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Bar Fun

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“I shouldn’t have had that third double,” you say, staggering out of your chair. “I’m just going to go to the bathroom – I’ll be right back.” The bar is kind of sketch, but that’s the kind of place you wanted to go after the week you’d had. You push you way past a group of lads who are enjoying themselves playing darts. A couple make some not-so-subtle comments after you pass. You hear them, but shrug it off.

In the bathroom your phone buzzes. It’s me.

“Do some bathroom selfies.”

Buzzed from the liquor, you don’t think too hard about it. It’s a single-person washroom, the door’s locked, no risk of someone stumbling in and catching you in the act – you pull your shirt and bra up and take a couple quick pics – tits out, a smile on your face.

“Ok. Did it.”

“Can I see?”

“Haha nice try. I’m not *that* drunk.”

“We’ll see.”


But you don’t get a text back.

You wait a minute. Maybe I’m just being slow. No? Fine.

You finish up and take a quick look in the mirror. You lean forward a bit and check out your cleavage. It’s looking pretty good.

Looking at your phone, you open the door back to the bar. You’re fairly flung back as you’re pushed back into the bathroom. I’ve got my hand over your mouth so you can’t scream, my other is grabbing the back of your head as I push you up against the sink. I kick the door shut, and keeping my hand over your mouth, click the door locked.

“I told you I’m going to see your tits, you little slut.” I pull your hair, making you wince with pain. “I want you to show them to me.”

You’ve wanted me to see you naked for a long time – you’ve teased me with it, taking pictures of yourself, telling me about them, asking me for ideas, but never sharing them with me. Now, trapped, you realize now you’ll get your chance – not necessarily in the way that you wanted, but sometimes you realize, having no choice is the greatest freedom. I feel you relax. You pull your shirt up, hesitate, and then pull your bra up. My breath catches in my throat. Under my hand, I can feel you smile.

“Fuck those are beautiful,” I manage to say. “The amazing thing is that the rest of the bar wants to see them, too.” Your eyes go wide. “Don’t look so surprised – and don’t be surprised if they want more than just a look…”

I take my hand off your mouth and lead you out of the bathroom. The rest of the bar, the lads, the guys at the bar, the bartender – everyone – is fixated on you. Some of them you realize, are already touching themselves with anticipation. You notice one couple, escort izmir a man and a woman, whispering to each other and nodding silently. You feel yourself freeze, but my hands are on your shoulders and I lead you back towards the bar. The hard wood bumps against your back giving you a start. I lift you up and a rough pair of hands – the bartender – grabs you and holds you still. I walk around the bar to relieve him and you feel his hands run down your body, then up again, lingering on your breasts and rubbing your nipples gently.

You lean your body into me, and I whisper into your ear how beautiful you look, that you’re going to be ok. You bite your lip as one of the lads approaches. He’s shorter and muscular. He kisses each of your breasts gently at first, getting rougher. His hands are on your hips, on the fly of your jeans, undoing them, pulling them down. He kisses his way down your stomach to your belly button, then with his teeth bites your thong and pulls it down, his nose grazing the neat triangle of pubic hair you maintain. He pockets your panties and slides a finger gently up, then down, then up your pussy.

“Fuck guys, this chick is so wet,” he slips a finger in easily, then two, squeezing your breasts with his other hand. You hate to admit it, you are wet, you can’t help it. Your head swims with pleasure as he rubs your clit. You close your eyes and lean back into me and moan. Soon, his finger is replaced with something else; you feel his cock push into your pussy and begin thrusting in and out. I’m stroking your head with one hand and squeezing your nipple with the other, whispering gently, kissing your head and your ear and neck. His thrusting becomes more frantic and you feel his cum shoot deep inside your cunt. He tucks himself back in his pants and steps back. You feel cum running out of your pussy and down your leg, but you don’t care. Another set of hands on you now, rough, the bartender. He hoists your legs over his shoulders and pushing his cock into you easily. It’s big and rigid, and hits you in just the right spot. He grabs your throat with one hand and starts fucking you harder. His cock feels so good inside you, you feel your orgasm coming and you shake against me and wrap your legs tightly around the bartender.

As your start to cum and moan loudly he squeezes your neck tight – so tight you can’t breath. Panicked, your eyes go wide, but I reassure you that no one is going to hurt you. You’re not sure if it was hit cock unloading more semen into your cunt or his hand around you neck or my soft words, but you feel izmir escort bayan another orgasm wrack your body as he withdraws, more sperm running down your leg.

You look up at me, physically exhausted, and I kiss your gently on the mouth. It’s not long before you feel another set of lips on you – licking your pussy gently, and another pair on your breast, sucking your nipple hard. You open your eyes and see the couple – him on your breast and her between your legs, sliding her tongue up and down your pussy, tongue-fucking you, licking the cum out of you, while her partner sucks on your breasts. You can see her hand as she’s kneeling in front of you working his cock with one hand. Her other, you soon realize, is sliding gently up your leg.. and before you realize it, she’s got two fingers buried deep inside your pussy, too.

Her partner stops sucking your breasts and focuses on his lady friend working his cock and eating your pussy. He starts to moan and grabs her hair and pulls her mouth away from your pussy. He grabs your tits and squeezes hard as he shoots his cum all over his partner’s waiting face, already wet from your pussy and cum. She smiles up at him, dripping, and gives your pussy one last, long kiss goodbye.

You reach up and run your hand down my cheek, pulling my close. You whisper in my ear “I want you to fuck me, please.” I murmur “Not yet.”

Two more men saunter up to you, cocks in their hands, hungry looks in their eyes. One of them kneels in front of you and pulls your shoes off, then your sock. His hands run up and down you calves, and he very deliberately starts running his tongue up and down your leg, down to your foot. He starts taking your toes in his mouth one by one. You don’t even get a chance to notice as his friend climbs up on the bar with you and straddles your chest. I hold your head still and you open your mouth obediently. He slides his cock in your mouth and I push your mouth deeper onto it until you’re chocking on his cock. You feel powerless as I guide your head deeper until you can feel the head of his cock pushing against the back of your throat. I ease you back gently, giving you a chance to catch your breath. You didn’t notice, but one of you hands had strayed to your clit and was rubbing yourself closer and closer to another orgasm, your fingers slick against your skin.

The man’s cock pushes into your mouth again, and you let it in, running your tongue around his shaft, feeling his head brushing against the insides of your mouth, tasting his pre-cum he pushes in and out. The man who had been izmir escortlar sucking your toes has stopped, you try to look around the man fucking your face, but I hold your head still. Before long though you feel the hot splash of cum on your foot as the toe sucker jerks himself onto your feet. The man fucking your face increases his pace, fucking your mouth furiously. His cock feels huge in your mouth, so big you can’t breathe around it. You moan in alarm as his cock pushes to the back of your throat and stays there, deep and throbbing. You feel it swell and feel his hot cum hit the back of your throat. You can’t swallow fast enough as he pumps load after load of cum into your mouth. He lets out a loud “Fuck!” and his cock slowly withdraws from your mouth. Cum spills from your lips and drips down your chin onto your chest. I kiss your ear and tell you what a good little girl you are for taking all this cum, for making all these men happy, for being such a good slut for me.

You look up at me and smile with cum shiny on your lips. I pull you up onto the bar and run my hand down your body – over your breasts, down your stomach and down to your pussy. You’re so wet – your own wetness mixed with the cum of strangers. I tease your clit and ask you if you want to cum for me. You nod eager, dumbly, as my fingers run up and down your pussy, dipping inside, back to your clit, down to your asshole, just teasing it, before going up to your clit again, making you squirm. You pinch your nipples hard, and I slide a finger inside your pussy and fingerfuck you with it. Then two. You feel my arm go around your neck and I apply a little pressure, enough that you know that I’m there, enough to know that you can’t get away.

I’m teasing your clit again and you know you’re going to cum soon. You pinch your nipples harder, hoping that the pain will stave off the inevitable. I can feel you squirm, I can feel the heat from your pussy. You feel the pressure around your neck increasing as I squeeze harder. You start getting lightheaded.

“Slap yourself,” I tell you. Your head swims. “Slap yourself, slut. I want you to slap yourself for me and then you can cum.”

The pain cuts through the pleasure, but only really adds to the intensity. You feel yourself slap yourself again, a loud, wet sound, stinging as your cunt takes control. Your body jerks violently and you struggle to scream. Your pussy tightens and then a release – relief as you cum hard. You squirm and try to push me away but my fingers are still working your clit, and you scream again as your body shakes with pleasure. Finally, I let you go and you collapse on the bar with a loud sigh. You open your eyes enough to see the bar patrons filing out – apparently the show is over. I help get you cleaned up and we stagger out into the night.

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