rubbing across my anus.

On each up thrust I could feel him pushing my anus open with the head of his dick. It felt wonderful, but I only said, “Don’t, don’t, don’t, you are married and not supposed to do this to me.” On one thrust the head of his cock lodged in my anus and tried to push in through my panties. I jumped and said, “No. No. No. Not there. No one has ever gone there.” I pulled away from him and raised my left leg and guided his dick between my legs. I could feel a Latin beat in my whole ataköy escort body as his cock slid between my legs I shuddered a Cha Cha Cha. My bare thighs caressed him and I rocked my hips front and back now to maximize the contact with my thighs and my panty covered cunny, but his dick had pushed my panties into the crack in my cunny, and I could feel his bare cock on my cunny lips. The feeling was wonderful, and when he thrust forward the fat flange on the head of his dick rubbed against the bottom of my clitty. I was in complete control. I could stop him any time I wanted.

I was moments away from coming when he pulled back completely. I pushed my hips back to regain contact, but his hands held me away. I started when, in a stern voice he said, , “Take off your panties.”

I said, “No. No. No. You are married and should not be doing this to me,” as I tried to push my hips back to regain the feel of his burning hot cock against my cunny lips and clitty. I was so close to coming, and he was pulling away.

He said, “Take them off! I said.”

I was so hot. My cheeks were flushed and breathing was difficult, but I knew that I wanted my orgasm more than anything else. I didn’t want to give in to this depravity, but I meekly bend forward and pushed my panties down. They were caught in my cunny and I had to give them a real tug to get them down to my knees. They were sodden with our combined juices and the aroma of our sexual activity enflamed my nostrils. I could feel his eyes burning into my ass and cunny like lasers. I didn’t look back at him, I just wanted him to push me over the edge and give me the orgasm that I want so badly.

He stepped forward and his dick poked me in the small of my back just before I saw his T-Shirt land on top of my clothes. I giggled and gurgled deep in my throat at the renewed contact with that monster cock. It was hot and wet as he started stroking between my ass cheeks again and I received a jolt every time that bloated cock head scuffed over my anus. He was trying to screw me in the ass, and it felt wonderful, but I was frightened about any anal penetration. When his up thrust stabbed the center of my anus I yelped and said, “No. No. Not there. No body has ever done that before.” I lifted my leg and redirected his errant dick back between my legs where it belonged. This time my cunny lubricated the anvil at the head and washed it with my juices.

Then he pushed me forward at the waist and had me nearly bent double. I grabbed the refrigerator with my free hand to keep from falling forward as his dick spread the lips of my cunny and slid all the way in till his hips were against my bare ass. In this bent over position, I could feel the bottom of his cock scrape across the top of my cunny opening and rub all the way up to my cervix. He just held me there completely impaled on his dick. I threw my head back and groaned in pleasure. I could not stand it anymore and pushed back against that burning invader, rattling the bottles in the refrigerator. Now he pulled almost all the way out and thrust forward a couple of times. The stuff in the refrigerator was rattling around but I did not care. I was back on the edge of my orgasm, and I was going to really enjoy it when it flooded over me.

All of a sudden he pulled me away from the refrigerator, and it took my dazed orgasmic mind a moment to understand that he was pushing me to the counter where I would not break something in the refrigerator. As soon as that idea filtered into my brain, I moved with him to keep from breaking contact between his cock and my flaming cunny. He slammed into me and I pushed back against him as hard as I could. This went on forever then I felt him lift my feet off the floor. I hooked my toes behind his calves and pushed and pulled to help as he thrust in and out of my cunny.

Then it hit me like a freight train. A bolt of lightning ran from my cunny to my head and back down to my toes I groaned and said, “Oh my God, I am coming, I am coming. avcılar escort You should not be doing this to meeeeeeeeeeeee!” I was racked with wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure until all of my energy washed out of me and I slumped onto the countertop before I felt him pull me back against him. He was holding me erect with his cock still buried in my cunny. I reached over my shoulders and grabbed onto his neck to help myself stay in place. He started walking towards the living room like a drunken sailor coming back from a binge. I was hooked on his cock and he was holding me around the waist. In the living room I realized that the drapes were open and told him that I had to pull the drapes. He staggered over to the window and I pulled the curtains to keep a neighbor from spying us.

When he plopped me down on the couch I laid there like a damp washcloth. I was too sated to move a mussel. When our breathing returned to normal, he put his lips on mine and used his tongue to scoop mine out of my mouth. He was sucking on it like a breast when he guided my hand down to my wet pussy and he pushed a couple of my fingers inside with his own. He swished my fingers around inside my pussy for a minute and I started to thrust my hips slowly.

He pulled my hand from my pussy and guided it into his mouth. He sucked on my fingers as he put his hand back on my pussy and slid two fingers in. It felt wonderful and I squirmed my hips in pleasure. I was saddened when he pulled his fingers out of my, now flaming, pussy and then I was shocked when he rubbed them on my lips, but I said, “No. No. Don’t do that. It is filthy. You just came in me. Don’t don’t you are married.” He was insistent and forced his fingers between my lips. I loved how slutty it was making me feel, so I sucked our juices off of his fingers as he guided my hand back to my pussy. Suddenly he was sucking my breasts. He would take most of it into his mouth and suck real hard then allow it to slip from his mouth and he would nibble and suck my nipple. It was driving me crazy. He moved his mouth down my belly to my pussy. His lips closed over my clit and he sucked it like had sucked my nipples. I pushed my pussy against his mouth. I had to have more. I needed more. I rutted my pussy against his mouth while I said, “No. No. No. Don’t do that you are married and should not be doing that.”

He moved around so that his big, bloated cock was right in my face. I could see the purple knob and it seemed to be as big as a tennis ball. He pushed his cock against my face and I knew that he wanted me to suck it, but I resisted and said, “No. No. Don’t do this to me”, but he just rubbed that monster against my lips and as I was talking he shoved it in my mouth. It was like French kissing a wonderfully large tongue. I took it all in my mouth and sucked it as he started to thrust it into my mouth and pull it back rhythmically. All at once I realized that he was fucking my mouth just like he had fucked my pussy. I felt so degraded, and I knew that I was his fuck toy.

He could do anything to me and I would love it. I knew also, that he would not do anything to harm me and I would follow his lead anywhere he wanted to take me. I gagged a little when he pushed his cock into my throat, but after that first gag reflex, I decided that I really did enjoy it. His tongue was deep in my pussy and it was pulsing again just like it had when he had me bent over the counter. I was furiously fucking his mouth and he was holding my ass with one hand while he had a finger or two in me as he sucked my clit. I hugged his ass and scuffed my breasts on his hairy belly. I began to worry that he would come again and this time it would be in my mouth, but his sucking on my clit sent me over the edge and I came in wave after wave as he penetrated me with his finger and sucked on my clit.

I was startled and relieved when he pulled his marvelous cock out of my mouth. I rubbed it on my cheek and kissed it all over as I came down from my mountain beylikdüzü escort of ecstasy. With my lips against his cock I said, “Oh God! That was wonderful, I love the way you ate me.” Then I yelped when I realized that he had a finger shoved up my ass. He was licking my pussy when I said, “Oh! You should not do that. No one has ever done that before. You bad boy! You are married and should not be doing this to me.” When he pulled his finger out of me, I felt a great loss and moved my hips to recapture then, but they were gone.

I swooned when he got up and was not aware of anything till I felt a warm washcloth on my forehead. He bathed me with that warm washcloth. I was warm when he washed me, but the breeze from the ceiling fan chilled me a little. My nipples hardened from his hands on my body and the cool breeze as be began to massage my pussy again. He covered my lips with his own and his tongue gently pushed into my mouth as his hand spread my rump and his finger pushed towards my anus. I moved my legs to spread myself for him as the warm washcloth scuffed where nobody ever touched me before. My nerves jangled, and I was very afraid when he said, “Lets move into the bedroom where we can be comfortable.” When he helped me to my feet, I was wobbly and needed to lean on him for support.

Teasingly I said, “You are married and should not be doing this to me.”

In the bedroom he kissed me and our hands roved over each other’s bodies before he said, “Where do you keep your lubricant?” I looked at him questioningly and he said, ” We will need something to sooth the way when I enter you back there.”

I said, “Oh! You can’t do that,” but I turned to the nightstand and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. He took the tube from me and pushed me till I sat on the edge of the bed. That wonderful monster of a cock was in my face again and this time I willingly opened my mouth and pulled his ass closer to me as I swirled my tongue around it as it went all the way to my throat. I was in heaven. I could taste the soap that he had washed with and also the first drops of pre-come. He pulled out and squeezed a large amount of KY on his dick before he pushed me onto my back. I spread my legs knowing that he was about to take my virgin anus. Here I am in my late forty’s and I quivered like a teenager as this man was about to slide into a hole that had never been penetrated before.

I was thrilled, excited, frightened and in a hurry for him to enter me all at the same time. He knelt between my legs and his dick was at just the right height. It felt really greasy as he slid between my cheeks before he pushed against the hole it’s self. I cried out as the anvil forced me open, but relaxed a bit as I felt the entire monster push inside me. It was very uncomfortable and I said, “No. No. No. You should not be doing this to me darling, you are married. No. No. Don’t do that. No one has ever done that before.” His thumb was rubbing across my clit and I locked my legs around his waist and pulled him deeper into me. It was so big and it was ripping me apart and it felt like it was burning me, but his thumb on my clit sent my head spinning. Soon the fire died as he covered my lips with his and he was sliding in and out of me very smoothly. I started to come again, was it the fifth, sixth, or seventh time today? He grabbed my hips and slammed into me 4 or 5 times and I knew that he was unloading another batch of come in me.

I could feel his dick wilt in my anus. I said, “No. No. Put it back in. I want it in me again. I want your adulterous cock in every hole I have, now!”

He looked deeply into my eyes and said, “I have been in every hole you have. Now, lets get a shower then that drink you promised me 2 hours ago.”

I agreed that we needed some fluids to replace all the ones that we had just used up.

On the way to the shower he said, “Next time I am going to drop off a school uniform for you to wear when I arrive.”

I said, “Will you rape my virgin pussy? Will you tie me up and rip my panties to shreds when you fuck me?”

He said, “We can play it any way you want. I can be your teacher seducing you and taking your cherry, I can be a neighbor raping you, You can decide how you want it, just as long as you are wearing the uniform when you answer the door.”

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