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babysitting the valeros chapter 1

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I finally got home from a long day of passing out my business cards. as I sat on my bed all I could here was “hi my names Aaron if you ever need a local babysitter please feel free to call” i just laid back on my bed and tried to relax. by the way my name Aaron I am 5″10′ with a pretty huge cock at 16.it was 7″ soft and 9″ hard. after a couple of minutes relaxing I heard the doorbell ring. I rushed to the door and opened it. it was Bethany from across the street. she was hot for a 32 year old who had three kids. with a bra size of 32C her tities where pretty big. she was wearing a blue cutoff shirt that was holding her big tits super tight and with black tights on.

“oh hi Aaron I was wondering if I could use your bathroom I lock myself out and my husband is at work and my kids are at daycare and I really have to pee.”

“shore go right ahead”

she walked in and I closed the door behind her.

” where the bathroom again”

” up the stairs and to the left”

she started to walk up the stairs and I followed behind her noticing that her ass was nice and firm looking. as we got up stairs and half way to the bathroom she stops. she turns around and looks at me.

” I don’t think I am going to make it Aaron”

just as I opened my mouth to speak she started to piss on the floor. she yells out quick get me something to catch it in. not knowing what to do I ran up to her and cupped her pussy with my hand. her piss felt very warm over my hand. I don’t know what it was about her pissing on my hand that turned me on but it did. my dick was rising fast and hard in my basketball shorts. after she finished peeing I just kept my hand on her pussy shocked at what happened I didn’t know what to do now but all I knew was my hand was on a pussy I was rock hard and my cock was not going away without some attention. I started to rub her pussy through her wet tights she closed her eyes and started to moan.

her etiler escort breathing was getting heavier. she says ” I don’t think we should be doing this I am marri………. stopping her dead in her tracks as I grabbed her titty with my fee hand making her moan even loader. she opened her eyes and looked down at my crotch amazed by what she saw. my rock hard cock pitching a big tent in my basketball shorts. she started to rub it through the shorts. I let out a loud moan and ecstasy took over me.

I ripped her shirt open revealing her nice big tits. I slipped my thumbs in her waistband and pulled her soaking wet panties and tights down to her ankles. I stuck two fingers in her pussy and started to finger fuck her. I leaned forward and took one of her bouncing titty in mouth causing her to start moaning again. I started to finger fuck her wet pissy pussy even faster. her breathing got heavy and her legs started to shake.

” oh my god oh fuck don’t stop Aaron I am cummmmminnnggg”

her whole body started to shake and I could feel her cuming on my hand. as she started to recover from her orgasm I took my fingers out of her pussy and started to suck on them. they tasted so good. I pulled my shorts down reveling my 9 inch monster her eyes widened at how big and thick it was. I rubbed my cock along her pussy slit and used her juices as a lubricant. my dick was rock hard and throbbing and I had to get it in a hole fast. I guided her to the wall with her pissy footprints following us. I turned her around and spread her ass checks and placed my cock head on her asshole. I started to push my cock in her tight asshole. forcing it to go deeper as she moaned. I wanted to cum and I wanted it to happen fast cause my dick felt like it was going to explode.

when my whole cock disappeared in her ass I started to fuck her violently hard and fast as I could. she moaned in ecstasy and pain as I fucked çapa escort her tight asshole. I moved my hands and placed them on both tits. I squeezed her tits and fucked her as hard as I could. and before I knew it I was ready to cum in her tight ass.

I yelled out ” oh my god Bethany I am going to cum, your tight ass is going to make me cum, oh my god yes”

jet after jet shot up her tight ass. it felt like i was cuming forever. I finished cuming and my dick started to become limp. as i pulled my cock out of her ass cum started to come out dripping down her legs onto her white cotten panties. i gave her a little smack on the ass and pulled her panties and tights up. then I pulled my shorts up. I turned her around and leaned in and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. she stuck her tongue out and we made out for about ten minutes with me occasionally rubbing her pussy.

after we finished kissing she said “wow that was amazing I didn’t know you had such a huge cock”

” thanks and I didn’t know your ass was so tight”

” well actually your the first one to fuck me in my ass… I might have to do that more often”

“well I can fuck you in your ass for days if you me to”

“no I am sorry Aaron it was fun but I am married we can’t do this ever again”

“well that to bad this huge cock would have loved to fuck your ass again”

“that is a pretty impressive cock I must say but can you get me another shirt to wear so I won’t have to go out there with this ripped one”

“shore thing follow me”

we walked to my moms room and got her a shirt. as she started to take off the ripped one my dick began to get hard again. I know she said we can’t do this but I had to have those tittys one last time. I leaned forward and took one in my mouth. she tried to push my head away but I was to strong . I grab her other tit and squeezed it. she started to moan

“oh my god Aaron merter escort your making my pussy wet again, mhmmm yes suck my big tit”

i kept sucking and squeezing for about 5 minutes . I took her titty out of my mouth and look at the clock. oh shit it was 430 my mom was was do home in 30 minutes. I quickly gave her titties a nice squeeze. I told her my mom was was coming home and she had to go so I could clean up the mess she made. I grabbed her ass and she put her arm around my shoulder. I walked her to the door and stopped in front of it. she quickly put the shirt on and gave me one last kiss and went on her way. before I closed the door she turned around and said sorry for the mess and returned to walking. I quickly grabbed the mop and started to clean I made sure ever piss puddle and footprint where completely gone.

I finally finished and sat down in the living room and watched tv. a couple of minutes later my mom walked in.

“hay son how was your day”

“it was good I just went put and passed put my business cards and how was yours”

“very tiring I am just going to go straight to bed I have to go to work early tomorrow”

“okay good night see you tomorrow”

I sat there and watched some more TV and cooked me some dinner. at 8 I turned off the TV and headed to my room. I walked in and closed the door behind me locking it so no one could get in. I took off my entire cloths and got in bed. just as I was getting ready to turn off the lights my phone rang. I picked it up and answered.


“hi Aaron its Bethany I was calling to see if you can babysit this week, my kids daycare got shut down and my husbands mom is sick so where going to fly out to take care of her for a week”

“yeah shore when do I start”

“well where leaving tomorrow so I was hoping tomorrow”

“oh yeah that’s fine”

” you can stay over here and sleep in are room”

“okay that’s not a problem”

“okay thank you a lot Aaron”

“no problem Mrs Valero, see you tomorrow”

“OK Aaron see you tomorrow bright and early like at 7”

“okay bye”

“bye Aaron”

i set my alarm for 6 and went to sleep

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