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Back in College

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Back in college, it was the early eighties. We had just come out of the seventies wher everything was cool and smooth and a little too laid back. Our lives as early twenty somethings was dominated by New Wave vs. Heavy Metal arguments, conservative politics, school and the reaction against all that. It was a weird time to be alive.

I was in school in a small university city in central California ensconced in the mountains. I had my own place as I couldn’t stand the dorms and had the wherewithal to afford living on my own off campus. It was my final year, and I was stressed trying to get all my classes done and my thesis project together. I didn’t have much of a social life as I spent the vast majority of my waking hours studying and writing and my sex life was limited to beating off a couple of times a week when I was too exhausted to do anything else. Whoopee. I loved women and would fantasize but figured my best bet was to graduate and get a job before I would be able to date seriously.

In a lab for one of the classes a few of us were talking and I commented that although I was exhausted, I was having trouble sleeping at night, mainly because I couldn’t shut my mind off. A few other guys said the same thing, then we heard:

“Just masturbate. That’s what I do.”

The line came from a guy most of us ignored. His name was John, he was about 5′-7″ tall and 130 pounds soaking wet. He wasn’t really noticeable by the way he dressed – usually pretty conservative, but when he opened up his mouth it was clear he was gay. Effeminately gay, which really wasn’t cool with the rest of us at the time. All the more reason why his contribution to our conversation was uncomfortable. Most of us moved on and forgot what he said.

After a few more labs and more interaction with John, I learned to accept him for who he was. He wasn’t offensive in any manner, and very respectiful. He just had a rather different point of view then the rest of us. And, he was 26 at the time, two years older then I was.

Then at the end of the term we had to complete a group project, and sure enough, I was teamed with John and two girls, neither of whom you would classify as hotties. As we needed a quiet place to work and space to spread out, my place was volunteered. Everyone showed up about three hours later and after four hours of work and three pizzas, the girls took off for the night, leaving me and John to complete our part of the work.

I Büyükesat Escort can’t say I was comfortable with the situation, but I tried to make the best of it. John and I finished our work at about 3:00am, and I assumed that John would leave as soon as it was over, but I was mistaken.

He got up from the table and moved to my couch and asked if he could turn on the TV. I was a little annoyed as all I wanted to do was get some sleep, but he insisted. So I said okay, and on came the TV. I really didn’t know what he was looking for as the cable provider in this little town seemed to shut down after 11:00pm, but he found some news and I sat down and watched as well. I was whipped but the TV seemed to have a calming effect. Then John started in on me.

“So, how are you sleeping these days?”

“Huh?” I didn’t connect the dots immediately.

“You know, you said last month you weren’t sleeping well at night.”

“Oh, uh . . .yeah, well, I’m okay now, uh,” I was starting to understand where he was going.

“Did you try my suggestion?”

“What, uh, what was that again?” I was getting tense as I realized he was boxing me into an uncomfortable corner and he was enjoying it. The Gay Hunter stalking his Straight Prey and I was the Deer in the Headlights.

“You know, MAS – TUR – BATE! Jerk off! Choke your Chicken! Polish your wood! Everyone does it and I’d lay odds that you do too.”

Fucking faggot cutie, he had me dead to rights. He was probably the “odds” that got laid, but I had to admit I was getting interested in where he was going. I had never done anything with another guy, but the idea had crossed my mind in the past, so I decided to run with it.

“Yeah, okay. I jack off, just like every other guy. You happy now?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact. Admission is the first step to recovery.” He laughed at his own joke, but it seemed to apply more to him then me. “Do you have any special techniques?”

“NO!! No. No – like, why are you asking me this?” I was resisting, but playing with him at this point.

“Because! Because it’s fun! There’s nothing like shooting your load, nothing like getting off, nothing like having sex, dude.” With that he looked straight at me. We had passed a point of understanding – he knew he was getting me horny talking about this, and he was noticeably horny. He continued:

“Fuck, man. Jerking Elvankent Escort your cock is one of the basic rights of the male gender. I don’t know why you macho straight guys always get so bent out of shape about it.”

“Because we’d rather be talking about it with a hot chick.” I thought I made my point clearly enough.

“Yeah, but as a guy I know what makes you feel good . . . and you know what makes me feel good because you do it to yourself.”

“Wait a minute . . .are you talking about us jacking each other off?”

“Maybe . . .”

With that, John got up without another word and dropped his pants. This revealed his underwear, which was distended by what seemed to be a monster cock underneath and highlighted by a growing wet spot right at the tip. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and paused dramatically.

“I’m going to teach you to love this.”

I was either too stricken, too horny or too stupid to say anything further. I just watched and gave into the horniest feelings of my life as John dropped his shorts and showed off a gorgeous thick, huge, juicy, veiny, macho cock. I knew at that point that I wouldn’t be the same after this, and that that was a very good thing.

Damn!! His schlong was huge and curved up, the head huge and pink bordering on purple. His nuts were tight and obviously filled with SPERM. I was hooked, this was the point I was addicted to cock. He walked over to me and took his shirt off and was completely naked. He made me sit back in my chair and started rubbing his awesome cock right in my face. I couldn’t take it any more and reached up to touch it.

“That’s it! Give in to the pleasure you won’t from anything else. Oooh, fuck yeah!”

I was stoking it now, totally consumed by his sex. He was gyrating lewdly over me in a dance of carnal triumph, knowing he was going to get what he wanted from me. What he didn’t know was that I was going to get what I wanted from him, over and over again. I leaned in and kissed the tip of his cock and tasted his pre-cum which was salty-sweet, and yummy. Then I looked up at him and swallowed him whole.

“FUCK Baby!! Oooh! I knew you could do it!! Oh dude! Suck my cock man!”

I sucked on it for a few minutes, then got him off of me. My rod was hard as steel and I needed to get nude with my new fuck buddy. It was gonna be a helluva night. Beşevler Escort I was nude faster then ever before, and John nearly fell over when he saw my cock which was as long and thicker then his own. He grabbed me, I grabbed him and we continued to jerk off while he reached up and kissed me. I broke the kiss after a minute.

“Dude, I can’t believe this, I am SOOOOOO horny. My nuts are on fire! I need to come.”

“Wait!! Let me get my mouth around you.”

With that, he knelt before me and proceeded to give me the best head ever. I could feel the familiar build up of cum in my nuts but this was different, more intense then usual and when I finally did shoot, I erupted more sperm then I thought possible. It filled up his mouth and was all over his face before it stopped. I felt faint and had to sit down. Then John positioned himself right in front of me between my legs and jerk out his own cum shot – gallons of semen. We were spent. And in lust.

John then leaned into me and rubbed his body against mine so that we were both slick with cum, and in no time we were both hard again. This time he turned around and started to rub the head of my engorged cock against his asshole. This was it, we were gonna fuck. I was gonna fuck his tight ass. John rubbed by dick against his ass crack, then on his balls, then back on his ass again.

“Oh baby, I want your big hard COCK in my tight fucking ass and I need your CUM in me baby!”

John’s cock was rigid again too and beautiful as he impaled himself on my cock. Was it ever tight going in. Slowly, he got all of me in him and started moving up and down on it slowly at first, then picked up speed. About a minute later as he was bouncing up and down he got a really intense look on his face.

“BABY!! Keep it going, I’m gonna CUM!!”

“Holy shit, just like that?”

“Yeah, your cock is rubbing my prostate deep inside and it feels WAAAAY TOOOOO GOOOD!!”

With that, he let fly an absolutely monumental load of cum, and hit the wall ten feet away with the first three streams of it. I grabbed his cock from behind, milking the rest of it out as John went into spasms of pleasure, the orgasm wrenching the last little bit out of him. By this time I was ready to blast and shot deep inside of him, pure bare sex, man-to-man, the way it should be.

After that we were both spent so we went to bed, but made out for another half hour before we were both ready to again. We continued to have sex all weekend and lost track of time, missing our next meeting with the girls on the project but we all did pass the course.

I got my degree and moved away, losing track of John. After the initial rush, I realized it was just sex and lust and lost interest in it for a while. But it still ranks as some of the best sex ever.

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