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Awkward Holiday

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Big Dicks

I have always been close to my sister Jane. She is just over 2 years older but was 3 grades ahead of me to school which I guess made her seem more mature. We were brought up in the UK and where we lived made it difficult for us to get out and meet friends. We therefore spent quite a lot of time at home. We were not in each other’s pockets and we definitely didn’t share TV or music tastes but did share books and she did help with homework. We had a pretty normal life.

Our parents died when I was 19. Although our parents lived and brought us up in UK they were both dual nationality as were both my sister and I. Jane was the solid rock. I graduated 4 years later and decided to use the dual nationality I had and took a job offer in Canada. Jane also looked at opportunities there after a break up in her short marriage and eventually moved as well. We ended up several hundred miles apart but only just over an hour away on a flight. We saw/see each other quite a lot .

It was more than 13 years after our parents died that we talked of travelling back to UK together. We had both been back but never together. Jane planned the trip as planning really is her forte. She also is a very direct, straight to the point person. She was then 34. Neither of us are tall and my best description of us is average. She does have big boobs and she does carry a few extra pounds although she certainly looks good. She hikes, mountain bikes and skis so is very active.

When we have stayed at each other place Jane tends to be pretty relaxed with what she wears. She will wander around in bra and panties and as neither of our places are on suite she has made the odd nude dash for a towel or something. I have seen some ass and tits flash across the hallway. I am generally more reserved. We had rather a lot of wine one night and she went to bed and then came out of her room 10 minutes later naked and confused looking for her cat. She was at my place and I don’t have a cat. I put her back to bed but it was probably the first time I appreciated her body and had a good look at her nice trimmed rectangular bush and big tits.

Our trip to UK was planned meticulously. Jane asked where görükle escort I wanted to go and I told her a few specific places. She planned everything else. About a week before we left she told me she had only booked one hotel room for us both as having one each doubled the price. She said some had 2 beds and others large queen beds. I was ok with this and didn’t really think anything of it.

On our way to the airport Jane said she didn’t want me to feel awkward when we were in our hotel rooms. She said we were there for 3 weeks and she knows I am a little reserved and can get embarrassed at times. I didn’t know what she meant and she went on to say she had never seen me naked and one day when my towel fell and she saw my ass I went red as hell. She said she had seen me the same way when she has run across the hallway naked to get a towel or had walked in the kitchen for tea in bra and panties. She then did shock me by sort of asking if I was aware that both women and men also masturbate? She then said that at some times during our trip she would also and she wasn’t going to sit in the toilet for a ‘private moment’. I was a little shocked and yes, I felt a little awkward but she jumped in right there and said she would rather get this in the open now so we can relax and so that I wouldn’t lose sleep.

In all honesty I did not sleep on the overnight flight. I did however mentally tell myself to get a grip as this really is a normal activity albeit not normally in the same room or bed as your sister.

Our first 3 nights were in London. Jet lag hit me early but I forced my way to 8pm. Our hotel room was small, clean with a queen bed. We both wanted to get to sleep around the normal time and We would try to sleep late to catch up. I got in to bed at just before 8pm thinking I would read. I wore my boxers and a t shirt but the room was warm and I took off the shirt. My sister wore what she calls sensible underwear of bra and panties. I fell asleep wondering if she was going to jerk off and how she actually does it? It even passed my through my tired mind of does she have a toy in her case?

I woke at 4:58am. I had a semi erection eskort bayan as is mormal for me. It’s not normal I wake that early and I did still feel very tired. I couldn’t get back to sleep however. I guess I was fidgeting and I also realized Jane was too. The room was pretty light considering the shades were pulled but then she turned on her light and tried reading. She gave up after few pages and tried again to sleep. She then lay on her back and adjusted her pillows. I told her we needed more sleep and she just said yes she thought I was also awake and told me to keep trying. I was facing her as that is my preferred side to drift off. She rolled to her side but 5 mins later she rolled back on to her back and propped her head up on her pillows. She then put her arms under the duvet and it was obviously she pulled down her panties. I opened my eyes and I guess I looked questioningly ar her. She looked at me a just said we discussed this and that she always sleeps easily and much better once she is ‘done’. She then said go to sleep or try it on yourself as it work the same if not better for guys. I said I would try to sleep and turned the other way. There was no way I was going to sleep now and I could feel the bed rocking as she masturbated. I was probably harder than when I awoke which didn’t help. At that stage and I don’t know why I just thought that it would be less awkward if I jerked myself. I did exactly the same as my sister and turned on my back and reached down to pull off my shorts. I lifted my knees as had my sster and started touching myself. She then looked at me and said “you put me off, and no damp patches on the duvet or sheets please”. I couldn’t think of anything to reply so just said ok.

I did relax and started to enjoy but I didn’t think I was going to be able to cum. Lots of thoughts started going through my mind none of which made any sense. Hard to explain as I was worried I was going to cum and also just as worried that I couldn’t cum. All if a sudden my sister started breathing a little louder. I hadn’t noticed to much noise with just small rhythmic movement of the bed as she played with herself. altıparmak escort Now it was faster and her breathing got louder. She then sort of sat up slightly more and started saying “ohhhh and mmm”. I wasn’t looking directly at her but was watching out of the corner of my eye. The duvet had slipped down over her right breast and I noticed she had also removed her bra. Her right hand was squeezing her left tit and her forearm had lifted he right tit over the duvet exposing it. I started to then feel myself cumming. I tried slowing it and managed to last longer than her as all of a sudden it was obvious she was cumming hard. The duvet now was around her stomach and she was lost in orgasm. Both hands were down in her pubic region and her tits were exposed and her nipples hard as hell. Her orgasm subsided and looked at me just as I started to cum. My focus was on her tits and I started to have the strongest orgasm I had felt for many years. It lasted ages. Once it had subsided she covered up but sort of lifted the duvet from me a little. She smiled and said “remember damp patches”.

I realized I needed to go to the bathroom to clean up. I didn’t want to get cum all over the duvet but I also at that moment realized I would have to walk there with cum all over me and what I thought was a semi flaccid cock. Jane just lay there looking at me and lifting the duvet off me though this wasn’t exposing anything. I just got up and walked down my side of the bed across in front of her to the bathroom. That was possibly the most awkward time of the trip and as I walked I knew I would have a towel ready for next time. I was also surprised as I thought I had lost my erection but my cock was still standing in the air as I walked to the bathroom. I sensed that Jane knew I was embarrassed by this and I guess I was but I decided to play a mind game and walk back to bed uncovered. I was hard and my cock was still standing up in the air as I walked back and got in to bed although I didn’t fel horny or want to do again.

I could not get back to sleep although Jane did. I noticed she had put her bra back on when I got up around 6:30am and showered. As I walked back from the shower to sit on the small chair I noticed her panties on the floor by the corner of her side of the bed. I read my book for 2 hours until she awoke and got up and walked bare ass to the bathroom. I also though then that we still had 20 more days of the trip to go and wondered what was going to happen.

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