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Barb vs. The Fetish Brothers Pt. 02

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The Fetish Brothers let me lead the way, even though I had no idea where I was going.

They said nothing, and when I turned and looked over my shoulder for assurance, one of them would nod to the left or the right, sometimes with a tug on the leash, and I’d continue walking down the soft trail through the forest.

There were other people in the park or preserve – whatever this was – and I knew someone had to have seen me walking completely naked except for the patent leather leash attached to the soft, patent leather collar around my neck.

“Where are we?” I asked, not recognizing anything around us.

“Family estate,” Yosh answered. “Two hundred acres of private land.”

“And those people?” I asked.

“Some are staff that live on the property. Others are guests, like you, Barbara,” Stanley answered.

One of the brothers loosely held the leash, and I barely noticed I was wearing it. I was starting to wonder why I was wearing it in the first place.

At 5’3″ and about 130 lbs, most people would say I had a somewhat curvy frame. My blonde hair was still in a ponytail, and as best I could tell, the little make-up that I had applied before leaving the hotel was still presentable. The red polish on my fingernails and toenails was holding up well. My bald pussy was still bald, and would likely stay that way thanks to my husband, Ken’s gift of laser hair removal down there. My bigger-than-34C breasts were still growing, even though I was already twenty-one years old. My hips were on the wide side, accentuated by my narrow waist. But according to Ken’s wide-cocked, body-builder roommate, my previously muscular gymnastic legs and thighs helped even things out. My Summer tan had started to fade a few weeks prior, and I started to show light freckles on my shoulders and cheeks, but I still retained my tan lines.

I’m sure to the distant casual observer, I still looked like a teenager. A teenager with nice boobs, a narrow waist, big butt, sexy legs, and pretty feet… but still a teenager. On a leash.

A little closer, though, and they’d probably see I was a little older, and obviously, a little bolder.

I slowed enough to let Stanley and Yosh walk along side me.

“Why am I wearing the collar and leash?” I asked.

“It’s a sign of belonging,” Stanley said, as if it were obvious.

“But I don’t belong to you,” I said.

“Of course not,” Yosh said. “You belong to your husband, but he has graciously loaned you to us, and you are in our care.”

“And we have, in turn, graciously loaned ourselves to you, dear,” Stanley added. “Where we are headed, the leash lets others know you are with us.” Stanley motioned to himself and Yosh.

“Where are we headed, if you don’t mind me asking?” I asked.

“We’re holding a gathering at our family home, dear,” Stanley said. “Don’t worry. If your performance thus far is any indication of your full potential, I believe you will have a splendid time.”

“And, no, you will not be unclothed the entire time,” Yosh said with a half-smile. “We just thought your body would like the feel of fresh air for a little while. It really is good for you.”

“It feels good,” I admitted. “The only thing that would make it better is if you two were naked, too.”

“Soon, my dear Barbara,” Stanley said. “Soon.”

I heard the horse before I could see it.

I immediately thought the worst.

“I’m not fucking a horse,” I said, stopping in the middle of the path as the brothers walked ahead of me.

“Of course not!” Stanley said, and yanked on the leash causing me to stumble forward.

I was filled with dread as I realized I had just disappointed them, again. I held back the tears and walked ahead of them, apparently too quickly as there was another tug on the leash.

“Please take this off,” I pleaded. “I’ll suck the horse, or fuck the horse, or whatever you want me to do with the horse, but please take off this collar.”

“My dear, we don’t want you to do anything with the horse but ride in the coach behind it,” Yosh finally said.

“And as I said, the collar is for your protection,” Stanley emphasized. “Without it, well, we would break a promise to your loving husband that we would take care of you all weekend.”

“Besides, it’s only for a little while longer,” Yosh added. “When we return to the hotel, it will be without the leash and collar, and with an outfit that is your own.”

“Honestly, Barbara…” Stanley said. “You are still young. My brother and I were blessed with splendid examples of manhood which you seem very fond of, but we are hardly large enough to stretch your beautiful pussy or asshole, even combined.”

“I don’t understand,” I said. I really didn’t.

“We’re taking you to a special party, Barbara,” Yosh said. “You will be lusted after by both men and women. You will be the center of attention for most of the evening. And you will be allowed to indulge with whomever you wish, with our permission.”

“Why do I need your permission?” I asked.

“Without Şerifali Escort it,” Stanley started. “Without our permission, Barbara, you might be raped and ravaged without even realizing what was happening.”

“Why take the chance? Why are you putting me at such a risk?” I asked.

“Because, my dear,” Stanley said. “Life is full of risk. If you want to live life to its fullest, you need to accept risk as part of the adventure.”

“Is that what this is? An adventure?” I asked, suddenly more aware of my nakedness.

“Barbara, please…” Yosh said. “You’ve been having a lovely time so far. We have, too. Just trust us, and enjoy yourself. Think of this as our wedding present to you.”

I wanted to enjoy myself, and enjoy them. I would have been perfectly fine fucking and sleeping between the two of them in a hotel bed all weekend. I wanted to ask what kind of doctors they were, but remembered what Ken said about leaving out details.

As we turned the corner, there was a huge white horse in front of a white enclosed coach. The driver was in full steampunk buggy driver regalia.

“I think I’m a little under-dressed,” I said. “Am I dreaming this? Is this real?”

“You are not dreaming, and yes, Barbara, this is real,” Yosh said. “Are you ready to have a good time?”

I nodded, and the driver opened the door for me and held my hand as I stepped into the buggy.

Yosh was the first to take off his clothes in the buggy. His nakedness made me feel a little better about my own, for some reason. His shaft stood up invitingly as he sat back into his seat. Yosh caught me looking at it and invited me to sit on his lap. The coach bounced so much that when I stepped backward to gently lower myself on his lap, I accidentally lost my footing and impaled my pussy with his cock. He didn’t complain, though. Instead, he reached up and held my breasts which had been bouncing so much, they started to hurt. The bouncing buggy had me bouncing on his lap so hard, and so randomly, we were being mercilessly fucked without either of us trying.

Stanley removed his clothes and gathered up the pile of Yosh’s clothing and placed everything in a burlap sack.

He sat back and stroked his cock while I continued to ride his brother’s shaft. The ride became so rough at one point, it reminded me of cowboys and bucking broncos. Yosh held onto me, though, and fucked me through all of it.

It felt like twenty or thirty minutes, but it was probably only about fifteen minutes later when the coach came to a stop.

I had been close to coming three times, but each time we were interrupted by a bump or a sway that broke my concentration. I needed to come, badly.

“Do you have any more of that Scotch?” I asked Stanley.

“Of course, dear,” Stanley said. “Are you developing a taste for it?”

“What do you put in it? Some kind of aphrodisiac?” I asked.

“Nothing of the sort, Barbara,” Stanley said, pretending to be offended. “It is simply Scotch. Very good Scotch, but that is all. I’ll fetch you another glass once inside.”

Stanley stepped out of the coach and gently tugged at the leash, prompting me to follow him. Both he and the driver held my hands as I carefully stepped out and down the short steps with my bare feet. Stanley’s perfectly smooth cock stood erect and angled slightly upward and my pussy ached to be fucked by it.

Yosh stepped out next, and whispered something to the driver. The driver quickly hopped onto the front of the coach, and drove the horse and carriage out of sight.

We walked on perfectly trimmed grass, and then very smooth stones to the front steps of a mansion.

“Who’s place is this?” I asked, momentarily forgetting about how badly I wished someone would finish what Yosh started.

“Why, ours, of course,” Yosh said.

“We rarely invite guests to the family home, but it’s perfect for special occasions such as this,” Stanley added.

The size and grandeur of the mansion, the grounds, the servants… were something I only imagined capable of the insanely rich.

“Okay, I’m impressed,” I said as a fully-clothed manservant opened a fifteen foot tall door for us.

When I stepped inside, several fully-clothed maidservants approached me with towels, soap, and a pitcher of warm water.

They washed me where I stood, not five steps inside the gigantic foyer.

Stanley motioned for me to stretch out my arms to my sides.

“Relax, Barbara,” Stanley said. “This is customary.”

I looked over and watched as a second set of maidservants did the same to Yosh, and then moved onto Stanley. Even though their hands washed gently over my pussy, there was nothing overtly sexual or erotic about it. When they stroked Yosh’s cock, though, I could tell he enjoyed it. Unfortunately for him, they only stroked him enough to achieve cleanliness. To my delight, he maintained his erection.

The maidservants undid my pony tail and washed my hair, and then my face. One of the women, maybe in her fifties, looked İstanbul Escort at my face when she removed all the makeup and smiled as if approving of her work. Another woman, a few years younger, towel-dried and brushed my hair. They both made a comment about my bald pussy in a language that I couldn’t quite make out, smiled at each other, and were replaced by two other maidservants. The replacement maidservants used towels to dry the marble floor all around us, and then quietly disappeared down a hallway.

“Why do I get the feeling I could pee right now and someone would be here in seconds to clean it up?” I asked.

“Because they would,” Stanley said. “Do you have to… pee, Barbara?”

“Not at the moment,” I said.

“Very well,” Stanley said. “Please let me know when you do, though. We have an associate that would very much appreciate it if you were to urinate on him. Actually, several.”

I had a momentary flashback of my recent birthday party in a not-so-local bar where I pissed on a guy’s face, and several men returned the favor. Not something I ever fantasized about, but in the moment, I was almost ashamed to admit that I actually enjoyed it.

We walked down one corridor, turned, and walked down another. Everything was ornate, beautiful, and clean. I could only imagine what those maidservants had to clean up as part of their jobs. They were obviously well-compensated for their work and their discretion.

After what seemed like several minutes of turns and walking through large rooms filled with books, game trophies, and paintings, we came to a set of doors as grand as the doors at the front of the mansion. At first, I thought we managed to get turned around and were about to walk outside. But then I heard other people behind the doors, and they all suddenly went quiet.

“Are you ready, Barbara?” Stanley asked, reaching for a giant doorknob.

“Ready for what?” I asked.

“To start your journey toward your full potential,” Yosh answered.

“I don’t even know what that means,” I said.

“Well, lets find out, shall we?” Stanley said, and opened the door.

I didn’t know what I expected to see as we walked through the doorway. Maybe several dirty old men waiting to have their way with me, as I experienced on my birthday? Maybe a room full of fully-clothed voyeurs, waiting to watch me get fucked by the Fetish Brothers in multiple positions on some dais in the center of the room? Maybe an extravagant porn movie set? A horse?

Instead, I looked around and thought I reached some strange place where heaven and hell met in the middle.

Twenty? Thirty people? Men and women. Mostly naked. Some in BSDM outfits, and some in lingerie. Beautiful. Erect. Some wore collars. Some held leashes. All of them looked like models, ranging in age from eighteen to over sixty. Some were pale, some were tan, and some were as black as night. They all looked at me, quietly commenting to each other.

Stanley handed my leash to Yosh and stepped forward.

“Friends, and colleagues,” Stanley started. Everyone became very still and very silent. “May I introduce Barbara.”

Yosh nudged me forward slightly, and I was bathed in multicolored light from the stained glass windows.

It was apparently Yosh’s turn to talk.

“Barbara is recently married, and is our ward for the weekend – on loan from her generous and loving husband. She is twenty-one years and two months of age, sixty-three inches tall, one hundred twenty-seven pounds. She has a background in gymnastics and remains physically fit. To her knowledge, she has never participated in illicit drugs, and has a favorable reaction to alcohol.”

I looked at Yosh and then to Stanley. I wanted to ask what they were doing. I felt like I was about to be auctioned off, but Stanley gestured for me to be patient… and to be quiet.

Yosh continued, “Barbara’s measurements are 34C-24-36. Her hair is naturally blonde and her handsome, powerful, and very well-endowed husband funded the laser hair removal of her pubic hair.”

I wondered if Ken knew they were going to do this. If he did, I wondered why he’d let them. Did he have a similar experience with whatever it was I was about to experience? Did he have to wear a collar and leash at some point?

Yosh stepped backwards and handed the leash to Stanley.

Stanley resumed my introduction. “Barbara is void of tattoos and piercings other than her ear lobes. We prefer not to add any piercings at this time. In addition to her obviously pleasurable body, we find her face to be exceptionally beautiful and her feet and toes to be exceptionally pretty. For those with an appreciation of such things, I’m sure you’ll agree.”

Stanley looked at me and paused for a moment before continuing. “She is adventurous, curious, and accommodating. Her oral talents are only exceeded by her insatiable appetite for what she considers delicious ejaculate. She is disease-free, but she is also hygienically clean through diet, exercise, and cleansing.”

I Ümraniye Escort guessed that meant I wasn’t opposed to ass-to-mouth. I wasn’t.

Stanley continued, “Barbara is not as talented at cunnilingus as she is fellatio, but that is mainly due to lack of experience in the former. However, she excels at fellatio, well beyond her years of experience. She orgasms easily with clitoral stimulation, whether the clitoris is being stimulated alone, or while being penetrated orally, vaginally, and/or anally. She is prescribed and diligently uses oral contraception, and is one week after her last cycle completion.”

I guessed that meant they could come inside me as much as they wanted.

He continued, “Her concentration is acceptable with up to four participants, but she currently maintains peak energy and enthusiasm with no more than three participants. Within reason, we welcome participation in assisting her to expand her capabilities. She is a visual person, and prefers to see the activity as much as feel the activity. Size does, in fact, matter to Barbara. While officially an of-age woman, she has not birthed nor has she been unduly penetrated by oversized objects. While resilient, she is still what some of you may consider too tight in certain aspects. We ask that you respect our wishes and do not unduly penetrate Barbara orally, vaginally, or anally.”

He had to ask?

“While enthusiastic and possessing extraordinary stamina when it comes to traditional intercourse, Barbara has had limited exposure to fetishes and perversions,” Stanley said.

“Oh, this is going to be good,” I thought.

“She has participated in water sports, but has to-date shown no interest in being defecated upon,” Stanley said. “Nor has she shown interest in defecating on others.”

Somewhere in the crowd, I could hear a disappointed sigh.

“Barbara responds favorably to controlled pain, but in small intervals,” Stanley continued. “We ask that you do not leave bruises or other permanent or semi-permanent marks on Barbara.”

All I could think of were bite marks.

Yosh stepped forward again. “Friends and colleagues, you all know it is a special occasion when we host these events. Please, enjoy yourselves, enjoy Barbara, and allow her to enjoy you. You know the rules which have been previously established, and I believe we have provided you with enough information about our ward; our guest, to provide everyone with a truly enjoyable experience. Does anyone have any questions for myself, my brother, or Barbara?”

There was a long pause, and I thought Yosh was going to resume talking. A woman’s voice called out from behind two large men wearing leashes, “DVDA?”

Stanley answered, “If Barbara wishes, and initiates it, we will allow it.”

I looked toward Yosh, not knowing what that was, and he gestured that he would explain later.

Another long pause.

“Barbara, do you wish to say anything before we begin?” Yosh asked.

I shook my head. I couldn’t think of anything to say. All I could do is look around at everyone looking at me. Erections were developing; nipples and penises. I thought Ken’s cock was big – and it was – but I also thought he was a freak of nature. As I looked around the room, I realized he wasn’t the only one blessed with oversized equipment.

“Very well,” Stanley concluded. “We are only staying for a few hours, so please make the most of your time with Barbara. If you need anything at all, the staff will be ready to assist. Thank you, everyone.”

The silence from the crowd ended, conversations resumed, and a man with a short, Asian woman on a leash approached Stanley. Stanley shook the man’s hand and the Asian woman squatted in front of Stanley and took his prick down her throat. The small touch of jealousy was quickly replaced with curiosity as I watched Stanley carry on a conversation with the man while the Asian woman performed an incredible blow job on him.

“What’s going on?” I asked Yosh.

“Wards pleasure leash holders or other wards,” Yosh answered.

“Do leash holders pleasure anyone?” I asked.

“Only themselves or each other… while they hold the leashes. Once the leashes come off, the domination has ended and we are all equals again. So, for your protection – and for your benefit – please keep the leash on,” Yosh answered. He gestured to his beautiful cock. “If you’d be so kind?”

If a girl could make love to a guy’s cock with her face, I was doing it to Yosh’s gorgeous member. I wondered if Stanley was at all jealous, but as I looked over to where the Asian woman had been putting on an impressive display of talent on Stanley, she had moved onto her leash holder. Stanley was allowing his shaved cock and balls to be cleaned by maidservants that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

I went back to work on Yosh’s cock, doing all the things I thought he liked, and then some. He came harder than before, and held his cock down my throat while he pumped his seed into my stomach. I learned to control my gag reflexes years ago, so I let him hold the back of my head as he pressed my nose into his shaved pubic area. I was certainly getting better at deep-throating, especially Yosh’s manhood. He released the back of my head and helped me to my feet.

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