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B is For Bang

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This is a (slight) continuation of “A Is For Anal”. It is not totally necessary to read that before this, although my personal view is that you should.

Like all the stories that will come in this ‘alphabet’ series, this story is largely true although names of people and places have been changed and it is set in the current age although they happened to me over the past twenty five years. Bon appetit!

So there I am in the staff room of Peroni’s Nightclub, my trousers and boxers pooled at my ankles, with the beautiful Julie – slightly sweaty, but now properly attired- beside me when my wife Angela walks in. Actually, to be exact, she was my soon-to-be-ex-wife, after I caught her in bed fucking my former-best-friend.

Angela stopped abruptly – and her jaw hit the floor. She took in the angelic body that is Julie, flicked across to my softening cock and then back to Julie. For a brief instant anger flashed across her eyes, before she recalled her own infidelity and forced herself to swallow her ire.

“Who’s this?” she asked, nodding at Julie.

“This is a close friend of mine, Julie. Julie this is my ex Angela,” I introduced them to each other as though this was an every day occurrence.

Angela glanced at my cock again. “A very close friend, I see!” she said.

I shrugged. “What’s good for the goose. . .”

I had Angela over a barrel; she could hardly criticise me for doing what she had been caught doing. She acknowledged this and said: “Can we talk? In private?”

Julie smoothed her skirt, tossed her hair into that tousled look and smiled at me. “Hey, don’t mind me, I was going anyway.” She kissed me then, her tongue darting between my lips, her hand snaking down to give my cock a farewell squeeze. “Catch you later,” she breathed, forcing blood to start pumping around my groin again.

I watched her sashay out of the staff room, then bent to re-fix my trousers. For a short time there was silence, and knowing how uncomfortable that would make my cheating wife feel I refused to break it.

She coughed, swallowed, licked her lips; and finally spoke. “Look, is there some place we can go, you know sit down for a chat?”

“The Function Suite is empty, we could go there only. . .” I checked my watch. “It’ll have to wait till I’ve finished. Half past one?” She nodded her assent, and I strolled past her and out into the club, where I stood with the guys at the door, and told them what had just happened. They didn’t believe me at first, but something in my manner made them realise I wasn’t shitting them. I could tell by their faces that they were being eaten up by jealousy. I smirked to myself.

The remainder of the evening was trouble-free and uneventful and by twenty past one we had the doors shut and locked. Myself, and the other doormen Barney, Barry and John, did a final sweep of the cloakrooms and corridors as we made our way back upstairs to the bar for a couple of refreshing pints.

It was only as I downed the first that I remembered Eryaman Escort Angela, presumably still sitting in the function suite waiting for me. I sighed heavily and started across the dance floor.

“Where you off?” called Barry

I shrugged helplessly, said the one word ‘Angela’ and pointed to the function suite doors which was enough for the guys to get the picture.

Inside the suite, the house lights were all off leaving just the white emergency lights to show that Angela was sat against the far wall, drinking and smoking. I decided there was no point in beating around the bush.

“What do you want Angela?” I asked. She went to reply, then her lips started to tremble, her eyes filled and she just let go; huge wailing sobs that at first embarrassed me, but then – almost against my will- made me feel for her. I sat down next to her, handed her my handkerchief and waited for her to stop crying and start talking.

Eventually she did – and it was pretty much what I expected. She was so, SO, sorry, it was a stupid one-off mistake. It was dumb – SHE was dumb. Could I ever forgive her and so on and so forth. After about five minutes of non-stop apologising and grovelling she tailed off. I had yet to say anything. I let the silence hang around for a good twenty seconds before I spoke.

“You’ve hurt me Angela. I mean really hurt me. I don’t know if I can forgive you.”

“Please, Kenny, please!” she implored. “I’ll do anything you want, just give me another chance.”

Anything? She did just say anything, didn’t she? A nasty thought crossed my mind – a way to punish her and get my rocks off at the same time.

I looked at her and made my decision. “Wait here a minute,” I said. She was puzzled but sat still as I left and returned to the main bar, to the guys. I pulled them to one side.

“How would you guys like a bit of ass?” I asked.

“Is Julie still here?” Barney asked glancing aound.

I shook my head. “But my wife is. I’m gonna’ teach her a lesson and you guys can be part of it, if you want to that is.”

All three of them nodded their heads rapidly – huge grins on their faces. I motioned for them to follow me into the function suite.

Angela was still where I had left her, still dabbing at her eyes with the handkerchief. She looked puzzled and extremely wary when she spotted the four of us coming over to her. She looked at me, her eyes questioning.

“Right, you said you’ll do anything for my forgiveness?”

She nodded, slowly and unsurely.

“Cool.” I started to unzip my flies as I sat down next to her. Realisation began to dawn on her.

“No, Kenny, you can’t be serious? In front of the guys?”

I nodded. “Take your skirt and your panties off, get down on your knees and start sucking my cock. Oh, and keep sucking until I come, because tonight, my darling wife, you are going to swallow my cum all the way down.”

“Okay, okay I’ll do it – but not in front Sincan Escort of them.”

I shook my head. “I want them to see you suck me off. I want them to see the pussy that you gave to my best friend and then, Angela. . . And then I want them to experience what I experienced with Julie before you walked in on us. Now show them your cunt.

With a sob, she got up and shucked off her jacket. Fumblingly she undid her skirt clasp and stepped out of it. Underneath she was wearing the white panties and garter set I had bought her for Christmas. The other guys nodded their heads in approval at the delicious sight before them.

“Now the panties,” I ordered. With great reluctance, she pulled them down and off revealing her bushy auburn pussy. ( I swear that at this point Barney actually started to drool). I pointed my hard cock up at her and she got down on her knees, took a deep breath and started to suck me off. God it felt good.

“Very nice, honey, keep going. Oh, and spread your legs cos you’ve got a couple of surprises coming your way. Over her shoulder I nodded at the guys an they quickly began tearing their pants off. Without stopping her oral treatment of my cock, Angela looking up at me, pleading with her eyes.

“Sorry, honey, they need some release. I told them about me and Julie and they were very jealous. . . and horny. You are going to help them out. I’m gonna’ let them do to you what I did to her.” I turned to the guys who by now had their cocks out and pointing to the ceiling. ” There you go guys. . . your turn to fuck a woman’s ass.”

Immediately Angela pulled her mouth off my cock and stared at me in horror. “You fucked that slut up the ass?” I grinned. “Yes and now you are sucking me clean, which is very nice of you. Now get back to work.” I grabbed her head and forced her mouth back onto my cock. She wrestled free again. ” I am NOT getting fucked up the ass. You know how I hate that.”

Which is true because she had always refused me in the past – but now was the time for her to be persuaded otherwise. I nodded at Barney, who got down on his knees behind Angela and started fingering her pussy. “Fuck, she’s soaking, Kenny,” he grunted as he worked first two then three fingers into her snatch.”

Angela moaned – I think in pleasure and then her eyes popped wide open as Barney started to push his cock against her tight ass. A grunt and then a pop of air and Barney was in. He grinned like a medal winner at the Olympics as he slowly pushed his not-inconsiderable length into my wife’s ass.

Gamely Angela kept on sucking my cock as Barney plundered her behind. Unfortunately the excitement was too much for him and inside a minute he started to pump faster and faster before he shot his load with a bellow like a bull. I saw the look of surprise on Angela’s face as, for the first time in her life, she felt hot sperm spew into her bowels.

The thought of Angela’s asshole looking just like Julie’s had Etlik Escort done earlier was enough to send me on the final downhill slalom. ” Here it comes, baby, get ready to swallow,” I said as I pushed my cock as far into her mouth as I could get it. She started to baulk and then I was cumming – shooting my white stuff deep into my wife’s mouth. Having shot my bolt with Julie just a few hours ago, there wasn’t all that much, but she still struggled with it. “Swallow,” I ordered. With a grimace she did as I asked.

By this time, Barry had got down on the floor and was starting to poke his cock into her ass. Though not as long as Barney he was much thicker and Angela actually shrieked as he got his first inch and a half into her crack. Concerned about the noise I got John to swap places with me and shove his dick into her mouth.

I stood back against the wall and watched my wife suck on John’s cock whilst Barry’s was fucking her asshole. It truly was a memorable sight, especially when, after a couple of minutes she seemed to begin to get really into it and started pushing back at Barry whilst frantically trying to get John’s cock all the way down her gullet.

With excellent timing John and Barry peaked together dousing Angela with cum at both ends. Despite there being no mention of swallowing John’s load, that was exactly what she did, gulping away like it was the tastiest thing in the world.

Barry pulled out of her ass and I bent down to have a good look, seeing his white goo dripping out of her red, swollen and gaping rear end. Fuck that was a horny sight and he began to feel the tell-tale throbbing in my cock again.

When she finally released John’s cock she sighed heavily and collapsed on the floor – a cum-soaked slut. But one who hadn’t got anywhere near to cumming herself. “Come on Ken,” she pleaded, ” can I get some too?”

I shook my head. ” Get yourself off. . . while we watch.” This was a woman who very rarely let me see her naked and had always denied ever masturbating, but here, on the floor of a nightclub in front of her husband and three of his work colleagues, who had just used her like a whore, she began to frig her clitoris with her left hand while her right hand pulled at her pussy lips. ” Watch me,” she breathed heavily. “Stare at me while I toss myself off.”

Well there was certainly no problem in following that suggestion. So we stood there – all four of us – naked below the waist yet still wearing our shirts and black bow ties, and watched as my wife frigged away at herself.

Faster and faster her hands went as she looked at us watching her, then she grunted, groaned and actually ejaculated all over the carpet – a stain which never, ever came out incidentally and was still there three years later when I stopped working there.

The other three wanted to go around again and sample other orifices which they hadn’t tried. I refused them. Angela had had enough.

After that night, two things happened. Firstly I moved back in with Angela and we had a good, normal marriage after that. Secondly, the experience had woken something inside her and our sex life, which had been pretty staid and conformist, got more and more outrageous over time. Some of the things we got up to are good enough to be included in other parts of this alphabet.

Next up: C is For Cock

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