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Bar Tricks Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: A sequel to my original Bar Tricks. Both have a twist that will be difficult to understand without reading the original first. Both are very short. Click on my name to bring up my stories, then click on Bar Tricks.


Rick and Kate had been coming to the same Las Vegas hotel for years with no problems, but this time their reservation was mixed-up, and no similar rooms were available. The hotel manager apologized for the mix-up, then after a few clicks on the computer said, “All set. I comped you a nice suite. Please enjoy a drink in the bar while housekeeping checks the room.”

They grabbed a couple stools at the bar and ordered. Kate idly scanned the bar as she always did, mostly just people watching. Rick was already scamming the bartender out of a second drink with a bar trick.

Kate leaned into Rick. “I need to use the Ladies Room. Don’t wait for me. I’ve seen that trick before.” Rick rolled his eyes at her, then smiled as he and the bartender watched her leaving. In 12 years of marriage, he never tired of watching that little ass wiggle.

When Kate returned, a young woman was sitting next to Rick hanging on every word as he showed her one of his more complicated bar tricks. She squealed at the outcome, touched his forearm and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Who’s your new friend?” she quipped.

“One of my many fans, Kate. Leslie, my wife, Kate.”

“Rick is so talented and funny. You must get to see these tricks all the time!” Leslie gushed.

“Tell me about it, honey. Are you staying at the hotel or just working it?” Kate asked, looking as innocent as she could.

“Oh, I was meeting someone here, but I think they stood me up.”

“You can hang with us for a little while if you like, right Kate? We’re just waiting for our room.”

“You can hang with us as much as you like, Leslie. Rick craves the attention.” Looking past Rick she exclaimed, “Oh my. Speaking of cravings…”

Rick looked over at Kate, then followed her gaze across the room to a fast approaching man who looked vaguely familiar.

“I thought that was you,” exclaimed Kate. “Wow. What are you doing here?

“Hi, Kate. Back for another trade show.”

“You remember Dave don’t you, Rick? Or is it Greg? I get confused,” Kate smiled.

“Yeah, yeah, sure. Dave, right?” Rick was clearly nervous.

“What a great surprise. Last time we met, you played one of your bar tricks on me. I believe I lost…big time. Or maybe I was just played.”

“Now, now, no need to bring all that up. You lost fair and square.”

“Well, the least you can do is let me dance with your beautiful wife.”

“Yeah, sure, but you’ll have to ask…” Rick said to their backs as the two walked over to the dance floor.

“Forget them,” Leslie encircled his arm and pushed her breast against it. “Show me another trick.”


After a few dances, Kate returned to the bar to find Rick and Leslie engrossed in quiet conversation clearly meant just for them. “Ehemmm, look, we found a nice booth over in the corner. Why don’t you two join us.”

As they approached the booth, Dave got up allowing Kate to slide in. Leslie slid into the other side and Rick sat next to her. They did their introductions again for Leslie’s benefit, and ordered drinks. The awkwardness disappeared as they filled Leslie in on how they met the last time. In no time, they were all trading stories and laughing while the drinks kept coming.

They were interrupted briefly by a bellhop who informed Rick that his suite was ready. “Your bags have already been grup escort delivered to the room. May I escort you there?”

“Uhh, no, that won’t be necessary.” Rick exchanged a tip for the key card, and looked over at Kate. “Well, I guess we should go up.”

Kate and Dave glanced at one another.”Why don’t we just move the party up there,” offered Kate. “It’s supposed to be a big suite with a great view and everything. Look, you and Leslie head up there. Dave and I will finish our drinks, and have another dance or two since you never dance with me. Then we’ll meet you up there in, what, half an hour?”

“Uhh, OK, Kate,” Rick answered looking confused. “I guess I could go up and make sure the minibar is stocked and all. Thirty minutes, right?”

“Sure, sure, about that long. That would be great.”

Rick and Leslie slide out of the booth. Rick looks back and Kate and Kate shoos him away with a brush of her fingers and a smile.


“I thought they’d never leave.”

“You’re bad.”

Dave kissed her. She didn’t object. “Are we really going up there so soon?” he whispered in her ear.

“Maybe not exactly 30 minutes. Come on. It’s a nice slow one. Let’s dance.”

The last time Dave held Kate like this, right here in this same room, he had Rick’s permission to seduce his wife. At least he thought he had. Rick had no intention of letting him follow through. This time, Dave intended things to be different.

“You seem to remember about where we left off last time,” Kate smiled up at him. “It’s been four months. You’re supposed to call a doctor if it lasts more than four hours.”

“Real funny, Kate. I’ve had a lot of time to think about it. About you.”

“Down, boy. I promised you the hottest night of your life, but you gotta work a little bit for it.”

“OK, then let’s go up to the room.”

“It hasn’t been 30 minutes yet.”

“Not your room. My room. We can wait there.”

“Dave…we can’t. You know we can’t. You know why we’re here.”


Rick opened the door to the suite, and both of them were blown away. Rick usually got a decent room at this hotel, but nothing like this.

“God, it’s beautiful,” cried Leslie. “I’ve never been in a suite before. Wow, look at this!” she exclaimed turning a “hills are alive” circle with her arms extended. “It’s bigger than my apartment. Two bedrooms. Two bathrooms.” Her excited voice reverberated through the suite as she practically ran from room to room. She ran back into the living room, and jumped into Rick’s arms, knocking him back onto the couch with her on top. She kissed him. He kissed back. Then he came to his senses. “Leslie, stop it. Kate will be up here any minute.”

“Oh yeah? You think so? With Dave or whatever his name is sniffing around her again? I don’t think so, Rick.”

Just then there was a knock on the door. Rick jumped up, dropping a surprised Leslie to the floor. “See! I told you,” he said, smoothing back his hair and tucking in his shirt.

Rick opened the door and a young brunette about Leslie’s age pushed into his arms. “You must be Rick.” Looking past him at the huge room and the expanse of glass looking out onto the Las Vegas Strip, “And this must be Heaven!” she laughed.

“Hi, Teri,” Leslie greeted. “I told you! It’s amazing and so is Rick,” she said hugging him from behind, then pulling up his shirt tail. “I hope you don’t mind me inviting Teri.”

“He won’t mind. You didn’t lie, Leslie. He’s pretty hot.” Teri moved in, put her arms around his neck and started kissing him.

They eskort bayan istanbul moved Rick slowly over to the couch, him protesting unconvincingly the whole way, and sat him down, one on either side of him. Teri quickly kneeled in front of him to remove his shoes, then slid up his body until her head was in his lap nibbling his cock through his pants. Leslie was still partly behind him, reaching around with both hands to unbutton his shirt and run her fingers through his chest hair.

Rick jumped when his cell phone beeped with a text and fumbled it mid air like a rookie quarterback. “I gotta check this. It might be from Kate.” It was. He read it out loud. “Got delayed another 30 minutes. Cya”

Teri looked up at Leslie. “What are we allowed to do with him?”

“I don’t know. We didn’t talk about it much. I guess, whatever.” With that, Teri pulled down his zipper and fished around for her prize. “Good enough for me,” and she popped him into her mouth.

“What are you guys talking about…Hey!” Rick sat as rigid as if getting a no-touch lapdance while these two worked their magic. He couldn’t relax and couldn’t stop them, torn between an incredible make out session with the most gorgeous women he had ever been with, and the thought that Kate might come through that door any minute. She said 30 minutes, but maybe it was a trap. Or maybe it would be longer since she was with Greg or Dave or whatever his name was. Now he couldn’t keep it straight.

Teri continued to ply her blowjob skills while Leslie worked on his mouth. She pulled away long enough to bring his head down to her delicious tits. He never even saw her take her top off. When she pulled away from him again, she stuffed his face into her sodden pussy.

All thoughts of Kate seemed to evaporate. All his senses were concentrated on what Teri was doing to his cock and what Leslie was doing with his face. That left nothing to register the knock on the door until it became loud enough that all of them heard it at the same time.

“Oh God. Oh God.” Rick jumped up wiping his face off on his shirt sleeve and trying to get presentable. The women just sat back on the couch smiling at him.

“Well, get your fucking clothes on! This is serious. Act natural, act natural. Christ. What the hell happened?”

Leslie and Teri had done as little as possible to cover everything up and Rick had managed to zip up his fly and button his shirt. But he knew Kate wouldn’t be convinced.

Rick opened the door to see Kate and Dave…or Greg…whatever…standing there. The smell of sex hit her as soon as the door opened. She pushed her way in surveying the scene. Leslie and Teri jumped off the couch and came over to Rick and held his arms protectively. He tried to shake them off, but they held fast.

Kate looked Rick right in the eye for what seemed to him an eternity, then she completely lost it. She broke down laughing so hard she thought she might pee herself. Leslie and Teri followed, laughing and jumping up and down while still holding onto Rick’s arms. Dave joined in, unable to hold it back.

The only one not laughing was Rick. “What the fuck?” He looked at all of them like they were crazy. Completely bewildered, he suddenly slumped with recognition. “It was a set up, wasn’t it?”

“Looks like we tricked the trickster.” His four tormentors high-fived one another.

“Oh, that was good. Really good. I need a drink.” Rick headed for the mini bar.

“Get me one,” Kate ordered.

“Fuck you. There won’t be any left when I’m done,” Rick shook his head. Kate laughed, enjoying oral escort her own huge bar trick for the first time ever.

“Well, don’t get too drunk, my love. The party is just starting. Rick, honey, you, Leslie and Teri can take our bedroom whichever one that is. And Dave and I will take the other one. That OK with you?”

“Hell, NO, that’s not OK!”

“I thought you liked your new playmates.”

“Nothing happened, Kate. I was just sitting on the couch waiting for you to get here.”

“Hmmm, Leslie texted me that you seemed to be having lots of fun, and didn’t interrupt with even one bar trick.”

“Kate, please…I tried…I mean…give me a break. I don’t really want for you and Dave…you know…please, Kate. You and me, remember?”

She appeared to be thinking while Rick continued to plead with his eyes. “OK, I like your idea better. You and I will take our bedroom. Dave or Greg or whoever they want him to be can take Leslie and Teri to the other. Is that OK?”

“Oh, hell YES, that’s OK.” shouted Dave, and the girls wooted their approval as well.

Kate walked over to Dave, threw her arms around his neck and gave him a scorching kiss. “Sorry, Dave. I guess we weren’t meant to be. But I told you Leslie and Teri will help you forget me. Maybe you’ll forgive Rick for playing you last time.”

Dave whispered in her ear, “It’ll be hot like you promised, but it could have been hotter with you.” She kissed Dave one last time, they smiled at one another and broke their embrace.

Kate grabbed Rick and hauled him to the bedroom. “Come on, hot shot. After that kiss, you’ve got your work cut out for you, buddy.”


The next morning, Rick got up quietly, showered and dialed room service.

“Morny. Rune surbees.”

“Uhh…what? I thought I dialed room service.”

“Rye…Rune surbees..morny! Jewish to odor sunteen?”

Rick shook his head to clear the cobwebs, and did his best to order breakfast for everyone.


“Hey, I got that! You’re welcome.” He hung up thinking whatever arrived for breakfast was likely to be interesting.

He busied himself waking everyone up and ordering them into the shower. By the time breakfast arrived and the waiter had set everything out on the dining table, the rest of them came out of their rooms.

“Where’s Teri?” Rick asked.

“She left after the first couple of rounds last night. Something about being a 5th wheel,” said Leslie holding Dave’s gaze the entire time. “Dave and I managed without her.”

“Awww. That’s so sweet,” said Kate tearing up.

“You put this whole thing together, didn’t you, Kate?”

“I’m afraid so. Some time during our last get-together, Dave stuffed his phone number in my purse. I was pretty sure it wasn’t for you, so I kept it. I figured I’d call him with a proposition to get even some day. He’s not here for a trade show.”

“And the girls? Hookers?”

“Hey, watch your mouth, buster,” Leslie warned him.

“Leslie works with me. She saw you at the Christmas party two years ago and was telling me about the hot guy she ran into earlier on the dance floor. I told her the hot guy is my husband, but he doesn’t dance so maybe it was some other hot guy.”

“And Teri?”

“Teri’s a friend of Leslie’s who wanted in on the plan when she saw your picture.”

Rick shook his head. He walked over to the windows overlooking the Strip. “My town,” he said, arms outstretched. “I had it all. Everyone on the edge of their seats eating out of my hand as I wowed them with bar tricks.” They all smirked.

“I guess I have to bow to the new master. Am I going to have to retire?”

“Maybe. For now, let’s just promise to use our powers only for good and not against each other.”

“Deal. Hey, Dave. Gotta quarter? Best two out of three gets both women,” he laughed. Dave didn’t.

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