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BabySitter Jealousy

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Part of it was the sitter’s fault, but only a very small part. It was a hot and humid night and she must have been feeling a bit sticky. Now Annette was young, just past eighteen, and with only children around she probably felt quite safe in getting rid of her bra and just wearing a loose blouse. After all, when the parents got home, she’d be leaving, so still no problem.

The rest of the blame must be put squarely on Marge and Ted, the relevant parents of the kids Annette was sitting. Me, I like to feel I was totally blameless, just an interested observer of the whole debacle, there to soothe fractured nerves after the incident. I’m George, by the way, Marge’s beloved brother.

Marge and Ted were going to a party and by a coincidence I was going to the same party. While not a teetotaller I’m not much for drinking. I’ll have the occasional glass but I just don’t like the stuff. It was no hardship for me to offer to be the driver, relieving Marge and Ted of the duty and letting them have a few.

Now I’m not implying that Marge and Ted were going to get plastered. They’re both moderate drinkers, Marge more so than Ted, but even a few drinks could put you over the legal limit. Better to play it safe.

So we went to the part and a fine time was had by all, while back at the house Annette was feeling hot and sticky and shedding her bra. Ted really needs to get that AC fixed. He probably will the first day he finds himself sweltering in the heat.

It was close to midnight when we rolled up back at the house. Marge and Ted were happy while I was amused. Annette was sitting up watching TV and I was even more amused to see the way her braless breasts bounced enticingly under her blouse when she stood up to say hullo.

Marge went off to get her purse and I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Ted was in the front room talking loudly to Annette. When I came back Ted was standing side-on to Annette, describing something that involved a lot of hand movements. Annette was standing there, smiling and trying to show that she found everything he said fascinating. Good social skills, that girl.

Now we have a braless Annette talking to (listening to) a slightly tipsy Ted, whose arms were all over the place. As though drawn by a magnet one swept around and Ted’s hand landed squarely on Annette’s breast. It was funny to watch. I could see both their faces. Annette was looking shocked and Ted was looking bemused and interested.

As you would expect Annette hastily moved back far enough to dislodge Ted’s hand and that should have been the end of it. Unfortunately, Ted was just tipsy enough to have his inhibitions lowered. With a look of expectation on his face he just reached out and pulled Annette’s blouse open. He was lucky (or she was) that the buttons just popped open instead of ripping off, but the upshot was that he was standing there holding her blouse wide, a lovely pair of breasts on display, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the sight.

This is the point where I would normally step in and steer Ted elsewhere while leaving an embarrassed Annette to tidy her clothing. What it turned out to be was the moment that Marge came sweeping back into the room.

Now Marge is a large woman. I’m not saying she’s fat, just very large. Big boned, tall, and well padded. Her size worries her at times and she can get jealous very easily. She knows this and does try to control it but she had a couple of drinks in her.

So we have a large woman with jealous tendencies walking into a room to see her husband admiring the splendid chest of a well-endowed young lady. Admiring the bare chest of that well-endowed young lady. She lost escort mecidiyeköy it.

“You shameless hussy,” she shouted. “How dare you try to tempt my husband? I’ll show you a thing or two.”

Hussy? Who uses that sort of word anymore? My sister, I guess.

It’s surprising how fast a large woman can move when she wants to. Annette was busy protesting that it wasn’t her fault but Marge wasn’t listening, she was acting. She grabbed Annette by the arm and dragged her to the couch, sitting herself down and hauling Annette across her knee.

“Maybe a good hiding will teach you to leave other women’s men alone,” Marge was bellowing and her hand came down hard upon Annette’s bottom.

Ted was ogling Annette who hadn’t had a chance to do up her blouse. She was lying across Marge’s knee with her breasts swinging free. Past time for me to be involved I decided.

I stepped up to Ted and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Get the hell out of here before I hang one on you,” I snarled at him.

He took one look at me and beat a hasty retreat in the direction of their bedroom. I turned to Marge.

“Marge, think what you’re doing,” I snapped, catching her hand before she could go on with the beating. She gave me the evil eye and I continued.

“You know a spanking works better on a bare bottom,” I told her, flicking up Annette’s skirt and pulling her panties down.

There was an outraged howl from Annette but Marge just smiled and spanked that nice bare bottom. I stood back and watched, wanting to make sure that things didn’t get out of hand. Besides, I had an interesting view.

I let Marge get in half a dozen good firm spanks and then I moved in. I caught her hand and told her enough.

“I’m sure she’s learnt her lesson,” I assured Marge. “Why don’t you go to bed? I’m sure Ted’s waiting there for you. I’ll speak to Annette and see her out so you don’t need to speak to her anymore.”

With Marge having got her immediate outrage out of her system she was amenable to reason. I pulled Annette up off her lap and Marge rose, gave Annette one last glare, and stalked out.

Annette was almost in tears, her hands hovering near her bottom, wanting to touch it but unsure whether she should. She wasn’t paying any attention to the disarrangement of her clothes and I was in no hurry to remind her. She aimed her distemper at me as the only target available.

“I didn’t do anything,” she hissed at me. I suspect she didn’t want to yell in case Marge came back. “I was just standing there and then he ripped my blouse open. Marge had no right to hit me. And you! What’s the deal with pulling down my panties?”

“I was only thinking of you,” I explained. “If I had tried to stop Marge she might easily have lost her temper and really hit you. Can you imagine what it would be like if she punched you? As for your panties, it was a delaying tactic. It made Marge stop and think about what she was doing. While I’m sure it stung there was no real harm done.”

I sat down on the couch, pulling her closer to me. My hands slid up her skirt and started gently rubbing her bottom, my fingertips really just feathering across her skin.

“A little massage and you’ll be as good as new,” I said softly, feeling her both calm down and become slightly flustered, what with my hands on her bottom.

“Um, OK, I’ll accept you had good intentions, but it wasn’t my fault,” she grumbled.

“I know. I didn’t say it was. Ted’s an oaf and he was slightly tipsy. Still a bra might have been a better idea.”

To emphasise the better idea I reached up and touched a nipple. She gasped and pulled her blouse across her breasts.

“Ah, istanbul eskort if you excuse me, I think I’d better tidy up my clothes.”

“OK. Probably a good idea, but first I’ll just kiss it better.”

With that I lifted her dress and leaned forward to give her a kiss. She gave a horrified little squeak and pushed my head back again.

“That’s not where I was hurt and you know it,” she gasped.

“I do know it,” I admitted, “but it’s fairly close. See. Just a hand’s width away.”

To demonstrate I slid my hand from her bottom down between her legs, neatly cupping her pussy, the tips of my fingers brushing her mons, where I’d just dropped a kiss.

“It’s not close. There’s a hell of a difference,” she muttered. “Ah, would you please take your hand away from there.”

I removed my hand. True, I managed to drag it slowly across her pussy while doing so, but I removed it.

“So you don’t want me kissing it better here?” I asked, rubbing her mons.

“No,” she gasped out, trying to pull back.

I sighed loudly.

“Some people are so fussy.”

A gentle pressure on her back and she was bending over my knee, my hand again gliding lightly over her bottom.

“I take it you have no objections if I kiss it better here?” I asked.

“There’s no need. Ah, I’d like to get my clothes on properly.”

“OK, in a moment. And you don’t want me kissing you here?” My hand dipped between her legs, rubbing her mound.

“No. Why are you touching me? What do you want?”

I swung her back to her feet and stood up.

“You’re a lovely young woman and you’re nearly naked,” I pointed out. “Why don’t you make a wild guess as to what I want?”

To give her an additional clue I pressed her hand against my groin where my intentions were plain to feel. I felt her fingers try to close around me through the material and then she jerked her hand away.

“Are you nuts? First you assist that woman in beating me and now you want to, to, ah. . .” her voice died away while she glared at me.

I twitched her undone blouse apart and, leaning forward, I gave a light suck on each of her nipples, rasping my teeth across them. Lifting my head I looked at her.

“Yes, I want to. How could I not want to?”

Reaching down I unclipped her belt and undid the button on her skirt. A gentle push and it was slipping down to her ankles, stopping where her panties were gathered. Reaching up I pushed her blouse off her shoulders, leaving her standing there effectively naked.

I let her see that I was looking at her, eyes travelling over her.

“Undo my trousers,” I told her.

“You can’t make me,” she said, speaking quickly.

“Quite right, I can’t. If you do it, it will be because you choose to do it.”

I waited. If she was a virgin she would probably pull up her panties and quickly get dressed, daring me to try to stop her. If she wasn’t, I wasn’t going to lay any bets on a woman’s decision regarding sex.

She dithered, but she didn’t bend over to grab her panties and pull them up, so probably not a virgin. I saw her swallow nervously, her eyes darting to my crotch and away. She knew what was waiting there. She’d managed to get a good feel before jerking her hand away.

“I’m not agreeing to have sex,” she muttered softly, but I didn’t mind her reservations. After all, she was undoing my belt while she spoke.

After my trousers dropped I gave her a minute to appreciate what I had. She was still nervous but she certainly knew what a cock was. Then I was turning her around and encouraging her to bend over the end of the couch.

“Ah, look, I’m taksim escort not sure about this,” she mumbled, turning her head to look back at me. I was moving up behind her and she was trying to simultaneously look at my face and my cock. I simplified things for her by moving a little closer so my cock was hidden by her body.

“No, I mean it,” she insisted. “I haven’t said you can do this, you know?”

Yes, I did know, but neither had she said I couldn’t. Until she said I couldn’t I would assume tacit permission. I eased my cock into position, sliding between her legs and brushing against her pussy. I moved it back and forth slowly, letting her feel it dragging against her lips.

“Are you listening to me?” she asked.

I was, sort of. I was also easing her lips apart and pressing my cock against the space provided.

“Oh god, you’re just going to go ahead and do it, aren’t you?” she said, finally catching on.

“Well, you haven’t exactly said not to,” I pointed out, applying a little bit of pressure and feeling myself making some headway.

“But I haven’t said you can,” she retorted and gave a gasp as I pushed a little deeper.

“It appears to me that maybe you should decide one way or the other pretty damn quick.” Especially as I was pressing steadily deeper.

Then her dithering caught up with her and I was sliding nicely into position. At the same times my arms went around her and I took hold of those luscious breasts. It was now officially a little late if she wanted to say no.

I pulled back and gave a nice little thrust to return home, gratified to feel her pushing back to meet me. Not that this was stopping her muttering.

“Oh my god,” she was going. “I can’t believe this is happening. I was going to say no. You didn’t give me a chance. This is so unfair. Oh my god, just how big is that thing?”

She should know. She certainly copped a good feel of it when my trousers went down. For all her muttering and protests that she hadn’t really wanted this she was moving very nicely against me, her bottom bobbing up and down as she went with the flow.

Her excitement and passion rose quickly, resulting in a cessation of protests and a more enthusiastic acceptance of what was happening. It wasn’t long and she was actively encouraging me to do my best. What the hell did she think I doing?

By this stage we were past the messy start and into the long stretch where we both just enjoyed the ongoing sensations, the arousal, and the passion. A little effort, I found, and you can stretch this out, but it always comes with the cost of personal frustration as I always want to finish off fast. Still, it was my solemn duty to give as much pleasure as I could. (Sanctimonious bastard, aren’t I.)

The time came when I had to wind up proceedings. Choice didn’t come into it. It was a case of finish or fail. I upped the ante, driving in harder and faster, ready to spill my load all over the place. Annette gave a soft scream and then she was climaxing, an event with which I eagerly joined, letting loose with everything I had.

As Annette was preparing to leave I spoke up.

“It occurs to me that Marge has stiffed you on your babysitting fees. I’ll settle up for her and get it off her later. How much does she owe you?”

“That will be one hundred dollars even,” Annette told me without a trace of a smile.

I’m like, what? A hundred dollars for babysitting? I should be in this racket. She must have seen the look on my face because she deigned to explain.

“It’s for five hours of sitting, plus a penalty for Ted assaulting me, plus a second penalty for Marge spanking me. And you can tell them they’re getting off lightly.”

Put that way a hundred dollars seemed a fair and reasonable amount. Fortunately, I had the money available, but Ted and Marge were definitely paying me back. I quite cheerfully handed over the cash and she tucked it away just as cheerfully.

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