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Background Research

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Lisa and Don had been close friends for years. What was odd was the way their friendship had come about.

Lisa had been the college roommate and best friend of Don’s ex-wife Sheryl. Don and Sheryl had gotten married shortly after college and Sheryl continued to hang out with Lisa regularly. About a year after that, Lisa married a guy named Erik.

Don and Erik got along well, so the two couples spent a lot of time together. They did the usual things: dinner and movies, barbeques, camping trips, shared vacations. The women took aerobic classes together; the guys played golf. And while there was a little flirting and a bit of sexual tension, all four of them were too conservative for things to go any further.

And so, when Erik unexpectedly left Lisa for another woman, she was shattered. Talking to Sheryl was very hard for Lisa… she didn’t want to admit to her best friend that Erik’s affair had left her feeling vulnerable and undesirable. She needed the reassurance and support of a man and Don ended up spending a lot of time with her. And while he was very attracted to Lisa – she was a petite, blonde woman with a great body and a cute, pixie face – he was very careful to not let her rebound on him.

Some time later, Don and Sheryl started having problems. Their differences were mostly to do with careers and money, but arguments seemed to spiral out of control, leaving them both feeling hurt and angry. Don ended up talking to Lisa, who let him talk about her feelings. Lisa didn’t want to see either Don or Sheryl hurt, so she was careful not to let things get too close between them – though she was certainly attracted to his classic “tall, dark and handsome” looks and his friendly smile.

Eventually Sheryl and Don divorced and by that time the relationship between Don and Lisa had settled into an easy friendship. They could tell each other anything, talk about their lives and their feelings and know they could count on one another for support.

Several years passed. Don pursued his career as a sports equipment salesman, eventually becoming the regional manager. Lisa became quite successful writing mystery novels. Both dated and had their share of relationships, but nothing lasted for either of them. They continued to get together regularly and despite their mutual attraction, there was a kind of brother-and-sister feeling to their friendship. They both valued what they had and shied away from letting it become romantic.

Even so, Don was happy to hear Lisa’s voice when he answered his phone.

“Hi stranger! Were you planning on calling me to reschedule that lunch you cancelled? Or did you forget about me?”

“Lisa, I’m so sorry! I really did forget. We’re introducing a new tennis line and I’ve been swamped! Let me make it up to you… why don’t we get together Saturday and I’ll buy.”

“It’s your turn to buy anyway! But sure, Saturday is great. There’s something I need to talk to you about.”

Don noticed something odd in Lisa’s voice… she sounded a little nervous.

“Is everything OK?”

“Yeah. I just need to task a favor. I need some help researching my next book. My agent says that if this one does well, we can renegotiate my publishing contract. But I’m really stuck on the background research and I’m embarrassed to ask you, but…”

“Don’t give it another thought! You know I’ll be happy to help however I can. Let me guess, your next victim is killed with a golf club, right?” he joked.

Lisa still seemed a little nervous when she replied, “No, it’s not a sports thing. This is kind of a big favor Don… I think I’d be more comfortable asking you in person on Saturday.”

“Sure… I guess I can contain my curiosity until then. I’ll meet you at that seafood place downtown, OK?”

“OK, I’ll see you there.”

Lisa seemed nervous at lunch. She avoided the topic of her phone call entirely, instead asking about the new tennis line Don’s company was launching. Finally, when their plates had been cleared and they were waiting for the check, Don broached the topic.

“So, you said you needed some help with research?”

Don knew that Lisa’s fans liked two things about her books: her daring and smart main character, Detective Linda Buckminster and the meticulous research into the fascinating and exotic lifestyles that played a part in each of the stories.

Lisa cleared her throat and took a drink before starting. Don couldn’t believe it, but her face actually looked flushed.

“Don, I really don’t know where to start. This is a really important book for me. Based on my recent sales, the publisher gave me a huge advance. They’re counting on this book to be a big success and I need to get the background just right. The main character – the victim, in a sense – is a prominent businessman. He leads a double life. He’s kind of a sex addict, and goes to prostitutes. He considers himself a connoisseur of women.”

“Then,” she continued, “He starts reading in the paper that prostitutes are being murdered. I won’t go into the details, but the clues all point to him as the murderer. And of course, Linda Buckingham becomes convinced he’s innocent, figures out kırgız escort what’s going on, and tracks down the real killer.”

Don sat quietly for a moment.

“So… you want my help researching prostitutes? Lisa, I know sales guys have a certain reputation, especially in the sports field, but I’m afraid I’ve never been to a prostitute. Besides,” he grinned, “you know if I had you’d be the first person to hear all the details!”

“Thanks!” she laughed. “Don, this just keeps getting harder, so I guess I’ll just spit it out. I’ve actually met and interviewed a number of prostitutes, so I’ve got the basic background, but I still don’t have a feel for how to write certain scenes. What I really need is to observe the girls at work, and so far, nobody will agree to that.”

She took a deep breath and then blurted out the rest, “So I was hoping you would agree to seeing some prostitutes. I’ll pay for everything out of my advance! But you have to make it a condition that I will be watching and taking notes.”

Don didn’t know how to react. He realized after a few seconds that his mouth was hanging open. Then he started to laugh and ended up choking. He took a drink of water and said, “You want me to go to a hooker, while you watch? Lisa, that’s the craziest thing you’ve ever said! You’re kidding, right?”

“Don, please, just listen. It’s really hard for me to ask this, but I can’t think of any other way. The main character in my book goes to very high-class girls… not hookers on street corners. I just can’t picture what it’s like – what they say, what they do, how they treat him. I can’t think of any way to get this right unless I see it… and I need someone I really trust to help me with this. Please Don? It would mean a lot to me.”

Don looked at her and saw the pleading look in her eyes. She was serious, he realized. There was a long pause as he thought about it. He had to admit, the idea was turning him on. And he did trust Lisa completely… as much as she apparently trusted him!

“OK Lisa. I’ll do it. How do we start? I guess I could ask some of the guys on my sales team…”

Lisa was shaking her head, her short blonde hair swaying. “No, I’ve already researched this. The guy in my book keeps his sex life completely private. He’d never talk to his coworkers about it. He finds his girls on the web. A lot of the girls have websites and there are actually sites with contact information and even reviews! As I said, he considers himself a connoisseur, so he even writes reviews of the girls after he’s been with them.”

“Wow!” Don laughed, “I never would have imagined looking for a hooker on the web! So, what now? You give me some websites to go look at?”

“Ummm… not exactly. I want to watch that part too. I want to see what you look at, how you compare the girls. Is that OK? You look a little funny… this is all going pretty fast for you, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, you could say that! OK, why not? When do you want to start?” Even as he asked the question, Don knew the answer. When Lisa got started researching her books, she threw herself completely into the project.

“How about now? We’ve got all afternoon. I’ll follow you back to your place in my car, and we can use your computer.”

Whatever embarrassment she had felt in asking for Don’s help was past. Now that he had agreed, she was anxious to get started.

Lisa and Don were sitting side by side at Don’s computer. He had poured them each a glass of wine, deciding they both needed a little help to relieve the tension. Lisa gave him the URL for the “Escort Ratings” website and he typed it in.

“Oh… this site requires you to sign up for their service,” Don said.

“That’s OK, I got an account when I started my research. Here, let me enter it.”

Lisa leaned across Don to reach the keyboard, her breasts brushing against his arm as she entered her password.

“Sorry!” he quickly said.

“Don, will you calm down!” she laughed. “Look, just pretend I’m not here… enjoy yourself. I just want to see what a guy looks at on a site like this.”

Don started by typing his zip code into the search box, selecting a 50-mile radius. He was amazed at how many entries appeared! He clicked on the first and a grid filled with information appeared on the screen.

“Wow, this looks like the spec sheet for one of our products! What does all this mean?”

“Well, I think you can figure out the hair color, height and bra size! Let’s see – BBBJ stands for bareback blowjobs. That means she doesn’t use a condom when she’s sucking on the guy.”

“God! Isn’t that dangerous?”

“From what I’m told, it’s not too bad unless the girl has sores or cuts in her mouth. A lot of girls consider it an acceptable risk, especially if they rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash right afterwards. Let’s look at the rest of the page – multiple pops means you can have more than one orgasm. Then there’s the stuff about whether she kisses, whether you can go down on her. And anal means…”

“I know what that means! Look, I think I can figure this out, OK?”

“Sure. Just let me know if you have any eskort istanbul questions. Why don’t you narrow this down a little? What kind of girl do you want to be with?”

Don suddenly remembered what they were doing here. Lisa wanted him to pick a prostitute and then watch him have sex with her!

He went back to the search form and started entering his preferences: petite – C cup

“Don, that sounds like me!” Lisa teased.

He immediately selected long black hair, in contrast to Lisa’s short blonde hair and stuck out his tongue at her. He continued making selections: multiple pops – kissing (with tongue) – shaved or trimmed – average rating 8 or higher. He clicked the search button and saw a much shorter list.

He began clicking through the entries. Most had several reviews. The reviewers were very graphic, describing in detail what they did with the women. There were also links to photos and many of the women had websites as well.

Don almost forgot Lisa was there as he sorted through the women. He set aside some of the windows for later consideration and closed others that didn’t interest him.

“Why did you close that one?” Lisa asked, “She looked really hot.”

Don looked over at his friend and realized she had her notepad out. She was really serious about this being research!

“Well, her website sounded like it was written by a ten year old. It was full of typos and grammatical errors. I just can’t imagine having a good time with someone like that.”

Lisa laughed loudly. “Don, you don’t know how good that makes me feel as a writer! All these years and I never knew good grammar turned men on! Hey – what about that girl?” she asked.

Don turned his attention back to the screen. He’d narrowed his choice down to three women, but kept returning to one of them: a very sensual looking young Asian woman, in a variety of erotic poses. According to her website, her name was “Amber.”

Lisa glanced down at Don’s lap and saw there was a large bulge in his pants.

“Do you like her, Don?” she asked softly. “Is she the one you want?”

“Yeah. Yes. The reviews sound like she’s really nice and there’s something about her face that I really like. What now?”

“There’s a phone number. Call her.”


“Why not? She may even be free tonight. But remember, you need to tell her about me being there.”

Don reached for the phone and dialed the number. His mouth was dry – he quickly took a sip of wine as the phone rang. It was answered by a young woman and somehow the voice sounded just right for the pictures he’d seen on the website.



“Yes, this is Amber.”

“I saw your listing on the Escort Review site. I’d like to make an appointment. I’m a little nervous; I’ve never been with an escort before.”

“I’m really flattered that you picked me for your first time! I think that deserves some extra-special treatment. What’s your name honey?”

Don could picture her smiling as she talked. As a salesman, he knew when he was being “sold,” but she was good at it… her voice sounded warm and genuine.

“Sorry – my name’s Don. I was wondering if I could see you tonight?”

“Well, I could see you at 7:00 tonight or at 8:30. Will that work for you? I’m really looking forward to meeting you!”

“7:00 is fine. But there’s one more thing. I have a friend and she’s writing a book. She’s going to watch if that’s OK.” As he said it he realized how kinky it sounded. His face turned bright red. Lisa grinned at him.

“That’s fine, Don. I charge an extra $100 for couples.”

“Oh, we’re not a couple! She’s doing research for a book, but she doesn’t want to… participate.”

“Well, I still have to charge the couples rate, but she can decide if she wants to join in once we get started. Now, if you give me your phone number I can call you back to confirm and give you directions.”

It took a few more minutes to complete the arrangements. Lisa wasn’t concerned about the extra charge, though she thought it was funny being charged the “couples” rate. She also told Don her advance would cover a lot of “research” if it were needed.

“So, we’ve got a few hours until your date – what will you do now?” Lisa was back in “research mode,” her pad ready to jot down his reaction.

“Well, to be honest, checking out those girls really turned me on. I may need to excuse myself for a few minutes.”

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea. If she’s anything like her reviews say, you’d better save your energy! Besides, I don’t think that’s what my main character would do.”

“You’re right. God, I can’t believe we’re talking about this! I suppose we should plan on getting something to eat beforehand. And we’ll need to stop at an ATM to get the cash. Ummm – what do you think I should wear?”

Lisa just grinned at her friend. The fact that he was nervous made the situation a little easier for her.

They took Don’s car to Amber’s, following the directions she’d given them. It was a gated condo community. Don entered the code she’d given him to buzz her and a few seconds later the gate opened.

He genç escort parked the car in the visitor’s parking area, and soon they were standing in front of Amber’s door.

Don knocked, and a moment later the door opened. Amber was every bit as beautiful as her photos. She was about 5′ 2″ with perky breasts, long black hair, soft golden skin and a warm smile. She was wearing a filmy negligee; her dark nipples could be clearly seen through the filmy fabric,

She invited them in and after closing the door put her arms around Don. She was barefoot and had to stand on her toes to pull his face down to hers but she gave him a deep, sensual kiss, her tongue sliding between his lips. Don couldn’t believe how good it felt to have this sweet looking, young woman kissing him like a long-time lover and he eagerly returned her kiss, his tongue exploring her mouth.

Finally, Amber broke the kiss and smiled up at him.

“It’s so nice to meet you! And you must be Lisa,” she said, giving Lisa a quick hug.

“I have some wine in the kitchen. Do you both like Chardonnay?”

Without waiting for a response, she led them into the kitchen, her body swaying as she walked.

She poured them each a glass of wine and said, “Don, you can just leave the envelope here on the table. When you’re ready we can move into the bedroom… I have a nice big bed in there. You can take a shower before we start and there are hangers in the bathroom for you clothes. Lisa, are you sure you don’t want to play a little? You are so attractive!”

“No, really, I’m just here to watch and take notes. Don told you I’m researching a book, right? But thank you. You look just amazing!”

“Well, Don and I will just have to put on a good show for you, won’t we honey? I have a nice comfortable reading chair in the bedroom. Just make yourself at home.”

They finished their wine and Amber led them into the bedroom. Don went into the bathroom and undressed, taking a quick shower before wrapping a bath towel around his waist.

While he was in the shower, Amber made sure Lisa was comfortable. She gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and said, “If you change your mind, I’d love to play with you too.”

As Don came out of the bathroom, she walked over to him and gave him anther long kiss. Lisa has seen Don without his shirt many times but she’d forgotten how good he looked. And somehow he looked even sexier with the young Asian woman hugging and kissing him. They made a very sexy couple, she thought to herself.

Don was enjoying the kiss but was a little self-conscious knowing Lisa was sitting in the room watching. When he felt Amber start to pull off his towel, he almost stopped her but it was impossible to resist the sexy, young woman. He let the towel fall to the floor, revealing his rigid cock.

Don was a big man and his cock was also big. Amber smiled as she wrapped her small hand around his shaft and stroked him lightly. She led him over to the bed and had him sit down. She leaned down and ran her tongue slowly around the tip of his cock, looking up at him. Then she stood up and slowly untied her negligee, letting it fall to the floor, revealing her full round breasts and her tiny, lace panties. Her nipples were small and dark and stiff with anticipation.

Don reached out and pulled her to him, kissing her breasts and nipples. He nuzzled against her, flicking his tongue over her, taking her nipples between his lips. She sighed contentedly, running her fingers through his hair.

Don’s big hands slid down her body, cupping her ass, pulling her closer as he sucked on her nipples. He reached between her legs and brushed his fingers over her mound, feeling the dampness through her panties.

She reached down and lowered her panties, letting them fall. As she stepped out of them, Don caressed her pussy. Amber was shaved and the lips of her pussy were soft, swollen, and glistening with moisture. He slipped a finger between her lips, running it up and down the silken wetness of her slit.

Amber’s hand rubbed over the head of Don’s cock – he felt her spreading his slick precum. He moaned as she started to stroke him, her small hand sliding up and down his shaft.

Lisa stared in rapt attention, her notepad forgotten, as Don kissed and caressed the beautiful, young woman. She had arranged this and thought she was prepared for it, but she’d never imagined how erotic it would be. Watching Amber stroking Don’s cock, Lisa suddenly ached to feel his thick shaft inside her own pussy. Her hand slowly moved down her body, her fingers brushing over her nipples, moving downward, and then lightly caressing her pussy through her clothes.

Lisa watched as Amber knelt down between Don’s legs and took the head of his cock between her lips. Amber softly kissed his cock-head, then ran her tongue around it, tasting the salty precum. She took him between her lips again, kissing and sucking, then ran her tongue slowly down his throbbing shaft. She alternated licking and sucking, each time sliding her mouth further down his cock. Don’s hands were caressing her soft skin, rubbing over her back, shoulders and neck as she went down on him. Her warm mouth slurped up and down his cock, making it wet with her spit. She wrapped her hands around the base of his shaft, stroking him as her head bobbed up and down. She started moving faster and Don moved his hips forward, trying to bury his cock in her mouth.

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