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Back Pack Adventure Ch. 01

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I’d always had a small thought in the back if my mind. A thought that was too personal and embarrassing to share with my friends, that’s for sure. And to be honest, I’m unsure if I would even want to share it, keeping it to myself made it more fun.. Like a naughty little secret I keep to myself and perhaps one day I could share it.. Not through words, but by action…

I’ve always wanted to travel, but never really felt close enough to anyone to actually get down and book the trip! Don’t get me wrong I’m anything but a loner.. But I’m well aware I’m very much hard work. Hard work to keep amused, hard work to keep happy, definitely hard work to live with! But the fact I am aware of it allows me to use it to keep me interesting to men.

But they just aren’t cutting it. At the risk of sounding crude.. I do love cock. I love rough sex, the feeling of being fucked so hard it hurts.. enough for you to cry out, but not enough for Lou to make it to stop. I’d had over 20 sexual partners by the time I was 18. If that makes me slutty because I know what I want and how to get it then so be it!

One day that I will never forget, was the day I booked my tickets to Australia. Backpacking, sun, new people, adventure and the chance to get away from the boring 9-5 working life that England has plagued me with.

Once there I knew that I was going to find it had to shake the travelling bug. I loved it, I loved the parties, the beaches the thought of the most amazing holiday never coming to an end was just so freeing I can’t even explain how I was feeling at the time. I thought I literally could not of felt any more alive.

Then I met Caydence. Unusual name, just like mine, probably what initially attracted me to her. Not in a sexual Bostancı Escort way but it sparked in interest. I’d always had trouble with people pronouncing my name, to me it seemed like the against thing and poodle over complicating it frustrated me a lot. No one ever got it right first time. I mean, Lydia. It’s not that hard is it?

But Caydence was confident, a little dismissive but she was interesting and fun to be around. I was the only girl excluding Caydence on a trip to Uluru (Ayres Rock) which is why it was so easy for me to get to know her so quickly.

We used to sit alone overlooking the most beautiful and serene landscapes, chat and drink until late at night, mess around.. skinny dipping, just young free fun. Until one night we both had a few too many, enough to make us tipsy and probably a bit more revealing and deep than we planned!!

She knelt in front if me, showing me her recent and also pretty decent tan lines she had aquired across her cheat and shoulders, I tried to match her accomplishment but I had sunbathed topless so there were no lines for me to compare. Cheekily, I felt this was my chance to encourage something naughty.. But still not quite forward enough for me to look like a raging lesbian waiting to pry on this young prey I had grown to desire, I felt if all went wrong I could at least blame it on the drink and eagerness to show my competitive tan!

I pulled my top off over my arms, I avoided eye contact with Caydence fearing her glare of rejection. I was a confident person, long thick blonde hair reaching down resting on the curve of my big but amazingly toned bum, i had a slender frame complimented with large hips I had inherited from my Irish side.. Overall I would rate my body Bostancı Escort Bayan as an 8/10. I’m proud of that! I suppose ive got quite a pretty face too, huge blue eyes, bow lips, dotted with a light sprinkle if freckles across my nose and cheeks.. Maybe even cute!

But currently, I was topless, my purt 36C breasts exposed, the night air brushing against my nipples, gently encouraging them to stand. For a moment I was lost in the thought of my natural bared body in such natural bare surroundings.. Something about it was really quite beautiful. Until the hum of her soft voice violently jerked me back to reality.

I looked up immediately. I must if been blushing, but to my astonishment I was greeted with a wave of excitement once my eyes had reached her, my mind was engulfed with thoughts of what I would love to do to her.

She was mirroring me. Still kneeling she had joined me topless, I had seen her in a bikini, but I feel they were somewhat unforgiving! Her body was great in a bikini, but it was truly breathtaking now.

Her breasts were much larger in appearance with no clothes smothering their glory. She was beautiful,amazing dark brown eyes, large plump lips, European looking, tanned, dark haired and beautiful. She must of been a 34dd at least. So perky and beautifully formed, her perfectly small, pink nipples standing to attention. Begging for my lips.

Her breasts stunned me, I must of been staring for a good 5 minutes. I had completely missed that she was completely butt naked.

She was perfectly groomed. A beautifully neat, tidy landing strip pointing to what I imagined to be the most wonderfully tasting pussy. Smooth toned stomach, long slender legs.. Impossibly long infact. Escort Bostancı And that ass. My god, I could just bury my head in it. Round, firm, I haven’t seen an ass that good on the hottest of pornstars. She was amazing.

She broke the silence and pulled my head towards her, whispering. “This. This is what I came to Oz for, something exactly like this”. She kissed me passionately, her tongue pushing through my lips and gently stroking mine. My pussy gushed, I could feel my wetness seep down the insides of my legs. I have never been this turned on on my life.

Her hands slowly slid up my things, the feeling of her touching me was like my body was being surged with electricity.

She peeled off my revealing denim shorts. I stepped out of them as I moved she pulled me closer, my glistening pussy was hovering over her beautiful Latino face.

She gently eased my legs apart, my pussy sat on her tongue perfectly, it was like she fit into me. Like my missing piece.

Her tongue glided along my slit smoothly, I felt her gulp and swallow. I knew I was oozing like a waterfall straight into her begging mouth. I rocked gently rubbing my pussy against her tongue. My clit delicately bumping her top lip. It was bliss. She sucked and swollowed eagerly. Her keen mouth pleasing every inch of my throbbing pussy. Her tongue twisted inside of me. She has done this before, this was talent.

She pushed my clit into her mouth, sucking it in. Her lips wrapped around it holding it in place whilst her tongue circled it flicking and rubbing in a constant motion until both she and I felt an intense orgasm ripple through my body. I felt like I would drown her, I have never came so much into life, but she drank it down and licked my pussy of every drop. I dropped to the floor, laying on my back I’m sure I was laying in something it was so uncomfortable, but the orgasm was still crashing over my body in waves. I wasn’t about to move.

She turned to me. Her eyes glistening. She knew it was her turn, but the real question is.. did she know what I had in store..?

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