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Bang! Bang! Bang! Went the Trolley

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The idea crept up slowly. It made her tingle when it became crystallized in her mind. She wanted to be ridden like a horse. It was a special and strange desire, one that is a little demeaning but not in her case; not the way she envisioned it. She wanted to be a horse only in private for her lover. She wanted it to be done playfully and in a way that was satisfying to both people involved. The problem was that she was an obese concubine. She saw herself as an uninviting hag and her guy had to be this young perfect stud.

It was The Special Club-an online chat or dating site, that really brought them together. Lonely and nervous old women and inexperienced young men met there and chatted, exchanged pictures and maybe even more despite the odd pairing of such strange lovers.

A big fat matriarch and her much younger admirer chatted online. Of course they are excited to have time together alone but what do they have in common? She just wanted to be around him. His attention made her tingle. She was trying not to look at him. Bad things started to happen when she glanced up. For one thing, she became tongue-tied. Also, he was younger then her by a generation or more. She scolded herself for being an old fool but she was bashful for a moment. Then a sudden rush of horror stole by her. She was on camera with this youngster.

“He knows how he is making me feel,” she realized from his sympathetic and gentle responses. He seemed like a nice person, as far as she could tell. He was sensitive enough not to embarrass a heavy set old lady like her. He seemed to be really interested in her, too. He looked unspeakably cute to her when he was looking up at her fully and listening wide-eyed to her responses.

There was a silence. They were both uneasy. What do they talk about? The creator of the group made sure they knew each other when they go on that crucial first date whether is was just chatting online for the first time, video dating, or meeting somewhere.

The investor of this site knew the one but not the other. The matriarch just needed the easy part.

“Is it wrong to use one’s sway over a timid pup?”

She coaxes the boy to show more and more of himself. He does everything she tells him and she records it all, unbeknownst to him. She tells him she will show his pictures to ladies interested in him. He is embarrassed but reluctantly agrees. Not that he has a choice. She shows him what she has on him. He is surprised to see she recorded everything. Together, they pick a few of their favorites and post them on his profile.

The client was a total granny. But Lady Zugoda knew what to do. First of all, this lusty plump granny needed a make-over. Her swaying body was covered in the right places and held tight to her bosoms. Lots of eye make-up made her pictures very sensual. Zugoda called these pinups. A prospect referred to a couple that had chatted together for a few hours together, amicably. They won’t know what the other looks like yet only that they are both looking for a May-December romance.

They get to gaze upon each other when ready. The pinups are quite sexual in nature. Revealing quite a bit for the lovers, the lady knows her clients and how to get them in the best light for each other. She guarantees sparks will fly. Now, if the older woman and her young man are still willing to meet, they can move as slowly as they both feel comfortable with. Her wrinkled eyes were kind to the shy youth. The lady who runs it promises that through her magic alone sparks will fly. Call it a sixth sense, something psychic. She makes all the matches. This is known. All three meet together for the first time if necessary. Maybe not with the queen herself but with one of her witches, as Zugoda likes to call them. But really this is rare. Two people usually do just fine together when they let nature and love take it’s course.

“Kiss!” she likes to command them like that if the mood is right and they both want to and are just shy.

“This relationship should be out in the open!” she declares to them, “The looks you guys will get will be of pure eroticism, trust me. But take your time. I am sure the young boy didn’t expect to experience so many things for the first time.”

Indeed, the young man is often completely inexperienced with women. Zugoda’s Special Club likes this profile. That’s where her witches come in. They give him a little experience. Look at him. Teach him to tell his seductress lady how he prefers big voluptuous women and why. Then, when he shows himself to her, she reveals her own wide hips and shows her big belly, hanging her head and, finally, her swaying, jiggling behind.

This was the gentlewoman Biga Binova. Such physical senses connected to the deeper emotions of a corpulent retired old woman. The witches recorded everything their boyfriends did. Even one night of playing with one of the witches of the Special Club will stay with the boyfriends forever.

But Zugoda loves it all. The pairs of people she makes happy are both lonely souls. Being touched by a gentle hand bahis siteleri was intoxicating for either of them no matter whose it was. Holding hands in person or kissing after a first date was like a spell. Maybe, if he is lucky, the full-figured silver-haired date will even contact him tonight for some late night screen time when they can undress for each other and hangout nude.

She steps up to him very close to say something. She wanted to surprise him. He was surprised by her close stance. He didn’t step back. She hoped he could smell her. She could see he was always flirting with the old ladies. It was a surprise to him because among the old ladies she stood in the back and liked to watch people. He seemed nice and she wanted him. She knew what to do. She hoped he was single. It seemed like he was. All she had to do was to get him alone. She was good at floating into close proximity to someone and making it seem natural. This situation did not take long to come about. She made it seem like she wandered into his arms accidentally. He was trying hard to act relaxed but she could tell he was nervous. She slipped her hands under his shirt and ran her hands up and down his body. The next step was unthinkable so she had to do it without thinking. The idea made her head spin. The act was so desperate. She felt so pathetic getting on her knees, quickly undoing his pants.

“An embarrassing trick for this obscene old lady,” she thought, “to get a young man,” and this thought suddenly made her turned on and moist between her legs.

“What if he rejects me?” The idea popped into her mind. That would be devastating. All of this was so wrong and wicked. She applied the skills of all her many years of oral sex using her mouth, tongue and lips and finally throat to make the inexperienced youth orgasm into her mouth in seconds. She looked up and their eyes met. His hips seemed to buckle toward her. She swallowed all of it and licked him clean. She got up off her knees then and looked up at him. He looked shocked and stared at her like he was seeing her for the first time.

She looked back at him with half closed eyes. She touched his cheek with her hand. And then guided their mouths together. She knew he loved her when he did not draw back from her salty lips. It seemed like they both put their lips together and the world began to spin and then their bodies were touching and he wrapped her into his arms and started kissing her face and lips.

Sexual perversion seems to be more okay for the young. The creepy thing was that she was an old woman. She was quite tall for a lady and she had a lot of body on her especially around the midsection. Her enormous behind swayed when she walked. She was old enough to be a grandmother to some of the men that attracted her. Her favorite type of men were the kind with small athletic builds, nice chests and head-turning looks. She liked the idea of mothering them. That’s what made her fantasy so creepy and consequently very erotic.

She was a kind, submissive person by nature. She worked at a bookstore. Driving to work took just a few minutes. On the way there was a bar called the Irish Rover. Recently there had been a sign that said: Fit Fatties Welcome. This intrigued her. She wondered what they meant by Fit Fatties. She was quite overweight and well over fifty. She could blend into the background and look around, listen to the band. So she gambles in the vespers and watches the elegant guys around her.

One day, after getting home from work to her little cottage she decided to go out and get a drink. In the back of her mind, she knew where she was going. She took a shower and shaved every part of her body. She brushed her clitoris gently with her hand. This sent tingles to her brain. She found the nipple on her breast and kneaded it back and forth for a minute, groaning wistfully. It had been months since she had an orgasm but she didn’t want to get a release now, right before getting dressed up in something sexy, getting dolled up and going out. The middle-aged woman is intemperate and dreamy.

There weren’t many options for a woman her size. Her arms were big and her hips enormous. She stretched a red thong over her fat round cheeks and onto her hips and a matching bra. From the back, it looked as if she was completely nude. She decided to wear a gown that was thin and black and almost transparent. It clung to her curves and rolls tightly. She looked at herself and was appalled. She looked obscene. Her body was on exhibit. It will be dark at the club, she remembered. The material won’t be transparent there.

She went out that night and had a good time. The band was great and she kept to herself, mostly. She even danced a little toward the end of the night. In front of the band, she moved for them, swayed her behind shamelessly.

Then, she was back again on the scene. She was less shy and looked around more at people. At first no one was looking. Then, she began to notice people looking at her. A few men had started talking with her and she had a drink with them. But canlı bahis siteleri then, she saw him. A handsome thin young man was looking at her oddly. She strode up to him brazenly without breaking eye contact. He did okay when she introduced herself. She wondered if he was attracted to older large women.

Only one out of a hundred long term relationships involve a younger man and an older woman where the age difference is at least nine years. Just that one fact is startling if it encompasses the arousing thoughts of you, the reader. This turns the reader on as it should. So much for convincing oneself that May-December relations between an older woman and a younger man are common or normal. Who would not be titillated to this rumination?

She had stopped caring what she looked like so many years ago that she could barely remember those days. She was a portly girl when she was young. Then, overnight, she seemed to have aged into a chubby matron. This had an unexpected effect of making her very power in the eyes of certain people. Her plumpness suited her round face. They were part of a foggy misty area when she was someone else.

It was really funny and she has since told him what happened. It was a special event of some mutual interest to them. So they were both there. A date lottery for charity, probably. But what happened was that he had to agree to have a date with her later. It seemed random at the time.

So he owed her a date. It was a little embarrassing for him to be seen out with his grandmother but he could deal with it for one night. She had wide hips and large breasts and glasses. Her eyes were wrinkly but bright.

She was preparing well for the date night. She was getting everything ready. She tucked herself away into the shelf bra. This way, despite being in a corset-type thing, her nipples would be visible. That would make him look at her all night. She did what she could with her hair and took all her jewelry out.

“I’m going to get you good,” she hummed to herself.

Now, years later, why he loved her she never knew. He still came into her bedroom and went straight for her feet to massage and work her most sensitive and hard-working toes as he talked to her cheerfully. He had a perfect body and seemed to be unaware of it. He walked around the house naked. She liked that best. He looked great in every way. But she had long gotten used to him around. They had a close and loving relationship. Girls were always looking at him and she would try to block their view by putting her big body in the way.

When they went out, she found it really hard at first. She felt like such an awful cougar and felt like everyone was watching them as they shopped or talked and laughed outside in public. Saying that they looked like mother and son was pushing it. She looked more like an incestuous granny who adopted, raised, and then seduced her own grandson then a younger woman who grew up with her own son and they just kind of seduced each other. They had been together for a while and she continued to wear the jewels and lingerie. He always kissed her in public on the lips which usually got some serious looks. She felt she looked horrific though he did give her beautiful compliments when she needed them or just out of the blue sometimes. Not that she believed him.

They could pass for grandmother and son. That is for sure. She gained weight on her hips while he still had the vigor of youth about him. So they made an interesting couple.

Sex had been mind-blowing as of late but not very frequently. Sometimes a month would pass or even more between their lovemaking. It was like she had to let him ravish her. They both wanted it so much. When she let him in, braced for the pain, it was pleasure instead that enveloped her. He groaned in her ear quietly. And she moaned despite herself from the pain and desire she had to get him inside her. She was tight and dry but they just could not wait the time in foreplay to get her wet. He rubbed against her mound but when his head began to penetrate, they both looked at each other in surprise. He trust himself inside her but yelped a little from the feeling of his sensitive shaft forced back and her tight vagina.

So it was that he ravished her gently or rather they ravished each other and had orgasms at the same time.

Their gap in years was almost two generational. Also, her body was all rolls and fat. She was ashamed of it. She feels all his feelings have been faked, not authentic. That would explain why he would be attracted to her big old body of rolls, as she saw it. The truth was that her body was not all that chunky. As her new friend saw it, it was fit and healthy and head-turning when she dared to show her curves.

She confronts him and she looks and sounds like a mother who discovered her son’s bad habit and wants to drag it into the light. She knows how she sounds but she can’t stop.

He is defensive. He tells her he worships her. But she finds that perverted and horrific for some reason. Totally unnatural as if he had canlı bahis just turned her into a statue of Medusa. So back and forth they go for a bit until her heart melts from the realization that she is responsible for her lover and young friend. He convinces her that his attentions are well deserved as seen through her actions.

He was actually scared of her. His eyes showed this, wide open full eyes. He would have to let her in now. She gets a pang inside her thinking about how humiliating and sexual it would be to get him to explain his erotic thoughts and to even demonstrate what he had in mind. After all the years they have been together, he needed to trust her completely. He still gives out only a little information at a time. He says he wears the collar around the house sometimes, he admits to that.

She is not really surprised. After all, she had been very gently pushing her virginal lover to alternative practices. Over the years, she had given him countless experiences and plenty of ideas. She trained him in every aspect of pleasing her. This is a safe place, she thinks. He needs to stand in front of me, naked, embarrassed, she just knew it. Short moments of submission taught him so much.

He changed quickly and she did, too, she supposed. Their playful sessions shook him up. He got used to being her slave by the look of it. Today, all she can think of is playing with her pet. She wanted to make him stand in front of her naked for a while so she can take in his gorgeous young body. This new look he has when in her power makes him totally service.

“Completely obedient,” she says and shows off her nude and collared slave-boy to the shock of whoever she wants to impress at the moment. After a further display of servitude, she explains to her guests that her boyfriend was the one who actually insisted on this lifestyle.

All this foreplay is fantastic. She feels silly now and just wants to make love. This young guy was really putting himself out there for her.

Telling her his secrets and then stripping for her after they had known each other for so long. She felt a pang of admiration for him. Being dominant wasn’t her thing. She felt small and weak compared to his small dense mass. He said something to her before how he viewed her as strong and daring. This wasn’t her but he believed it to be so. Now he had really gone out on a limb hoping and expecting her to meet him.

She took a long breath like a hiss. It was a nervous sound she made when she was releasing stress. She loved him, of course, and would do anything for him. What was there to think about?

She laughed nervously yet again. He did, too, but kept his eyes down. She moved him to the floor, on all fours now, hoping it wasn’t too cold for him. She needed to know what to do next. She bent down to his head and pet his ear gently. They felt safe, now, with their heads close together. They forgot where they were. She shivered standing there in revealing lingerie. She knew he loved to make her orgasm with his tongue deep in her pussy so she pulled the collar in tightly between her legs.

“Sit in the closet,” she mumbled. She did let him do much to her. This was one of his things, she knew. She would be leaving him there for up to an hour, if she left like it.

She lifted away from his head and without saying a word, lead him to the empty front closet. He told her he pretended to be punished sometimes by spending time in that cramped little box. So it was about the same now that she was also a part of it. He was a full time slave. He had no clothing. He could not orgasm and always had restrains on and felt marks on his body.

She still felt uncomfortable about her new role. But he was worth it and a lot more. She loved him and would do anything for him. And she did do just about everything to him. She became an expert in bondage games and equipment just for him. She didn’t want to hurt him and it didn’t turn her on but he said it was okay and it obviously turned him on so she did what she could which was play the dominatrix for her love.

Her own desires were pushed to the side. She found ways to entertain herself. She loved the outfits. They made her feel sexy and constricted. She hated the face-sitting. She felt like she could smother him accidentally. Her own desires came back. One night, when he was rubbing her feet naked and she had an open robe on exposing her rolls, breasts, and entire body. She got down on all fours and told him to ride her.

He sat on her curvy back, leaned forward and rested his hands on her shoulder blades. He rubbed his butt on the small of her back. She groaned. She felt like a piece of her had been filled at long last. She left safe and taken care of. He was heavier then she thought. For a second, he just sat there. Then she felt the most gentle nudge from his heels. He playfully jabbed her thick stomach as it hung down. She was so embarrassed. She felt her face turn red and and her body cold. Now she felt exposed to the world in the most shameful view that was possible. Nude yet still attired with submissive chains. If nudity represents submission when compared to a clothed associate, then the submission is that much greater when the slave consents to wear chains for his or her instructor or ruler.

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