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Bar Babe

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This is a short tale of a woman picking up a man at a bar with her husband’s assistance. She has an encounter with him while the husband watches.

So, here’s the problem. What category does it go in?

It is erotic, or so I hope. “Erotic Encounters”?

She does it for her husband’s enjoyment, so “Loving Wives?”

He is involved but not physically. So, it’s not really “Group Sex”. Or “Gay Male”.

He watches them. “Exhibitionism/Voyeur”?

In the end, I chose “Group Sex” because if I decide to continue the story, eventually, Rick will do more than watch.

I have no doubt there will be plenty of readers who disagree with my choice. Sorry, but I told you, explicitly, what the story was about. If you read it anyway, I don’t need comments telling me you’re giving me one star because you don’t like where the story was placed. Enjoy.


Rick reminds himself to take it easy, to not get too wound up. They were using the quietest egg they could find but it wasn’t totally silent. The bar is noisy but Rita is sitting close to the guy. If Rick cranks the controller all the way up, the dude might be able to hear it. He settles for clicking it up one notch. Rita doesn’t respond. God, he loves the way she can control herself. He’s sitting there, struggling to not go nuts with the controller and she sits there cool as a cucumber, chatting up a dude at the bar with an egg buzzing inside of her gorgeous cunt. His cock aches just thinking about it.

Rita laughs at something the man says and leans towards him, resting one hand on his leg. Her top is cut low and she’s giving him a nice look at her boobs. Like everything about his wife, Rick adores her breasts. They’re real, a huge plus in his book; they’re not small but neither are they monstrous things you’re afraid might crush you if they get to moving too fast. They’re big enough to sway on her chest when she’s being fucked. They’re big enough he can press them together and fuck her cleavage. And the nipples, Jesus God Almighty, in Rick’s opinion, her nipples are a fucking work of art. The areoles are broad and dark, the perfect base for the lighter nipples, which he’s certain are hard as little şişli escort gemstones right now. Rita loves captivating men with her tits. It excites her. Oh yeah, there’s no doubt her nipples are rock hard and aching.

He presses the “+” button on the remote.

Rita laughs again. She leaves her hand on the man’s leg but throws her head back. Her nipples are clearly visible, pressing against the soft blue chiffon blouse. When she returns her head to a normal position, Rick notices her hand move to the dude’s upper thigh. She leans forward and whispers something in his ear. She glances at Rick and winks. She hops off the bar stool and takes the dude’s hand. He sees her reach up as if adjusting her glasses and knows she’s turned on the spy cam.

Rick stays where he is. It’s too early in the evening for her to surrender the egg. She’s not going to fuck this guy. She might blow him or give him a hand job but she’s not going to fuck him. He double checks his phone, making sure the sound is routed to his Bluetooth earpiece. He’s of two minds about the spy cam. On the one hand, he loves being able to watch the action without having to physically be there. Some dudes just aren’t cool with another guy around, even if it’s the chick’s husband. On the other hand, the glasses don’t look stylish enough for a woman picking up men. He’s afraid someone will spot the camera in the glasses’ frame. He opens the app and the screen fills with a POV shot of the hallway leading toward the hotel’s conference and ballrooms. They had checked the schedule – there were no meetings, no receptions, no weddings. That wing of the hotel is deserted. Rita leads the man to an alcove of small desks and house phones. When she kisses him, the camera is too close for Rick to see anything but a blurry shot of the man’s cheek and hair. She pulls away.

“Jesus, baby, you are one sexy woman,” the man whispers. Rick couldn’t agree more. “Do you like them?” She looks down and Rick sees that she’s unbuttoned her blouse. Her breasts, nipples hard, are on full display. The man puts a hand on her right breast. Rick hears her purr with delight. His own cock is throbbing. He mecidiyeköy escort presses the “+” button and hears the effect in Rita’s voice in his ear piece.

“That’s right, baby, play with my nipples. You’re making me so wet. Suck ’em. Suck my nipples.”

He watches on the phone’s small screen as the man does as she requests. He had put a new memory card in his phone before they set off from the house. Everything he sees and hears will be recorded. The hardest part about watching is staying quiet and remembering he’s sitting in a bar. He sips his beer to keep from moaning when the man begins to run his tongue in circles around the hard nub of his wife’s nipple.

Between her body and the man’s head, Rick sees her hands fumbling with his fly. She unzips his pants and reaches in with one hand. The man’s mouth leaves her nipple and he moans, “Jesus, fuck”. She fishes his cock out through the fly. It’s a nice cock. The dude is rigid. His dick visibly throbs laying on the palm of her hand. She strokes him and makes his crown glow by spreading his pre-cum over it. The screen becomes a blur as she drops to her knees. Then the dude’s cock comes into focus in an awesome close-up. She points the head of his cock directly at her face and squeezes. A large clear drop of dew appears at his slit and slowly stretches for the floor. Rick makes a mental note to convert this snippet to slo-mo.

Her tongue extends. She’s too close for the camera to capture a good view of her licking the pre-cum off his dick. His dark curly pubes fill the screen as she begins to suck his dick. She stops often to pull back and bring his cock and her stroking hand into view as she alternates sucking his dick and jerking him off.

She stands. Rick hears the rustling of her skirt. When she looks down, he can see her skirt in a heap around her feet. He can see that the front of her thong is soaked. The egg is deep inside her; its small flexible handle is pulled up in the crack of her ass to keeping it hidden. With one hand, she pulls the front of her skimpy panties away from her body. Rick stares at the sight of his wife’s pussy and the closely istanbul escort clipped patch of hair. Her shiny clit and wet slit are clearly visible.

Her free hand wraps around the man’s cock and pulls him to her. The head of his cock is almost touching the skin above her thong. She begins to stroke him.

“I want you to cum on my pussy,” she whispers.

“Aw, baby, suck my dick, please? Or bend over the desk? Let me fuck you, you’re driving me crazy.”

“Maybe later but right now I want to feel your cum run down my pussy. Doesn’t that make you horny, knowing I’ll be sitting at the bar with my pussy covered in your cum, my panties soak in your jizz? You can watch me chat up another guy, imagine me bringing him back here, doing the same thing, letting him cum on my cunt. Maybe after that I’ll let you fuck me or maybe I’ll need more cum, more men.”

“Fuck, you are one out there, sexy damn slut,” the man whispers in awe.

Rick listens carefully, ignoring the demands and complaints of his own cock. If the man sounds at all angry, starts to push, he needs to be ready to intervene.

“I am a slut, a cum slut, give me your cum, baby. I want to wear your load the rest of the night. Cum on my pussy.”

Rick watches her hand move over the man’s cock, stroking, rolling over the crown. He hears the man begin to pant. When he holds his breath, Rick knows the dude is close. So, does Rita.

“That’s it baby, give that hot spunk, give it to me, cream on my cunt.”

“Fuck,” the man cries, drawing the word out for long seconds as his cock begins to eject streamer after streamer of jizz. She pushes the head of his cock down so that his cum lands directly on top of her clit and the patch of pubic hair. Rick watches, fascinated as the man’s seed finds its way to his wife’s slit and begins to run down to drip into her panties. She keeps stroking and moaning. The dude keeps chanting, “fuck”, under his breath.

She squeezes the last drops of cum out of his dick and Rick sees her hand come up to her mouth. He can’t see her licking the cum off her fingers, which is frustrating. He can see the dude’s cock in close-up as she bends to clean him with her mouth.

She straightens. She pats the man’s cheek. “That was wonderful, baby. Truly, wonderful. I’m going to keep my eye out for you.”

With that, she pulls up her skirt, buttons her blouse, and tucks it in. She gives him one more kiss and turns to leave.

The screen goes dark.

Rita winks at Rick as she finds a new spot at the bar.

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